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Pros: Removable, no wires; Cons: attachments I am...

Pros: Removable, no wires; Cons: attachments I am 26 years old and I have always wanted a better smile. I'm getting married this year and I definitely would like a new smile in time for my special day!

I start my treatment this coming Monday, March 19 and my treatment time is 6 months. I'm really excited!

Oh, just 3 days till you start - how exciting!!

Here are a couple of forum posts that might help as you are getting used to your Invisalign. Keep in mind that many people say the first week or two is the worst, then it gets much easier, so don't get discouraged if it seems pretty rough at first!

How do you get your Invisalign trays out?

What's the deal with the sharp edges?

Please keep us posted on how you are doing!

p.s. Congrats on your engagement...and I'm a bit jealous you get to live in the Bahamas! ;)


Please keep us pdated I'm 20 an have buck teeth an am embassed an want to know if they work well, I hope they do all that u wish!

Day 1: I was a nervous wreck going to my...

Day 1:

I was a nervous wreck going to my doctor’s office today for my Invisalign retainers. Turned out it was a very easy procedure and I was there only for about an hour or so. I had 7 attachments added onto my teeth (one tooth has two small attachments on it). Only one of the attachments I would say is really noticeable, and that is the one on my left incisor. The teeth where the attachments were added on had to first be filed. This lasted about 20 minutes or so and I didn’t feel it much. To be honest, the sound of the filing was more irritable than the filing itself. Once the attachments were on, the aligners were placed on my teeth. I had to look in the mirror while this was being done so I could see how to correctly put them on. One thing I haven’t seen or heard mentioned before is the “chewies”. These are small rubbery-like tubes that I was asked to bite on a few times with the aligners on to make sure that they snapped into place and that there was no spacing. I was given these at the end of the visit and told to bite on them every time I put my aligners on to ensure that they are fitted onto my teeth correctly.

Before, I left the office I was asked to put the aligners on and take them off on my own. I have a bit of length on my nails so I found this pretty easy. I started to pull them off from the back and when putting them on I was advised to start from the front teeth.

I have found myself swallowing a lot of saliva and my tongue is constantly swirling around my mouth. I’m also clenching my teeth a lot. It also feels very weird to talk. There is no pain or discomfort. It just feels odd. I’m hoping this feeling will subside.

My dentist informed me today that my treatment includes free whitening! How good is that! The cost of my treatment includes a $1,000 discount that was being offered at the time. However, I have to pay for my retainers at the end of the treatment which cost $500. I was told that I would have to wear the retainers for 1 year.

I will add a photo of my teeth with the aligners on later.
Thank you Megan P! Thanks for suggesting the forum posts also! Reading other people's reviews has really helped me to prepare for my visit.

ChelseaDay10 I just updated my review. I hope it helps!

I will definitely update my reivew regularly so stay tuned.

We'll be looking forward to hearing your updates! :)


Today makes 4 weeks since I've had my aligners. I...

Today makes 4 weeks since I've had my aligners. I can't believe how quickly time has flown! I can definitely see improvements in my teeth and so far the experience has not been so bad.

The first week was rough as it took me some time to get used to the aligners in my mouth. The constant salivation died down after the 3rd day or so. However, the edges were really sharp and they were scratching my tongue and my gums. I read somewhere to use dental wax and that worked like a charm! After a few days I didn't need to use the wax anymore. However, when I got my 2nd set of aligners I had to use a bit of wax for one day.

It's slightly annoying having to brush and floss after I eat and before putting in the aligners. So I have cut out snacking completely. I've actually lost weight. I guess that's a good thing.

A good cleaning tip that I discovered is to soak the aligners in hydrogen peroxide and water. It works really well. I would definitely recommend it.

I get my 3rd set of aligners next week Monday and I cannot wait!
I live in montreal canada and I searched up good orthodontists ! And consulted with them and saw who would give me a good price and payment plan and chose the one that was more experienced !
I was Alston thinking about getting invisalign, but I don't really know where to go. Where did you go to get yours?
Wow... Is it just me or do I see a huge difference between per treatment and week 3 ?! Your tooth got straightened , the front left!! I have my left tooth outabd I'm going to get invisilign soon, I want it pushed back because it is noticeable, the pictures made me glad to know how effective they are !!
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