Brazilian Butt Lift in March 2nd 2012- Aventura, FL

I have been going back and forth for about 2 years...

I have been going back and forth for about 2 years now on whether or not to have this done. Im scheduled for March 2012 and couldn't be more excited!

At first I went for a consult for just lipo of the flanks, bra roll, and abs but after further thought (and this wonderful website) I figured why waste the fat when it can go to good use lol. I have had a very small booty for years and always felt self-conscious about how clothes looked on me.

I 5'6" and about 130lbs. I would always wear long shirts that would cover my bottom because I didn't want to bring ANY attention to my non-existing butt. I will have abs/flanks, bra roll and inner thigh lipoed.

I'm hoping for curves - hips and booty. At first I wanted to go very modest, but after seeing the photos and reading the reviews I think I want a "Big Booty" lol. So now working on gaining weight - which I love! I can eat what I want with no regrets. And yes, I cancelled my gym member for the time being until after full recovery.

I will update with before and after photos in the future. Thanks!


I am having my second consult nov.18.I am so nervous
I will see him again on the 8th of Nov for a 3rd consult. Keep me posted on how it goes!
lol... Thank you!

Adding before photos at current size. I currently...

Adding before photos at current size. I currently 5'6" 134lbs 34C-29-36 (trying my best to gain 15lbs before March). Hoping to be 34-26-40. or close to it :)

I had smartlipo back in June on my lower belly (usually where most of my fat is stored. I wish I hadn't because now Im trying to gain weight! lol. I'm glad my doctor is known for "finding every ounce of fat! lol".

Is a Salma certified? You look amazing!
Best wishes to you and I definitely understand those long shirts to cover your booty!! Pretty soon I'll be able to tuck in my shirt! Woo-hoo!!
(Thumbs up) LIKE

I can't wait to put all these waist length tops I have on without a cardigan to cover my lack of hips or not so cushy tushy.

Plane tickets- $ 250
Hotel- $ 700

Having ladies that understand the need/want for a BBL- PRICELESS

Adding before pics again. It may not seem like if...

Adding before pics again. It may not seem like if on the before pics, but I have a great amount of fat around my stomach (even after 400ccs of smart lipo taken out) and some back fat.
Thanx my doctor is Doctor. John Pinnella.

I saw your review you started, I can't wait to follow your experience Daytona!

Your going to look the your shape now isn't toooo bad like alot of women I've seen not to talk down on them because I cant talk lol but cant wait to see ur after pictures I wish you nothing but the best of luck hun :) ill be having my bbl in February 2012 can't wait :))) I love this site lots and lots of helpful information ttyl again good luck!

I'm so glad I chose Dr. Salama! Seeing the results...

I'm so glad I chose Dr. Salama! Seeing the results of his recent BBL patients lets me know I made a great decision! My only concern now is that I gain the extra fat needed to have to have the results i'm hoping for... I have gotta gain these extra pounds!

Ok, so I'm having my full back, flanks, entire...

ok, so I'm having my full back, flanks, entire abdomen, & inner thighs lipoed. Now I'm highly considering outer thighs (under the butt crease). and maybe... just maybe my arms. But I'm afraid the arms will be so sore and I wont be able to do much of anything. Any advice about the arms- please share!
That's a good price. I've seen some of Markmann's work and he does a great job but 18k is a lot of money. I haven't had a consultation yet....did you do yours via webcam or did you fly there?
I emailed photos and spoke back and forth with Ruben ( office administrator)
Surgery cost is $5500. Lipo to full back, full stomach, flanks and inner thigh. My flight which I booked in nov was $240. Round trip. I now have someone to travel with and their flight is $550. To be on my same flight :( My hotel is about $1100. With tax For 10 days. I haven't decided yet on the additional lipo areas but cost for additional areas is about $200 to $400 depending on the area. Remember these are my quotes. I booked back in Nov so they may have changed. I would only considered two doctors based off my consults and reviews from others and that's Dr Salama and Dr. Markmann (but he's $18k) I can't do that amount at this time. Cause I'm paying cash (not financing). But in my opinion they are two of the best for this proceedure.

Almost just a month away! Wow, time flies. I...

Almost just a month away! Wow, time flies. I booked with Dr. S 3 months ago and I'm so glad I did it when I did b/c I'm hearing the prices are going up and that he is totally booked up! I can't believe I talked my mom into taking off and traveling with me (she's so against this). Never having surgery before I feel like I need the support of someone close.

I def will pack my foam knee pad along with my yoga blocks (for sitting), compression socks and vitamins/arnica . Other than that I cant think of anything else. Clearance and labs will be done in 2 weeks. I'm too excited and this is all I think about. Everyone around me who knows cant wait until its done so I can shut up about it lol. I've seen and looked up more booty photos then 50 guys! Can you say obsessed!

Too excited! I saw @optimistic143 results and they...

Too excited! I saw @optimistic143 results and they are amazing! 3 weeks to go! time is flying by. Surgery clearance and labs will be done next week. Still gathering items on my check list. I'm so geeked!
@caramella1, I will take a look as well since im scheduled in April. Thanks for making it available. I have one question and hope you don't mind answering... How does it feel? Does it feel natural? If someone touched or squeezed it, would they notice the difference?
@natasha5518.. I havent had the procedure done yet! I compiled that list from all the post I have read from other bbl girls!! But I will keep posting on my experience after I have it done!!
@bblnikki.. I also posted a check list of stuff you might need for the surgery under my pics... hope it helps!!

Five days away now and it seems like I've gained...

Five days away now and it seems like I've gained all that I will at this point. I started off at 131lbs and now I'm around 140-142lbs. My measurements are 34c-31-36. I will post a few more before photos and then again before surgery.

I've been loving the after photos of Dr. S patients, but some stories of what these ladies are going through has me wondering. But I'm going to stay positive :) I'm pretty much prepared for travel- just need to get waxed, mani and pedi, etc...

I want to thank the ladies who have been keeping us all updated with their stories and photos. They have been very helpful.
I'm so excited for you Nikki, put all of that out of your mind everything is going to be great!! You have to start being positive now and keep it going!
I will. Thank you and updates soon :)

Ready to Fly out in the am and meet with Dr. S! I...

Ready to Fly out in the am and meet with Dr. S! I will keep you ladies posted :)
Your time has finally come I pray you have a complication free surgery a speedy recovery and of course a nice big booty keep us posted I'm anxious to see your results since you are the closest to my size be safe
Yes it has and I can't believe it! Thank you for the kind words... Updates soon to come :)

Surgery scheduled for 1pm tomorrow. I got to get...

Surgery scheduled for 1pm tomorrow. I got to get some rest. Talk soon ladies!
Can't wait to see your results. Best wishes.
Thank you will post soon
Hope all goes well tomorrow and that u have a speedy recovery

Out of surgery at by 6pm. Everything went well....

Out of surgery at by 6pm. Everything went well. Resting but will post as soon as I can.

I just finished walking for about 15 minutes...

I just finished walking for about 15 minutes through my hotel. Yesterday I could only stand for about 3 minutes before feeling faint. I like what I see so far but with the stiffness cant really see like I want to. Photos I've taken does not do justice (booty is huge) so I'll probably wait until I remove the garment tomorrow for showering. Not sure how many ccs. I'll post more details soon.
Omg girl how was it? how you feeling today?
it wasnt so bad for me at all. I am very grateful that I havent had any problems.
the worst is over. your alive and well to tell it. youve come so far be brave 2morrow for your masssage.

I’m feeling a lot better day-by-day. My surgery...

I’m feeling a lot better day-by-day. My surgery was Friday at 1pm in their new operating suite, which was very nice! The anesthesiologist and doctor were very nice and went over everything with me. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. I was more relaxed by the environment, kindness, and professionalism. I told the doctor I wanted more fat in the lateral areas of the butt for more of an hourglass shape and the other fat to create a bubble or heart depending on how much I had available. I do regret saying at the end, “I don’t want it too big”, because I remember the doctor repeating, “so you don’t want a big butt?” Then I said not too big, but I trust your judgment. I should have said make it huge!, because I like the size now, but know I will lose some so I would have rather gone bigger, if possible and then lose some over time if it was too much. But anyway, I’m very happy.

The hardest part for me is the laying down on my stomach all the time. I refuse to sit at all! I was upset I let them wheelchair me out, but I was so out of it right after surgery. I will only sit on the flight back and not again for another 3 weeks before I return to work. I’m trying to keep what I have. Your body gets very stiff after laying down in the same position and it’s so annoying when I have to get up 8 times a day to pee lol. I’m not swollen at all, but I’m not sure if that is going to happen after my drains are removed. I will have my 1st massage tomorrow morning, which I don’t look forward to. I realized I have a high tolerance for pain, but I’m hearing so many horror stories about this massage that I am a bit nervous!

I had my back, flanks, full stomach and inner thighs done. The doctor said he would do under my butt cheeks bc I told him I wanted to have a crease. At my follow up he said he injected 900 ccs and took about 3 liters of fat. I took my first shower today and felt faint for a while, but it got better. Here are a few photos I took today 3days post op. Talk soon!

Photos will not load:( I will try again later

photos will not load:( I will try again later
Hey, did you have to pay for lab work before the bbl? if so how much was that for you?
My insurance covered it *so far lol. Lets see if I get a bill in the mail. I dont think it was suppose to. But I went to my doctor's lab where all my info is on file from previous visits. But if you pay out of pocket I think Ruben said it would be less than $200.
Hey BBLNikki! I have my surgery scheduled for the 21st of May and I was wondering if Dr. Salama gave you a minimum amount of time that you had to stay in the hotel before heading home. I think you mentioned booking the hotel for 9 days so I'm assuming that includes the night before surgery. Does that mean that the minimum you are required to stay is 8 days?

Ugggh... i'm so motivated now b/c my gurl...

ugggh... i'm so motivated now b/c my gurl Caramella1 has updated and is looking fabulous! But I am still unable to post pics. The website won't allow if for some strange reason. Sharon said to do a refresh but it's not working :(

Ok, photos uploaded! lol

ok, photos uploaded! lol
wow you look great and no swelling even better wishing you a quick and safe recovery keep us posted
thank you, well, the swelling did happen a few days later but it's not too bad
Oh wow Nikki! You and I have the exact same shape! I'm just two inches taller than you. I'm using the same doc in June so your photos are showing me almost exactly how I will look after procedure... HOTTT!!! He did an amazing job! I have those stubborn fat rolls in my back too, right below the bra strap, and I can't really tell in the after pic if he got them all out for you? Either way, you look perfect! Congratulations girl!

I'm still loving the booty which has gone down...

I'm still loving the booty which has gone down some but it needed to lol. Booty was too big for my frame. Sorry my photos don't do it justice! I feel a lot better now that I've had my drains removed yesterday and had my 3rd massage with Ceila (wish she could go back with me lol). Well, I'm at the airport ready to return home. What a crazy journey this has been. It's day 8 and I don't need the pain mads anymore. I'm soooo pleased with my experience with the staff, doctors, and results do far. I have a lot of swelling but I know when it goes done my waist will be tiny. My hotel was doable, but not great. That's a whole story in itself! Anyway, hoping to maintain what I have now. I had my first experience today where a guy is approaching me and he smiles and says hello. I have a pretty face but in the past I always felt that once the guy passed by he would look and be like "no ass smh" well, today he passed me and I have on me long fitted dress (booty popping). And I just felt a boost of confidence! Lmao. I was walking down the hall smiling to myself. It was hillarious to me :)
How long does Dr. Salama suggest you wear the garment for?
He told me 6-8 weeks. I cant wait to get out of this thing lol! I have a week long conference to attend in May so I'm so glad I'll be out of it by then.
Thank you for the info. To have it on for 6-8 weeks is not bad. My previous bbl doctor had me wear that garment for like three months and that was ANNOYING!
You look great girl. I read your update and you answered another question of mine, I didn't know if I should tell him to put as much as he can in order to compensate for the absorbtion and weight loss I'm gonna be working on after the surgery.

Hey Ladies! Its been two weeks come tomorrow and I...

Hey Ladies! Its been two weeks come tomorrow and I wanted to do a quick update. I've been healing well. I still have a lot of swelling around my mid section. I went to go and have my 1st massage here in MD which made my 4th massage and it was a disaster! A total waste of time and money. I found a lady that was suppose to have 23 years of experience with lymphatic massages, however, she didnt have a clue how to handle a post-op lipo patient. She didnt even touch my stomach! She kept doing something with my throat! WTH! I was pissed! So i dont knew what to do about these massages. I wish I had Celia from Dr. S office :(. I have excessive fluid and swelling around the mid section to the point where Celia (the massage therapist) suggested I have some fluid removed and she also recommended an ultrasound massage and a heat pad twice a day for 1 hour. Other than that everything else seems to healing well. Starting to itch around the lipo areas. My booty isn't as swollen and has softened up just slightly. I'm hoping I maintain what I have, but we will see. *cross fingers lol. Well, here are the two weeks post- op photos. I will try to get someone else to take them next time. I dont seem to be doing these photos due justice lol
You lookf Fantabulous girl!!
Thank you :)
Wow...what a difference...I wish i wouldve discovered salama before i decided to go to mendieta.

Current measurements 34-27-39

current measurements 34-27-39
First ya look great!!!
Second I was wondering if you could shed light on the massage positions for me. I know that we are not supposed to lay on our back but how does the massage therapist massage the belly if we don't lay on our back? Is there a special way that you lay down without being flat and putting pressure on ur bottom?
thank you!! When they massage you stomach you lay on the boppy pillow and they put a pillow under your legs. this takes the pressure off the butt.
YOU LOOK AMAZING! Love the pic in the long, fitted dress GIRL YOU KILLEN EM! Asstrology! Lol This is my next procedure, just got my boobs done, but this is totally next. Thanks for posting and inspiring! xoxo

Hey ladies! I'm now 3 weeks post-op and doing very...

Hey ladies! I'm now 3 weeks post-op and doing very well. I started wearing a different garment about 2 days ago. It's one I already had. It's a Ardys Corset. I wear it with the board given from the doctor. It is shaping my waist line very well. I'm noticing a difference already with the extra fluid and swelling I had on my sides and lower back. I think I will buy more arnica/bromelain pills. I noticed the difference when I started taking them (I'm a bad pill taker). I've started sitting on the boppy pillow while in the car. I was advised to start sitting on it up to 20 out of the hour. and I can start sitting next week. My butt went down, but it's still nice and round. It's getting softer and a little giggly :) my inner thighs are sore like I did an extreme work out. I'm thinking about putting ace bandages around my upper thighs at night since I'm not wearing my garment. I just couldnt take the pulling on my shoulders anymore. plus i feel the corset is really shaping me well (I hope this is ok :/). Well here are my 3 wekks photos. ttyl ladies!
BBLnikki, you look amazing.... And also you said 900cc?? Is that per butt cheek?
your results are great!! i hope mine come out the same!
Your body...especially your ass, looks phenomenal!

Hello! sorry it took me so long to update. Its...

Hello! sorry it took me so long to update. Its been almost 3 months and I love my results. I feel that I've gotten a little bigger. My butt is a lot softer and giggly. My stomach looks a lot better. I'm still itchy on my stomach and back as it continues to heal (so it's normal). I was considering a second round but I will wait and see what happens since I feel its getting bigger naturally.

Sorry current measurements are 34-24-39 b4...

sorry current measurements are 34-24-39

b4 surgery measurements 34-30-36
wow ur ass........................looks .....sooooo........nice s.m.i.l.e
Thank you!

New photo

new photo
I don't know why I've never seen this review. Out of all the other posts, I think my body best resembles yours, I just hope to get amazing results such as yours!!
Thank you, and good luck with your sx!!
love your results!!

Hello! It's been awhile but wanted to do a quick...

Hello! It's been awhile but wanted to do a quick update. I'm 8 1/2 mos post op and I love my results. My booty is huge and round. I just started started working out yesterday and plan to continue working out at least 3 times per week. I want to lose about 10 lbs (really just be healthy). The only issue I have is my upper back fat and back bra area fat. I'm considering a retouch (lipo only) b/c a lot of fat was left back there and I don't need anymore booty lol. I will contact Dr. S soon to discuss how that works since u dud pay for my entire back to be lipoed. I was trying to give it time to see if things would change, but it didn't. Here's a photo taken a few days ago. I'll try to post more soon.
Is your work you had done a combination of implants and fat grafting/transfer?
Fat graft only
Hey hun how are you

1 year and 7 months later

Hello, Just wanted to update with a few photos. My butt continues to grow and mainly because I eat and haven't been working out. I will be working out and running soon so I'll probably lose some.
Hi Doll, did you gain those 15 pounds? BTW, you look great :)
You look fantastic!
Thank you
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama and his staff is the best! Ruben, Nomie, Jennifer, Ceila, and Larry (the driver). I am so blessed that I switched to him. I have had the greatest experience you can imagine for a surgery so serious. They have made the experience very comforting and they are so welcoming. I can't say enough great things about everyone at Elite Plastic Surgery!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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