BBL- Bal Harbour, FL...

I'm 5'6" and weighed between 128-132...

I'm 5'6" and weighed between 128-132 when I went to my consultation. Worked out everyday except Sat & Sun. Three kids and weight gain years ago took it's toll on my body. I have a very flat butt. I am having my pre-op March 14th. So excited already that I am only getting about 4-5 hours sleep a night.

I am having lipo to my inner thighs, outer thighs, back, & flanks. Not much fat in my abs but will add that if he can't get 850cc from the areas he is already taking fat from I purposely gained 20lbs for the surgery. I will have them tell me if I need to gain more when I go to my pre-op appointment.

I will be posting before pics in the next week or two. I am really suffering from anxiety, nervousness, and excitement all rolled up in one. Just really want it to turn out the way I envision it. I don't have the funds to re-do. Thus is my once in a lifetime shot to have it done right the first time.

I could have sworn I selected "worth it" when I initially set up my review. I guess not but I want it to be known that was my intention. I feel the cost quote and service I received during my consultation was well worth it.
Thanks. I am so excited! I will definitely keep everyone up to date during the journey. This website has been so helpful to me, I definitely want to help others.
let me know how it goes

Well, I tried numerous times to attach some before...

Well, I tried numerous times to attach some before pics on here but can't. I go to the "update profile" page which is the page I'm typing on now. I see a button that is labeled "add another image" which I have clicked on over and over again but nothing happens. It's kind of strange. I have no problem using any other website or application on my computer, just this one. I emailed the REALSELF customer service who told me to hold down "shift" and click the refresh button which I did...but still no luck.Has anyone had this same problem when trying to attach a photo? If so, what did you do to resolve it?

Iweighed that before gaining weight. Most of it was lean muscle because I worked out 4 days a week. I just couldn't produce a butt no matter how much butt exercises I did. It was so stressful! I'm gonna get 850 cc to kinda overcompensate. I'm afraid if I go too small and start working out again and burn fat, I will end up losing the fat he injects. That's why I am going bigger and will work off any "extra" if necessary. I can always work out to remove extra fat but can't afford to pay again if there isn't enough. It was hard to gain the wait. I had to stop working out completely and eat bad for a month without letting up. If I decided to eat healthy one or two days, I would lose weight. It's been hard but will be well worth it! :)
i will, gatorgirl!! just curious, you said you weigh between 128-132.. is that current, or is that before you gained the 20 pounds.... I've been trying to gain, but i just have no appetite, and am too nervous.. I weigh 147 at a height of 5 foot 7... hope i have enough fat :(
Hey Vicki drink 3 ensure or nutriments a day and you will put on weight with no problem. I have been doing that for the past 3 weeks and i already gained 8 pounds. Unfortunately my bbl surgery is not until may 22, so i have to put down the ensure and nutriment cans until april. lol.

Excited! I live in a little town in Florida called...

Excited! I live in a little town in Florida called Lake City which is about six hours away from Miami. In two more days I will be driving to Miami for my pre-op appointment. I will be sure to list all the info I receive and items needed for the surgery in case it will help the next person. My husband wasn't able to a week off from his job for the surgery and we have three young children; two school age so my mom will be with me for my post op care after the surgery later this month. We will take my SUV so I will can on my stomach in the back during the six hour drive home (fun). My before pics are after I gained the weight for surgery. I would have posted a pic of me before but I don't have many pics that don't include my children. The ones that do are mainly head to waist shots so they wouldn't help any. Hopefully at my pre-op appt the doctor will tell me he can get 850cc from me and give me a butt. :)
After my kids my body went crazy. I dont know what the heck happened. But I dont think I had much of a butt to start with... lol. So I am hoping I get a better proportion out of this surgery. I think I am going to need like 1000ccs just to get a subtle difference.
You are too kind. I just want the butt back that I had before gaining the weight from having my three kids 18 months apart. Seems like everything gravitated after that. LOL I worked out five days a week doing every booty exercise known to man but it just made it even smaller. Can't wait for my surgery to make it all better
You are going to look awesome after your surgery. You have a cute shape now. Good luck with it. I go on March 29th... =)

6:30a...getting up and getting ready to drive six...

6:30a...getting up and getting ready to drive six hours from Lake City Florida to Miami Florida. My pre-op is tomorrow morning at 8am sharp! I will update my page with pre-op info and requirements they specify during the appointment. It's starting to really really sink in now...this is for real!!! Yaaaaaay!!! Can't wait to wake up with "normal" body proportions lost in child bearing. LOL ;)
FLGatorgirl i had mine done yesterday with him and i must say im very happy with my butt and shape im very swollen right now n im shrinking from my waist you can tell a diffrence im so glad i chose him. He gave me a big bubble butt:) and perky too. Girl your going to look good and your in good hands. Good luck cant wait for your results your going to love them!!!!!

Pre-op went well. The staff is so helpful and...

Pre-op went well. The staff is so helpful and understanding. They answered every question I had and were very detailed and thorough. I'm super excited now!!!
So close Vicki! Freaking exciting!!!
Glad your pre-op went well! My visit with him was good too.. I'm so excited.. in less than 4 hours I willbe in the surgery!!!! So scared but excited... Good luck to you. I enjoy keeping each other updated, especially since we chose the same doc!

During my pre-op, I was prescribed 8 medications...

During my pre-op, I was prescribed 8 medications to take; some before, some after, and some both. My instructions are as follows:

Two weeks prior to surgery:
No medications containing aspirin.
No ibuprofen
Discontinue all herbal medications
No diet pills
No megadoses of vitamin E( a multivitamin that contains vitamin E is ok)
No smoking (I don't anyway)
Can take Tylenol
Start taking a multivitamin & continue taking through recovery

One week prior to surgery:
Don't drink any alcohol (and one week after surgery)
If your skin tolerates, use a germ-inhibiting soap for bathing such as Dial, Safeguard, or Lever 2000 for at least one week before surgery
Report any signs of a cold, infection,boils,or postulates appearing before surgery
Don't take cough or cold medicine without your plastic surgeon's permission
Arrange for a responsible adult to drive you to and from facility on the day of surgery
Arrange for a responsible adult to spend the first 24hrs with you since you cannot be left alone!

Night before surgery:
Don't eat or drink anything (not even water) after midnight before the surgery
No gum, mint, candy, or coffee the morning of surgery (do not sneak anything as this may endanger you)
If you are on regular medications, clear these with your plastic surgeon
Take a thorough shower with germ inhibiting soap the night before & morning of surgery.
Shampoo the morning of surgery as this will decrease bacteria on the skin and thereby decrease the risk of infection.
Don't apply creams,lotions, hair gels, sprays, perfumes, powder, or deodorant to you body or hair the morning of surgery because using these products will add bacteria to the skin and increase the risk of infection
You may brush your teeth the morning of surgery but don't drink anything.
Don't wear contacts to surgery. If you wear glades, bring them with you in a case
Do wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that don't have to be put over your head; a button down shirt & pull on pants are the best things to wear home.
You will want to wear easy-to-slip on flat shoes
Don't bring valuables or wear jewelry (wedding rings will be taped if worn)
You must have an adult drive you to and from surgery. Cab driver or bus driver will not be allowed to take you home after surgery. On arrival, the staff will need to know the driver's name and phone number and how to be able to reach them.
If you are not recovering at home, the staff needs to have a number where you can be reached.

Oh, forgot to mention that they told me to start taking Arcina a week before surgery and during recovery(supplement that helps with bruising,soreness,& swelling which you purchase at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe

Pre-op List:
Germ-inhibiting soap(mentioned above)
Straws( straws help you drink more fluids after surgery)
Boppy pillow (average price $25-$27)
Gentle foods such as Gatorade, pineapple juice, toast, plain crackers, water-based soups, pudding, jello, & applesauce.
**avoid salt as it caused swelling
**avoid dairy products as this is to avoid nausea
Wear loose fitting clothing with opening to the front

I took it upon myself to get a funnel and personal wipes for potty time. It was recommended by quite a few people who have posted on this site that had BBL done. I am getting super anxious now. ;)

Night before surgery. Got everything laid out and...

Night before surgery. Got everything laid out and ready to go. I'm nervous but more than that, I'm feeling a bit sorry for my mom who is taking care of me after surgery. With all that is involved I feel for anyone having to deal with the post-operative care. God bless those who have/are taking care of us who are getting this done. Well, I better take my precribed Xanax as instructed to calm my nerves and rest. Hopefully I will get the results I want so dearly and can say it was worth it. I have A LOT riding on this!
I wish you well tomorrow and that it turns out fantastic!!
Thank you smartgorl and aris. I'm hopeful and plan to represent. I'm mentioning this website to Dr Salzhauer and how well known, frequently viewed, and important it is to both the patients and doctors. It's important for him and other doctors to know thousands are reading
"real" reviews about them and seeing "real" results by "real" people. Pray for me and the work of his hands. Thank you all so much. I'm grateful for you!!!!
Wishing you the best in surgery and recovery!

Well, BBL done yesterday. We headed back to the...

Well, BBL done yesterday. We headed back to the hotel around 11:30am. So far so good. I needed extra fat so Dr Salzhauer not only lipo'd my inside thigh, outside thigh, flanks, & back but he added my lower abs and upper arms. The nurse just left the hotel about an hour ago and I took my first shower. I am sore and bruise but feel good all things considered. I can tell a difference in my butt a bit but the lipo'd areas are really swollen so I won't know how much of a difference for a few weeks. I'm pleased so far. I've been up walking around my hotel room for almost an hour without dizziness. I noticed if I don't eat well, I get weak. I won't have access to a computer until I get home next week so I won't be able to post pics until then. Thank you all so much for the prayers, positive thoughts, and best wishes! I appreciate it so much!! ;)
Happy to hear everything come out fine, cant wait to see your results!

Glad everything worked out well so far. Bonus for the arms and abs, yay! Rest up and let us know how things go.


Second day post-op. Rough night last night because...

Second day post-op. Rough night last night because of sleeping in the same position and the swelling. The swelling has been the hardest part for me. I am writing this from my IPhone so I can't add pics but I took some this morning to add from my computer when I get home next week. I took another shower this morning so I got to see the butt. I like it! It is so weird to look at myself and actually see a butt magic LOL!!! It was definitely worth it and I would do it all over again. Oh, BTW, whoever it was on this website that suggested getting a funnel for urinating is my hero. I back up over the toilet in a standing position, put the funnel slightly in the garment opening and do my thing. Keeps me from having to squat or sit and keeps the garment clean.
Smartgirl, I'm so excited for u
Glad you are happy with your results! I'm sure your body is gonna be fabulous. Can't wait to see pics... keep taking good care of yourself.
Thank you for all the positive thoughts and encouragement. I appreciate it. I'm feeling better thankful for this surgery. It makes me feel so much better about myself and just the thought of nice clothes fitting me better and looking proportioned properly is going to be a huge blessing! You are all a great bunch of women and have been a priceless support group for me. Thank you soooooo much! :)

Well, 3rd day post-op. I seem to be more swollen....

Well, 3rd day post-op. I seem to be more swollen. I can't sleep on my stomach anymore because my face swells so bad and I get a serious headache. I'll have to sleep on my sides which is a bit more comfortable but hurts my upper arms he lipo'd. The pain pills really really constipated you so if I could do it over again, I would have taken a laxative as soon as I got to the hotel after surgery cuz they take around 24 hrs to work. I waited and had to strain which really hurt my whole body.

I was concerned about swelling on left side of my...

I was concerned about swelling on left side of my lower an so I called Dr Salzhauer's office. They so awesome! They saw me right away, checked me completely and explained the swelling was normal. They didn't act like I was an inconvenience but treated me graciously. They never make me feel like any question or concern is too little or stupid. I'm thankful to have gone to him.
Hey Vicki!!! :) thanks for checking on me. I'm still in Miami until Monday after I go to my one week check up appt that morning. I'm hanging in there. Walked outside three times today. My flanks were aggressively lipo'd because that was the main area I gained weight in so my sides are sore. I only have my phone with me so it will be Monday or Tuesday before I post pics. I think I'll like the end result. It's still too soon to tell cuz of the swelling. You look like you are healing well. I'm so thankful for that. I deserve the best!!!!
just checking in! Hope your healing is coming along nicely and that you're pleased with your results so far. Can't wait to see some pics when you are able to post them....
How are you feeling? I'm going on postop day two =)

Sorry it took me so long to add pics. Was...

Sorry it took me so long to add pics. Was exhausted when we got home from Miami Monday and yesterday was getting the house back in order after being gone 10 days. My butt isn't as big as I would have liked but he was only able to get 500ccs...something is better than nothing! ;)
You look great!
I'm still really swollen and so tender to the touch where he lipo'd (mushy feeling) so I'm excited to see what I look like in another 4 weeks after the majority of swelling goes down. I think he did pretty good given the fact that he was working with no butt and no fat...LOL! :)
i think is very cute for you body,,,,amazing!!!!

I just can't help but post how unbelievably...

I just can't help but post how unbelievably thankful I am to have had this surgery. Although it requires patience, it is more than worth it. Also, Dr Salzhauer's medical assistant, Yeni is the most knowledgable, professional, caring, understanding person I have met in the medical field...and I know a lot. Her job (any med field jobs) aren't easy because you are dealing with patients that are nervous, scared, in pain, etc. She has called me everyday since surgery to check on me. I hope Dr Salzhauer realizes what an asset he has in her and keeps her and continues to compensates her hard work.

Got my new garment in the mail today. I have been...

Got my new garment in the mail today. I have been wearing the one I got the day after surgery and some of my swelling has gone down leaving it a little loose. I feel so much better in this new snug one. I am scheduling my first set of lymphatic massages for next week. I need it because parts of the areas that were lipo'd are lumpy. I stopped taking my pain med day three after surgery but I might take one right before the massage because I am TENDER!
Can I ask what is the material if that triangle and the purpose ? I've been on the site for a bit Nd this us new ti me sorry for the question ....... Lana
U look good! U can definetly tell a difference! My dr is also going to make me wear the triangle. My surgery is on monday... I'm super excited! Anyways, I wish u a speedy recovery!
Great advice! Thank you! Another consultation with another doctor wouldn't hurt. Thanks again. :-)

Wow...just had my first lymphatic massage by a...

Wow...just had my first lymphatic massage by a massage therapist who specializes in it. Was a bit painful in my flanks area but I feel sooooooo much better after. She worked out all the lumps. I'm going to go to her twice a week for the next three weeks to help me heal quicker and get rid of and keep lumps from forming. It was looking like cellulite...yuck!!!! I am buying Arnica pills and cream at both my doctor and her. I also need to step up my water consumption. I've been a serious slacker!!
Where did you get your triangle?
How long did you keep the triangle on your lower back (to create the scoop)?
Hi gatorgirl! you look great! it’s amazing to see how just a little bit in the right places makes a big difference. i have heard many people say that anything less than ‘x’ per cheek isn’t worth it, however from my experience and from seeing others results, it looks like even 250-300 per cheek can do alot depending on the woman’s frame. For example your result. also for me I had 275 per cheek…it added quite a bit of volume since i didn’t have a totally flat butt to start with.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salzhauer and his staff are amazing, understanding, & caring.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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