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I'm 37 years old, 153 pounds, 5'7 height, 32DDD or...

I'm 37 years old, 153 pounds, 5'7 height, 32DDD or 34DD (but very flat and deflated, hourglass type figure. At 18 years old I gave birth to my first child, then had 2 more all 1 1/2 apart approximately, all three breastfeed. As a teen I was never slender always curvy, thus given the nick name "soft and fluffy", but after 3 children, and being one those that I didn't really bounce back to my normal weight quickly, my curves got curvier :-( After my 3rd I never really lost my pregnancy weight, and then slowly gained more. 12 years ago @ 260 lbs, I had gastric bypass surgery, lost 100lbs, gained 10 lb, and seemed settled... But then became self employed, sat, worked, sat, snacked, and slowly gained 40lbs, topping out at 210! This past March 2012, I woke up to reality after seeing an awful picture of me, and realized I needed to make a major change! So diet, exercise, complete permanent change of lifestyle! I feel good, I have energy, I feel stronger, and..... I have a TON OF FLABBY STUFF!!! I had my consultation for a MM 11/07/12, and I'm going in on 12/18/12.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Congrats on getting healthy and losing the weight. I'm looking forward to following along on your journey.


Today is the day, the before pictures they took...

Today is the day, the before pictures they took are awful, seeing those makes me more confident this is a good decision for me.... Oddly I'm more concerned about the destruction of my house (husband and kids), then I am about having surgery!! Maybe it's my way of distracting myself :-)

I've avoiding reading people's experiences the last 2 weeks to hopefully minimize my obsessing!

I will try to remember to post about my recovery though....

I completely concur with many others that the...

I completely concur with many others that the first 3 days are the worse!

I'm on day 5 of post surgery, and I'm feeling restless!
Day 1: I made it upstairs to my room.... Lots of oozing on my right side, I guess from the lipo... My hubby gave me my meds. Enough said on that day!

Day 2: slept a lot. Randomly closing my eyes and then poof! I'm asleep! I'm so glad I have my recliner with electric controls, it stays stopped in whatever position I pick :-)
I totally recommend building muscle by doing squats, I attribute my ability to get up and down from the toilet to that!

Day 3: very similar to my previous day. i took a shower that evening with hubby's help, technically I was allowed to take a shower after 36 hours, but I didn't really need one, and I was supper nervous to see the incisions. Good news they don't look as scary as I expected (tonight I will shower again and take a picture).

Day 4: I stayed awake nearly all day yesterday, walked to the mailbox 2 times, baked cookies (house full of happy kids), and up & down the stairs a several times. By the end of this day I am able to get out of the recliner without help, uncomfortable but totally able.

Day 5 (today): I woke up at 2:15 am :-( Being that I was wide awake, I went down stairs... Washed a few dishes, decided to put a slow cooker meal together for this evening, baked some cupcakes, at 5:45 am woke up my husband and ventured off to the bagel shop (being early there will be an excellent selection). Kids were totally happy to have fresh bagels for breakfast:) Then I went upstairs to my room, locked the door and napped for a couple of hours.

So that's my recap of post op days... Now I have a question (maybe someone will read this and have similar experience... I hope!!!)

I have GAINED 10 pounds! Seriously!?!? WTF? Could be swelling? If it was would an excessive amount of fluid come out of my drain? My daily drain amount has been averaging 50 cc the last couple of days. I know I shouldn't of even gotten on the scale, but now I've become obsessed with this! I'm not going to look much better if I gained 10 pounds:-(
Thanks for sharing your story:) i am 3 days post op and feeling horrible... Looking forward to being more mobile. Good luck with your recovery, sounds like everything is going great so far.
I hope you are doing better. I noticed that during the day I don't feel like I'm doing better from the previous day, it isn't until the next day that I realize it. Because I can look back and think to myself of what I am able to do now verses 2 days ago. Drink lots of water! And rest!

I've posted last nights picture, I think I was too...

I've posted last nights picture, I think I was too active yesterday. Probably should have skipped going to SAMs club. I underestimated the amount of walking that would take. Standing and walking around the kitchen had me thinking I was more ready then what was actually true. I will be taking it VERY easy today.
Also my fluid output into my drain doubled, is that because of over doing it? Or just the process of healing?
OMG, glad you're doing well, but you did what...baking, washing dishes, shopping WHAT! I'm sure your doctor would not approve...please, please, please, don't over do it, give your body a chance to heal.
You are right. Standing seemed to be no problem, so being in the kitchen didn't seem like a big deal. If I needed to reach for something or pick some thing up that's was more then a couple pounds I had one of the kids do it. But I admit I over did it, last night my back was incredibly achy, took a couple good pain meds after my shower. And today I'm determined to go back to first base and do nothing!!!

At my 3 week PO appt, (Jan 8) I had my drain...

At my 3 week PO appt, (Jan 8) I had my drain removed (didn't feel anything:), its nice not having it, experimented wearing real pants. The ones that were always slightly bigger fit fine over my compression garment :)
Today I wore a pair of my skinny jeans, and they fit fine w/o the CG. I bought a slimming type one for my torso that does really nicely on keeping firm pressure from below my TT incision to the under bust area, getting it on is a pain, but once on it seems to be good.
The spanks does not work well for me:-( once a successfully get the spanks over my ass, the waist area does not give me much support at all, and to top it off potty time is a real pain! I am pretty sure it's due to my extra hourglass type figure.
I wonder how important compression to my hips (the lipo area) is?? I figured maybe I can go back and forth maybe, so sometimes I can wear regular clothing.

And today was the first day I wore a regular bra :-)

I forgot to mention that I'm back down to my pre...

I forgot to mention that I'm back down to my pre surgery weight, also at my post op appt I was told I still have quite a bit of swelling, and the 3 month time is a good indication of seeing what is to come. So interpret that to mean it will get better then what I see today:)
I can be patient...
You're looking great. Love your tiny waist. I had mine the day after you. I feel fine, everything has healed well, the only issue is the swelling too. Its finally started to improve a little this week but from the side I look 3mths preggers. So wishing us patience :)
Thank you for our compliments :) I'm not feeling like i have much of a waist... I was labeling myself in the 4-5 month pergo look! I'm trying out the golds gym exersice binder some gals were blogging about. I bought the $5 & $10 (Walmart). I do like that it doesn't roll or shift, and does seem to help. I also have been taking it very easy the last 2 day (after3 1/2 days at Disneyland), so my decrease in swelling may be coincidental. Time will tell.
Hi hun! Hope you are feeling fabulous!! I am counting down the days! We were the same way at our consult. Not a lot of questions, just felt instantly comfortable! Happy thoughts to you!!

I am 5 weeks PO. Swelling is down a bit, I took...

I am 5 weeks PO. Swelling is down a bit, I took pics.
Thank you for the compliments, they definitely put a smile on my face!
I survived our Disneyland trip! Actually I felt pretty decent, just swelling,but not too uncomfy, so I was ok. I did take it very easy.

But seriously, after eating good, no junk, in an attempted to minimize any excuse for swelling, I gained a couple of pounds.... Really??? Maybe I'm just "off"!
I seem to have difficulty getting comfortable to be able to fall asleep, after tossing and turning for a coupe hours I take a pain pill (ultraset), then zonk out in minutes. I'm not really happy with what seems to help, I need to sleep, but I'm not a "pill" popper type in any way. Maybe it's because my normal busy life is whacked out... I'm going to start mild exercise tomorrow and see how that feels.

I'm trying out the Gold Gym exercise binding a couple of gals felt it worked awesome, I bought the $5 & the $10 one. I like that it kind of sticks to me, it doesn't shift or roll up. My swelling appears better, but that also may be because I have been taking it very easy the last two days.
My incision seems very lopsided, but that may be the swelling.... I've seen pics of gals where the scar seemed lopsided, but over several months seemed to even out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the same will happen for me.
My breasts are still lumpy, haven't finished dropping, more time...

On a separate note, I am very happy with the PS offices willingness to talk to me, and see me, even over minor concerns, and not make me feel like an idiot. For some reason my surgeon is unavailable for what appears to be 5-6 weeks, maybe vacationing??? So when I went in yesterday to verify my concern was with in the normal healing process (swelling on my right side, as well as in the same spot I have a little spot on my incision that hasn't healed completely), my RN nurse looked and felt it was normal, but to be safe had the other surgeon double check.
Love how your waist and shape looks. I'm afraid I'm still going to look like a box after the swelling goes down. My incision is gross too but I'm 7 DPO so like you I will have to be patient.
You are only a week out, I'm very confident your incision will be great! At least as good as it can be :) I have seen pictures on this site that have totally impressed me with the way PS have been able to successfully shape people's waist dramatically, you won't be a box in the end!

I swear when I upload these pictures they are...

I swear when I upload these pictures they are facing in the correct direction, It seems once they get on the site, they get turned around. I'll try to fix it :(
What did you wear for tops during recovery? I have no idea what to buy and have mo button down shirts!
For the first week I figured I wasn't going to go anywhere, so I bought 2 sets of pjs and a robe from Soma. I liked the material, it's soft and stretchy, and you don't sweat in it. I wore it on surgery day also (and uggs, it was cold out). I picked dark colors in case drainage colored the material. After about a week I didn't have a problem wearing loose pullover shirts (maybe with a little help), but I definitely wore loose sweats and stretchy comfortable lounge type clothing for a solid 2-3 weeks. I didn't really plan on this type of clothing attire (didn't own any), so sent hubby out to buy me some, used it as a bday present excuse, my bday happened to be a week after surgery. After that I started alternating some days with my " looser jeans". I would say after the first month and half I pretty much wear anything in my normal wardrobe. I hope this helps :-)
Thank you so much for the response!! I live in comfy clothes like yoga pants so I should be all set!! Thanks!!

It's been a while since I posted anything.... I...

It's been a while since I posted anything.... I kept hoping to have awesome wonderful things to say!

But alas, life is pretty much as it is...
The good:
I'm feeling very well, I don't have pain anymore, some tightness here and there, but not a big deal. I get swollen and bloated at times, but nothing excessive.
The bad:
I decided that this extra 5 lbs I've been battling is going to the lose the battle! I got myself on track, eat good and clean, portion control, and start up exercise!
WTF!!! My new found determination starting mid week last week, has found an extra 5 pounds! And ridiculous bloating (as seen in my new pictures). What is wrong with me??? I'm actually feeling quite a bit down about it. It's not very motivating. I'm telling myself to give it a solid month of doing everything right, results will happen....

I have a follow up appt tomorrow with my PS, I'm truly embarrassed in regards to this. I would reschedule for a week or two, in hopes that whatever is going on is in better control, but I already confirmed that I would be there. As well as I want to express my concern of my scar line, and where I have consistently have " pudge" that has never diminished. My areoles seems a bit mis shaped, maybe there will be more improvement in time. And my right breast hasn't dropped.

It will be better. I lost 60 pounds last year. I can lose 10. I know I can. I just have to put my head back in the right place.
Hi hun!! First of all you look amazing!! Looking at your before pic to your most recent pic you look amazing!! But I know you are the one living in your skin!! You still look wonderful to me! Good luck at your appointment tomorrow, I have my pre-op on Wednesday!!! Thinking of you and let me know if I can help with any support!!
Thank you! It will get better. Changes for good or bad don't happen over night... I remind myself! If you need some thoughts or just someone to bounce your feelings around with, don't hesitate, we are probably close by:-) private message me, we can maybe get together if you would like, maybe lunch or something.
First of all, you look great!! Second, don't get down about 5-10 pounds! Go by how clothes fit and how you feel. Just keep exercising And eating good for health and everything will all fall into place. You look great!!!!

So I had my obgyn appointment this morning.......

So I had my obgyn appointment this morning.... Yeah fun stuff in my life happening...
The obgyn said that she has seen a lot, she thinks my PS did very good work, my muscle are nice and tight, did a very nice job on lift and my incisions are healing really nice. She asked me who and where, she's been thinking about doing a TT. Nice confirmation of making a tough decision. Especially since she sees a bunch of women with "work" done.
Hi hun feeling a little yucky today wish I was getting around better!! Day 10 but hate that I still feel blah!!!!!
Yes there is definitely up and down days:-( I think most of my worse days were caused by when I ate junkie or when I thought I was doing better then I really was and over doing my activity, when I over do activity I feel it that evening and through the next day. And that is still true... Yesterday I was on my feet for aprox 6 hours baking brownies for an event, I was all puffy and uncomfortable come evening time! But it is not as bad as even a month ago. So it does get better :)
That is such an awesome compliment!! Thank you for confirming I made a good choice too!!!!!!
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I wanted to stay local, Internet searched, read reviews, lots of reviews. After my consultation with Dr. Knoetgen, my husband and I felt comfortable that he and his team knew what they were doing with plenty of experience, that I would be given the care and treatment with very capable hands:) I like that they have their own surgery center, with that the support (not just the surgeon), has ample experience in understanding my needs.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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