Three Months Until Surgery! - Bal Harbour, FL

I'm soooo scared but after two c sections I really...

I'm soooo scared but after two c sections I really need my stomach fixed :( I've read amazing reviews and I can't wait to see mine :D

Still nervous! Has anyone had this surgery done by...

Still nervous! Has anyone had this surgery done by dr Salzhauer?
Hi Kimberlee. Before anything I have to say you are very beautiful and your baby is too cute beyond belief. How are you doing? Still feeling anxious?
Aww thank you :) YESSSS soo nervous :/ I know I will be until the day gets here but I'm getting excited! I just want it over and done lol

One month left!!!!

Only one month left until surgery! Getting soooo nervous

6 days until pre op EKKKK

I'm getting so nervous I just want it over!!!! 6 days under my pre op! 18 days until surgery! I wanna puke just thinking about it! I'm so excited and scared!

Tomw is my pre op and medical clearance I'm so nervoussss

So tomw is the last appointment before my surgery! I do blood work and get my medical clearance! I'm so excited to finally have my body back after giving birth to my two amazing babies. I can't wait to just feel normal again although I'm so nervous about a high scar, dog ears etc... PRAYING I love the outcome


One week until my tummy tuck! I'm soooooo nervous.. I wish I had Xanax for the next week to be able to sleep! I just want my body back and for this to be over :/ PRAYING everything goes well!
No im going with dr. Craft he use to b at coral gables cosmetic surgery but a year ago he opened his own office. I know alot of women that have done their breast with him no tummy tucks but he had great before and after pictures so I hope hes good.
Good luck!!! U will look great. I myself live in miami . Im scheduled for july 6. Dying for the day to come to finish with this. Lol
I'm 100% with u:) I can't wait to be back on here saying its over and looks perfect LOL are u going to dr Salzhauer to??


Ekkkkkk it's Friday and I only have the weekend left to have panic attacks :) I'm sooo excited/nervous/scared/nervous nervous nervous nervous lol I PRAY I'm making the right choice! PLEASE let my scar be low and tummy be flat again :)))

Ready to go!!

Good luck monday! U r going to look great..:)
Thank u so much :)
OMG!! I can't wait to see your results and hear how it was!! No more belly twin :)

OMG! Tomorrow is here!!

Having the worst anxiety!!! I feel like I'm going to get sick when I think about having the surgery thank God they gave me Xanax :( I'm so scared :/

Spending time with the love of my life, hope I'm making the right decision :(

Good luck tomorrow...Your baby is a will look fantastic!!!
Aww thank u :) I can't wait for this to be over :/
Good luck tomorrow. You'll look back at a week post op and wonder what you were so nervous about. Just don't overdo, which is easy to say but hard to do :)


Eeekkkk it's almost here! Surprisingly I was able to nap today! Luckily I get to leave at 5:30 am so I don't have to wait all day.. Pray for me :)
hi low scar and flat belly all well I hope xx
I'm praying :))) ill see tomw :) xo
Give us the liw down as soon as you feel up to it !!!!! (Fingers crossed) for low scars and flat belly

I did it!!

I'm hurting but I'm alive!!! My doctor was so comforting! I feel so happy I finally did this! At the hotel in bed resting. THANK YOU LORD for being with me through this journey.
Good to hear!!! Happy for you..:)
Thats good to hear because im a baby too! Lol... counting down the days till next week. What r u taking for the pain? And have u been walking around?
He gave me Vicodin.. The hardest part for me wasthe shaking when I came out of anesthesia which freaked me out but they give u something and it immediately stops the shaking.. I've gotten up3 times no problem to pee. It really is so much easier than I thought it would be!

Thank u Dr Salzhauer for changing my life!!

First day post op and I'm super swollen but so happy so far that I'm sitting here crying! Thank u for changing my life!
How was your day?
My day went ok... It's been really hard for me to sleep :( I'm trying tho.. This garment is soo tight it's hard to breath but I'm on the rd to recovery ;)

Day 3

Well today I'm really sore but still so happy! Woke up in slot of pain mostly from my back from being hunched over when I walk and my ab muscles are so tight
It gets better after day 4
Good to hear!:)

Post op day 4! Belly button??

I'm feeling better today just still sore! I can't wait to see the final results! My belly button looks slightly off to the right, is that normal? I'm hoping when swelling subsides it returns to normal :/


Feeling like today may be the worst of them all! I just want to stand straight :/ I'm sooo tired I hope this pain goes away soon

Day 4

Belly button to the side???? I feel like my belly button is slightly off center and I'm freaking outttyt

Belly button off center?!?

HELLLLLLP! I feel like my belly button isn't centered!!!! I'm freaking out! Could it be the swelling????? Has this happened to anyone else :(
How have u been sweetie?
Doing awesome :)) bruising is going down I'm just really itchy now but feeling good
Belly button is prob just floating due to swelling. Get ready for the swell hell to begin week 2 the more I do the more I swell

5 days post op

Well today is day 5 and I'm exhausted! Pain is getting better and I can finally get up on my own without help but it's sore:/ thank God for my parents who have watched my babies everyday! I'm so lucky.. I've been feeling kind of diZzy, I wonder if that's normal or if its the pain meds making me feel this way! I can't wait to be healed! Monday I have an appointment to have my drain removed :)
Good to hear! U will look great
Thanks :) I hope so!!!
Kimberlee, I too just had my TT & BA revision on 25June and I just can't wait to be healed already. My surgery was here in Germany and my doc was absolutely awesome. Haven't really seen my scar or bb but, I have another appt on Monday. Wishing/praying for you a happy healing. Smooches and take care.

6 days post op

I'm feeling dizzy still but slowly getting better.. My love handles look worse than when I went in so hopefully it's just sweeping because I know he did Lipo :( sucks just laying here all day ???? I go to the office tomw to have my drain taken out :) that will be nice
You really look great!!!
Thank u:)))
I'm PO day 5.... Trying to be patient. I'm 5'5 and usually about 140 but on surgery day I was 135. I feel like 170 with all this swelling. Flanks hurt and everything is itchy. So constipated!

Drains removed!

So that was a weird feeling but it didn't hurt.. I absolutely love everyone at my surgery center! My doctor is seriously the sweetest guy, I owe him my life. He's changed the way I look at myself!!!! I've been sooo itchy lately :( and the bruising HURTS but slowly but surely is going down! Yay :) I can't wait to see the final result! OMG also he showed me pics of how much skin was removed that was nuts:)))
I Am wandering about my bb too. Mine is really high up. So excited to look at my new tummy! I am not gonna miss those huge stretch marks I've had for 22 years! I thought I would need a Xanax too but I think my husband was ready to call it off if I lost it. I had to fake it. Lol act like its no big deal. I would have had a freakfest if he did. It's my surgery!
I've heard they call it a "floating belly button" they say its normal to be out of place for awhile, I actually just checked mine and it looks ALOT better! And my love handles are almost gone!!! YAYYYYY :)
Happy healing!! You look great!!

Shrinking slowly but surely!!

Yay woke up to take a Vicodin (still in so much pain) :( I wish it would stop! I was in less pain the first few days.. I think I've just built a tolerance to these pain pills :( sooo ready to be in a bikini, but I'm being patient! Anything is better than before
Judging by where your panties are in the last pics you posted does the incision go above them a little bit ?
It looks like it maybe a little but my stomach is sooo tight sill, it's going to drop a little bit once it stretches (so they tell me)
It's also hard to tell in that pic but they aren't pulled up all the way, I just looked at my scar in the mirror in person and it's low it's right above my pubic bone


Having some issues sleeping because I'm so uncomfortable and my stomach is soo tight.. I wake up kinda panicked feeling :/ hope this goes away soon
Just checking in..hope your feeling better!
Hey :) thanks for Checking in :)) I'm FINALLY starting to feel normal again :))
Lucky u !!! I hope 16 days after surgery I will b good to go back to work. Lol

Two weeks out

I know I have to be patient but it's so hard lol I want my love handles GONE! I have hard rippling on my sides and I'm not sure if I should massage it?!

Almost three weeks out

Three weeks post op on Monday slowwwwwly FINALLY really seeing results

Pics three weeks post op

Looks great and will continue to improve
Good:)))) I hope so lol
Looks awesome!!! Belly button is adorable!!

Swell hell

Three weeks out and starting to swell which is super frustrating! Trying to take it day by day but I want immediate results :/
Your pics look sooo good! Are you able to wear a 2 piece with your scar?
Aw thanks! Yeah ill be able to! The tape is a lot higher than my scar.. My scar falls at the bottom of the tape so once I get the tape off (Monday) I should be good to go :)
Can't wait to see pics! I think I've found a cpl to cover at least the majority of my scar. At least I hope so!!

2 months out

I'm starting to notices these little knot like things on my sides. Does anyone know if this is normal!?
Hello you look great i looking to have my tt with this doc did u have a good experince with him?
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When I went in and met with Dr.Salzhauer and he immediately makes you feel so comfortable! I had been to numerous consultations in my area and I wasn't comfortable. A friend of mine has had work done at Bal Harbour and he came highly recommended to me.

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