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I recently had SmartLipo done about three weeks...

I recently had SmartLipo done about three weeks ago. And I have to admit that my first laser hair removal treatment hurt more. I had a painfree SmartLipo procedure. I immediately saw results b/c the physician performing my procedure also used suction. Initially he used the laser on my lower stomach and hips. Then he suctioned and after that he lasered again to help tighten the skin. I am VERY happy with my results. I was a bit tender the first day... but it wasn't awful. The worst part of the procedure is wearing the garment.


I'm a mother of 2. I was not over weight but children gave me a pouch. I'm not sure what he used during my surg. I had tummy, love handles, inner and outter thighs smart lipo done. I had it on Friday and went to work on Tuesday. I had a lot of bruising. I only took pain meds for 1st 2 days. I'm 5 weeks out today and feel great.
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How much all that costed you and how long the procedure took, where abouts does your Dr. Work.
I guess all the people giving good reviews about {doctor information edited - see note} must work in his office. Although I had OK results with the Smartlipo, I am not complety happy. I can see a gap where there is not fat and where the fat begins, bumps and irregular skin. I just saw the doctor the day of the first consultation and the day of the surgery, after that, I never saw it again. He was always busy to see me during my post op checks. The procedure was very stressful, They never offered me to watch any TV or headphones to heard anything. I just heard the machine and the doctor talking to his assistents with kind of attitude, like their were his slaves. I made a mistake to recomend a friend to get the smart lipo there, she is very dissapointed as well. I thought It was my personal opinion, now I am sure it wasn't just me. I will never recomend {edited} to any other person. -- Editor note: If you would like to review your experience with a particular provider or clinic, please write your treatment review and enter the provider or clinic name in the field provided.
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