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April 7, 2009 I had a full tummy tuck with muscle...

April 7, 2009 I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and 2 hernias fixed, lipo on the flanks. I was destroyed from my pregnancies with 4 pounds of excess skin removed and 2 pounds on each "flank" removed. I am 5'10" and was 175, but they removed 8 pounds of skin/fat so I'll return to my stable 165. I have two children ages 4 and 2.

I came to plastic surgery from severe, chronic back pain. I had a three inch split starting at my sternum plus two hernias! Two long years post baby, and the moment I woke up from surgery, I felt the most amazing sense that I was healed. And have not had back pain since surgery (twice I slept weird but it was the quaint back pain that you can walk off, not my structural pain.)

I will say I had a life-threatening complication but it was still worth it. My doctor and nurse have never seen it, but I had a random bleed that spewed out of my side but stopped. That was the good news, because they usually don't and you're rushed to the ER. The bad news was it developed a clot (hemotoma) of about 1 cup and had to be surgically removed. So yes, two weeks post-surgery, I was back, reopened, kept the drain, and am now on my 2nd week of not raising my heart rate or blood pressure by moving much, and still unable to drive. The life threatening part was it could have filled up the cavity in my stomach from the surgery and killed me.

I just got my drain out yesterday so I'm just a day into feeling "freer!" My old clothes (pre-baby) fit again and I am extremely hopeful to love wearing clothes again. I'm swollen but honestly I am so thin compared to all that extra skin and my guts hanging out because my fashia was so "paper thin."

I will also say if you're coming at this from a vanity standpoint, I would *never* go through this hell with young children. I am a month out and still can't do anything both with the muscle repair and complication. I'm in a very unique situation where my husband works at night and I'm able to work online (and haven't done much lately.) So it has taken both my parents plus a family friend to coordinate evening childcare. My husband is up at 7am with the kids and then works til 10pm at night. It's been a long stressful 3 weeks around here. My mother in law came to town for a week because we just needed a helping hand full time.

Just wanted to say that I'm near 11 months post TT and have a marked improvement in core strength, stability and a marked decrease in chronic back pain. Hope your still doing well.
I am sooo happy that you feel the surgery was worth it. I had surgery because my fashia was "paper thin", had (one umbilicus) hernia, and severe back ache also (in addition to some pelvic adhesions removed by another doctor at the same time), however, I am extrememly unhappy with my results. I still have severe back ache, disfigured belly button and still look like I have a big belly. I have four kids, including twin 1 year olds and it has been hell for me. Would you post a pic. if possible so that I can see how your results look as compared to mine? I am trying to figure out what to say to my doctor at my next visit. The doctor gives me all kinds of excuses when I express my disappointment and says that I "had very thin fashia and alot of damage" and my belly button looks the way it does because of the hernia repair and my and ob/gyn's laporoscopic work, etc... This is how my surgery results are explained away, but I look at Kate (from Jon and Kate Plus 8, who had a set of twins and then sextuplets) and her tummy tuck looks great. She had to have had more damage than me. I was a size 4 (some times a 6) prior to my last pregnancy and don't think I will be able to fit into an 8 after my tummy tuck! Thanks a lot for any suggestions you may have. God bless.
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