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My name is Alex. I am 21 years old at the moment...

My name is Alex. I am 21 years old at the moment and i am 6'2". At age 17 I was about 330 lbs. I use to lead a very unhealthy lifestyle, mainly because I guess I didn't enjoy life as much as I should have in my younger days. At age 18 I started training in mixed martial arts after I lost around 70lbs in a year. Since then, I have dropped to 220 and I don't have much fat in my abdomen left. After 3 years of training and falling in love with mixed martial arts i have decided to pursue a professional career in it but even with my amateur kickboxing fights, my belly skin was always an issue and even though I am 5-0 in the sport, it affected both my training and my performance. Hopefully this surgery will give me that push I need to take my training to the next level.

My surgery is scheduled for January 11th, so It is coming up very soon. I will post pictures this weekend when I get a chance.

Hi Alex welcome to the community:)

Thank you for posting your review.   Congratulations on dropping the weight and getting healthy.  I am sure you feel amazing now.  A few more days and you can say goodbye to the extra skin.  You will love it!

Definitely post the before and after pictures.


I have a question about the the use of antibiotics...

I have a question about the the use of antibiotics before surgery. Today i woke up with a horrible sore throat and my wife gave me some advil or tylenol. My papers say that I cant take anything for 2 weeks before surgery, so i'll be asking my surgeon this thursday when i go see him.
Anyways, I still have not thought much about the surgery but I know i'm going to freak the closer i get to the day.
I'm excited at the thought of the surgery, but i get anxious from going through the procedure and recovery. What is your weight at now?
I have a story like yours I was 346 LBS at my heaviest, I have an Extended Tummy Tuck with Lipo and Ab Tightening set for the 18th, im not sure how to list my own page, i just joined tonight, My op is the 18th, Im super nervous and also getting excited after seeing the before and after pics on the site.
My surgery was moved to the 10th. 7 Days from now. I'm starting to get nervous :(

My surgery was moved to the 10th. 4 more days. Im...

My surgery was moved to the 10th. 4 more days. Im starting to get anxious. Are there any other things im going to need besides the meds i had to buy? Any recommendations in things that can help accommodate
This whole ordeal is easier than you can imagine. One hour after getting to my hospital room for an over nite stay the fun began. I am 3 months PO and don't remember any discomfort, just the good stuff. I know there was soreness and inconvenience but in hind site it was all so interesting and life changing. I read all of the horror stories on here and my doctor said stop! (i didn't). It all turned out so well, I'm so happy I did this. The preop nervousness was actually excitement and I just didn't realize it. The mirror is now my friend, YES!!!!!

I'm 6 hours post op. This sucks bad. I keep...

I'm 6 hours post op. This sucks bad. I keep bleeding, is this normal? like my pants are almost drenched in blood in the butt area. I can't move around without pain but i have to go to see the surgeon tomorrow at 3, ill ask him then.
How are you doing? Hope your better.
Stubakka, the bleeding was normal from the lipo on the flanks. Im trying to stretch out the pain meds because the most pain I'm on now is the constipation.
When you stretch out the time of the pain meds it will come down by itself try to stay eating light

I am 4 days Post-op and it was the first day I was...

I am 4 days Post-op and it was the first day I was able to use the bathroom. The swelling is crazy but i think the incision is healing well. I am starting to increase the time between the pain meds and I am taking Ibuprofen every 6-8 hours. I am going to walk around the block when the sun goes down to see if I can walk straighter.
Stubakka, how did the surgery go? I'm 8 days Post Op and I'm doing better everyday. The scar is healing quickly, no infections. The only thing is the drains are still in which are a huge inconvenience. the swelling is crazy but that was expected.
I'm ok. Two drains. Im 4 hours post op. the compression fitting is super tight. Not sure how snug it needs to be. I'm taking pain meds every 3 hours delauded. I started stool softened the 3 days before. So hopefully ill be good soon. I'm very hairy so all this tape pulling on my hair is annoying. Going to pee is an event. You can't be alone at all for this kind of thing and you have to really trust someone because they will see you very vaulnerable. I will update my profile with my day In a moment.
How you doing! I'm 2 days away. Eeeeek

Tomorrow I am having my first ultrasound, I think...

Tomorrow I am having my first ultrasound, I think thats what its called. My drains are still in, the left one is very slow and yellowing. The right one is still draining much faster and it's as red as it can be. I hope they can come off this week as I am 11 days post op.
The swelling is subsiding and I am in almost no pain at all. I can see results already but I gained like 10lbs. Is that normal?

My drains were taken out yesterday. My incision is...

My drains were taken out yesterday. My incision is 99 % closed.
But I developed a Seroma. I went today and they tried to drain it, but they couldn't. Tomorrow I'm supposed to see my surgeon. They told me not to worry but I'm freaking out.
When they tried to drain today, it hurt so much, like they were burning me and wouldn't stop. I'm freaking out so much.

Almost 6 months

My recovery had problems because of the sutures that were supposed to dissolve were fought out of my body instead. I still have a small opening with small amounts of swelling, which i've had for 2 months and my surgeon just last week gave me anti biotics for it. I've been training pretty hard for an upcoming fight and I even though I had some complications, I'd do it all over again because this surgery will change your life.

Photos up

It's been 18 Months

I went 4-0 in the amateur circuit. I am also on my way to fight at 185. This surgery changed my mindset, that along with great coaching have changed my life style.

Confidence and Tummy Tucks

The tummy tuck is much more than a tool used to help resolve the anxiety and depression that obesity through my teenage years had caused at that point in my life. I am one year, 7 months and 3 days post-op. The procedure is a tool that you can use to resolve those feelings that eat away at you. I don't expect every one to comprehend the feelings and the pressure that comes with undergoing this procedure but I am reaching out to those who are hesitant to go through with the procedure.

Do it. Just the plunge, not only because it's going to make you look socially acceptable, but because it will build momentum in your life that can be a great tool for motivation, in whatever it is you do with your life. The confidence it instilled in me is something that I can almost feel, and I beg of you to not talk yourself out of it. If you walk tall, you'll pick your chin up. If you speak up, you'll be assertive. If you do something, you will do it with confidence that can't be taught.

I have gone 4-0 in the past year down here in South Florida as an amateur. My family and our business is expanding. My relationships with parents, my sister, my friends, my coaches and my dogs, Prim and Katniss, are much stronger. All from a little bit of confidence.

There a thousand reasons as to why you want to do the procedure. But I promise you that the growth you will encounter is much more spiritual than physical and I urge you to trust yourself to go through with it.

Just do it.
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