Breast Reduction, Lift and Reposition - three months post op (NEW PICS)

So this is my first review and im not sure what to...

So this is my first review and im not sure what to write but would love to share my experience with others...i had a breast reduction, lift and reposition 2 days ago due to severe back issues, neck issues and shoulder issues and a severe sag of 9cm due to the weight! At 20 years old my beasts were a size 12G and after losing 10kg they stayed the same size i decided to take some more drastic measures to correct my medical issues.

I knew i could get my surgery covered by the government if i was willing to wait on a ten mile long list and have no choice in which surgeon i would have my surgery with. I was not a fan of this option so decided to go privately, paying for the whole procedure out of pocket as i had no private health cover...i can honestly say it was the BEST decision!!! they look fantastic and i havn't had to deal with any pain! I asked the surgeon if i could go down to a c cup so i still have room to grow when my partner and i decide to have kids and we think he may have got it spot on...

i went in for day surgery on tuesday 26th March at 8am and was out within a few hours and they released me into my partners care overnight at 4pm, i went beck the following morning for a dressing change, have my drain removed and prep to go home for 2 weeks when ill fly back to get some stitches out, so far ive had small amounts of bleeding through my stitches and they have been itchy as all hell but the director of nursing said that was normal and just to take it easy :) IN the end 680gms was taken out of my left breast while 630gms was taken out of my right

Im Now 10 days post op and could not be happier...

Im Now 10 days post op and could not be happier with the surgeon has done a fantastic day, today i flew to the city and got my stitches and staples out, about the most painful part so far and it absolutely killed, especially at the T-junctions but afterwards it was the biggest relief i felt fantastic! im loving my new size and they are healing up beautifully, my scars are not pukkered or anything, if i rub my finger from one section to the other you cant even feel the scars, it blends perfectly! BEST PART OF TODAY THOUGH...BEING ABLE TO SHOWER AGAIN! was fantastic lol!

Final say so far....I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS!! lol

Day 11... Today i felt sooo bad cause my fiance...

Day 11...
Today i felt sooo bad cause my fiance had to help his mum move houses and i couldnt help as everything was too heavy for me :( poor boy has to do it all over again in 2 weeks when we move, ill be able to help a bit more then.
Ive done a lot of walking today and feel fantastic because now i can walk sooo much easier with my boobies gone :) yayyy
Although ive taken to taping up my nipples again, they are soooooo sensative that they are really painful, im kind of thankful cause i was worried about losing sensation and i definately havnt but it is driving me nuts and i cant wait until it calms down to normal again...anyone know how long that will take?
Ive t

2 week mark today...and i brought my first real...

2 week mark today...and i brought my first real bra since the op 2 wire free sports bras just to give me a bit more support while im healing and ease the pain of rough car trips lol much smaller and the sweeling hasnt even gone completely down yet yayyyy pretty happy so far. I think the scars are healing up nicely and i get no pain except for the occasional sharp stab through a breast (Im assuming this is the tissue working its way through the healing process)

Still absolutely in love with my new boobs, cannot...

Still absolutely in love with my new boobs, cannot get over how good of a job my surgeon has scars are already starting to fade and not be noticeable. no pain, wearing a normal sports bra again(with no underwire mind you), yesterday i tried on a bikini ive never fit in the breasts, and it was perfect and my boobs looked awesome in it :) lol I cannot believe how painless this whole process has been and how fast its gone. I do get the occasional pulse of pain through my breast and feel the cold through them terribly but its all bearable and part of the healing process so all up im ok :) and totally think it was worth it

FOUR WEEKS POST OP TODAY!!! and feeling...

and feeling fantastic! almost back to normal duties and feeling no pain
Got a head cold at the moment so feel like shit, wondering if my immune system was weakened due to my body focusing on healing my breasts
i still cant get over how much smaller i am and how much freer i feel

Today i got my first new underwire bra...gone from...

Today i got my first new underwire bra...gone from a 14D to a 12D (almost C) in the last 2 weeks, i think my swelling is starting to go down. i feel fantastic that i can now wear such low cut bras and not spill out like crazyyyy!!!

I did have a moment of worry today though when i pulled my tape off to skin either side of my scarring peeled off with it and i had a bit of blood...ive since talked to my surgeon and he says thats perfectly normal and just to have a break from the tape for a few days and give it time to strengthen up again. Now im feeling better about that and honetly glad i dont have to worry about the tape for a few days.

While talking to my surgeon he told me to book in an appt to start getting my scars treated when i visit him next, not that i think i will need it too much but yayyy :) things are going well and i feel hopeful :)

3 months post op update - With Pics

So i haven't updated in a whole, life is hectic but fabulous....i am a new me and am able to do things i never even considered before! In the last 6 weeks now that i have my surgeons all clear to exercise....i have been able to run and dance more where it caused pain before....and Ive lost 6kg YAY!!! A few weeks ago i went in for my final check up with my surgeon and he said it was healing beautifully and gave me a copy of my before and after pictures...i could not believe the differance! i dont think ill even get over how they look and feel now! i thank every day that i had my surgery....still no pain or issues, scarring starting to fade beautifully and i have all feeling back to normal. I get no back pain where i used to before my surgery and have been working on straightening my spine back into shape :) The Best decision i ever made! My life has Changed for the better and i would say a lot of that is thanks to my fantastic surgeon and the staff at the clinic!

Three Months to the day today! and feeling fabulous

Soo when i posted a few days ago i was actually a few days short of three months but today is my three month post op anniversary and i still cant quite believe how much my life has changed! honestly my surgery was the best decision i ever made, although i was scared s***less about it. Id never had anything close to this before, no stitches, anesthetic, staples or even been cut open (not to mention needles being my BIGGEST fear). I knew it needed doing but i was still absolutely terrified...not of the surgery itself as i knew it was for the best but of the unknown....i was scared id wake up in pain, infection or unhappy with the results! Biggest shock...NO PAIN. I asked the surgeon for approx. a C cup (mainly because i plan on having kids in a few years and don't want to go back to where i started)...I'm a little bit disappointed that I've come out at a D cup but they look fantastic so I'm not too fussed :) I'm healing beautifully and my scars are fading nicely...I do get the occasional twinge through my breasts but it is nothing major and goes within a minute or two; I'm sure its just the nerves and tissue healing. The outter edges of my breasts either side of my downwards scar have been numb since my srgery but i am starting to get feeling back now so all up im so happy with my results.

Attaching some updated photos at 3 months

And thank you everyone for your support
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You look great! I would love to see an updated photo. I will also be using rosehip oil and castor oil for the scars. Did you find that the rosehip oil helped?
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Look so good! I just had the Surgery By the Same Surgeon Dr Allan Kalus, im on day 5 of my recovery and I Love my new boobies! :) he definatly is a great surgeon! I hope my boobs heal as great as yours has! you look fabulous! x
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one of the best results I have seen after hours of looking at before/after!
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You look absolutely fantastic! Cannot believe how well you are healing! :)
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You look fabulous!
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Wow... you are healing so well! Thanks for posting the updated photos. Are you able to exercise comfortably at this point?
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i sure the one week mark i was able to walk comfortably at a faster pace and by three weeks i could manage a light jog...and by six weeks I could do heavy exercise...I dance and before surgery every time i danced i would throw my back out, since surgery I've doubled my dance classes and havn't had an issue. Honestly that's the things that's changed the most...where exercising hurt too much to even attempt before, now i feel wonderful after exercising!
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That is awesome! I can't wait to start running and doing Zumba again!!
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You look great...and you still have a lot of time before you are the size you will be...there's still hope for that "C" - I am 7 weeks PO and my size keeps changing!!
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i havn't changed size size what so ever since my surgery...i had hardly any swelling or bruising either due to the drains...I'm hoping to still go to a C but at the same time I'm still happy with my D and would not be too disappointed if it doesn't go down too much more....don't want all my pretty new bras to go to waste haha
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Amazing results, it looks like the rest of you is shrinking too.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to post your update 3 mos.'s great to see and hear about your look maaaaaarvelous!
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Your results look lovely! You must be really happy :)
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OMG....Michelle Ive just read your storey and im in tears and cant stop...Amazing and fantastic..I have the same problem But im a single mother of 2 and just dont know how I can afford it. My mum had hers done 9 years ago with Dr Kalus and is so happy she has told me to look him up so here i am.... I would love to have a private chat with you if you wouldnt e-mail
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I'm a PS Nurse (Sydney) & we never recommend to use the tape after the initial 2 weeks following surgery as it delays the healing process. The tape also causes pigmentation loss to the nipple area.
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Lovely to see new pics. Your surgeon has done a wonderful job and you look fantastic. Sorry to read about your stinky head cold - hope that gets better quickly :)
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You look absolutely fabulous! Now that is a very nice result :) I so agree with you on the feeling of freedom. It's so nice to be able to do things without giving any thought to whether I will end up sweating and get rashes or thrush under the boobs. This really is a wonderful surgery.
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Rockin' the tank top, congrats!!!
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Wow what a difference. You look just wonderful. Congrats. What a wonderful operation!
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Your new girls look wonderful - congratulations!
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You look so good
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Congratulations!! They look brilliant and are healing so well! :)
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Thou look great. Congratulations!!
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You look amazing! I wish mine were as perky as yours!
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You look great congratulations . Very happy for you!!
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