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Hello all. I am a 35 year old mother of three. I...

Hello all. I am a 35 year old mother of three. I am 5'2" and about 120-123 pounds, depending on the day. I was 105 pounds before children and the multiple pregnancies destroyed my stomach and figure. I now have a small pooch and hanging skin on the lower abdomen and stretch marks from belly button down. Also have puckering around the belly button. When I look in the mirror, I feel like I'm living in a 60+ year old woman's body.

My baby is now 12 years old and I have wanted to get rid of this baggage for at least 11 years. Although I exercise regularly, I cannot get rid of the excess fat and skin. I finally decided that I am going to take charge and get my body back! It is time to get rid of grandma pudge!

I have consulted with one doctor (actually didn't get to speak with the doctor but spoke with the surgeon's nurse) so far. The nurse told me I was the perfect candidate for a TT . He also recommended that I get a Brazilian Butt Lift since I wanted so many areas of my body liposuctioned. I was told I needed to gain weight in order for the doctor to get the necessary amount of fat for transfer. I did not feel comfortable with the price ($13,500) for both TT and BBL and did not feel comfortable about not getting to meet the doctor.

I have scheduled another consultation with a different doctor, Dr. Darshan Shah, out of Bakersfield, CA. The ballpark figures I was given by the reception over the phone for both procedures were about half. Just wondering if anyone has used Dr. Shah in the past. And if so, for what procedures? And were you happy with the results?

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Did you end up using this doctor? I'm curious about your results and the final cost?
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I used Dr Shah and let me tell you it is the best experience you can have He wil take care of you and make sure you are happy. good luck! be very suspicious if you cannot meet the doctor ?!!??!
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What doctor did u go to ? Did u get it done if so how did it come out? What did u end up getting ?
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I would for sure go to Dr Shah, he is truly the best plastic surgeon in Bakersfield. I have many friends who have gone elsewhere (like drive to LA) and regretted not going to Dr Shah. I know about 20 people Dr Shah saw and they are so happy, like I am. The other doctor mentioned by the Jessica girl is not even a plastic surgeon.. he is a OBGYN! Do not ever have a procedure like this done by an OBGYN... Dr Heliwell is terrible and has messed up a lot of people in town and there is a class action lawsuit against him. he doesn't do muscle repair because he doesn't know how to. It is so cheap because he is not a real plastic surgeon. Why would an OBGYN do a plastic surgery without going to school for it I don't know.. he needs to stick to delivering babies~!
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Mine was Dr. Helliwell at Advanced Women's Healthcare. So far I'm very happy with my tummy and the fact that it wasn't super expensive! It was an "awake" procedure so keep that in mind if you're looking into using his services, I've never had a c-section but the procedure was similar to that, numb all over, c-section drape, you're awake but kinda loopy on pain meds. They do the tummy tuck and lipo but NOT the muscle repair so if you need that, you'll have to go somewhere else. The cost for my TT and lipo was $4600 !! They raised prices a bit but I'm not sure what the cost is now. 661-410-LIPO is their office number.
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that is not even a real tummy tuck. . i do not think it is a good idea to go to a OBGYN to do a tummy tuck!! youre crazy for doing that! saving money is not worth risking your life
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Welcome to RealSelf!

Keep doing your research and you will find the right doctor for you.  This is the most important step in the process,   And when you do meet the right doctor you will know it:)

Keep posting and let us know how everything is going.

Isn't't it amazing what the darling little babies do to our tummies!   

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