Dr. Salzhauer BBL MASTER!!Bal Harbour, FL

Living in Miami with nothing but gorgeous shapely...

Living in Miami with nothing but gorgeous shapely woman, having a great body is a must. I'm 5'9" 25 yrs old and all my life I've felt insecure about having NO-ASS at all. Finally, 6 months after having a baby I decided I wanted to do something about my insecurities. No matter how much you workout, diet, squat, nothing will ever build a nice plump butt. You have it or you don't- and I certainly didnt.

Consulting with Dr.Salzhauer is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. He is warm, comforting, and clearly a true artisan of his craft. Ladies trust me when I say -he knows what he's doing!

So far its been to weeks and my results are stellar. Dr. Salzhauer did an amazing job. I must say I am more than impressed. I received 1,000 cc's in each cheek and I also added hips to the procedure as well. His staff is warm, kind and they're all gorgeous (with amazing bodies too, lucky girls). I'm so glad Dr. S doesn't utilize drains, he lets the body do what it does :) Recovery has been a bit uncomfortable not being able to sit or lay down on my back, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Luckily, I have friends who have had a BBL done before in Columbia and with they've referred me to an amazing lymphatic masseuse who owns her own Spa. Her name is Elena and she is amazing!!! The techniques and instruments she uses to dissolve scar tissue, bruising and inflammation are essential to healing and getting the end result you want (please inbox me for her info if interested). Wearing a proper fitting garments and getting your messages are so important! Although the doctor does the bulk of the work the maintenance such as diet and message is up to us.

My confidence has sky rocketed through and roof and I'm already feeling so confident in my clothes. I did this surgery for myself (and my hubby too) but I've never really craved attention and this has definitely made me a show stopper, its a bit uncomfortable for me. I guess I'll get use to it. Being around social settings is another concern since I was as flat as a board before and now suddenly I've got an ass.... I know I'll raise some eye brows around "friends", so I've decided to pull a celeb move and disappear for a little bit.


u look great. please pm me the massage therapist info
Wow!!! :) The first pictures are your afters?
Thank you! Yes indeed dahling! lol

Hi ladies so far so good. I've been sitting on my...

Hi ladies so far so good. I've been sitting on my boppy lately but I dont really think its effecting the fat cells. Pretty happy with my results however it'll take sometime for me to get a real idea of how my results will FINALLY look. I've been taking care of my 6 month old which has been pretty challenging along with trying to heal but I'm a woman and we're so strong. Stronger than what we think. I had fluid retention last week and I had to get it drained. Ouch. Dr.Salzhauer took care of it. It's always so nice to see him, he's a great guy- super nice! Love him:)

It get easier everyday. The garment is so important as are the messages. Breaking down scar tissue, reducing inflammation, etc is so important. If any of you ladies are interested please PM me. I'd be glad to pass along my message therapists info, she's AMAZING!!!!

I do find it a bit difficult to break my pre op eating habits... fatty foods are not for post op. Finding it hard to switch to salads when Im used to eating fast food at 2:00 am to gain weight. I cannot wait to get back in the gym and perfect what I have.
Your results have made me re-consider my surgeon....I love Dr. J's work but he's pricy! I'm going to check out Salz now!
Please check him out! He's a hidden gem. Just a great person/surgeon overall. I plan on getting more procedures with him but I have to wait a bit (need more $$$ lol). I L-O-V-E him he's the best. I am just in love with his work.
I would strongly suggest it. If you hav any questions feel free to PM me so we can talk. I am absolutely in love with his work and him lol

Hi ladies!!! I've been SOOOO sick for some reason....

Hi ladies!!! I've been SOOOO sick for some reason. It has to be the constant change in weather down here in Miami. So I apologize if I haven't been able to address questions or post lately. I will handle it as soon as possible. (Sorry :/ ) But I have to tell you I am looking STUNNING in my clothes. Today I was able to post some new pics of a dress I would never wear- but not anymore! lol

I was so sick I had to have my mother-in-law take care of me and my son for the past few days last week. But when I got home Sunday morning there was a beautiful boutique of flowers sent from Dr.Salzhauer waiting for me on my coffee table. Talk about feeling special *BIG SMILE*
Can't think of the last time anyone has sent me such a beautiful bouquet. Thank you Dr.Salzhauer and team xoxo!!

I have to say I am so glad I was strongly encouraged and persuaded by Yasmine of Dr.Salzhauer's office. Many times when I couldn't get through to a coordinator she was there to provide ample emotional support. Ladies, we all know how emotional and hectic this journey can be and it was so nice to have someone as comforting, sweet and professional as her (if you can't get through to a coordinator ask for her she's the best!). Aside from the doctor himself, Yasmin and Miriam(his nurse) have made this experience a truly remarkably smooth and comforting one for me. Friends and family have been so impressed with my review and results they are seeking Dr.Salzhauer for their own future procedures. I want everyone to know what a great doctor he is. I couldn't care who knows that I've gotten plastic surgery, I don't care about the stigma of "you've had plastic surgery" either. I love my body and I truly love how I feel. I cannot tell you what this has done for my confidence and self-esteem.... and the hubby L-O-V-E-S it too. I wish I would have done this sooner so that I could tell everyone about my journey on a day by day basis. But better now than never, gotta thanks Yasmin for the push.

I've decided today was the day to meet up with a friend and SIT for coffee. My booty was just fine lol It didn't shrink or deflate... It felt a little sore but it was all good. I have another appointment with my message therapist Elena. She has a new XS fitted faja for me along with another ultra cavitation and cupping message. It's starting to feel so good. For all you ladies who were interested she does travel and she can meet up with you at her spa. (Elena of Dolce Vita Body 954-851-2855) I am currently still eating pineapple on a daily basis for my dose of Bromelain and drinking Chamomile tea. Elena gave me a great remedy for swelling and bruising. Take the skin of a pineapple, boil it and drink it like a tea. It's properties promote skin elasticity, significant reduction of swelling and bruising.

I will continue to keep everyone posted if anymore tips or information arises. Until then xoxo!

So today I had my follow up appointment at the Dr...

So today I had my follow up appointment at the Dr.'s office. Dr.Salzhauer was away during surgery, a bit sad I wanted to thank him for the flowers but I saw Yeni his nurse who is so sweet :) Took some before and after pics then I was on my way to Elena, my message therapist. So I finally got all the details about the techniques she uses. It's not just a lymphatic message.

She utilizes vacuum therapy which also provides lymphatic drainage - the vacuum stimulates lymphatic movement which assists with the muscle tone and increases blood circulation. The vigorous action of the massage helps break the bonds between fat cells and flush away cellulite. It helps to greatly reduce cellulite, swelling, bruising, water retention, fatty tissue, and promotes the healing process after surgery, firm the skin tissues, increase blood circulation, and eliminate impurities and toxins from the deeper layers of the skin.

Along with vacuum therapy she uses an Ultra Cavitation machine. It melts the fat cells and provides faster results and permanent elimination of fat from the body. She always advises me to drink plenty of water because the content is metabolized by the liver and excreted in the urine.

Also- I am clear to workout, sit down, I assume sleep on my back and resume to my normal activities. SO HAPPY :)
Hey I'm scheduled for March 12th with Dr. Salzhauer :) your results are bombb. did you have to schedule your massages beforehand or they available whenever you need them? and what stuff should I make sure I bring?
Hi Doll!!!! CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you :) Dr.Salzhauer is amazing I can't even tell you. You will be so glad you went to him. As for the messages there's nothing you need to bring other than your fine-self :) Just be prepared for a bit of discomfort although Elena is very delicate with freshly operated clients. If you need a garment she can provide you with a new one if requested. Once again congrats! I love Dr.Salzhauer and I would trust him with my life. Keep in touch should anything come up. Super happy for you!
Looking good hunnay =}

Let me start off by saying, normally I would never...

Let me start off by saying, normally I would never say I've had plastic surgery out of fear what other's may think, but who the hell cares at this point- I love what Dr.Salzhauer and his team has done for my body, confidence, and ultimately, self-esteem. I was shopping with my son at Target and I was asked by a group of women if my butt was real. I was so flattered. Normally that would NEVER happened. I gladly gave Dr.Salzhauer's information. Needless to say, they were impressed lol.
Before writing this post on RS, it was a rarity to find any testimonials on Dr.S let alone his BBL patients. I hope I've helped those of you who were looking for a doctor like him. He deserves the upmost recognition for his quintessential degree of skill, professionalism and breadth of work.

We're not a number or a paycheck. To him and his staff we're people who want to make a change in our life and they understand. He acknowledges that it takes a lot of courage and even a lifestyle adjustment- but knows that it's not only to improve our bodies but our confidence and self-esteem. Today I spoke to Rosy, the office manager, who made me feel so special! I was brought to tears. I am so thankful I choose a great place to get surgery!

I recently scheduled a consultation for my Mom who was impressed how beautifully he shaped me. She recently lost 65lbs. and has gone through a painful divorce with my father whom she was married to for 26 years. After 4 kids, a recent cancer scare and a very sad and painful divorce, she deserves this. I know that he will change my mother's perception of herself and her life. She has gone through a lot and I know he'll make her feel and look like the beautiful woman she really is.

On another note, I saw Elena today. These messages are starting to feel sooooo good lol. So today she used a message that exercised my butt while getting a lymphatic message, ultra cavitation and vacuum therapy. Not a bad day at all.

Love your results can you tell me about vacuum therapy and ultra caviation what's it for?
She utilizes vacuum therapy which also provides lymphatic drainage - the vacuum stimulates lymphatic movement which assists with the muscle tone and increases blood circulation. The vigorous action of the massage helps break the bonds between fat cells and flush away cellulite. It helps to greatly reduce cellulite, swelling, bruising, water retention, fatty tissue, and promotes the healing process after surgery, firm the skin tissues, increase blood circulation, and eliminate impurities and toxins from the deeper layers of the skin. Along with vacuum therapy she uses an Ultra Cavitation machine. It melts the fat cells and provides faster results and permanent elimination of fat from the body. She always advises me to drink plenty of water because the content is metabolized by the liver and excreted in the urine.
U look good I love your results please keep us posted on your journey. How much did u weigh when u went in for surgery? What is the total price of surgery? And what included? How is there process on everything. I love your results so much I'm thinking about changing doctors thx u

Hi everyone :) Just checking in... I've been...

Hi everyone :) Just checking in... I've been busy planning a V-day trip with my husband, can't wait. My result are looking better with everyday that goes by. Dr.Salzhauer and Yeni were right (of course)- your results get better with time. I've been shopping for new clothes and new Loubi's too :) So I'm more than happy with how I look more importantly. My body looks amazing!! (All credit to Dr.S.) I guess it's starting to "fluff" out lol. Definitely getting much softer and it jiggles now.... I'm so glad I don't have to worry about a Round 2. Dr.Salzhauer is my plastic surgeon for life! I told my husband I'll be going to him for botox to kneelifts lol I dont even know if thats possible, probably is. I've been taking care of my lipo'd areas with messages 3x's a week for the past for 4 weeks and everything is looking wonderful.

I just can't wait to take this garment off for good.... ugh!
Are u going 2 post more pics so we can see your progress? Love your shape
Posted more pics for you! ;)
girl.. i think i'm you stalker i'm stalking for more pics lol!! amazing so far

It's been 7 weeks so far and I've resumed back to...

It's been 7 weeks so far and I've resumed back to my normal life. Driving, sitting, exercising etc all back in full effect. I haven't been getting my messages on the regular anymore- I know shame on me :/ But my body is looking great and I couldn't be happier. Dr.Salzhauer is Miami's Best Plastic Surgeon... hell, He is the BEST PLASTIC SURGEON. I hope you enjoy some new pictures. I am so glad I went through with this surgery. It's changed my life completely.

I do have to make a confession. I am a bit caught off guard by the attention I've been getting lately. I'm not use to people looking at my body because it actually looks good. The other day I was getting ready for Bikram Yoga and my husband made me change because he thought I was trying to show off my new butt, until finally he realized that no matter how much I changed my butt was still going to be B-I-G lol... sorry honey :)

Everyone only hears reviews of popular doctors on this site so I hope I've helped those of you debating on seeing Dr.Salzhauer. I've never met a doctor, let alone a person as amazing as him. I love how I look in the mirror and I feel so good about myself. There is no substitution for this feeling. I did this surgery for me and it's a life changing event. The first few weeks were hard but well worth it. If there's anyone considering Dr.Salzhauer please send me a message if you'd like to talk. I know that there aren't a lot of reviews or testimonials about him but please know I am proof of his beautiful work. I am more than thrilled I to have him do my surgery, he is my doctor for life and I couldn't be happier. His staff is just as comforting, understanding and compassionate as the Doctor himself. I will continue to update my results as time goes to show everyone the results not for a couple of weeks but longterm. XOXO
The flowers were a nice touch. Nothing like a bouquet of flowers to say thank you for selecting him and trusting him with your care. Did you only get BBL? It shows that your cost was $9k, accurate? You look amazing!
Yes the flowers were a very kind, lovely touch. I love Dr.Salzhauer and his team :) My favorite people. I got a BBL along with Hip Augmentation... I didn't have a body at all. Thank you for the compliment! xo
You are most welcome. Can you share the total cost you paid?

So.... I am 7 weeks post-op and I have burned the...

So.... I am 7 weeks post-op and I have burned the garments! lol I am so greatful I was able to stick to my instincts and stuck with The Best Plastic Surgeon in South Florida. My results are beautiful and I am in disbelief every time I look in the mirror. I look in the mirror to see my body as I have always fantasized it would be, except better. I will continue to update as I know there are so many of us checking this website everyday for inspiration, hope and information. I love my results and I love Dr.Salzhauer and his staff. I couldn't have prayed for a better doctor and experience. Please feel free to PM me for any support, info, etc you may need.
Hey I want to thank you so much for ur blog. It was a turning point for me. I was so indecisive between surgeons and then I came across ur blog. I went to see Dr Salzhauer the same day. I'm having surgery on 3/20/13!!!!! I'm so excited. ur pics look amazing! Thank u so much for sharing
Wow that really means a lot to me. I am so happy I am able to help you. I am so in love with Dr.Salzhauer! Personally speaking, he is the best. Congratulations on your Sx Date. Happy Healing. Please PM me if you need anything! :) xoxo
YOU HAVE ANY SWIMSUIT PICS? any bra and panty shots? .... girl you know we're still stalking your page!

Hi girls I know I've gone missing for a bit, sooo...

Hi girls I know I've gone missing for a bit, sooo sorry. I will be posting pics of the slope of my back and swimsuit pics :) lol... I haven't been going for my messages anymore. I know some of you were concerned that Dr.Salzhauer isn't very big on garments or messages. However, I feel to each their own. If YOU personally feel like messages and garments are extremely important to you than you should do what makes you happy as long as it does NOT compromise your health or goes against the doctors orders. I was speaking with someone who didn't want to go to Dr.Salzhauer specifically because he did not heavily advise his patients to wear the garments or messages. I hope to provide some consolation to those who are very concerned pertaining to the doctor's approach.

Dr.Salzhauer does a great job sculpting, perfecting, molding, and shaping your body. Please be assured that aftercare is entirely up to us. If you want to get messages everyday for a year after your sx than you can do so. Your initiative and effort is entirely your own. The Doctor can only do so much. Ok. So enough about that. I look forward to helping those who are interested. I think I've discovered my new passion- PLASTIC SURGERY! LOL

XOXO Looking forward to more questions:)
Good for you. You look great. I just recently had a baby and I am now looking into the surgery. If you don't mind me asking, were you breastfeeding? I think I may have to put off the surgery because I'm breastfeeding. I will begin going to consultations this month so I will see what the doctor says. Based on my research, some doctors want you to cease lactating 6 months before surgery and some say that it does not matter. I hope I can do this and still breastfeeding during my recovery.
Hi Sweet. Thank you so much. I was and still currently breastfeeding my 8 month old. I do have to say that the antibiotics prescribed for this surgery dries up your milk supply.... If you'd like to talk more you can PM me so that we can talk more. But I had such a hard time keeping my supply going even pumping 8x a day did not help keep my supply up. It was really difficult to me because this is a really intense surgery. I was holding my son and putting him to sleep a few hours after my surgery... your job as a mom is never on hold. I have so much advice for you.
you know we're all stalking your results...lol pleeeeeeeeze post a back view? like in a swimsuit or whatever, a before and after back view standing straight?

Today was my 8 week post-op doctor's appointment...

Today was my 8 week post-op doctor's appointment with Dr.Salzhauer. So far so good everything was great. I always love seeing Dr.Salzhauer and his staff, they are so lovely and warm to be around. Great people!

Lately I've working out and my body is looking and feeling better. I've been doing Bikram Yoga three times a week and if I'm not doing yoga I've been weight training to get my legs in shape and my butt refined and firm :) I've been continuing to eat pineapple and drinking my chamomile tea with honey. I will keep on posting to help my BBL sisters :) Please PM me in case I can help you with anything. This is such a life changing experience and it is a big decision. Love you all!

looking hella good what a difference dream come true booty
Gurl you look amazing!! Your butt fits your body perfect! Another girl asked the same, so forgive me if I missed your response, but what is your workout regimen? I am only 2 weeks post-op but I cannot wait to start toning up. Do you do more weight training then cardio now?
Hi darling!!! Thank you all credit to Dr.Salzhauer. I find that weight training is better than doing cardio. I start off with 15-20 minutes on the stair master to get my heart rate going and to tone my legs, calves and butt at the same time. Then I do 6 sets of 10 reps of squats, calve raises, and dead lifts.

Hi everyone! So I've noticed a lot of you are...

Hi everyone!

So I've noticed a lot of you are asking for bikini shots and distant shots from far away. I will post. Sorry I've been going through some very personal problems that have not given me the time to post lately. I've been very reluctant to post bikini shots because I have a very distinctive scar. I'll figure out how to photoshop it :)
WOW you look AMAZING
:) Thank you!!!!!!
When did he give you the green light to it?

Hello everyone. So I'm now 2 1/2 months post op. ...

Hello everyone. So I'm now 2 1/2 months post op. my results have not changed and my body is looking really good since I've been working out as well and eating right. This is a big decision for yourself so those of you who are having a hard time going through with the surgery I completely understand how you feel. But you have to think to yourself, " I deserve this!".

I am so happy to have an amazing doctor. Dr.Salzhauer changed my life and my results are unreal.

I've been getting a few PM's claiming my results are fake. Let me just say, for the record- I. DO. NOT. HAVE. TIME. FOR. STUPIDITY. Thank you, I'm glad I put it out there,now, don't waste my time. I have a very successful life and this blog is meant to help people who have never seen or barely heard to what an amazing Surgeon DR.Salzhauer is ;)
Love the drop your bottom has. That adds an even more natural affect. Congratulations I already had my consultation with him via Skype.
Thank you! That's what I love about him! My body looks amazing and it looks so natural!!!!! How did your skype consultation go?
Consult was good. I'm waiting on legal funds so u know how that can be. I'm still very excited. I was 206 lbs on consult now I'm 183 lbs. He asked me to stay close to 200 because I want a big Butt. Twelve hundred cc's with 200 for hips. So I guess I'm ready just waiting for money to come through. Which I knew someone that had cheek fillers by him cause I'm considering it.

Hi everyone! Sorry for taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R to...

Hi everyone!

Sorry for taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R to update, add pictures, etc. I have been extremely stressed out so I took a little break from everything to recoup.
hi you look great and then some , i have a question how big (belly) were you before the op. I had a consultation with him too , but I don't see a lot of his before pictures. If you were some what big and he got you looking like this now , I will definitely go see him. thank you
I'm 5'9" and I was 160lbs... but my love handles were out of control and so was my stomach. That's where I would gain all of my weight.
thanks for the reply. I have a quote from him, but he is telling me to get a TT. Did you get a tummy tuck or just the BBL. I'm bigger then you but I can get a sense of how much it changes. thank you

Hi Everyone! I know it's been some time that...

Hi Everyone!

I know it's been some time that I've posted anything. I've been so busy adjusting to running a business, school and a baby and everything else in my life lol. Unfortunately I will not be posting anymore pictures. I believe what I've posted is sufficient. I have a very unique scar that is very distinct and I do not to be recognized and my husband is not too happy about my pictures posted online as many of you can understand. I refuse to take them down as I believe I have helped people choose the doctor right for them. Dr.Salzhauer has sculpted my body to perfection and I want everyone to know how this incredible doctor changed my life.

However, the damage is done but out of respect for my husband I will not upload any pictures.............at the moment :)

I want everyone to know that I will not delete my account or pictures because although my BBL journey is done (for the moment lol) I am here to give anyone tips or information needed. This is quite an experience and I wish I had someone for me when I was going through it all. I only had other girls results to admire and when I would reach out to them- NO REPLY. Please no I am here to help and to get the word out----- DR.SALZHAUER IS THE BEST! lol

K ladies hit me up for information :)

Congrats girlie, your new booty is bangin! :)
lol thank you! Thinking about Round 2 :) lol
BTW, it took 2 years for me to even begin to drop weight after my son so don't think just because it's been 10 months that it won't happen. I have heard from nurses and docs it can take 2 years for your body to completely go back to normal after a baby.

Helllllooooo :) So recently I've been...

Helllllooooo :)

So recently I've been thinking about a Tummy Tuck and Breast Aug. I had my son 10 months ago and my body has NOT been the same. Luckily for Mother's Day Dr.Salzhauer's office is offering a promotion for a Mommy Makeover which is always so nice. It's a great $3,000 deduction for Mother's Day and as a new Mom I think it's so considerate. So, I am sure everyone will think I'm as crazy as my husband thinks I am but....... (drum roll please!) ROUND 2 BBL!!!! LOL

I love my new body! And Lord knows I love my new Butt.... I just want a little more booty lol!!!! I L-O-V-E Dr.Salzhauer. He IS AMAZING! He is so dedicated to his craft, patients, skill. Ok, I know you get it. He's amazing :) I've been doing squats everyday, running reverse, calf raises, leg presses etc... I'm trying to convince my husband I need a round 2 although it doesn't matter what he thinks, but I would be nice to have him on board. I am also looking forward to having my Breast Augmentation in a few months. I will keep everyone posted!!! Take a look at the butt I want (BIG SMILE)

I hope I've been a big help to most of you. I don't intend on disappearing. Ladies, plastic surgery is an elective choice. It is a fun, scary, exciting, wonderful journey to bettering ourselves. It's easy to get caught up in the web of negativity on here. There's a difference between educating yourself and becoming obsessive to the point of making yourself sick. I've come across a couple ladies who have been been so obsessive that they've either convinced themselves out of surgery, made themselves sick thinking about it- OR Both!

My results are still as wonderful as Day 1 if not better. Luckily I have not experienced volume loss and my butt looks great.
U look really good, he really did his thing on you
Yaaayy I'm getting my breasts n booty done by dr SALZHAUER too! Glad ur going the distance to look almost perfect!
Wow u look great. Dr. did a good job. Im just loving ur ass lol.....


I can't believe it! It's been 4 months since I got my surgery and I'm planning a round 2 and this time I'll be getting a breast augmentation as well... I am mentally preparing myself now- I'm working full-time now with my baby who will be walking soon and going to school. So I've prepped myself by clearing my a week in my calendar for September. I know that first first wont be easy but I'll be an old pro at this. Sitting on a boppy wont affect my results, I'll plan my messages accordingly, gain 15lbs or so and have my garments ready :) Elena (my awesome message therapist) is ready for me. Speaking of her I saw her the other day she was saying my body looks amazing and Dr.Salzhauer did an amazing job :) I seriously cannot wait for my ROUND 2!!!!!!!!!!!
Work it!
lol thanks planning on round 2!!!
Gorgeous result!

5 Months Post Op

So far its been 5 months and I am more than happy with my results. Perhaps I am a bit greedy but count me in for a round 2!!! Luckily, now I feel like I'm an old pro now. LOL. I love Dr.Salzhauer! He's amazing! I am lucky enough to have an amazing doctor and a wonderful message therapist, Elena (954-851-2855) posted her number just in case you ladies are interested. So far I've been back in the loop like going back to school, work, taking care of my son. So now I'm going back for a round 2. I think I'll be ok to take off a week instead of 2 weeks.
I know I've been missing. Got caught up with life again lol.
Do You Have To Pay Full Price For Round 2??? Just WonderinG Becuz Om Considering A Round 2 &. Dr Salz Is My Doc As well
Hi Bonnie! That I am not sure of. You should see him for another consult soon. I think they have a promo going on not sure
you look so good. when did you go back to bikram yoga? did you feel the heat help swelling to go faster?

6 Months Post OP

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been 6 months and all is well. Needless to say I have no complaints and my results are stellar!!!!!!!! I love Dr.Salzhauer and if you have read my previous posts (you should) but in case you didn't.... I love DR.SALZHAUER!!! HE'S AMAZING!! My butt looks great! I leave behind a trail of broken necks and dirty looks from women all over Miami lol follow the trail and it'll lead to me (lol ok ill stop!) And a very happy husband :)))) My fat hasn't shrank nor disappeared. And when I gain a little bit of weight it goes directly to the right place. I couldn't be happier. I do get my messages from Elena still.... only because I really like the feeling and I just love seeing her. All my friends from Columbia do tell me they get messages for up to a year. If anyone has PM'd me please accept my apologies my RS notifications are being sent to my spam (Which i have corrected) to please message away.

Love, good thoughts, and happy healing to all! any questions and I'm here!

Hey girl, could you please give me your massage therapist Elena's info? I would appreciate it! You look amazing btw!! :)


Hi everyone!!!!!

Glad to be on RealSelf again! So, if you haven't read my previous posts I would encourage anyone considering getting any type of cosmetic surgery to look into Dr.Salzhauer's. Dr.Salzhauer is genuinely concerned about his patients and molds his patients bodies to perfection. He recently saw one of my girlfriends from New York and she's ecstatic about her results.

Well, so far it's been 8 1/2 months and my BBL results are amazing:)!!!!! I did NOT experience volume loss at all. My stomach, back and obliques are smooth and luckily I do NOT have any lumps most people experience after liposuction. I am beyond pleased to say the least that my results are natural and my new body is BEAUTIFUL! I will be seeing the Doctor to schedule a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. NOW- Don't get me wrong.... my body is beautiful but it's not quite the same after having my son. I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy and nursed my son for 8 months. I am still very self-conscious about my slightly sagging breasts and the stretch marks on my stomach. As much as I love Dr.Salzhauer and his team, I want this round of cosmetic surgery to be my last.... at least for a while. If I could get the tummy tuck, breast aug and just a little bit more fat for a BBL I would be the happiest woman. I guess perfection is nice to dream of so that's why we all strive for it. I'm looking to enroll in grad school after this semester so I know I won't be able to focus on anything else but school (and my baby of course).

I am so blessed to find a great doctor who did an amazing job. I recently had a friend who tried to save some money so she went to another country and almost died from a blood infection. Ladies! Please! Please! Sometimes saving a few dollars is not worth your body or life. Sometimes waiting a little bit longer is better for you and peace of mind. Please don't take this the wrong way or get too paranoid but sometimes things happen. Just be cautious and don't let the hype blind you. We have to be realistic of the risks not paranoid. Acknowledge but do not let your fears blind you of what you deserve.

I am here for anyone with questions or just plain ole' support :)
wow you look great!! sent you a PM
Thanks love! :)
Did you lipo your arms or inner thighs? And/or will you?


Hi everyone,
I thought it would be helpful to show a few pictures of what I showed Dr.Salzhauer before surgery. And needless to say he did a great job! :)

9 months post-op BBL

Hi everyone! Its been a while since by surgery, 9 whole months. But I thought it would be nice to check in and tell you how I am doing. 9 months is heavenly. Surgery seems like a distant memory and cant tell you how happy I really am with Dr.Salzhauer. My fat retention is just a great as the first day. My volume is great hasnt changed and my shape is beautiful. I went back to him for a TT and BA- and my body is OMG, stunning lol. For everyone considering or going through surgery soon, obviously eating a good diet afterward is expected but difficult but also as soon as you get the clearance from your doctor to workout-do it! I've learned that although lipo slims and shapes you and the fat transfer gives you a great butt, that working out gives you the best results. And I wish I had known to bulk up on good fatty foods while gaining weight and doing leg exercises while waiting for surgery. And eat your pineapple before and after surgery to reduce swelling! :)

Good luck and happy healing to everyone!!!

Freshening up my pics

Got the boob's to match ;D NEW PICS

Hi everyone! Happy healing to all of you recovering and good luck to those about to have surgery and those who recently chose a doc. Although my journey with the BBL has came and went, and maybe another might happen next year lol... i . Anyway I am so gracious to Dr.Salzhauer and his staff. Recently went had a breast aug and he did an amazing job. BBL Round 2 is in the making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to all!


You look great....wepaaaa!!! On my way to 10 31 to Dr.Salzhauer...you have been a great support and inspiration. ...
Happy healing ! Looking fierce
Thank you!

10 months post op PIC

My results have been the same since my last post- amazing!!!! Dr.Salzhauer did a wonderful on my tt and ba AND BBL. I haven't experienced any volume loss, in fact, whenever I gain a little weight it does straight to where I want it to go. Love handles are long gone, thank goodness and I couldn't be happier. 5-8 messages are recommended in the beginning but you dont have to go crazy with it. They Doctor is who sculpts you NOT the faja or messages. Messages break up the scar tissue after lipo and garments help but the doctor does the work. I am forever grateful to Dr.Salzhauer and his team.

If anyone has any questions or just in need of support I have no problem helping out just PM me.

Your look awesome.
thank you!!!!!!
I would luv to see more pics of you. I really love how your physique looks. Your seriously amazing doll.

Beautiful Results

Hi Everyone!

It's been some time... I know! I've been healing up and my results are great. I had my last visit with Dr.Salzhauer on October 30th. Everything went great. Seeing the doctor and his beautiful staff is always a pleasure. They always manage to make my day. Yenni and Rosy are the best :)

I still keep my garment on for half the day. If not the entire night than the entire day. Not because I completely believe that in someway the garment is shaping my body but the pressure feels so good against my belly button area. I was recent really sick with a stomach flu last week and all that throwing up hurt my abdominals for days. I've learned that the garment is great for reducing swelling however it is not necessarily what shapes one's body. And with that being said I am so lucky to have a great doctor who has sculpted my body beautifully.

And while I still keep the garment on for a sense of comfort it's not necessary. I found the messages helpful too but it is not necessary to be excessive either. I do acknowledge that it moved around built up liquids the first couple of weeks but now there's no need for it. By the way I finally got the steri strips taken off my nipples on my last visit. The scar is non-existant. LOL it's like I never had a breast aug. The results are so natural and beautiful. I dont know if its just me but I always want to show off the goods now lol. I'm just kidding. However, my breasts are so perfect in everyway. I have no idea how Dr.Salzhauer does it- but he does :)
The tummy tuck is healing great. I was so scared of developing an infection or necrosis but luckily that hasn't happened. That was a very big concern of mine. I was aware of all the risks especially since a tummy tuck is such a huge surgery. When I wear clothes I am pleased to say I no longer have to worry about that extra pouchy apron of loose skin that accumulated at the bottom of my jeans. UGH IT WAS SO UGLY LOL! I really don't know what to say or how to thank Dr.Salzhauer for changing my life other than telling you ladies how wonderful he is.

I am here for anyone who needs an extra push of support. Trust me, I know how bothersome it can be when loved ones say, "you dont need it" or "I think you look great the way you are" I dont think they understand at all. Keep in touch!

Can you post your massaged therapists contact info?? I see Dr Salzlater this month. Thanks!
I sent it to you hope it helps. Congrats On choosing a great surgeon ;)
Girl u look great!!! I want to thank you for telling your experience. I went to visit Dr. Salzhauer and he is so professional and caring and so is his staff. I am just scared but your story has definitely helped.

IM BACK!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

For so many of you who have left comments or PM-d me I am so sorry I've been incredibly busy my life has done a complete 180 (for the better). My results are healing up and I am so excited to say that my body is beautiful and now I can perfect what I have by going to the gym and eating clean. I wouldnt want a sloppy thick body (NOT cute) especially in Miami. For many of you looking for a great doctor I would recommend going to Dr.Salzhauer even if its just for a consultation. I recently referred a few friends to him and they all fell in love with him and his staff. You dont have to follow they hype on RealSelf you have to follow your heart and what you feel is best. Because it doesn't matter matter what Dr.(X) did for a previous patient because no one's results are the same. This goes for any doctor you choose.

For all those dealing with the nay-sayers....Dont listen to em'. You know what you want and chances are you've wanted this for a really long time. I know I've wanted my body transformation since I was 13. YES 13! I knew I would inherit my paternal genes of being bad bodied lol. Love-handles, armpit fat, flat butt, no-boobs :( Not very fun in a city where you've got sexy biking clad women walking around everywhere. During this whole transformation I've realized that no matter how beautiful you look on the outside, the inside has to match or else you've got nothing but a shell. An empty (sexy) shell lol. Even though I'm all done with my surgeries I want you lovely ladies to know how awesome Dr.Salzhauer and his wonderful team are. And regardless of who you see if there's anything I can help with please let me know.

Happy New Year and New You ;)


You're breasts are so natural!! You're one of the reasons I chose Dr Salz!!!
:D thank you! YES- Dr.Salzhauer Is amazing..... Did I mention how amazing he is lol. You will be more than thrilled
Love your results, you look great!

Little Details

Hi Everyone!

I've been getting pm'd about my weight, height and etc. so just as a little refresher I am 5'8" and I weighed 1602 lbs before I got my bbl. I tried to gain as much weight possible but I was also breast feeding so I was losing weight if anything. I strongly suggest everyone to increase your intake of bromelain. I are tons of pineapples and it helped tremendously with swelling. Also I got 450cc's for my implants. They are moderate profile plus. I know I've got a whole book that's stores on this blog but I have to point out details that many of you ladies are asking for ;)
You look great honestly.
Thank you so much ;)
Thank you darling :)!

Working out again....

With everything that Dr.Salzhauer has done for me, now it's time to tighten it up. I can't lie I went overboard during the holidays and now I am paying for it....even though it all went to my ass (literally) it's huge ;) and I love it. Speaking of a bigger butt- I was talking to Dr.Salzhauers nurse and I mentioned I wanted another bbl and she just told me to gain some more weight. And it worked! But now it's time to tone up.

I forgot how painful leg days are lol. My whole bottom half feels like noodles. I am so sore. And I'm trying to work out and diet properly to get rid of my new cellulite...ugh! I've been drinking lots of teas, nothing white-that means milk, wht bread, flour etc. and fruits in the morning and not past 2pm and protein and veggies after that. It's only a matter of time before my body starts to no longer crave carbs and sweets like once before. I'll post some more pics soon. Keep in touch ladies ;)

Silicon STRIPS!

Happy healing to many who just underwent surgery with my favorite surgeon, Dr.Salzhauer :)
I've started a new recovery regimen. Silicon Strips over all incision sites. I almost feel like they are dead give aways that scream-I GOT A BBL! And a BBL is just common in these parts of Miami its expected. I've also started carboxyl therapy so I see how that goes and I'll let you know :) Hope to be there for anyone who needs someone to lend an ear. XOXOXO
Thanks love!
I sent you a PM :) you look great girl!!

Working out only makes Dr.Salzhauers work more beautiful

So I had this idea of repeating my BBL story again. Over time it seems a bit overwhelming to read my entire journey so maybe Ill just point out key points about my experience and how awesome Dr.Salzhauer is :) I had a tummy tuck and I've been using silicone strips from Fajas y Mas. Elena was a great message therapist that helped me relieve some pain and awesome lymphatic techniques and Dr.Salzhauer is the genius who sculpted me. *Words cannot explain how happy I am*
U said first and trust me I won't be the last "AMAZING RESULTS" I love how u look and your PS did a wonderful job 2 thumbs up

Synopsis of surgery!

So everyone is asking for basic info and there is a lot of info on my blog so here is just to address what a lot of people are asking.

*My height is 5'9"
*Weight when I got sx 167lbs
*Current weight 150lbs
*My frame is long and lean, I used to model
*Message therapist is amazing and her name is Helen (954) 851-2855
*I live in Miami
*You just need to know Dr.Salzhauer. IS. AMAZING.

*i nursed my then 6 month old son a week after surgery
*I had a Tummy Tuck, BBL & Breast Aug 450cc's btw
*BBL I GOT 200 ccs in each hip and 800 each cheek.

Helpful tip each pineapple to reduce swelling, silicone strips helps with scars and wear an awesome garment it will help shape you in the beginning stages of your post sx.

I am here for support! Xo
Ohhhhh!! I love the break down! Great idea. :) When did you start the massages? I'm really torn on that subject. I guess Salz doesn't want you to do anything for 2 weeks (or 4.. now I can't remember I have the email from Ari that says either 2 or 4 weeks... Gotta double check that). I know a lot of other doc's recommend them right away. It makes a lot of sense to me why you would want to start them right away. Of course I'm gonna do what my doc suggests but I'm really confused about it. The other questions is: did you just use the garments you get from doc or did you get another one for the first week? After the first week what garments did you use? Thanks babe!
Me too I had a consultation with him. Saving and hoping they will fit me in when I get funds!!!!! Your results are amazing girl. Looks so natural!!!
This is who i really want to go too but i dont have the money yet... :(


Just to add to the last post I had 9 post op messages
Im sweating over here lol u look hottt girl... he did an excellent job:)
Thank you :)
Hey lady, you look great!. I have a surgery date with Dr Salzhauer May 20th. I am so scared and nervous. I have been reading stories of how some woman feel that there butt went flat. I am so glad to read your story. I have also took down the number to the massage therapist Elena. Thanks again. so much. Do you remember how many cc's you put in?

5 months post op!!

Hello Everyone!
I am at approaching my 6 month post op mark :) I have to say everything is perfect. Dr.Salzhauer is remarkable. His work speaks for itself. I love my body and the way it looks. I have a very good friend awaiting the same procedure within the next month or so. As I know it is a very exciting and nerve wrecking time. It is so exciting to start shopping for garments, taking care of the necessities before your transformation takes place. I never forget how I used to look. EVER. I am so appreciative of what he and his team has done for me. It's pretty incredible. I have a wonderful hourglass shape. I am so open when women ask me if I've done anything and I will often tell them who my doctor is. Let's face it- I live in South Florida and chances are 1 out of 2 women have gotten some form of cosmetic surgery. lol thats not actual fact obviously but many people do get some type of "work done". I am trying to keep up with my new body and work out accordingly. Trust me when you gain weight it goes to all the right places BUT you have to be careful :) I'd rather look tight and firm than sloppy with a big ole' butt. I no longer use the garments, I do not need to. The doctor is who shaped my body not the garment, although it did help with swelling. Messages were helpful for the first couple of weeks. I am incredibly grateful for Dr.Salzhauer. Anyone coming to Miami looking for a great surgeon- LOOK NO FURTHER. I would definitely say do not fall into the hype of which surgeon is popular because everyone is different and no one is the same. In other words, don't expect the same results as someone who went to the same doc. I would encourage everyone to explore your options and just because it's a deal doesn't mean that should be the deciding factor. I wish happy healing to all!

Beautiful Results
Awsome tt results!


Hi ladies!

I havent posted in a while but here's a great pic of Dr.Salzhauers work. I know there probably arent a lot of pics of girls who post. But what some of you might not know is that Dr.S has worked on some of the very bodies you idolize e.g. Claudia Sampredro, Stephanie Santiago.... but if you ask them they'll claim it all "natural" lol. A lot of people do not know that. He is incredibly talented and I always get praise for his work, my body. All of my family and friends know that Dr.Salzhauer performed a TummyTuck, Breast Aug and Brazilian Butt lift. He did an amazing job and there's no other doctor I would recommend. I know I have not been very present on realself but please forward any of your questions to me about Dr.Salzhauer. I am beyond ecstatic and short of words when I say how awesome he is :)
Hey babe are you going back to do round 2? Did Salzhauer do your bbl?
Awesome results!!!!! How many ccs did you get the 1st time & 2nd (bbl)?
You look amazing. I love your results.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salzhauer is an amazing doctor who is extremely talented, warm and kind. Definitely not the kind of doctor who is cold, short with his patients or overly-confident. Kindly takes time to explain everything to you. I would recommend him to anyone! Ladies he's the best in Miami :) I love my results

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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