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I'm having BA done in a few days, but what makes...

I'm having BA done in a few days, but what makes me freak out is lots of people gain weight about 5 to 10lb after the surgery.
Is this true? and also does it go away quickly since it probably is a water weight?
Did you guys experience this??
I really appreciate it if you guys comment on this.

Since the site does not let me submit it because of the short message, I might as well introduce a little bit about myself.

I am 39yrs old, 5'2", 118lb, size 34 small A.
I am getting 375cc moderate saline, submuscular, inframmamary incision.
My dr told me this will make me a small C, which I regret now a little I should have gone full C... Oh, well. From small A to small C, I should be OK!

I'm not nervous about the surgery, but I am worried about having possible complications, like hematoma, capsular contracture, etc.
I guess everybody gets nervous about something, right?

I am really glad I have found this site. It has been a tremendous help!

I was going to post a before pic, but my PC is...

I was going to post a before pic, but my PC is down and they don't let me post it from a cell phone :(

I can't wait for the 6th! I am counting down so many times in a day as if that will make the days go by faster. lol
I think I got pretty much everything I will need for the recovery... front zip up shirts, bending straws, frozen peas!, lots of yogurt (for regularity), priscriptions, (I'm going to buy a surgical bra at the clinic). I think this is about it. Am I forgetting something that are really useful???

We're glad you found us, too! The implants do weigh something, so you'll gain that weight. Here's what doctors have to say about weight gain after breast augmentation. I hope you'll come back and let us know how your surgery goes!

Hi, Angiemcc! Thank you for the response. Those Q&A helped me a lot! Now I know more what to expect.
Hope you are having a great Labor Day.
Thank you again.

My PC is still down... It's been down for 2 weeks....

My PC is still down... It's been down for 2 weeks. It's really temperamental, so I don't know when I could upload pics...

I am so excited about tomorrow! Finally, having a surgery after waiting for a month. It really went by fast. I still can't believe that I am having a BA done! I really hope the recovery will be smooth.

I went to shopping yesterday and grabbed a couple of more things; Saltine crackers, Biore make up remover cloths (since it will be difficult to wash my face) and Starbucks Via (I'm a heavy coffee drinker plus I just have to add water!).

I think I'm ready for tomorrow now!
Good luck to you tomorrow! It sounds like your really prepared for your new additions! I didn't even think about the weight gain after my surgery. I think I did gain a couple pounds, but it may be because of the implants & because I haven't been able to work out.
Keep us posted!
Thank you, vyxen696! Your boobies look very nice! but oh my, you had a tough recovery. (I guess you are still recovering) I hope there is no more problems and the right side will drop more soon.
I was in the same boat with you when it comes to whether or not and how to tell my mom about BA, but I did tell her, and she was kind of OK with it... She didn't agree with me a 100%...Oh, well. I'm 39 yrs old! I don't need her permission for god sake!
Good luck to you too for your recovery!
Thank you! I hope no more issues either!! But again, I still say I'd do it all over again *maybe just a little bigger!* My mom is totally fine with it now. In fact, she's kind of funny with it. We have a family function tomorrow night & she told me she didn't tell anyone, she wants to see if anyone notices. Ha..that'll be interesting!
Good luck again!!

PO#3 - I'm feeling better each day. Today, I feel...

PO#3 - I'm feeling better each day. Today, I feel definitely better than yesterday even though I still take pain medicine. I can walk around a lot more and longer.
I had an OK from Dr to take a shower! What a nice feeling!

I have to write about the day of the surgery.
I went in to the room with nurse and she took my blood pressure and urine sample.
Then, the anesthesiologist came in and explained to me what she is going to do in the OP room. The nurse and I walked into the OP room, and Dr was waiting. He took a before picture and draw me on the breasts.
Next, I got up on the OP table, then everybody was getting busy. The nurse put the heart monitor on me, she put a leg compression thing while the anesthesiologist gave me lidocaine through the IV and anesthesia and at the same time I was breathing through the mask deeply a couple of times. That was it!
Next time I opened my eyes, I was in the recovery room. The first thing I did after I woke up was touching my boobies and said in my head, "Wow! There are boobies! I'm done!" lol
The OP took about an hour and I did great, the dr said.
I moved from the bed to the chair and sat for a while. They only let me rinse my mouth instead of giving me ice cubes because of possible nausea and vomiting.
Then there is my husband came to pick me up!
On the way home I was still groggy, but didn't get nauseated. I was sipping a ginger ale I asked my hubby to get for me beforehand.
That day I was OK sleeping even though I had to keep my chest elevated at an angle.

Here they came! All the pressure and pain everybody was talking about!
I was in so much pain. I was in bed all day except I had to go to the clinic for follow-up. Every single bump on the road hurt so bad!
After Dr examined my breast, he said there is no problem and the amount of swelling is normal and made sure it is going to be worth it! The next follow-up will be the 12th.
I came home and struggled with pain even more.

My boobies still hurt, but nowhere near yesterday. It especially hurts when I go to the bathroom... I was able to give treats to puppies, so that made me happy.

Sorry guys! Still no Internet connection at home... meaning no uploading pictures! I really hope I could do it from a cell phone...
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