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I went in for liposuction of the abdomen and...

I went in for liposuction of the abdomen and flanks. I needed a starting point for my diet. I have never been this heavy in my life and it was starting to affect me emtionally. I did not even want to show my body anymore to my husband. I really would have prefered a tummy tuck but I could not afford the down time. I am not expecting to be totally fat because realistically I know I needed a tummy tuck but if I can get a fresh start with this liposuction, I will be happy. I am hoping to get my arms done and get cellulite treatment after the swelling goes down. I did not take any before picture but I will try to post a picture asap since I am still wollen at this point and basically the same size as before. Since I am swollen and still the same size I cannot be nothing but impressed with the results. my body appears to be contouring just a day after the surgery unless its all in my I hope not.


Thanks for sharing on RealSelf!  Looking forward to some pics.  I think we'd all love to see current pictures too, just because it helps anyone who is considering the same procedure to see what the healing process looks like, even if you are still wearing a CG.  But up to you!  Keep us posted on how you are feeling and healing :)  Welcome to the Community.
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Lipo results were what I expected. I actually went back to work the foloowing saturday but I am at a desk all day. I felt really sore but mine was bearable with none fo the narcotica that i was given. I love my results but have a way to go to be at my ideal weight. Overall, I would do it again in a heart beat.

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Dr. Glatt in Bala Cynwd is the best. His staff is superb. I wnt to the surgi cener instead of the office because of the amount if fat I am hoping to be romved. The staff at the surgi center was the best also.

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