Cant Wait to Finally Have FULL PERKY BOOBIES!! - Bakersfield, CA

2 days before surgery getting excited no nerves...

2 days before surgery getting excited no nerves yet! I'm a 36D now but they have NEVER been perky. Went from trainer bra to 34C over a summer! I'm having a lift and mod saline implants between 250-300cc. Looking for upper fullness and PERKY! I'll post pics. Great site, its hard to find information on a lift with implants for those of us that already have larger breast.


How did the surgery go? Hope your recovery is going well. Looking forward to your update as soon as you are feeling well enough to post. Feel free to share any pics too. Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf!

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1 day post-op

YAY for me, I have Perky boobies!! after 47 years. Surgery went really great. I'm not having really much pain, more discomfort from the drains! After I went into recovery the nurse told my Hubby he had about an hour so he went to cafeteria to get a soda and in mean time Dr. went to see him, needless to say the nurse gave him the message "all went good" Oh well, guess we would ask at post-op appointment why I had drains when I thought he said I wasn't going to have them and what the actual size ended up with. hmm 300cc or what? Since they are hiding under the gauze we had no idea. So as Dr. removes the bandages they are looking pretty good I'm thinking they are probably the 300cc. We ask Dr. ok so what's the final amount he decided on. to his response Surprise, Surprise, Surprise the left has 520cc and the right has 500cc. I was surprised they are the size I was hoping for!! I'm sooo glad he listened to what I wanted my final outcome to be and how I wanted to look. So far, I now its only day 1 and they are swollen, but I am happy with the way I look, here is a few pics I'll post more with gauze off later.

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Perky side

couldn't get all pics to go with one post


Hope you are feeling well and are happy so far with the results. I go in on the 8th and am still trying to figure out my cc size!
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what are your stats? I am also getting a lift and thinking about 450 saline. wondering if we are comparable in size...
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I did forget to post those didn't I, opps sorry, i am told have a large bone structure since I'm only 5'4" and weigh 174lbs , as I wear a size 10 pants. I have hips with smaller waist and now PERKY big boobies. Size was 36D but some bras would sometimes give me what I would call my 3rd boob, they would bubble out in the middle as I had excess skin. My dr is Dr. Mitts and I think he's great. I have another appointment tomorrow to have tubes removed once those are out I'll post more pics.

day 2 post-op

Still sore and really swollen! Dr took drains out today, yay!!! Thise are so uncomfortable, have only taken 2 pain pills but I have a pain patch on my back that seems to make we want to sleep about every 3-4 hours and I'm not normally a napper. Boobies looking good perky like I want, but seem to be the most swollen on the outside towards my armpits cant wait for that to go down so they dont look so far apart. I have another dr appointment in morning I hope to put picx on after that appointment


Thanks for the info...I so love this site. I wish there was a way to find pictures based on weight and height. I am debating between 400 and 450 cc's. My hubby is wanting 500cc, of course. I hope you are healing well and I can't wait to see your updated pictures (:(:

Day 3 post-op

Looking good went to Dr again, said still a lot of swellen around nipples and sides, so keeping ice bags on still and muscle relaxers at night to help with the morning discomfort. As some refer to it as "morning boob" (i love that as I now know what it is!!) No pain just the tightness from the swelling. Was so happy to shower completely, what a good feeling. Next Dr appt isnt until next week. I love the way they are looking I know its going to take a few months for them to drop and move into place. Hubby is very happy with how they are looking too. Its funny we both just looked at each other when Dr told us 500/520cc, as i thought that would make me look like beach balls. I
really didnt want the change to be noticable except for the obvious bikini top and tight shirt days and I think mission accomplished as I wore a looser tank today and really didnt see a big size difference just the perkyness a bra normally gives me and I was
braless. Lovin the new perky boobies!!


Looking GREAT!!!!
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you look great! thank you for posting new pics. hope you have an easy recovery (: oh and what profile did you go with? I'm starting to worry about that too!
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Implants are Mentor Smooth High Profile Saline 460-550cc my right is filled to 520cc left filled to 500cc. Before surgry I really wasnt sure of cc amount I was coming out with but did think was getting moderate profile. Dr did tell he was taken in several different implants of sizes and profiles and during surgry he was going to see which ones looked better with my build as what may look good on paper may not give me the look I desired. I trusted my Dr that he knew what look I was wanting. I have to admit I never would of thought I would of ever wanted 500cc but they dont look HUGE which is what I thought 500cc would be. I found this website of the manufacture of the implants it has a lot of good information on different profiles and pics of before/after I love the new perky look and dont think i'll have much trouble hiding the fact I got implants just a great lift with a very supportive bra (lol) I work around mostly men so when wearing normal everyday work clothes (jeans and t-shirts) it wont be obvious, but went I'm hanging out in the pool or going out somewhere I cant wait to wear the blouses and tops that just didnt look right with the old boobies. ;-)
Fresno Plastic Surgeon

Very personal he listens to what you want the outcome to be. I never fell as if he is rushing me out of the room. Office staff is very nice and helpful. They say I will be seeing them a lot in the next couple of months now post op and I'm looking forward to going to the Dr. Would recommend him to everyone.

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