Cursed with Cellulite Since I Was a Pre-teen...

My story is like so many others I have read on...

My story is like so many others I have read on this site. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this. I remember the first glimpses of cellulite at the age of 12. I do recall the fateful day that I say these bumps and bulges all over the outsides of my thighs. I remember comparing myself to my step sister who was one year older than I was, and significantly overweight. Yet she did not have this cellulite. This has been proven to me over the years that cellulite attacks who it attacks, and your weight has nothing to do with it. So anyway, I went through my adolescence and teen years avoiding any setting that involved swimming. I never wore shorts. When I did swim, I would always wear a T-shirt to cover up. At one point I remember my mom saying to me, "You're too young to have cellulite." And that really hurt. As I grew up, I'm in my 30's now, I learned to cover up in different ways: wearing skirted bikinis, board shorts, anything to cover my thighs. I really just felt deformed and ugly.
Fast forward to 2009…
I started researching cellulite treatments. I found Lipodissolve. This was a costly waste of time. I spent something like $1800 on a series of 6 treatments that left me swollen and in pain. The results were nil! I had at that point resigned to live with cellulite. I thought there was no way that I would get rid of it. Doomed.
Fast forward to 2013…
I heard about the procedure Cellulaze. I researched it and for the first time I had some hope that this was FINALLY the answer for me. The science and the principles behind it made sense. There was an explanation for these dimples, there were bands holding them down. And if the bands were cut, the skin would lay smooth. Plus I was very encouraged by the before and after photos. The only problem is the procedure wasn't performed by any doctors in the Memphis area. In the back of my mind, I knew... not IF, but WHEN Cellulaze came to Memphis, I would be signing up!
Fast forward to 2014...
I saw an advertisement for Cellulaze in Memphis. I went to see the doctor at the Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness Center in the Memphis area. The doctor, Dr. Campfield, was very nice. He has a nice practice. He specializes in SmartLipo and other cosmetic procedures. But after talking with him, it turns out he has performed ZERO Cellulaze procedures; and I was not about to be his guinea pig. Plus, he was not on the Cynosure list of certified Cellulaze doctors. (I highly recommend people look at their website and check). I was overall unimpressed or convinced he could perform the procedure with confidence and expertise. He offered a combo of SmartLipo and Cellulaze for the same intro price of $2900. I researched that evening and found that Cellulaze and SmartLipo CANNOT be performed in the same area at the same time. So that was another red flag to me. So I walked away. I am glad I did my research. And I implore you all to do the same.
Later that day, I went home feeling depressed. I got my hopes up for this procedure and now my hopes were dashed. I went about looking for doctors close to me. I found a certified doctor, Dr. Bacon, in the Nashville area. He was highly reputed, and I even saw him on a news program talking about Cellulaze while I was Googling. So I called up their office. I spoke with Claire Bacon on the phone, who was so helpful, so kind, and accommodating. She informed me that people come to Nashville from all around to get Cellulaze. In lieu of a consultation, I sent 8-10 photos in different lighting, from different angles via email to their office. Dr. Bacon reviewed the photos the same day and returned a quote to me. This doctor is one who charges by the size of the area to be treated, which cuts down on the overall cost. I only needed a small area on each outer thigh, so the quote was $2400.
I have scheduled the procedure for Monday, June 2. The doctor will call in a prescription for antibiotics, and a pain killer that Friday before the procedure. He suggested I get a good compression garment. From what I have read on RealSelf, people talk about the open crotch compression garments. They said I could use Spanx, but I have heard they are not the best to use for cosmetic procedures. So, I found a good surgical grade one: Taylor & Taylor brand Stage 2 Shaper Compression Garment with Open-Crotch. It retails for close to $100 and I found a new one on eBay for $60, and free shipping. This is a slip-on one, as opposed to a zippered one (that sounds awful to have to zip it up). I will travel to Gallatin, TN near Nashville and have the procedure done in their office soon. I will keep you all posted. I’ve uploaded my before photos for you to see.

before photos

Here are my before photos

Day After Procedure

I had Cellulaze yesterday. I took my antibiotics starting the night before as I was asked. I also took a Vicodin before the procedure as a preemptive measure :) However, It was not at all as painful as I expected. The only part that hurt was the numbing of the area where the incisions were made. He injected Lidocaine in 4 areas, 2 on each leg, where the cannula/laser entered. Then he pumped my legs full of numbing solution, after that I felt nothing, The whole experience lasted about an hour. Afterward the nurse pushed out all the remaining numbing fluid in my legs, which was gross. Then she bandaged me up really well at the incision points. I was told to wait to put the compression garment on until I got home and had a shower. This was a good suggestion because as I sat down in the car to leave, my legs gushed fluid. I went home and showered. I was told no bath or pool for a week. I got my husband to bandage me up after the shower. It made me feel very nauseous to see the fluid and blood trickle out. It continued to trickle out the rest of the night, although the bandages helped keep it off the bed sheets. I slept on one of those absorbent pads just in case. Overall, soreness. Not really painful. Hard to walk and sit down. If I was still, it felt tolerable.
Day after:
Today the pain is much better. Still sore but less than yesterday. Bruising is starting to form. Idon't see any results yet. I know some people saw improvement right away but I am reserving judgements until 6 weeks, that's when my doc said I could start to see results. I will continue to update.

day 3

I've uploaded two more photos. Virtually no pain today :) bruising is not as bad as it could be.. Thanks to the Arnica I've been taking for 2 weeks plus Rome lain tablets. So far so good with the drainage.. I think I could get by with bandaids from now on.


Damned autocorrect ...Bromelain tablets!!!

3 days post op pics

I don't see any inkling of improvement yet.. Kinda worries me bc some ppl say they can see where the dimple bands were cut and I can't :( I'll update again in a week. Wish me luck

9 days out...

Bruising is looking way way better. First day at the pool ...I'm still wearing my swim skirt bc as you see the cellulite looks completely the same... Perhaps a bit worse. You can actually see all the imperfections in the natural sunlight. I know I'm only a week or so out but I am overall saddened bc I see ZERO improvement. I don't care what they say about 3-6 months.... The ppl who get good results see the beginning of improvement immediately ...I see nothing and so based on the reviews and photos I've seen on here I will probably be one of the unlucky ones... Need some encouragement here :((((

3 weeks post op

I don't know but I THINK I might be starting to see a LITTLE TINY bit of improvement

pics 3 weeks post op

1 month

Today I see a tiny bit more smoothness. The big dimple is still there but I am slowly starting to feel this MAY work.

Side by side pics

Dr. Bacon

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looking smoother!
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Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress, I think things looked to have smoothed out, would be great if you could do a side by side next update. 
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I will do that Eva next week is my 6 week mark
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sorry i meant update pics in 4 months not 3 duh
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Results look way better. I hope you post more pics! How do you feel about the results currently?
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In certain light, (esp natural) it looks a little better, but then i see myself in the bathroom under artificial light and it looks the same. I am not satisfied. But I am glad I didnt spend as much as some people have. My doc charged by the square. If it doesnt work, I may consider lipo to get rid of that fat at the top of my thigh. It pushes down on my leg and makes the dimples look worse.
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I eat a clean diet and exercise regularly and nothing gets rid of that fat. The rest of my body shrinks and i lose weight everywhere BUT there. ;(
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My smart-lipo on arms went well,what a breeze. Thank god because that day my friend who took me had a breakdown due to his loved one having stage 4 cancer and that rose my blood pressure,extremely high,i would say the highest ever in my life . 139/89 140/90 is pre hbp/ My normal bp is 97/67. But all went well and i am recovering super fast no bruising and no pain. I will update pics and lemme see any new pics you might have on your legs. My legs are horrible but i'm too scared to do cellulaze, my biggest fear is it getting worse,wasting $ and a long painful recovery. This is why i'm here asking your honest opinion. Is it worth it? thanks
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Hi My smart-lipo on arms went well and i am healing super fast. I am just very impatient and want instant results as we all do. lol. I will update pics after 2 weeks. Not much change from 6 days to 7 days. But i will keep the updates. I had no complications with surgery and after 5 days i was out and about. 7 days was june 25 and i drove my car which is stick. WoooHooo Maybe i'm the 1% but i tend to heal fast as i am healthy and i do have a high tolerance for pain. I understand we are all different,so,i can only share my personal opinion about my experience. I'm EXCITED and love what my arms look like after 1 week i can't wait for 3 months or even 6. Have a great day. Bella
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It looks much better in natural light then your before pics. I would caution against doing anything additional that is invasive. I had cellulaze done by one of the top Drs who was apart of the initial study and it cal sometimes take up to 6 month before you see all of the final true results. It took up to 6 months for my legs to heal and get the feeling back (numbness and tingling). So if you plan to get lipo you may want to wait up to a year and try massage or endermologie to manipulate the area. FYI, the Dr's technique has a lot to do with the results believe me. My condition was worst than your's and I saw 50% improvement. For really deep dimples there's a procedure called fat filling (transferring fat to even out). But, your's doesn't look that bad for that procedure. Also I think you may benefit from Infared heat wraps (I love em). Research it and let me now your thoughts. Its great for smoothing some cellulite by pulling toxins out of skin. Hope some of this helps. I'm not in the medical field at all. I'm just a fellow female who has tried everything and will do anything to get rid of dimples ;)). Much luck!
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Hi, I am thinking of doing cellulaze in october in the fall so no one can see my legs and by spring there will be some improvement,i hope. I spoke to my doctor today because i wanted cellulaze but the horror reviews discouraged me ,so i asked about thermage,he said straight up it didn't work only cellulaze does. Lemme know how you progress with your results. i am wondering if this statement is true or are they both useless. Thanks and keep me posted with pics and results. Do you have any lumps or stinging in your legs?
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Bella, It did have a lumpy type thing that has completely gone away at week3 post op. It was long and felt like the spot where the cannula went in, kind of like a piece of tissue/fat/whatever that was the canal or tunnel where the cannula kept going in and out. That is just my interpretation. As far as stinging. I did feel some weird twinges or stings for a while. Almost all the stinging has subsided. I used to get these pulses or jolts if I jumped up and down while exercising. But those are all gone. I have patches of numb areas on both legs, i think it's nerve damage, but that, too, is improving. I feel I am healing well. Do you honestly see any difference in my latest photos?
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I do see a slight difference in your legs. I'm sure after 6 months you will look great. I wanted to know if you got any varicose veins during the procedure? scars? discoloration? you did say numbness. I was curious,because i'm too scared to get this procedure done. It just seem like the $,minimal results and excruciating pain outweighs the good,which is hard to determine with so many mixed reviews. i'm torn. Can you update pics in about 3 months? Thank You Bella
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Yes, i will update throughout. I did not get any new veins. I had spider veins prior to the procedure.
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ok thank you for sharing. Keep me posted on your results. I am looking forward to seeing you pics in 6months.
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Celluaze is not a miracle. But it's the best treatment so far so it's all we got! I was pleased with my results and the best advice i can give anyone looking to have the procedure is to find the best Dr. because technique is critical. My Dr was part of the original study for FDA approval and I was blessed enough to participate in a subsequent study. if you're ok with 50% (or more) improvement I say go for it. Ask the Dr if his pics are of his actual patients. Good luck!
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Do you have any pics to show your results? i wish the result was at least more than 50%. I don't want to be in pain for 6 months,numbing,tingling,burning,stinging,discoloration,scars and minimal results at 50% I will keep my cellulite. Thanks but no thanks. 6 months to heal and feel normal is torture. Glad it worked for you and your happy with 50%. Some would say it's better than nothing. I agree,it's just not for me. Thanks for sharing
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Don't get discouraged. Its going to take time. Everyone is different so think positive. I'm really thinking of getting this myself but the cost is yikes!!! Please keep posting :)
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Thank you for posting your review. I think at my age it's too late but you never know. You really did your homework so I bet you will have an amazing result. All procedures take an amazing amount of patience as we all want instant results. Hang in there and please keep posting and sharing.
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Good luck with this new treatment! I was happy to hear the cost was apportioned to the area after reading the minimum was 4000! I have had cellulite since my late teens too, and it is demoralizing especially when our moms chime in, mine did too! I weighed 125 at 5'7 with cellulite! (55now) I'm sending good cyber healing vibes :) your way! PS, also did lipodisolve, it left nothing but scare tissue for my surgeon to struggle with when sculpting my thighs with lipo! You have gorgeous legs, I hope lots of people in your lif have told you that!
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Hi. Glad it's all over for you. You mention only 2 holes in each leg is that right? I was told they had to make 4, one in each corner of the area that they treat. Did your doc say why only 2 holes? How many areas did you have treated? Good luck.
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I only had 14 squares, 8 on one leg, 6 on the other
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I assume it's because I had so few squares. He treats and charges by the square. He told me on average women come in and get 25-44 squares on average. I guess he didn't need 4 holes
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Did the squares go over just where the bruising is? Please keep posting pics, and thanks. If you wanted more squares done, how much does he charge per square if you wanted to work out the cost for yourself?
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The bruises are just developing. The squares were just where dimples were to begin with. I can see that the most bruising is around the incision sites. He charged around $160 per square
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