B-Liftx Great For Ethnic Skin!!

I have become a true believer of the B-Liftx...

I have become a true believer of the B-Liftx chemical peel system! As a light-skinned African-American woman, I didn't think that chemical peels would be right for me, but I was totally wrong. I suffered from cystic adult acne and had some dark spots and scarring from previous flare-ups. However, after only two treatments with the B-Liftx peels, my skin looks brand new! I felt absolutely no pain during or after the procedure, and my skin had a beautiful glow immediately afterward. I also only had very mild peeling after the next few days, but it's nothing that a gentle scrub didn't fix right away. The texture of my skin is smooth as silk, my skin tone has evened out, and I have no more break outs. I get the peels done regularly about every six weeks and use Cetaphil and Retin-A daily. Now my skin looks better at age 30 than it did at 20! If you're a woman of color and didn't think this kind of stuff was for you, try it... you'll LOVE it!!
Ok I know this is an old post but where can I go for this procedure in Tampa for darker skin? please help
I have been getting this peel done for a few months now. As a matter of fact I just came from my monthly appointment. Today I was curious enough to look back at the little bottle and see what my derm was putting on my face. I am a brown skinned AA woman with dark pigmentation marks from acne. I just had my 4th peel. Honestly, this stuff gives my face a "glow", but it doesn't cause my skin to peel or flake at all. My scars don't seem to be fading much at all either that I can see. But my derm says she can tell. My skin has always been resistant so I guess it will take longer for me to see the results. Will keep doing them though.
Hey Laidback, DO you live in Fl if so who do you go to for B-Liftx peels? = thanks
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