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Hi I'm 20yrs old I'm getting a breast implants on...

Hi I'm 20yrs old I'm getting a breast implants on Tuesday the 24th of July rite know I'm an A cup I'm getting 450cc gel implants . I want to be a full D but I'm not sure how many cup size that's bring me too???? Or what the best if a get the silicon or the sailin ??? Im worried I'm going to be to small I want to go big

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Oh my gosh, tomorrow is your big day. Here's a thread about different sorts of implants. I'm pretty sure you have to be 22 to get silicone implants in the U.S., so make sure you double check with your surgeon in the morning.

The cup size you get really varies depending on your height and body structure.

Please let us know how it goes!

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Hi angiemcc I have 4 days out of surgery I got the saline implants I got 500cc but u think there small there not as big as I want them :((
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