Upper Blepharoplasty 4 Weeks On - Bali, Indonesia

Choose Upper Blehparoplasty after seeing a photo...

Choose Upper Blehparoplasty after seeing a photo that showed my upper eyelids droop and aging me by ten years or more! After consult with the doctor I was well informed and confident of the procedure. It only took a little over an hour for the surgery with little to no pain or discomfort involved. It was done with a lazer rather than scapel.

There was no pain afterwards and I was given analgestic and antibiotics and an antibiotic ointment, and arnica cream for the bruising for aftercare. There was swelling and bruising for the next week or two. I used cold compresses for the first two weeks and healing was going along beautifully. Unti, at 3 weeks, l I got an allergic reaction to the paw paw ointment that I was told to use, then I changed to Petroleum jelly and then Bepanthen Cream and the inflammation swelled and reddened my wounds and eyelids again :( After consulting this website and my surgeon via email I used an ophlamic steroid cream Dermaid Soft 1% cream made by Ego which quickly made the inflammation subside and reduced most of the swelling.

So back to normal healing now at 3weeks and 6 days using the Dermaid Soft 1% Cream and Almond Oil and warm compresses now. And I might say a great result so far but I am still a little swollen and eyes are slightly distorted, but it's early days yet. Trying to be patient! :) I know it'll be a while yet before the healing is completed. BTW I changed my hair color at the same time as I had the surgery and everyone thinks that from going from Auburn to blonde has made me look 10 years younger ;) No one has noticed that I had the surgery, Food for thought?

Hi Karyn,you really do look faboulos.I am amazed at how great you look only 5 days after the surgery and the scaring is minmal in your latest picture.I have been contemplating getting the operation done and I am a regular traveller to Bali, after looking at your story and seeing your progress photo's it has really gven me courage to look into getting this done when I are next in Bali, would you please be able to give me the name of the surgeon that performed the operation.Thanks Karyn, you look great....
Hi Karyn, thanks for your post. Can you give me the name of the surgeon you used, please?
Karyn, glad you such a good experience! Looks like you healed pretty quickly with minimal swelling too, looks great for so soon! I find that I don't need much eye makeup now, you will love it! I think that people prob DO notice your younger appearance due to your surgery but changing hair color was a clever way to make them think that was the main reason you look younger. It's good that they don't point out your eye change, you want it to be a subtle difference. Plus your bruising and swelling was so little!

Am now at week 9 and healing is progressing well....

Am now at week 9 and healing is progressing well. BUT one possible glitch....... There is a slight pulling on the inside corner of my left eye. I am seeing a plastic surgeon here in Melbourne for his opinion and then will proceed from there. The surgeon that performed the operation has offered to review me at no charge but of course that is in another country! I am not fulling healed and understand it can be up to 12 months for full healing, so don't plan anything important for quite some time after surgery!

I had problems with the aftercare products due to allergies of my own including paw paw ointment (that I was told to use for aftercare), vaseline (petroleum jelly). I had to use a mild steroid cream to alleviate this. This was just after my first post. Be very careful with creams and ointments on the eyelid area, test them out first and get professional advice.
Awesome!! So happy to hear it!! I'm sure it will get better and better with time!!
It is 12 weeks now and nearly all the 'pulling' has subsided and scars are less evident. Very relieved and happy. Occasionally I get a slight twinge which apparently is the nerve tissue reconnecting. I have a tightening feeling also when I am tired too. I saw a surgeon here recently and he was happy with my progress.
I am in my Mid forties.

Just checking in to give an update. It's approx 14...

Just checking in to give an update. It's approx 14 weeks since my surgery and it is healing very well. The pulling on the right inner eyelid has subsided/relaxed and all looks great now :) I'm very happy with the result. The scars are nearly none existent. Looking at prior photos I wish I had don't it sooner!

It is now approximately 6 months since my surgery...

It is now approximately 6 months since my surgery and the results are great. There is very little visible scarring left. Have posted a photo..............
Over one year later and all healing is done, I'm am extremely happy with the surgery :))))
thank you Karyn. looks great. pleased it went well. was it the old premises near Bmic. that place scared me off. and they only had a few pics on a camera screen to show me. of immediately after. i am now looking into Dr surya. did you shop around in Bali at all?
Looking great Karyn.. Can you tell me who you went to in Indonesia?

Over 1 year since surgery!

The surgery scars are non existent and am extremely happy with the result :))) Thank you Dr. Siti Hajar !!
Hi there, the doctor was Dr. Siti Hajar who now has her own beautiful new clinic, Radiance still in Kuta. I referred a friend and she had her surgery recently and is really happy too.
ARC Clinic, Kuta, Indonesia

I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and, and I took along a qualified nurse (for moral support) and we were both very impressed with the Clinic in every way.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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