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I've always been small chested and just felt ok...

I've always been small chested and just felt ok with it because they are cute and perky, but recently I've started to feel more insecure about it. I'm scheduled for a consultation next week but I'm feeling hesitant.

I'm 5'3", 134 pounds with an athletic body. I hardly fill a B cup and am thinking of going to a nice C. I like the shape I have, I would just like them fuller.

I would appreciate any opinions.

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I'm happy for you that you found peace with your decision. You look lovely as is.

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Your breasts look so nice, really no need for the surgery. Glad you're staying natural!
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I guess I am a little surprised, but that is the choice we all have to make.
Good luck to you!
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Thank you so kindly to all of you for giving me comments. After many discussions with friends and acquaintances and hearing from all of you, I've decided against an augmentation at this time or even getting one at all. I've heard more positive reasons why NOT to go with it than do it, and all those reasons are good and valid. I actually had a surgery date ready for next Thursday, August 2 but have decided to cancel (as of tonight). I'm too nervous about doing it, and I want to listen to my gut feeling and all of your voices. Again, thank you so much for your honesty and opinions. As a result, I'm staying natural.... Thank you! :-) I am happy.
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Hello that's awesome you're happy with your decision!
I do notice that fake boobs make some women look heavier, and indeed more matronly as you get older. You look so youthful and perky.

I had implants 11 years ago and recently had them taken out. I wish someone had told me back then I was absolutely fine as I was!
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hello, I hope you dont think I'm trying to persuade you not to do it...but you have seriously perfect breasts already!

I suggest to weigh up your decision you check out the implant board and the implant removal board.

good luck
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Dont do it, you look so youthful and perky. Embrace your beautiful breasts because any decent surgeon will tell you they are perfect!
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I think that your breasts look absolutely gorgeous as they are.
I had my boob job years ago - I never felt really happy with them, always felt self concious about them, have always been concerned about the health implications and when the recent PIP scare was anounced I finally built the courage to have them removed - and I am so happy to be back to my normal natural self - even though they now dont look quite as cute as they did before the implants.
sorry if I have confused you again but I really think that its worth hearing both sides - and I really think that you have perfect breasts already xx
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I think you look cute as is! But I totally understand wanting to feel sexier and more feminine. Make sure you do your research so you can go into this with all the info!

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Hilarious! Your body looks really young! I guess being in shape helps with that! =) LOL
Well hell girl! If you are done having kids then go for it!!
One of my biggest reasons is that although i was saggy saggy, like some women- i had gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of muscle mass and they were not looking so hot anymore. I was feeling a bit of a mid-life crisis I guess. And decided it was time. I just graduate from college and decided to start my new life with a little more pizzaz.

I agree, we shouldnt care what others think- but that is sometimes easier than done. Luckily for me I dont have too many judgemental people in my life. It is not always easy to bear derisive comments from people, but if you get them a reasonable size where people dont immediately think "OMG look at that chicks boobs" then noone will know. Some girls like that attention though. Nothing wrong with that, but I like to be able to hide them.
I think mine still look a lot like my natural breast, although I have noticed my nipples are a little bigger (no big deal since mine weren't that big before), and some veins are more pronounced. I dont mind that too much either as i dont think they really stand out.
I think you will really be ahppy you did it. Just make sure you find a good doc!

Read as many reviews on each doc as possible, and you can find if there are any or have been any lawsuits against that doc. Dont skimp on those two things. And really look closely on before and after pics.
Also, I recommend the rapid recovery technique. Why suffer if you dont have to? That is what i got and boy- what a difference in recoveries! Try to find a doc who does that, but if not- no big deal.

Keep me posted on what you decide to do! Good luck!
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Woops, meant to say that "although I WAS NOT saggy saggy..."

Which doc are you looking at?
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CVRN - Thanks for the comment. If you remember, let me know your progress and how you feel after.

scrappy37 - You are too sweet. I am actually 40 years old and have had only one child. Not planning any more.

I'm glad you have shared your story with me because this is kind of a big decision to make. Your story sounds close to mine, and I just want to make the right decision. I can tell you are happy with yours and that you are glad you got them done. It gives me better direction with my decision in knowing woman are happier afterwards.

I just want to really feel good about myself and not self-conscious even though we should not care what others think. We woman understand why we want breasts. I just want to feel like a woman as opposed to a little kid.

Once again, thank you for sharing your comments and story. My consultation is in less than two weeks, and I want to be sure I am doing the right thing. Can't go back once it's done. I really just want to feel better.
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It was the same for me, although I am assuming that I am older than you now.
But growing up I had small breasts and they were always firm and perky.
I recently became self-conscious of mine- (prob. for diff reasons than you)
and decided to get them done because life is just too short! lol

I went from a 38B (I am a bit heavy) to a full C, maybe small D. I am not allowed to wear bras yet, so I really dont know exactly my size. But I can wear my old Aerie bras (34 C). They were too big before, now I fill them out all the way.

But anyways, I am soo glad to have gotten them done! I am able to hide mine no big deal, or show them when I want (push up bras or low cut shirts). I fill out my clothes so much more nicely now! I am hoping that I will have a nicer time bra shopping too once I get the green light. I always had a prob before since i didnt have much projection.

I am assuming you are very young (20's??), so i would advise you not to go too big as you will likely have children which will stretch them out, etc. And prob plan on a revision later after all children are done. Or dont get boobs now and wait till that day comes. Your choice.

What are your reasons for hesitating?
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I would definately go to the consultation, it can't harm anything to be more informed. I like you was very hesitant but after I went to the 2nd consultation I was sure I had found my surgeon. I am not scheduled until July but I believe it will be worth it. Good luck!!
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