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I am suppose to get 450cc HP saline. Now im...

I am suppose to get 450cc HP saline. Now im thinking I want a moderate plus silicone implant.

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Why are you thinking you want to go with mod plus instead of high profile? Less projection? We're here for you and would love to know more about you (height, weight, how old you are... would all be very helpful for the community).

Check out this article by Walnut Creek about what she wishes she knew before surgery.

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I am hoping for less projection with the mod plus...

I am hoping for less projection with the mod plus profile. I have been looking at a lot of pictures and mod plus seems to have the look im going for in the most part in pictures. I want less projection and more of a natural look. I am 5 foot 3 and 120 pounds. I am 22 with two children i breastfed and don't plan on having anymore children.
Dr Shah gave me some options for sizes during my appointment with him and explained why he recomended those sizes. Because of what he said, I went with the size he was encouraging rather than what I was originaly thinking. After surgery and healing completly I am so happy with my results. I think I would have been diappointed if I had not done what he suggested. He knows what he is doing and I trusted that.
Hey there, I am getting implants a week after you and we have similar stats. I am 5'2 110 lbs 34 yrs old, two breastfed kids. I am a 34A. Did you decide on a final profile? My PS is going with mod plus profile 350-400 cc silicone. I had 10 different pictures to show him at my consult and thats what he came up with. Are you excited?
Hello MadsCali! Thank you for your nice review! I am very sorry that you are having trouble getting a hold of Rosa! Please email me at with your real name and contact info and I will make sure she and our office manager get in touch with you immediately. Thanks again and we look forward to taking care of you!
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Do far Ive gone in for the consultation and scheduled my surgery date. Dr Shah was polite and professional. Since scheduling my BA I have done tones of research and I have alot of new questions. Rosa is my patient care coordinator and I am having alot of trouble getting her to respond to my emails or phone calls.

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