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Im Getting Perlane to Fill the Hollows of my Face - Aventura, FL

I had jaw surgery may 4, 2012. As the swelling was...

I had jaw surgery may 4, 2012. As the swelling was going dwn i was loving my face. My lips were pouty, my face was full, i looked like Eva mendes. Now I look sick. I lost a significant amount of weigh. Im gaining weight in my body but not my face. My jaw is thin and long, my chin is chunky, my eyes appear smaller because under my eyes have sunk in. I have no cheeks but yet my cheek bones are fully pronounced. Should I do perlane? For some reason I'm unable to post photos. I can tell you my face looks much like Picasso painting with thicker chin.

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Will perlane or any fillers get my face back like...

Will perlane or any fillers get my face back like this?


Interested, why did you have jaw surgery?
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Have you gone for a consultation at a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologists office? I'm guessing you have, but if not it would probably be worth your time to see what they say as far as if those results can be achieve and at what cost. Fillers can get really expensive really fast, so checking on what the maintenance costs would be might be a good idea also. 

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i went in yesterday for a consultation, ive gained like 2lbs so the doctor told me to wait a while before considering becauese im still going through changes. it so frustrating though. i want to get these injetions until im at my normal weight. its not like its perminent

Recommended by my pharmacist initially for acne scars.

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