After 16 years and 4 surgeries later i removed my Breast Implants

Hello girls !! I am a 36 years old mother of 4...

Hello girls !!

I am a 36 years old mother of 4 children and 16 years ago i went for my first breast augmentation because i was almost flat chested and my ex-boyfriend gave me that surgery as present so i thought ,why not ?
After that time i did realize that my breast felt much harder than the silicone breast of my friends but i never thought about capsular contracture or had not even an idea about that because at that time there was no internet like now what makes it so much easier to find out about everything .Also my the surgeon made my scar too wide almost 10 cm.
At 22 i became pregnant from my first child and at 24 from my second child ,after each time i quit with lactating i noticed that my breast even became much harder than they're ever felt before ..
I went to the plastic surgeon in Holland where they did removed my breast implant with reimplant new ones (teardrop 265cc) because of the capsular contracture . The surgeon told me better not to get pregnant again to avoid the change on CC ..
After 2 months i became pregnant again and again while my breast where never soft after i quit with lactating (after 2,5 years ) they became hard again like before ..
In the meanwhile i moved to Indonesia where was afraid to do the surgery over there ,so i gave it some some and i became pregnant again ..
After 2 years i quit with breast feeding and of course again CC (with Silimed the polyurethane with 1% change on CC)..the strange thing was while i was pregnant my breast became extremely soft i did not even felt the the implants but after the breastfeeding i had so much pain each time when i lied on my back that i needed to get rid of these implants so soon as possible ..
I felt not safe to do the surgery in Indonesia so i went for the first time back to NL to do the surgery ..The surgeon made a lot of mistakes inside my body and within 10 days PO one of my implants (teardrop) did rotated ..The surgeon was on holiday and the time he came back i was already back in Indonesia ..
I had so much stress the last 6 months that i decided to remove my breast implants here in Indonesia..
Because of removing the implants and CC so many times there was nothing left of my breast tissue .
Update us on how you are doing! Pretty please :-)
thank you !x
I know how you're feeling Emma, I had mine removed two weeks ago tomorrow and have no breast tissue. Mine look concaved and wrinkly but I am still happy that I've got them out now. Mine had ruptured so I've been left with swollen lymph nodes which I'm hoping might go down in time but the doctor says they probably won't. I look completely flat, especially with clothes on but I found some very slightly padded sports tops which are really comfy and stop me looking concaved.

tears in my eyes

Hi girls !

i am now almost 4 weeks after po and since the swelling went down my breast looks each day more awful and with more wrinkles in my skin , i hate the shape difference between both breast and the inverted nipple ..
I think from feeling strong in the beginning i start kinda feeling depressed right now (poor husband and children)..
Last weeks it cost me at least 1 day to find a bikini but still look like a boy with it and on 1 side of my chest wall i can see a hole under my bikini top my skin on my chest is not even flat on that side ..
All my pretty dresses doesn't fit anymore, i really don't know what to wear next week , it hurts me too see woman with nice breast and sexy decollete and deep inside i can't stand them but i know it's just jealousy..
My left arm can't lift more than 2 kilo because after the surgery my arm muscle was shaking all the time and now all my power is gone (only with bicep curl movements) now i can only lift my child with my right arm ..
If i put my hand on my right breast it feels like my hand disappears in my chest wall i can clearly feel my ribs but no breast tissue at all except loose skin..
Iam sorry for all my complain but at this moment i can't see anything positive behind my tears ..
The only thing that helps me to awakes me of my depressed feelings are the thoughts of very ill/sick people ,for example people who have cancer and going to die or people who live in so much pain each day ,thinking about that does me realize that i have nothing to complain at all because me and my family are still healthy right now thanks to God , and that's the most important thing that really count .. -x-
You have a fantastic figure. Things will get better...give it time and try to distract yourself with other things. I know that's easier said than done. By the way, your abds...WOW!!!
I'm sorry you are feeling so down. But it will get better. There are some padded sports bras out there that will help make your clothes fit better. If you are still unhappy with your look, consider the fat grafting and get opinions from EXPERIENCED surgeons who have done this procedure lots of time. Results are small but worth it. It may take 2 sessions, they usually do not recommend that you put in more than 150 cc at the time You can expect ( if it is done using the correct technique ) that 60% stays. I'm happy with my fat transfer results, I had one fat graft session done straight after explant and one more session 2 months ago. I did not use the brava system which seems to be used by most of the North American doctors.
I'm so sorry this is so hard. Some people take up to a year to return to "normal." Hang in there. You STILL look better without implants than with, deflated or not. Xo

breast enlargement capsules

The first day of my menstruation i also started with intake breast enlargement capsules ; Fenugreek capsules and from Thailand Pueraria Mirifica with a mix from kelp,blessed thistle and dong quai (need to take the PM capsules the first 15 days after menstruation and than wait with intake till the next cyclus)..After a couple of weeks/months i will tell you more about the outcoming result ..I already read that by the woman who is flat chested it will take a longer time to see any difference ..don't worry I keep my patience till then ..
Sending you good vibes. Thank you for sharing and posting pictures. I am expecting I will look just about the same as you do. I was flat with a little skin before and now they are stretched out it will be like shrinking post nursing where they went from the size I am now (32 d) to a AAA. We both need to be patient with our bodies. It took me a year or so to shrink and tighten post nursing so I imagine we will have some time to just wait. :-)
You look beautifully natural. They will fluff...some women took 6 mo to a year for the skin to return to "normal." Hang in there!!
((Hugs)) I will probably look the same. Have you seen the talk by Lizzie Valsquez who was voted the world's ugliest woman?ásquez I think I will have to watch this daily post op!!

waiting for the fluff

still the same at 10 weeks po, no fluff at all..
Fluff or look great. You are you and the toxic bags are out.
thats true ,thank you ! x
you look awesome i just saw your pictures .x




Good for you! How beautiful you look! and you are a baby still. You have got many years of fluffing to do!
Hi I hope u r doing fine.i want to know if fenugreek and pueraria mirifica helped a bit. thank u
I am a little over 4 weeks post explant and you and I look very similar. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You have provided so much encouragement and inspiration to so many people you will never meet! Hang in there! I think you look fantastic as well! I know it is an adjustment, but such a relief to not have those implants in anymore. Stay positive and give it time :)
dr Surya

i am not sure about the plastic surgeon experience he was a nice guy but he cut almost all my breast tissue out and also some muscles because it was stuck in my breast capsule , i am still waiting for recovering till now i can use my left arm muscles with lifting weights for only 25% while my other right arm with 100%..Maybe my surgeon did the right job or maybe he cut too much i can only know the truth if i could see what he had done while doing the surgery ..

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