Tummy Tuck at 40

After having 4 children ranging in ages from 23 to...

after having 4 children ranging in ages from 23 to 5 i finaly decided it was my turn to finaly sort out my big belly so pleased i finaly did it i am 7 days post op and other then walking slightly bent over i am relativly pain free and have noticed the differance straight away although i am still swollen i can put dresses on that were tight around my middle this time last month and have a little room available.


Hooray for you! After 4 children, you certainly deserved a tummy tuck. We'd love to see before and after photos, if you feel comfortable sharing them.

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i am now 11 days post op still walking a little bent but managing to stand upright occasionaly i am off pain meds but taking antibiotics as the centre of my incision is a little red and leaking dark red blood i saw my doctor for 1 week after my op he seems pleased with the healing and i am due to see him again wednesday16th june i was realy nervouse before this op but apart from the centre of the incision i am completly happy although im still swollen it does go down during the day and already i can see a huge differance will be so happy when i can finaly sleep on my side once again when i get the all clear in a few weeks im finaly having a breast lift and eye bag removal from the same surgeon will figure out how to post pics and hopefully have them up soon

11 days post op pics healing well

11 days post op pics healing well

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It is now 5 weeks since i had my tummy tuck,...

it is now 5 weeks since i had my tummy tuck, unfortunetly my wound reopened around the 11th day my ps prescribed bettadine cream for daytime and mebo for night and cover with gauze after a week he changed my cream to bactroban for day and mebo for night i saw my ps every other day and he dressed and cut away dead skin a week later i recieved a call from his office i had developed a bacterial infection he prescribed cybrobid antibiotics and within 3 days i could see my wound slowly healing on wednesday 7th july my ps took me back to theatre and resutured the wound leaving the bigger of the 3 holes slightly open it it now 3 days since this happened i have been back today and had one drain removed and a couple of stitches removed my hole he left is looking smaller and to top it off it is looking fantastic no jagged lines just one perfect line im back to see my ps on tuesday and hopefully have the rest of the stitches and drain removed i will update with new pictures soon


How are you how are your wounds are u a smoker or did u do to much to soon I'm tess im 11 days post op n my wound looks bad doc said because I was a smoker any advise God bless Tess
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hi tess yes i was a smoker but i stopped 10 weeks before my ps told me the reason i have had problems was because of the tension on the middle of my scar i also suffered several bacterial infections during the process but thankfully my scar is ok now its a little crooked in the centre but looking better daily good luck with yours it does get better lorna
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my doctor was very informative very understanding and explained every detail to me after care is superb

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