Dehisecence of wound.. looks better...

I am 35 and have considered having this surgery...

I am 35 and have considered having this surgery for the last 5 years. I have always been large chested, and due to this I have suffered atrocious back pain, neck pain and migraines. I am currently wearing a size 42DDD, but I spill out of it, so I assume I'm larger than this. I meet with my ps in early Oct to see if I was a good candidate, all signs pointed to yes, so we sent in for approval for my insurance company. I got a call 3 weeks later saying I had been approved, and then made an appt to see ps and schedule the surgery.

I just went to see ps today and got my surgery date of Jan 8th 2013 he could have done it right before Christmas but I choose to wait until after the holidays. Dr said he will be removing 500 grams per breast, he said it would make me a lot smaller but will not talk cup size. As they fluctuate greatly. I'm just wondering how small... I think the smallest I’d like is a large c to a small d. I don’t want to look disproportioned, as I am 5'3 and 210 lbs. { so becoming a b cup would be pretty extreme}

when I did go to see him today I had a list of questions about a mile long... he had answered 90% of them before I even opened my mouth. He did answer the rest of them too.. but the more I think of it the more questions I have.

I'm very nervous and excited at the same time. My hubby is very supportive which has alleviated a large proportion of my stress. I have to call on Monday to schedule pat testing and a mammogram. My anxieties at this time is what will they look like in a year post opt, how will I manage not picking up my babies while I recover, how my hubby will handle this whole situation, how do I explain this to my oldest… 6yrs and make him understand mama will be feeling yucky for some time.

Going in for my pre-op mammogram tomorrow...

going in for my pre-op mammogram tomorrow afternoon. Not to worried about it, half the ladies i've spoke with said I should be that it hurts like a bugger.... I'm more upset about the no caffiene and no deodorant. Guess when Its all over I'll have a big cup of coffee to go with my stick of deodorant :)

Opps i updated my review in the comment area..LMAO...

opps i updated my review in the comment area..LMAO so heres the same post just copied and pasted. :)..........................................
Well my mammogram was notthing to worry about at all.... it was like a normal xray. The hospital I went to have comfort mammograms... and a nice suite for the women who are waiting for there turn at the "smasher" made it very relaxing. The nurse was superrrrrrrrr nice actually had br with my ps and said she loves her results. ... have to admit her girls looked nice... and what is it about having this done that i find myself looking at boobies and wondering what will mine look like, and hoping mine look like certain ones? i called my ps to see if i cud move my surgery date up, as i dont want to pay a new insurance dectuiable... seeing that my date is the first week of next year but as of now he has no 4 hr slot... said if one opens due to cancelletion he'd put me in sooner. I dont see that happening.... how many people cancel there plastic surgery? But just in case i have finshed my christmas shopping and already have it wrapped so my hubby wont have to do it... not sure he's do it anyway everyone wud end up with a giftcard. either way im excitied, my hubby even had told me to stop talking about it hes wonders why i;m actually excited about going under the knife... he is scared about what could go wrong. Tried to calm his worries. ? for those have already had br how long before you could pick up children? I have two small children { a 2 yr old and 1yr old }... also how long did you have to wait to shower, and lastly how long before you can be intimate..... my hubby is worried about that last one! Hope all are doing well!

So only a lil more than a month away from my...

So only a lil more than a month away from my scheduled surgery. I'm so excited but worried about the recovery. ???Like after surgery did your spouse do all the cooking and cleaning? or did you feel well enough to do some on your own? our laundry is in basement I think I'd have no problem folding it but would not be carring a basket up and down, also have though about making some extra meals and tossing them in frezzer so all that is needed is to be cooked, or heated up. When will i feel good enough to be up and moving around, go to the store visit friends ect We are already looking in to daycare for our youngest 2 since hubby works full time, and i wont be able to care for them all day.. dr already said no picking em up,,, jsut not sure how long so we are assuming 4-6 wks. What are some things you wish you would have thought of planning out before the surgery for afterwards but didn't? I'm mostly nervous about the unexpected since its out of my control.

Only one month from today! time is flying by and...

Only one month from today! time is flying by and before I know it I will have a new set of boobies:) so excited and nevorus! scheuled my pat testing for the 21st , gonna call ps to see if there are any items he suggests of tells patients to have for after care so i can get them ahead of time my preop appt is only 5 days before my actually sugery day and we all now how fast one week goes by. Hubby , my youngerst and I have all been fighting the flu bug hope its notthing more than that... also excitied about a lil couples getaway to kalahri for swiming and a visit to the spa this week... can't wait! Hope eveyone has a great week!

OMG one week! The time has flow by and I cant...

OMG one week! The time has flow by and I cant believe I only have a week to go, I haven't been that neverous, until now... and I think it will just get worse... my mother who is a worry wart has not helped she dosent see why I want to have this done and is still trying to talk me out of it. My best friend and my hubby are the only support i have ... at least i have them! My hubby is looking fwd to having new toys.... once healed :) I have my pre op with my ps on thursday and my hubby is finally gonna go with and meet him and hopefully if i miss any last min info, catch it for me... there are some many details I am worried I am gonna miss something! I got alot of things around the house in order all christmas stuff is down and put away, meals for two weeks after sugery are made and in frezzer all my hubby has to do is take out and heat up, kids cothes are in closets hung in complete outfits down to underware and socks for two weeks, hubbys work was offering a volunteraly lay off so he took it for 8 weeks since he figured he could help me and he would still get most of his pay, it will be nice to be waited on for a change... im a stay at home mom... let him see how things really are... i wonder how long it will take before he pulls his hair out? i think he assumes he will jsut be sitting around eatting chips drinking beer watching tv... lol fat chance :) well i wish everyone a very happy newyear and the best healing and best boobies every! im so excited about 2013 i cant stop smiing.. after the year i've had it turly has to be a great year! the past year has been the worst one for me 3 car accients a miscarriage, a house fire, and my dads cancer returning. i am pusshing 2012 as fast as i can out the door and pulling 2013 in as fast as i can :)

OMG I think the only other time in my life I have...

OMG I think the only other time in my life I have ever had so many emotions running through my body were when I got married, and adopted my son! I'm scarred, excited, and nevrous. The hospital called me this afternoon to tell me what time to report and I was hoping for notthing latter than 9am as I cant go without breakfast... just my luck I have to report at 11:15 to registraion and that means my actual surgery wont be for at least another 2 hrs... ugh. My plan is to stay up late and drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated than sleep in till about 10:30am hopfully the fluids will keep my hydrated , i don't wont to be dehydrated and have the nurses trying to start a iv... I already have tiny deep veins! I am staying overnight for oberservation and that should be lots of fun :( i hate being in the hospital as noone ever gets any rest there... espically since my ps said the nurses will be doing a "nipple check" hourly! so as soon as i finally get asleep again they will be back to wake me... sounds like pure bliss :P I have my bags packed along with a book incase i cant sleep, comfty button up pjs and a extra pillow for the bed and the bumpy ride home. not sure how soon i'll be on again but i'll try to post pics of both the bra burning and post op :)

I went in for surgery on January 8 at 2 p.m. Was...

I went in for surgery on January 8 at 2 p.m. Was in recovery by 530 and up to my room for the night by 645. I am surprised there's not as much pain as I thought but more discomfort I'm not taking a pain pill the doctor prescribed which were percosets just ibuprofen as needed the area that hurts me the most is the drain site. the discharge nurse put Duoderm around the the drains along with some gauze under them. I wasn't sure if I was to change them how was supposed to clean them or anything today they looked very dark as the drainage was collecting under bandage.. I was worried so I called the doctor and explain the situation to him. he said that he hate that stuff Duoderm told me to remove it immediately and clean the area after I remove it Duoderm the pinching I was feeling before was gone.... amazing how much better I feel now

Hey ladies, i m doing good just cant wait till wed...

Hey ladies, i m doing good just cant wait till wed. the 16th as that is when the drains come out... i see most had they removed by there ps with in 2-3 days i wonder is it normal to have them this long?.... but they are still draining very lil so i guess that helps. I dont think i have much swelling, and belive its due to spending all night and day { yes sleeping too} sitting up my ps told me it would help ... it really has. The brusing is more than i thought.. guess i was a lil niave. The pain hasnt been bad at all not taking anything at all accept at bedtime as my back and neck hurt...yes still but its due to the postion i sleep. Cant wait to be able to sleep on my side! how long is normal before u can do this? and I need a shower!!! omg this sponge bathing sucks i still feel dirty want to just spend a hour under the water fal of my shower! even with these minor inconieves i love that i made the decison to have this done! i know my life will be better in the long term and these minor incoinvenes are just temp. i added some pics also my goodbye pic to old boobies and ones of the yucky bandages around the drain sites as well the bra burning went well but pics were mostlu dark, blurry i will ask my girlfriend that was did it with me if she got any good pics if so i will add em. I hope everyone is healing nicely and if ur still waiting for your big day the time passes quickly. :) have a great week!

Trying to upload pics but its being a pain.. will...

trying to upload pics but its being a pain.. will keep trying

Hey ladies hope eveyone is great! i went to the ps...

Hey ladies hope eveyone is great! i went to the ps yesterday for my 1st post opp appt. Went great got the drains taken out as i hoped... did hurt a bit and i was suprised by how large/long they were! i still have 2 stiches under each breat that will be removed in 2 more weeks. ps said all looks great, and was amazed that i haven't used any rx pain med... i did take in hospt. and 1 the day i came home but i dont like the way they make me feel therefore i dont take em. I do have a lil pain on right breast where drain was removed but notthing major and as long as i dont over use my right arm i dont really notice. I slept on my left side for part of last night... felt great !! so sick of laying on my back.. i also got to finally take a real shower today... talk about total bliss! no more sponge baths!! well thats is for now take care all!!

Hi all....well Sunday am i noticed right boob,...

Hi all....well Sunday am i noticed right boob, where drain was removed was a Lil red and had quite a bit yellowish drainage n the incision was cloudy looking i cleaned with surgical soap and called Dr s office first thing Monday he was of for holiday hiss nurse called him n he called in rx for antibiotic to bee safe couldn't pick it up till today hubby went in got it but there was a notice saying there was an interaction with 1 of my regular prescriptions so I called back the doctor's nurse as a doctor is always in surgery on Tuesday she said she would call in a new prescription because you're the 1 interaction to happen and I'm waiting for my husband to pick it up currently the pharmacy just called to say it was ready over the course of the day the drainage has been off and on the more i move the more it drains. going to keep an eye on it as the night goes on if it gets worse or get a fever or anything else that goes along with infection I'm going to the ER.... as the doctor suggested I took a picture I will upload it if it will let me besides this I'm feeling fine and doing good I hope everyone else is doing great

Went to the ps again this week and what i thought...

Went to the ps again this week and what i thought was a infection.. that had spread to my left breast is actually dehiscence of surgical wound .. basicaly the scar is not healing ... hurts more than before too. he did not pull stiches out, also gave me a cream to put on and has me coming back in two weeks im pretty worried now to... about what i cant really expain.... just that this "holes" will just keep getting bigger and leave me with no boobs! i added a pic of righty from last week looks much better now... biggest issue now is the scars going up to nipples on both righty and lefty i dont have any pics on laptop to upload or i would.

Went to dr last went for follow up for wounds they...

Went to dr last went for follow up for wounds they had gotten worse, since he first saw them but have gotten a tad better and are getting better.. or so i think. he told me to keep putting the cream on the "sores" twice a day and come back in two weeks for another follow up. he also removed the stiches while i was there which suprised me i thought it would make the wound worse he said it wouuld actually make them better there were also 2 or 3 of the interanal dissoval ones poking through near the sores .. so he pulled those too. I'm trying to stay postive and not think of anything negative. Dr also told me i could start sleeping any way i want.. yippie as i'm a tummy sleeper, but i did even attempt for 3 nites cuz of the sores i finally did and sleept of tummy for about a hr due to sensativite... but it was nice and i will keep pushing fwd. i am looking fwd to when the dr lets me got back to everyday activites im still not allowed to lift anything due to sores and i have 2 lil ones ... and big one, i am lucky i have a hubby who has been helping sooooo much but im sick of relying on him for eveything. i also want to start working out for summer... i want to buy a new swimsuit! I can wait to go bra shopping, soooooooooo sick of these ugly sports bras! oh well the end reslut will be worth it.. even if i end up with a few extra scars.

Sorry removed photos and leaving site due to own...

sorry removed photos and leaving site due to own personal choice, this site has been very helpful and hope it will help you on your journey as well.
Name not provided

I was refered to my ps by my family dr

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Oh no, that looks rather hurty. I hope you heal up swiftly - don't forget to rest :)
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oh that stinks! hope you heal up fast!!
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congratulations and very happy to hear the happy in your update!!.that bruising will go away fairly quick from what i see on the others before you..your size looks great!
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That looks bad omg that made my boobies hurt it kinda makes me not wanna get done if it looks that bruised afterwards :/
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pain is not that bad... they looked worse than then felt, my ps said each person is different.. some ladies have hardly any brusies where others have alot more.. the lil bit of pain i did have i know will be soooooooo worth in the long run! best of luck to u
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Mkay i dont wanna bruise real bad an thanks
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I just want to say thank you so much for sharing your story you are a huge inspiration. I am 24 years old and currently a F+ cup. I am currently waiting for my insurance to say yes or no to weather they will cover my surgery. I have been preparing myself for the last couple years to get it.. I would have to go to University of Iowa for my surgery, I have Iowa Cares. I have been told that they don't cover plastic surgery of any kind and then another person told me that they would only cover it if it was deemed medically necessary! Heres to hoping they approve this as medically necessary. I will continue to follow your posts and hope you have a great recovery!
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Wow thank you im glad i cud be Inspiration for you, i hope u get approved best of luck!
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Thanks everyone....moving around trying to be myself, but still not over do it. Feeling better and better each morning. Can't wait to get these drains out.
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Hi d Taylor glad u are past surgery! I had mine on jan 9th ... Once drains came out it was soooo much better... Healing light toward u:)
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Now for recovery! So glad your surgery went so well....Keep getting alot of rest.... wishing for a fast recovery....
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Hi welcome to recovery side I'm so happy your surgery went well congratulations and I hope you have a good recovery relax and rest now the hardest part is already behind you sending lots of healing hugs your way
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Thinking of you hope all went well for you Sending you lots of healing hugs x
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GOOD LUCK!!!!!!......We will be waiting for your good news!.*HUGS**
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Today is the day :) I am so excited for you. My surgery was 10/1/12 and I never realized what life was like on the other side, Take pictures one last time of before (even dressed).. I still have my before bra's...hoping your bra ceremony was awesome! Will you be staying at the hospital?
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:-) We did a bra burning over here too! Some of the girls from work came over and we made dinner and then lit them on fire! It was a lot of fun! I hope yours is as well!
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My surgery was oct 24 but I still recall that ore op feeling. Hope you get a great nights sleep. This time tomorrow you will be the proud owner so smaller boobs! Prayers for an uneventful surgery...
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Good luck. The are just going to peek to make sure they aren't red or extra swelling. As the night goes on they will most likely check less. I prefered staying the night. I was nauseous and they helped me get to the bathroom. My husband would have helped but it would have made him too tired and an anxious mess.
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Good Luck!!!
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good luck! u will do great!
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Hi dtaylor Everyone gets real nervous before . I was a basket case the week before . Your going to be so glad you did this for yourself .Try not to worry to much I was showering the next day driving within 4days and shopping in 5days and I'm 48 yrs old If you think positive your recovery will be easier If you sit there saying oh me oh my I'm sore I'm uncomfortable, I can't sleep and feel sorry for yourself your Gona have a slower recovery Stay positive try to eat plenty of protein take a laxative in the night for the first few days and focus on all the benifits of your BR and your Gona do great ill be thinking of you and following your journey good luck x x x
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You will want to listen to your body :) I went back to work at 3 weeks., I was told no housework for 6 weeks, and actually I didnt feel like it for 6 weeks. Hubby and my kids are a little older...they cooked, cleaned. You will get worn out easily at 1st. I wish I would have gotten a 2nd bra in surgery, You will most likely need some 4x4 bandages (I went threw 3-4 boxes- since you need them for so long) , to help cover your incisions. You will need help showering, washing your hair for the first few days. I slept on a wedge pillow, do not buy any bra's before hand. You can prepare and freeze meals before hand. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You will do great :)
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where wud i get the decond bra adk for it at hosp? or buy online ? also the bandanges are they jsut like nonstick gauze and i didn't even think of the showering thing! i have tonssssss of pillows and plan on sleeping in the relincer as my hubby is a bed hog and will more than likely be moving around to much and disrupt me.. i did buy only 2 zip up sports bra in 2 sizes smaller but can always take em back..
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Ask the hospital when your being admitted... I ended up going out and buying a 2nd bra for $90....You will want to wash them as they may become soiled, and washing them keeps them tighter. Yes non stick gauze, I put one over my nipple, and then from my armpit to the center . I had kicked my hubby to the couch :) Feel free to look at my page. I am 8 weeks out and wear my compression bra (from the hospital) at night, and a sportsbra during the day. they both get washed every other day. My doc told me to go for a *D* cup for the sportsbra and I am wearing a *DD* but I look porportionate to my body, and I know they say 6-12 months for all the swelling to go I could be a D cup in the end. ( I wanted a C cup, hubby wanted a D cup - but in the end..I feel awesome and would do it again in a heart beat. One of my stand by favorites was a zipper hoodie..I wore it like a shirt.
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