Very Pleased with Results from TT and BBL - Aventura, FL

Surgery date was November 21, 2011. Initially...

Surgery date was November 21, 2011. Initially wanted only lipo and bbl but surgeon recommended a tummy tuck. Thought about it and finally made my deposit October 31st because that was the last day for the special for bbl.

Pretty much pleased with how I look in clothes, was always proportionate but thick and in physically fit. I wasn't blessed with my moms genes of an apple bottom but had hips, thighs, and some size to my butt to camouflage the flat upper part. 5'7" average weight 165-172lbs size 10/12. But had a knee injury a few years ago resulting in steroid injections and weight gain. Highest weight recently 242lbs size 16, weight on surgery date 202lbs size 14. It takes about 15-20lbs for me to go up or down a size. I just wanted to get rid of the awkward looking midsection, bra rolls, and add fullness to butt. I tried accomplishing this on my own for many years and would be content but not completely satisfied. So I decided to have cosmetic surgery. Once I made the decision everything else just kind of happen very quickly with my surgery date being 3 weeks later. I was apprehensive, developed anxiety, then became excited once I thought of finally achieving the results I've wanted for so long.

I didn't want to have too high of an expectation so that I'm not disappointed. So I kept an open mind. I informed the doctor that I wanted a nice curvy silhouette, as close to 1000cc per cheek after absorption as possible (which they have no control over). So he told me he usually injects more to compensate for the average 30% fat absorption. That sound great to me.

Today is 2 weeks post op. Have lots of swelling in my midsection. But 1 week post op after I was placed in a compression garment, I was pleased with the results then which including still a lot of swelling. So I know the end result will surpass my expectation. Visually, my waist is very small which accentuates my 38Ds and thick thighs with the doctor added liposuction of the inner thigh. Love it! As far as my bbl goes. Once the swelling in my lower back subsides, my rear view and side view is going to be awesome because I can see the outline of the area that's swollen. Can't wait.

Staff is awesome, very friendly. Surgeon is as described, mild manner, quiet but I managed to get him to laugh. Very serious and focus like an artist when it came down to discussing and prepping for the procedure. Seems to be very knowledgeable and experienced for his young age. I'm a very critical person when it comes to me paying for a service. Doesn't seem to be about the money to him but ensuring the patient is satisfied with the results they envision. I plan to return next year around this time for a breast lift. I will highly recommend him for your cosmetic needs.Updated on 17 Dec 2011:Hello
I've been a little busy trying to finish this semester, slowly getting back to work though I decided to stay home 2 days this week. After visiting my doctor, and recommended to a local cosmetic surgeon it was determined I'm having alot of fluid retention in my abdomen area. So I'm returning to Florida tomorrow to have my surgeon reinsert a drain otherwise it can develop into an infection. These things happen. I prefer to return to Florida instead of having another surgeon touch me. I know once I have this done I will feel much better, because it's alot of pressure on my stomach creating alot of discomfort. Otherwise, I feel good, just regular swelling and soreness. I said I would take photos 4 weeks post-ops. I'm 2 days short of 4 weeks but felt good enough this morning to take some after shots for you all.Updated on 17 Dec 2011:Returned some clothes that I purchased the Saturday before my surgery. They were a size 2X to camouflage the stomach and lack of curves. I ended up exchanging it for a size 12 top and L bottom. That was on December 10, 2011, with the compression garment and binder on. I wear the binder over my compression garment when I'm going to be walking as in shopping. It gives me additional support in my back and stomach. Though it felt like 30lbs was in my stomach, I saw an hour glass figure in the mirror and back in my size 12s at 3 week post op with swelling.Updated on 20 Dec 2011:Back home from my second opinion about the fluid situation. Dr. Extracted some fluids from several locations in my abdomen to conclude it wasn't enough to require a drain.... I was very happy about that and felt better.. It's just a lot of swelling. I'll simply continue with my massage therapy.. Got my silicon strip for my TT area though the healed area doesnt appear to have a scar. There are still two areas each above the hip that aren't quite as healed. So I'll wear this strip for the 4 weeks or until it comes off naturally because I don't like the changing out thing every 7 days. Thank you all for your kind words and compliments.Updated on 21 Dec 2011:Had a rough day today in the recovery dept. Left work at noon came home and got in bed. Found a new therapist and she asked could I come in today. I rest for a while and went for my massage at 4. She used this suction machine to help open my lymphatic drains. I really like that method. I felt so much better. So I purchased a 3 week package.

Though I wasn't planning on taking more photos...

Though I wasn't planning on taking more photos until I was 8 weeks post op because constant monitoring of visual appearance is nerve wrecking. Some of you have been wondering how I'm progressing. So I weighed myself this morning. Seems I've lost 10lbs since the last time the doctor weighed me two weeks ago. Also I've completed 5 weeks post op and have posted photos as well.

Hi I've had several inquiries about my diet,...

I've had several inquiries about my diet, whether or not I changed it. AGAIN the before photos were a result of steroid treatment for a knee injury which I chose not to have surgery to correct. For the most part I remain fit and voluptuous. Though I didn't want my face on my profile because of my horrible before photos, which I literally stopped havinga social life because I was not use to being that way. I dug up some before steroid weightgain 2008 photos so you can see the body frame was the same then, I just have more junk in the trunk now and boobs (but that was the positive from steroids lol)

I understand convenience and you simply get caught...

I understand convenience and you simply get caught up in the chat conversation. If you have a question or comment for me I will gladly respond. If you're creating extended threads of comments for other users about your personal business, then please try to take it to your own profile. Comments posted are forward to my personal email as a convenience for me to respond to others with concerns about my experience. So it becomes annoying to have lots of personal conversations in my inbox. Thank you to the users who realized their extended personal threads and advised to email each other because they were on someone else's profile.

I've decided to delete my account on here due to...

I've decided to delete my account on here due to activities on my profile that I've kindly asked not to happen. So good luck in your search for your ideal body.....

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Samala is such a good doctor and very good friend
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No prob
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Wow that's nice .. I have to check with her if she used it or not and if she likes it .. Thanks I really appreciate that ...;)
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Thank u doll .. I'm sure u look amazing
Can't wait to do it and get it done with ;)
My husbend was telling me to cut big hole in the mattress where I can rest my booty so I could sleep on my back lool and I dont know if that's possible ;p
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Oh they have some mattresses like that already. 76 Lovejoy bought one on amazon I think. It is called the maternity mattress. I was going to buy one myself, but I didnt wanted the hassell of taking it on the plane etc
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No problem. I slept on my side with a pillow under my booty so it wasnt that bad. I will say maybe about 4 days before you can get up by yourself but you will need help for about 10 days. But I will say them first 3 days, you will catch hell. The surgery is not bad, its like you went to sleep for about 5 minutes and then it is all over. Dont be scared, it is not as bad as you think, it was just that I was so weak and I drank a lot of water and ensure to get my strength back. You will do just fine.
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Thanks for respond back to me
But were u be able to sleep on ur side or what kinda position u used while u were sleeping .. Is it worth all that pain.. And how long it look to get up with no help?
I hope I could see some pic of u .. I'm sure u look amazing but I can't see no pic maybe because I'm in my I phone :(
I had my sergery on dec then I change it to march then on april.. I'm scred to do it ... I don't have to health problem and I weight 124 but still for me to think that im staying for 6 hours on operation room plus taking the general enestesia that freaks me out loool
Maybe because I never took one in my whole life
Please if u have time can u answer all my questions ? Thanks doll
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Oh girl, the 1st three days are very bad especially since I had that those drain bags in, each time I turn I had to make sure that I dont snatch them out. But for the most part, they give you pain medicine and you are asleep, but then when you up that is also another story. Just make sure you have someone with you at all times. You will be very weak too.
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Congratulation woman ... I'm going to be next .. I'm having my tt and bbl on April 26 .. I'm so worried about the general anesthesia and how I'm gonna be able to sleep during the night , some doctors said it's hard to sleep on ur side , how did u do it
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Ok Phatback we will chat later. Some people think we have nothing to do but to sit on realself and wait for other people to comment. Phatback, today is week # 3 of my surgery and I am still afraid to sit. Still hold to hold on.
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6 hrs ok booboo
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@Myladylumps, this conversation is over with you. I am focusing on my surgery not your comments.
"Ms. Phatback"
@ Getabooty I will text you later sweetie!!!!

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@Phatback, I like your new name. Ms Phatback lol lol. It would be nice if you changed it on realself lmao..... Ms Phatback
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Did u see what u just wrote "no one should be be putting others down" c'mon girl we all grown take that advice yourself. Like I said do what u want,it has nothing to do with me.
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I understand ur point and frustration.
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@myladylumps, I said what I felt, we are all on here for personal reasons to better our looks appearance etc. so no one should be putting anyone down. I saw her before pics and she came along way through plastic surg not through diet and exercise.... So dont go criticizing others...

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Well I started the conversation so I take it that you were talking to me so I responded. I dont enjoy hurting other people's feelings, but when they go about it over and over again to hurt other people's feelings, so I said something. In my opinion, she think she is some royality and she is not. This website was make for everyone to comment and asked questions. For the records, I will be putting up my pics very shortly and ANYone comment on my (realself) page as much as they want. I dont own the site.
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Forget what I wrote. I don't care what's going on, just hate to see ppl feelings hurt. I'm outta it, carry on
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First off take a breath. Secondly my comment wasn't ddirected to u, did u say something personal (ie her weight and rolls) No u didn't, it was to Ms. Phatback and just for future ladies looking for a soapbox. Do I condone her comments, absolutely not, do I care enough to come on here and let her know in a dramatic way, not that much. I don't do the E-drama so we can agree to disagree but its pointless to start this whole trend where ppl feel compelled to join in on the talking ish. *shrug
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@Phat back, you are my kinda girl. She got so rude with girl2 one day because she "I am jealous of your out come. Dr. Salama did a wonderful job" and she snapped at her because she really thought she was serious. Now she has taken down her pictures because other people is commenting. Give me a break! She needs to be decrowned.
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Ok forreal. Don't get petty on here. No personal attacks ladies.
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But I wiwll say I don't understand the "punishment" of removing pics bc ppl wanted to convverse with one another. Threw me for a loop.
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@Myladylumps. All her negative comments may be okay with you, but it is not with me. You might think it is petty, but unfortunately I dont think so. If you think it is petty, you are alone with your thoughts because a lot of other people dont think that way. It woudl suite her fine if should would just get her own website.
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@getaboody, I agree...I'm so turned off by her like really u were 248 lbs now ur acting like a fitness guru!! Get a life chic, without the surgery she would still have her 3 layers of Rolls.. Lmao

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@ Bronzedasian, I think this entire thing have gotten to your head and you think you are Miss It. I see the way how you talk to some of these girls who admired you results and you must think you just reached the sky. If you dont want anyone to comment on your blog, go get your own website and pay for it too, then you then tell everyone not to talk to each other on. You have some nerve!
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