Going for consultation at 6.30pm today for my...

Going for consultation at 6.30pm today for my consultation for eyelid surgery!! finally plucked up the courage to get it done, going to opt for getting it done awake with local anaesthetic.... (nervous)!!!!!!!
cost 1000 getting it done this way and 120 for consultation rather than 2500 with a general anaesthetic.. so im going to be brave and think of nice things while she cuts my lids!! hahaha :/
hopefully I can have a tablet to calm me before surgery!


So, I went for consultation on Thursday, surgeon was lovely she was very polite and easy to talk to! she told me about the dreaded injection to numb the eyelids before the surgery, she will put it in at the side the full length of the eyelid then slowly inject the anaesthetic as she pulls the needle out.. Offfffty :/ (hate the thought of that bit...) my date is set for April 25th at 3,Oclock but I have to go in the previous week to get my prescription for a little temazapam and to sign the consent papers. Im not allowed do it on the day of surgery as I will have taken the temazapam! :) she says I should expect swelling and bruising for 3 weeks, I don't think I will be too bad as after my rhinoplasty I didn't bruise much or swell much... bet I do now that I have said that!!! HAHA she's going to put one stitch in each eyelid rather than loads of little ones.. I prefer that as I hate getting stitches out!! at least its just one to come out each eye!! supposedly I have a bit of asymmetry in the eyelids I cant notice it but she can, suppose she knows what to look for!! she asked me if I use one eyebrow more than the other, she was right I kind of have animated eyebrows when I talk hahahaha especially my right one!! so one muscle is stronger than other... £980 for surgery and £120 for consultation x
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Hope all goes well. Let us know how the consultation goes and what the MD says.
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thank you Lafaughn x are you having it done?? x

Before Picures of my Eyelids before surgery

Here's my eyelids before they get the chop!! :)
need to get rid of them before im going to have to use matchsticks to keep my eyes open... :)
not one person I've told thinks I should get this done but its for me not for anyone else!! im to young to have droopy eyes yet!! hahahaha x
im not going to grow old gracefully so there!!! :)

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try this folks.... hahahaha



Hi Kat X, Wanted to see how things went with your surgery and how your recovery was coming along. I mistakenly thought your surgery was March 25 --mine was supposed to have been on March 28 (but I pushed it back to next week -- logistics weren't coming together). In my haste and nervousness, I indicated April instead of March. Anyway, still wishing you well! LOL! :-)
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No my surgery not till April 25th x What date is yours?? Xx Wish it was over and done with!! :)
Kat- do you want me to update your review so that your procedure date shows up?

not long now..... :/

11.36am and I have to be at hospital at 3.00pm arrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!
getting nervous now!! I have been told to take my 'happy' tablets (temazapam 10mg x 3) at 2 so im all chilled for going in!!
to be honest im not to panicky, im only scared of the local anaesthetic injections into my lids, once there done im sure I will be fine!!
I've been told I get one long stitch in each eyelid which im pleased at as it will be easier to remove rather than loads of individual stitches, they have to be in for a week so I will pop back next Friday to have them removed.


Hi, my eyelids were very similar to yours prior to the surgery. YOur eyes are going to look amazing, i can see where the surgeon will remove the skin and you will have a great platform. I had mind done nearly weeks ago and it looks awesome. I had mine under a local too. Ice works awfully well for the discomfort and the itching that will start or probably already has. I found the itching to be the worst thing of all, especially under the eyelids. Torture. Good luck, it takes ages for the healing and the scars to fade but its worth it and each week you will see improvements and the swelling may go up and down but it will settle.
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Hi Shazzaa im so glad so far!! And its only hours after op, it was so easy!! Eyes feel super tight but its down to the surgical tape over the cuts! I had a bit of nipping once yhe local wore off I think it wás the wee machine she uses to fry the blood vessels to stop bleeding!! As the ache felt like little burns! Maybe this is rubbish but it made sence to me!! Lol Its now nearly 2 in the morning and theres no pain or any swelling just yet! My V shaped pillow is helping me stay upright "a bit" so that must be helping!! :) xxx
its the cauteriser. Yes i felt it too towards the end. Not the nicest feeling aye? Just keep your icepacks ready because the itching will start and the ice helps with the swelling which helps to reduce the discomfort. Good luck, ill send you some photos when i can figure out how to upload them.

all done!!! :)

Easy peasy!!
All that nervousness for nothing!!
Took my 3 tablets half hour before I went to hospital and I walked in there with not a care in the world!!
Nurses were lovely, ghey offered me tunes on so on went the 80s music! And my blood pressure got taken then I got popped up on to the bed with a blanket over me... they put a wee monitor thing on my finger to check my pulse or something too.
The nurse offered her hand as the locals started to go in.... I was told at consultation it would only be one injection in each eyelid but I counted "8" in each eyelid!!! Ofttttttt but honestly they weren't too bad just squeeze a nurses hand and its fine!!!
then the surgeon started, I cojld roughly guess what she was doing but it wasnt unplesent at all. And it seemed to take alot less time maybe as we were talkibg through it about random stuff!
Before I knew it she was stitching the second lid then putting this antibiotic cream in my eye which is weird as once you blink its all over your eye and you cant see a thing!! Lol cold cotton pads are taped on your eyes, then on to a wheel chair and pushed through to a bedroom for 2 hrs to watch for bleeding then you can go!! :)

Once home, shredded chicken chips n rice ordered from chinese, bit of telly then bed!! Im knackered its took alot out me slept fine till now.. 2.14am..... im away back to sleep, I hope this all made sense as im sleepy!! :)))) x


wow, look at how open and fresh your eyes look.
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don't speak too soon shazzaa.... there more swollen this morning (day1) not bad though!! x lol
My right eyejust had a wee bleed there I assume im blinking to much!! Lol!! I tried my cool eye masks straight after I got back from hospital but it was nippy as the burning feeling was annoying me and they made it more uncomfortable so I will try tomo!! X

Morning 1 26/04/2014 Day after op!!! :)

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Day 1 after Op --------------Saturday 26th april 2014 :)

This is the 3rd time I've tried to write my post and laptop keeps crashing!!! arghhhhhh
woke up to find a nice circle of blood on my new V shaped pillow which im annoyed about!! means I have to put a washing on!! was planning a do nothing day!! oh well....
didn't sleep to well as its really hard and not normal to sleep sitting up but the pillow kinda helped, I did wake to find I had snuggled down and was on my side, think this is how I bled on my pillow.
bit nippy on right eye when I blink but I think its a bit of hardened blood catching on incision or something, cant look up as tape is in the way preventing me from looking up, so I need to tilt my head to look at things high up! hahaha

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My Vitamins etc...

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eye ointment

Pea size amount to be put in to lower lid morning and night this makes it Very blurry until it dissolves, surgeon put first lot in after op, im going to attempt it in a minute!! lol x

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ointment selfie!!!


I just got my eyes done yesterday, I feel like I look like Frankenstein but after seeing you pics I guess their the way they're suppose to be. Sleeping was hard, I'm a side sleeper so I slept on the couch sitting up. I didn't do my research as I thought I would be going out tonight, fat chance lol.
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Haha top they look minging don't they!! Hopefully they heal soon so you can get out soon... how long do your stitches stay in for? I'm demented already keeping curtains shut so no one sees me!! :) Would love to go out the night but looking like this I think wouldn't be to clever!!! Lol x

still day 1 evening... (sat 26thApril)

First day after surgery and I've slept most of it away... my wee body must be trying to use all energy to sort theses eyes out...
Still really tired and its 7.48pm oh well back to bed, oh I'm already in bed!!! Ha sleepy time again!! Hopefully eyes are a bit less swollen tomo!! X


I'm 12 days in to an endotine brow lift my eyes are so tiny :( hope it's the swelling my eyes look to different x
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Why not try Arnica I've been taking it for over a week and I know my eyelids look swollen but I'm sure it could of been a lot worse without it!x Is the swelling hanging over your eyes giving the illusion of smaller eyes? Mine feel tiny the now as I can't open them properly with this tape on them xxx
I'm gunna get some arnica tomorrow is it for swelling? No the swelling is not hanging over my eyes it's more inside and pushing down in the top lids at the sides!!! They look so different iv cryed for a week now :( maybe it's the swelling I carnt seem to think what else it could be?? I only had my stitchers out 4 days ago xxx

Day 2 Morning (27th April)

I think ive make a mistake with the way ive wrote day 1, day 2 etc.. and I cant edit my posts....
Friday was the day of surgery
Saturday I wrote as day 1
Sunday im saying is day 2 not sure if I should of said that was day 3?????? anyhow...........

look pretty much the same accept there's a bit of swelling under my eyes now, still no pain or itching, I just feel back to normal until I look in the mirror and notice I look like I've been on a date with Freddy Krueger!! :)
yesterday I was super tired was in bed practically all day!! gonna be demented today as im not so tired and I cant go out.. last thing I want it neighbours etc gossiping !!lol xxx
tidy house day I think x


Afew months!! Oh my! I'm depressed now :( I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow hopefully he will put my mind at rest !! I'm going to get some arnica today the swelling is not bad on the out side i think it's more on the inside if you no what I mean!! Xxx
Im only saying a few mths as when I got my nose done I was told wait a year for all swelling to go before they would fix it as I wasnt happy with it... then they gave me revision surgery. It wasnt what I wanted so im waiting again for them to give me a second revision surgery... oftttt !!!! X Saying that noses hold swelling alot longer I think so thats why I had to wait a year between surgeries xx
Wow 1 year that's along time I'm wonder if I could have revision surgery if my eyes stay like this surely they can open my eyes up some how ?? I'm Neva having any thing else done again after this is over with xxx

Day 2 afternoon

Its 3 oclock in the day time and my eyes are better than this morning!! So I think I have peaked with the swelling/bruising!!


One stitch in each eye? I have ten! But I'm noticing under my eyes is starting to bruise and I'm not sure why? Today feels uncomfortable around the whole eye (s). It's nice to see lid again, but it looks like he forgot to take some hooding from the corner of my eyes.
Hi woodworkingal, yip one stitch in each eye so she will just pull it to the side to get it out in one go!! Hopefully it comes out easy as I hate getting stitches removed!! Did you get just uppers done or lowers too?? Ive been lucky so far.. no itching or soreness xx Bruising is dispersing down to under my eyes now but not that bad!! Xx
Pm your email xx

Day 3, Monday 28th April

Fell asleep at 9 oclock last night just with my normal 2 pillows, expected to be all swollen when I looked in mirror as I didnt sleep upright but I am fine!! :)

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early compare picture

Just a wee pic to compare x


with an upper bleph it can take literally months for things to settle down completely. I had mine done about 6 weeks ago and there is still some swelling and the scars are very obvious but thats to be expected. People on here are so worried about the swelling and the healing process but it takes ages and you wont do yourselves any favors by getting too stressed about it. Let your eyes heal, which they will and be confident in your decision to do it. Unless ofcourse there are complications. Otherwise, let them do their thing.
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Im pleased about my healing shazzaa!! So far!! Need to wait till tape and stitches and tape is removed on fri but no stress here!!! :)))) x
Gosh that looks so painful! I hope it turns out good, by the look of the scars you'll have great lids!! Xx
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Day 4, Morning!!

washed hair this morning! only so many half showers I can take!! feel so much better, hairs all washed and blow dried!! :)
tape is hanging off in places so I keeked under it and scar seems great!! just a line, doesn't even look pink!! think it because of the internal single stitch in each lid that will help that!?!? :)
worst bit of this is not being able to go shopping!!! aaAAAARRGGGggHHhhhhh!!!! x
sorry if this is getting boring all these pics!!!

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ooops...... some tape fell off.... Day 4

Due to going in a shower and washing my hair I got the tape wet this morning, and a section has fell off... called hospital to see if I need it replaced and they said it should be fine as its been 4 days since op.
If it was 2 days they would of replaced it.


Amazing!!!! Good luck and happy healing, can already see such a huge difference! X
Yeah, steph I really pleased xxx :)

Day 5

More tape fell off in shower...
Dont think I will wash my hair again untill stitches are out as I dont want to wet them and I need to keep the tape at corners of my eyes as they hold down each end of the stitches!!!
2 more sleeps till they are removed anyway!! :)

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wee pic progress. .......


Im so tempted to ask her if she would consider liplift as its only skin removal... the cuts are so neat :) x

Day 7, Stitches out !!!

Got stitches out at 9 this morning, bit of a weird feeling as it was only one long stitch in each lid!
The right one was a bit more nippy than the left!! The right felt like getting eyebrows threaded... that the only way I can describe it!!
Other one I didn't feel a thing!!
Just a little bruising to go now, I really think my Arnica etc has helped and even nurse says im healing great! Xx


You look great. THanks for the updates.....I am going on day 3 after surgery.
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How did you find the procedure? Were you awake? X
Yes I was awake. I did feel a little but was pretty "lubed up", did not bother me much. I am trying to post pics but this board is reviewing them before they are posted. Looks like your PS did a perfect job. My PS has an excellent reputation. But, I am just concerned that my stiches go out so far from my eyelids to the sides of my eyes. Im sure it will be fine. Cannot wait to get these stiches out!! Hopefully all goes well, and looks as good as yours!!!

Day 8

So my wee one wants to go into town for a video game so im putting makeup on so I look presentable! !
Weird to put liner on without it smudging on my upper lids!! :)))) really happy x


Hi, this is wonderfully descriptive thank you!! I've been wanting to do this for a long while and by reading these posts I am getting braver! Has any one of you done this with a doctor in South Florida? If so could you pleeeease share their name?
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Thank you sissoca!! :) Im so glad ive done it, my eyes look ten yrs younger!! Defo worth it and its easy peasy!! :))) x Lucky you living in florida I would love to visit there!! Xx
Thank you so much for posting such a descriptive and informative review! I can't tell you enough how much comfort I have gained from reading your experience and watching your progress. You have taken away a lot of fear of what the recovery is like! I go in on Monday, so I hope my progress is as great as yours is! Congrats, you look absolutely wonderful! :)
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1 month after procedure

Still happy and glad I had this op, only one little bit thats annoying me, on the nose side of my right eye the scar sits a bit weird, ive been told to massage it firmly up the way to help it soften and not be so tight... its not worrying me though as im sure surgeon will fix it if its really annoying me at 3mth check up.


Thanks for posting all the pictures.. very helpful! You're going to be so happy!!!
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I bet that inner scar will soften right up and disappear before your 3 month check up! You look so amazing girl!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!
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Lol thanks mrs!! Gonna get my nose redone for third time as my last revision didnt fix what I needed done so after that I will be happy!! :)))) x


Just a little update with pics x?
Lids still feel a bit weird when I raise my eyebrows, and they feel a bit small when I wake, but this prob is the muscle scars internally as I had the muscle underneath trimmed too and supposidly that takes longer to heal than the outer skin scar!! :)


More pics Kat, I demand more pics! hehehe I know what you mean about it feeling weird to look up, for me its tight and feels like im crossing my eyes! LOL! xoxo
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Ok boss!! I will get on it right away!! :)) Getting a bit annoyed with the webbing of the skin on my right eye... :( But its still better than it was! Xxx
You look gorgeous, I was one who didn't think you needed it, but I can see a big difference so you were right after all lassie :)
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update as requested by liltwister :)) x

No more puffy eyes in morning!
Only moan is that little scar on right eye... not sure if it needs revision surgery or will that worsen it ???
Massage with face cream to soften, hope it gets better its self xx


I think that wee web will soften and loosen up over time. Its right on an area of your face that moves a lot, so the skin will stretched over time. I know it bothers you, but it really isn't noticeable until you point it out. Have you invested in some scar therapy pads yet? I tell ya, I have used them before on an injury i had on my leg and they work really well to flatten scars, you just have to wear them every single day for at least a month. They are easy to use if you just slap one on before you sleep. They may help flatten that wee area quicker for you. Either way though Kat, you look so beautiful, your eyes are those of a Goddess. I would slap my neighbors to have that much lid show! You're so lucky! :) xoxoxoxo
Thanks mrs xxxxx Can you post a linc to they therapy pads? Xx I will give them a bash!! :)))) x
Sure thing, here you go: http://www.curad.com/products/specialty/scar-therapy.asp

3mth and 3days after surgery

They little webbed scars in inner side of eyes are looking alot better so im not going to need revision surgery on them!!
I will post pic in a min once I take a few x
:)) best/easiest op ever!!


Your eyes are beautiful now! I'm sure you're glad you took the plunge.
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Yes jess i'm happy I done it. Well worth it xx
Getting my upper lids done this evening. This is just loose skin, asi had lower & upper done 4 yrs ago. Butterflies in tummy
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Dr Margaret Strick

Margaret Strick is a really nice woman EASY to talk too, she put me at ease knowing how scared I was about the injections. I Was REALLY nervous getting this done awake, but it was so easy and the injections aren't as painfull as I was expecting. All the horror stories I've read about excruciating injections were not true in my opinion and as for reading about hearing the cutting and smelling the cauterising machine thing burning the blood vessels was not the case!! You feel little bits but no pain or anything yucky... so if I found out I needed to do it again I wouldn't waste my days being stressed about it. £980 under local with 3 x 10mg Tamazapam= EASY OR £2500 under General anaesthetic???? I definitely know which was best for me!!!! Xxx

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