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Bad Smart Lipo on the Stomach

I had smart lipo done about on my back, inner...

I had smart lipo done about on my back, inner thighs and stomach over a years ago. All went well except for the stomach area. Which she had to go back in and redo it about 9 months ago because she missed some spots on my stomach. I am still not happy with the results because I have rippling and indentations on my stomach.

I'm 5'7" and weigh 138 lbs. I workout so it's not due to gaining weight. What can the doctor do about this to get rid of the rippling and indentations on my stomach? I have heard that you could do Thermage but I didn't know if there was a better option or not?

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She did a great job every where but my stomack.

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Dr. Nathan Long located in Dallas, Tx performed smart lipo on my stomach. Shortly after the procedure i developed lumps and indentions where he went too close to the skin. Since then i have seen 2 plastic surgeons who said it was poorly done and that the doctor should fix his work. However Dr. Nathan Long has refused to see me and sends his office clerks in to debate his opinion. You are lucky to have a Doctor who is professional enough to correct any mistakes. It will cost me over $10,000.00 to fix his badly done work. Dr. Longs price is very resonable but run in the other direction for it will cost you dearly. Dallas area people beware.
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I am considering having the procedure done. Could you tell me who your doctor is. Have you gotten the Thermage treatment?
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Where in Roswell did you have this procedure done? and do you know of any places that have given people better results?
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Hello, I had SL originally on 7/2008 on my upper and lower abs. I just had a touch up SL on 5/8/2009 for the same reason as you described in your SL review. While I was pretty bruised after the first procedure, the results looked pretty promising for the longest time. But as the swelling went down and the healing progressed, lumps and dents became more and more visible...luckily my doctor agreed with me as well, that teh resuls should look better..So I had a touch up SL. NO bruising at all! My stomach already looks much better after 1.5 week post the touch up procedure than it ever looked after the first time around. So I am very very hopeful...Yes, Thermage and LipoEx, Vela shape - anything that tightens the skin and flattens out the lumps could help - that is what I had read on all the forums, that is what my doc said, and that is what I have heard...
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