OMGosh, Finally Did It-BBL Scheduled - Bal Harbour, FL (54 WK UPDATE)

Well, as many of you know, I was deciding between...

Well, as many of you know, I was deciding between Dr. Salzhauer and Dr. Salama. I decided to go with Dr. Salzhauer and my bbl is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 2nd. This will give me exactly three months to get my stomach and body in gear so my before pics won't look too hideous-lol! I refuse to get a tummy tuck, so this will be plenty of time to tighten that area a bit through exercise and proper eating.

Will keep everyone posted as I can't wait to have a new rear for the new year!

Updated on 1 Dec 2011:I've posted a couple before pics before tomorrow's surgery-sorry I am still learning the camera bit. I will try to post something each week as well as more details when things calm down.

Updated on 4 Dec 2011:Hey everyone! Praise the Lord I'm alive as this was my first surgery! Thanks for all of your prayers and warm wishes. Posted some pics I took today. Praying swelling goes down because I feel like a Pillsbury dough girl but other than that, just really sore in my abs, back, flanks and butt. It was a funny experience as I had everyone singing my theme song, Sir Mix Alot's baby got back! LOL!!! Will post more in the next few days when I am more coherent. Nurse came yesterday and said all was well. First follow up on Friday. Before surgery, I was about 166.6 pounds at somewhere around 5'5-5'7.

Updated on 5 Dec 2011:Took my first shower today. It felt good but weird. Posted some new pics in nude, still work in progress!

Updated on 8 Dec 2011:In an hour and a half, it will be officially my first week post surgery! Yeah, I posted some updated pics for your review since I had my second fantastic shower! I'll find out tomorrow how many CCs I got but he and I will definitely discuss how to make my rear more rounder and juicier. It's a massive improvement from before, but I want my butt to pop and round out at the bottom more. Also, it looks like it's still pretty high on my back. For you vets, let me know if I am just being overly critical at this stage of the game or if I should be contemplating a round 2. I like the way my stomach is shaping up without the tummy tuck and can't wait to see it's further progress. My garment is loosening up and I am wanting to see if a smaller size or the infamous fajas salome will make a difference. But anyways, just wanted to share and will keep you updated as usual.

Updated on 8 Dec 2011:In less than two hours, it will be one week since my surgery! To celebrate this important milestone, I decided to take another shower and share the latest pics. LOL!!! Tomorrow, I will find out how many CCs I got but I definitely want to discuss with the doctor how to make my butt pop, rounder, and juicer, especially at the bottom. It's a vast improvement from before but I'm concerned about this and it's sitting pretty high on my back. Vets, let me know if I'm being overly critical so early in the game, if I should consider a round two, or perhaps changing my garment to a smaller size due to loosening or the infamous fajas salome will help. On the other hand, I really like the way my stomach and waist are shaping up without the tummy tuck. Will keep you updated as usual-enjoy your evening!

Updated on 8 Dec 2011:In a little over an hour, it will be one week since my surgery! To celebrate this milestone, I decided to take another shower and share the latest pics. LOL!!! Tomorrow, I will find out how many CCs I got but I definitely want to discuss with the doctor how to make my butt pop, rounder, and juicer, especially at the bottom. It's a vast improvement from before but I'm concerned about this and it's sitting pretty high on my back. Vets, let me know if I'm being overly critical so early in the game, if I should consider a round two, or perhaps changing my garment to a smaller size due to loosening or the infamous fajas salome will help. On the other hand, I really like the way my stomach and waist are shaping up without the tummy tuck. Will keep you updated as usual-enjoy your evening!

Updated on 8 Dec 2011:Sorry for the dual Dec. 8th entries-still learning technical logistics. Unfortunately, deleting items once posted is impossible. So please disregard the first December 8th update (and other redundant posts you find)! ;)

Updated on 9 Dec 2011:Just returned from the doctor's office and we are really excited about my body's possibilities and the healing so far! He put 950CCs each cheek. He indicated that he gave me all he could. Fiddlesticks, as I wanted at least at least 1000CCs each cheek to play with, 1200CCs would have been great! Also, my stitches were removed and I just learned that my prescription will not be renewed once done. Double fiddlesticks, better savor the last pain pills-lol!!!

Anyway, he thought my stomach was incredible for just lipo alone and was pleasantly surprised at everything. He wants me to keep the stage 1 garment for another week and then start with a tighter garment once he takes another look next week. To be on the safe side, I will keep wearing the sexy orthopedic socks. Looking forward to next Thursday's appointment.

The only thing I don't like is the fact that there are two dents opposite each other near the butt crack. We analyzed the surgery pics and I had a perfectly round bottom with no dents on each side when surgery was over. Not sure where this came from as I only sat two hours after surgery in the recover room on a loaned bobby (the operative nurse refused to let me lay on my stomach after surgery), in the wheel chair on the way to the car (again, she claimed this was ok without a boppy), and once on the bathroom to do #2 before a better way was found without sitting on the toilet (later Monica said this should be okay but it's more important to have a bowel movement than anything else). I believe the garment holes made the dents due to being too tight. Either way, I told the doctor and he said that it should go away if I massage the area and make the garment extremely bigger. If this doesn't work, he said he'll fix it. I hope the dents go away on their own soon because I had no idea the garment holes can cause dents. Has this happened to anyone and if so, what did you do to resolve this?

I called my massage therapist and she may come tomorrow instead of Monday. I'm so excited as I can't wait. I got to rest because it was a LONG day but I will post later (i.e., pre and post op information). Enjoy your evening and weekend!

Updated on 14 Dec 2011:Hey everyone!

Sorry it's been a while since I last wrote but I've been so busy with work. All is well-just monitoring the assets and taking things day by day. I must admit that I'm getting cabin fever and am ready to sit already-lol! I will post pics tomorrow after I return from the doctor as Friday will be my two week mark.

Since I was online, I wanted to share some of the things that I did to prepare for surgery. I won't reiterate the generalities but just specific items that worked for me. Please bear in mind, I don't have medical experince and I'm not endorsing particular brands, just sharing my experience!

* I had two colon hydrotherapy treatments in order to cleanse my system and jump start the process. Got these from local dealsavers.

* Also, I tried six, Velafreeze treatments (got these from local dealsavers as well) Although this didn't result in a dramatic change by itself, I did notice a difference in the texture of my abdominal skin, which was good because I learned that skin elasticity is key for this surgery.

* My regular doctor recommended that I use Bio oil to help with stretch marks and skin appearance. So I took her advice and also used cocoa butter almost exclusively. Can't wait until I am cleared to use my body butters once again-LOL!!!

* I started wearing waist cinchers. First, I purchased Squeem and it was okay but after I couple of days, I began to get used to it. So I purchased one of Ann Chery's latex/cotten waist cinchers. This one was designed to burn abdominal fat and it was awesome for me, like a mini-corset!

* I exercised, focusing on core-strengthening/pilates-type exercises, with an inexpensively sturdy doorknob exerciser as well as did side rotations. My mom used a similar device when she was younger and she had a small waist. I used a similar product for years and it made my waist small as well.

* I tried to watch what I ate when I could; however, I always made room for treats-LOL! I used Medifast to help me lose weight quick.

* I also took an herbal fat metabolizer that I used real briefly. It worked but I realized that I needed lots of healthy fat for surgery and I didn't want to jeopardize my results with only a month left before surgery.

* Additionally, I had two lymphatic drainage massages during the week of surgery in order to get my immune system ready for what was to come. I am still getting the lymphatic drainage massages post-op and they have definitely helped with soreness, swelling & bruising. I was able to get a licensed and experienced therapist who travels to my home.

* Although I'm local, I lived far from the surgeon's office. I wanted to recouperate comfortably in my own home so I looked into Senior Helpers, a homecare service. She picked me up from the surgery, cared for me until I felt comfortable to do so on my own, and she takes me to my weekly check ups. What more can I say, I love her!!!!

* I visited a number of surgery sites/reviews. One helpful blog on this site that I enjoyed was RosaPR's. She has tons of helpful hints, pictures, and ideas, it was great as I loved her healthy approach and attitude-she's like the Jane Fonda of BBL. Another good blog/body transformation for those considering out of the country surgery will be Millz. There were more and I definitely appreciated all of different perspectives that I read and advice that I received.

* I made sure to read blogs/articles, ask tons of questions, do extensive research on the procedure & doctor (i.e., medical training, certifications, and experience, complaints, filed, liability insurance, etc.) as well as interview the surgeons before making a final decision. All of this was key in my making an informed decision.

Looking back, I wish I would have:

* Started my routine when I first saw Dr. Salz in July and not procrastinated until a month before-ROFL! If I obtained such good results in such a short time, I know they would've been better if I started earlier. Also, if I had started earlier, I would've scheduled another meeting with Dr. Salz beforehand to make sure everything was ok instead of waiting until the two-week preop appointment for his response to my routine. This would have given me more time to make the necessary adjustments.

* Rested more, especially when I had the pre-surgery lymphatic drainage massage to give my body time to go through the detox process before surgery.

* Started obtaining items as early as possible, probably also in July. Time flies so quickly and before I knew it, my surgery date was here. I spent days beforehand running around like a little squirrel trying to get things ready when I should've taken that time to rest.

Got to go but that's all for now!

Updated on 15 Dec 2011:Almost two weeks! So far, so good-posted new pics. Continually work in progress as both the dr. and I are looking forward to the end result! Enjoy your evening!


Updated on 24 July 2012:

To all my original BBL peeps, sorry I've been MIA but things have been pretty hectic since I last posted. Hope all is well with each of you! Just wanted to change my original review from "Not Sure" to "Worth It" now that I'm 34 weeks out. Posted some recent pics below but these will only be up a limited time. Since the surgery, I've gained almost 8.5 pounds and my hip measurement is almost 46 inches. I still love to wear the faja but that's my own girdle fetish-LOL! Fairly happy with the results as the butt looks normal (and jiggles like crazy without the faja) but I want it bigger and rounder. Although those who know I had surgery think I shouldn't do it again, I may get a round 2 with thigh lipo if the price is right-LOL! In the interim, working on toning and losing the weight gained since surgery. But the more immediate project is a much needed breast reduction. Will keep you posted.

54 weeks today, all paid up, and it's all...

54 weeks today, all paid up, and it's all good-lol! Decided to post one last pic for a limited time as it is time to move on to a new chapter-the boobs! May get a round 2 with my ps sometime in the future using the excess fat to add more volume/projection in the cheeks, especially at the bottom. Haven't lost any fat and overall satisfied with results.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

All is well thus far. I really like Dr. Salzhauer. I enjoyed interacting with Barbie and Yeni. Time with the Dr. is a premium so make sure you ask all of your questions. Also, the no interest rate, 1 yr. financing was a breeze. Will keep you all posted throughout healing process.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello, IDK if you are still active on RS but if you get this would you mind lsharing your before and after pics with me ??? I am a Dr Salzhauer patient and Im doing my surgery with him on the 7th of August 2014. Hope to hear back from you and that all is good with your results... God Bless
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Hello I appreciate your post. On your last comment you said you were posting a pic. Did RS take it down? I don't see it. :-) I'm considering Dr. Sal as well for my bbl.
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how are you doing now? did you get round 2 done by Dr. Sal? would you still recommend him for this procedure?
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please please post a few pics!
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Arse is perfect. How many cc's did you get.
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that's nice of you to say! dr. said he put 950ccs in each cheek. i wanted 1000+ccs but he said that's all the fat he could get from the lipoed areas (i.e., stomach, back, flanks). in reflecting upon the experience, i shouldn't have taken a fat burner so soon before surgery. i think he did a wonderful job considering my before but i think a round 2 with the excess fat from areas that i didn't have lipoed (i.e., inner & outer thighs as well as arms) and maybe redoing previous areas) would perfect everything as i want my cheeks to have more volume, projection, and roundness. in the interim, i'm working on losing excess wt. gained, toning loose skin, and making the gluteus muscles bigger thru wt. training...
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Hey coco!! So glad you updated. I remember reading your blog before I ever joined site. So much good info for me. Do you still recommend the body shaper from MMH? Are you ready for next sx?
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Yup, the Ann Chery is the best. I haven't used mine in a while because I think it's shot from being washed constantly but I still wear my compression garments. They, too, are hanging on by a thread-lol!!! Anyways, trying to get ready to get everything over and done with so I'll be ready for bikini season-lol!!!
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Lol. I mostly use squeem or this corset I had from back in the day. Yes bikini & lingerie season :-)
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Hey Coco.. hope all is well girl. So I had my consult today for round 2. i am ready. looking at oct rite around my year if not earlier. let me know how you doing .
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I talked with my ps about it preliminarily when I discussed my concerns. However, we never discussed pricing. The great thing about my ps is that he doesn't use drains, and I LOVE that. Not really sure, still looking around at this point. All I know is that I want to stay local, no drains, it'll be next year at the earliest given this year's breast redux sx, and I want a good price-lol! Visited an office today; however, the dr. wasn't in. I would prefer to return when ps is in because laser lipo was discussed and despite insanely cheap price, laser lipo is not going to cut it b/c it kills fat cells. From this and the administrator's used car salesman tactics, I'm taking what the admin says w/ a grain of salt until I finally make up my mind-lol! How soon are you looking to do it?
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Hi there! Where are the pics?! Hope all is well.
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Hey, just posted pics 34 wks out...
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sorry new alias...
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Hey girl... Looking good. Nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your not so good moments this year. Girl ive been working out like crazy and this butt still growing I think. Tried to put on one of my new jeans last night but the booty didn't want to stay believe or not I am also thinking of 2nd round too. Want to try and get some hips
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Thanks Rosa! If it's still growing while you're working out, that's a good thing-LOL!!! What type of exercises are you doing? I was told not to do too much cardio, so I'm really trying to work on my flexibility and I would like to tone but I don't want to burn fat. I hear ya', the round two for me would be to perfect everything. You wouldn't believe but I just came from a preliminary consult with a different ps' office-lol!!! Got to focus though because I need to get the breasts under control as they've grown and I feel most of the extra weight has gone there. Would you go to the same ps?
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After 4 months I started my regular workout. I do about 30 min of cardio 4 days a week and after my 30 min boot camp section. I was afraid at 1st that my butt would melt away but as you can see it is still all there plus more. I think that the squats and lunges just made it grow more. Lol. Yes I will go back to Dr. Jahno for 2nd round. I talked to him about it a few months back but he wants me to wait a year from sx. He said that it takes 9 months or more to really see the final result. And he was right because I've saw the difference in my body specially my abs. The swelling has finally gone down.. yeah! So who are you considering for round 2?
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Hey Coco, hope you feeling better.
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thanks hun would be great if you could pass on the details p.m me if you want x any more pics coming soon?
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hey, it's me, new pics up now at 34 wks...
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hi jools! i feel good, just a little sore around my stomach and sides. it's probably because i had to postpone the massages for a wk. during my cycle but i'm so ready to get back on schedule. tomorrow can't come soon enough-lol! in addition, my garment isn't fitting right with my makeshift foams and butt cutouts, so i'm trying to make due until i'm cleared by the dr. for stage 2.

a mobile massage therapist comes to my home about three times a week. the massages are $120 for about 60-90 minutes. i found her through a massage therapy website when i googled "lymphatic drain massage." i pay a little more because i live so far away. hope this helps!
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hey how are you feeling? hope recovery is going well... where do you get these massages and how much do they cost?
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Hey coco. Checking on you seeing how that recovery is going.. I think I did to much this weekend.. my body is so sore and my butt I'd feeling a little hard today...getting a massage tomorrow so ill make sure its all normal..
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hey rosa! all is well, time is flying! good, i hear you. i tried standing more and yes, i think i tried to catch a cramp in my new cheeks-lol!!! i'm sure the massage will set everything in order. i can't wait for mine this week-had to put it on hold due to monthly friend. lol!
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girl you look amazing! i bet you are so in love with your new body. if it helps you at all, i stood up to pee for the first two months. i took a 16oZ water bottle and cut the bottom like 1/2 inch off and put that against myself and let the pee come out through the other end into the toilet. I even carried it around in my purse when I was out shopping, was a lifesaver..and i didnt have to tire myself out squating. lol just a suggestion but anyway..YOU LOOK AWESOME!!
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