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Terrible, Awful and Nobody Tells the Truth How Bad It Really Is!

I had lipo of hips and pubic mound with tummy tuck...

I had lipo of hips and pubic mound with tummy tuck and muscle repair. It looked really flat the first 2 weeks, then the upper part of belly sort of popped out like before although the lower was still flat. The pain is INSANE. I cant believe how bad it was even with the pain pump. the pain was about 2.5 weeks, before it let up a little. 7 months later, I still have so much swelling I look pregnant again, the sneezes will feel like someone stabbed you in the belly. you can workout your stomach becaus even the smallest stretch is so painful. my scar is gross and big, yes it looks better than the kango pouch and my clothes fit much better but it still is not worth the pain. The swelling alone is bad enough. you dont even feel like the same person. My pubic mound was fat so I had lipo, no I feel like sensation in my genitals is very low. I dont feel like I did before. NOT HAPPY AT ALL and I had my surgery at one of the best places in the nation , hence the price tag.

Exactly the same for me - how come no one is honest about the horrible pain? Also my scar is horrible and high....so disappointed-
I had a breast reduction a few years ago and i remember vividly that the pain from the lipo the had to do was much greater and lasted a lot longer than the irritation from the scars and tissue. it also took about 2 years for the swelling to go away completely, but the scars have mostly faded and even though the first few months were hard they were worth it. i hope your body adjusts and you are happy with the result.
Thank you fro telling the truth. i had a full tummy tuck , breast lift with lipo and i am 7 months post op. i am still swollen ? and it feels so weird . its numb yet i am uncomfortable i cant hardle go with my compression garment. how much longer am i gonna feel like this. 17 months more i guess.Alot of the information i found about TT said ide feel all better in 4 months HA!.i wish again thank THANK you for telling the truth
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