not getting my butt netyme soon

I'm sick of not loving my body I've prayed...

I'm sick of not loving my body I've prayed about this choice and I am more than ready to be happy with my body

Sorry about the messy room was packing clothes for...

sorry about the messy room was packing clothes for the needy just had my first child and he's growing like a weed he's 7 months.

Im debating on getting a breast lift with no...

Im debating on getting a breast lift with no implant and a mini tummy tuck...any advice is welcome my doc says I will not require a mini tt I'm just scared my skin will not tighten the way I expect and I'll end up having to go under the knife again is there any ladies with a body shape similar to mine who did not receive a tt because I'm really such st a standstill

Finally starting my payments I've locked in...

Finally starting my payments I've locked in the date june 4 I can barely wait I definitely am in love with this dr I've scheduled a breast lift,bbl, arm lipo, upper back lipo, lower back lipo, flanks, abdemon, and inner thigh lipo for a price of 8449 if I bring a friend getting a procedure its just 8000 I'm so excited if I need any extra work hes going to handle it and I'll pay for it later on a care credit card I am so excited

I am tweeking in a good and bad way im so worried...

I am tweeking in a good and bad way im so worried about the financing i plan on doing with dr. Salama I guess ill just have to wait till Monday and call i can barely wait though so tired of not knowing if ill be able to finance ... but on a lighter note ive found two ladies to join me on this journey to happiness PrettyNcurvy, and SoEstatic we are super excited and super supportive which helps push this process forward im so happy to have met my brand new girlies im having a bbl, inner thigh lipo arm lip and a breast lift with dr. Salama. with a possible mini tuck we dont know yet but i will know the day of my consult...(hopefully not ). I am preparing for a wonderful surgery and a brand new booty lol if there is any advicxe or suggestions you all can think of id love to hear about them i will be keeping everyone posted

I am very satiaified with the packet i received...

I am very satiaified with the packet i received from salama it included all prescriptions antibiotic,pain pill,and a stool softner. pre and post op information and health information i faxed off. i am also very happy because my job approved me time off....yay

Ladies and gentleman i am so freaking excited..i...

Ladies and gentleman i am so freaking excited..i finally got finanxing with my credit alone which is zero lol ive never built credit up so i had started to gve up but now ive been approved and im so happy i get to get my dream body with two of my new besties...i am so releived and now all i can do is hurry up n wait....i am so excited and thankful i got approved but im going to keep my fingers crossed untill i pay my dwn payment i am so geeked i will keep everyone posted so dont worry.

Hi ladies and gentleman i am stressing once again...

Hi ladies and gentleman i am stressing once again i changed mi mind abt the onli financing company tht would help me n now im so upset i told them ill kno by may if ill be working with them like i have freekin choices but im directing all mi faith to the fsa ( flexible spending account) my job offers i think i can get up to five thousand dollars which wud b a tremendous help its also tax free and interest free but there are restrictions on sum things so my dr. would have to tell why i need this surgery hopefully everything works out if not im back to square one

on another note im still super geeked the official countdown has brgun 100 days left.....thts gud n bad news for me good cause im ready bad because financially im not... neway... I am so excited because ill b staying in a beautiful three bedroom house with my girlies minutes from the beach....i hope we will get to enjoy that luxury..also ive been contemplating a small implant but im not sure and wud love some advice on this....isnt funny(sad) how im still saving up money but talking like ia have enuff for implants lol well ne advice will be greatly appreciated

Hey everyone im so estatic that im going to be...

Hey everyone im so estatic that im going to be prettyn curvy soon im going to put the financial situation in gods hands for now and keep moving forward

Ok ladies and gents i talked to my hr today and i...

Ok ladies and gents i talked to my hr today and i can get seventhousand dollars on my fsa(or 8,000) but that cost too much this means my financial worry is semi overthe only thing that concerns me is this money will not b available until june 1st ahhhhhhhh thats two days before i fly out im not goin to stress but thts cuttn it supr close i just hope i can have all the paper work done in time so close but my giries tell me dont stress it so im not now i am focusing on sum things ill hqve to buy to prepare my body for a bbl,breast lift,lipo of upper and lower abs,flanks,and upper and lower back with a possible mini tt salama will let me kno at my consultation...i already kno its a yes lol...but the price 8000 is. without the mini tt (lol can u beleive i said prepare) thats hillarious but i will be buying the isopedic breast pillow off ebay new much cheaper than the ledge or the side sleeper inflamatory pills going to do research on this to b sure i get the best bang for my. if yu have any suggestions veterans that would be greatly appreciate that also i am going to invest. silicone sheets and or spray again if anyone has advice on either of these items please let me kno because im still researching them all also i am looking to buy some cheap summer dresses for the procedure and would love to know a great place to find this item i if yu have. any questions dont hesitate to ask also i need as much help as i can get so. let me know any tips r tricks to layimg down or showering or anything thanks in advanced also i sent ruben an email today for a price update so as soon as i know the real total so will yu im so excited

Btw Im also getting lipo of inner thigh and upper arms

Btw Im also getting lipo of inner thigh and upper arms

Ok without my mini tt the price is 8000 and with...

Ok without my mini tt the price is 8000 and with my mini tt 8786 yay im so excited and ruben reassured me everything would be fine and with my fsa everything will be paid n full nomo stress

And this is a group rate with my three girlies...

And this is a group rate with my three girlies because we r all having our procedures together

Im waaaaay excited ladies and gents been so busy...

im waaaaay excited ladies and gents been so busy but i canot wait for mi brand new booty

Hi everyone finally got an off day yaaay a quik...

hi everyone finally got an off day yaaay a quik little update ive finally decided against receiving an augmentation and im just going to receive a lift so my agenda for eight weeks consists of paying for my rental home while im stayn in florida purchasing my oneway ticket to fla and the oneway ticket back hme will be registered under handicapped seating; i will be purchasing some anti inflamatory meds for swelling and bruising; i have not found anyone who offers lymphatic drainage massages in alabama so that seARch will continue. i will need to buy a pee pee funnell or i mite just use a restaraunt cup ;ill also need pee pee pads for my bed as well as the bathroom floors i will also be bringing neosporen and sum type of lotion for dry itch skin just incase that garment gets to itchy im also going to purchase a pack of tank yops so i wont have direct contact with my skin;i will also try to purchase some cheap summer dresses for the scorching heat ...i was wondering do i need to fill these prescriptions salama gave me now r after my drs. clearance that was a little confusing because i dont want themff tripping becaus im flying with pain meds....this will be my first time on a plane and i dont kno how ther rules werk but on another note i will be stayin with my girls from the 3rd-11th of june and my brother from the 11th-15th so im plamming on staying those extra gggg days because mi brother said he missed me y not kill two birds with one stone i am sooooo freakin excited its almost tyme mi only concern is the pain associated with this type of surgery im litttle apprehensive about that part but aside from that i truly trust my surgeon..i absolutely love ruben already im ready to have the body ive always dreamed of ahhhhh im about to butst i just hope my fsa goes thru without a hitch because i need the card as soon as possible especially because i wont hAve the benifits available till june 1st three dayys befor mi surgery and two days befor my flight ther is absolutely no room for mistakes this month r next month ive gotten my time off just gotta c about my classes for this semester i no ill miss abt two weeks which is not good at all seeing as bilolgy is not my strong suit so ill have to most definately study my fat ass off literally lol i just hope everything goes as planned and ruben gets beter he was n a car accident and hes doing fine he jus had to push sum dates bk once sgain he is OK so dont stress out like i did when luxury updated her status ad" surgery postponed evrryone one pray for salama"...i thot the man was on his death bed i guess we all express ourselves differently but dam it scared the sht out of me n a few others so i will b praying for salama and luxury because all tha money is hard to cum by and also ladies im wodering wat happens to strtch marks after a tt?


well thats about it if u have any questions feel free to ask them and feedback is always welcome i love the good the bad even the ugly ladies and gentlmen this a journey to a new you and we should enjoy every momenent

Omg its may time to take iorn and vitamin c also i...

omg its may time to take iorn and vitamin c also i have scheduled my drs apointment for my clearance on the 15th getting a lil nervous i am so eager to b in the body i deserve (granted i get approved for financial asst) i sur do hope so ..but neway ive been wanting to load wish pics but its not possible on a phone lol ladies n gentlemen i am so ready

I was fired and can not afford my bootay rite now...

I was fired and can not afford my bootay rite now im so upset but i think i will be waiting till next year im so upset but i am so happy for mi gurlies i love those gurls thy are super supportive and i cant wait to c them next year

Hey everyone thank u all so much for yur kind...

Hey everyone thank u all so much for yur kind words of encouragement and ill be praying for everyone as well right now im trying to find a job (which is a job) so i can get my bootay altho it wont b the same without my girls i love yu two...but i cant wait to c ur outcomes we deserve our butts and we r definately goin to get them.some sooner than others but this is just a minor set bak ttyl
Moises Salama, MD

I have not had my brazillian butt lift and thigh lift procedure yet but I am more than pleased with Dr.Salama. I can already tell he's concerned about me and my needs. He's so kind,i have to set a date with him as soon as possible. I am in love with the quote he gave me based on pictures I sent. his former work is absolutely amazing and this work is post op atleast two months so I am not nervous at all. I am so happy to have met a Dr. like him. I live in alabama so I couldn't meet him face to face but when he called me personally I was in shock I thought I was talking to a nurse that's why I'm choosing him because he seems like a cool doctor with alot of experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey Got2loveit, I hope a job has come through for you and I hope you're doing well.

I was reading your comment on Nini Fernandez' blog about some of the ladies on MMH going through the bbl experience on their own. I was really curious about this. I was also on that site the other day and didn't see a lot of activity there and was wondering how I can find these testimonies. I think I'm going to try to save for a nurse to stay with me for 2-3 days (probably 2), but I'm very interested in hearing the stories of these ladies. Do you have a link to the page this discussion is on? Thanks so much and blessings upon you and your job/job search.
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im sorry for the late response but i honestly don't know anyone other than super ecstatic and pretty n curvy that went together they told me the experience wasn't so bad and i still think that would be the best way to go because if u decide to hire a nurse you can both split the cost. Also i have worked very little since being laid off so im still looking for work and should have worked a job very soon thank you
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I love yu both and wish i was there to share n this moment i cant be sad because im so excited for yu both call me soon and @curvess i kno im teyn to get a job tht pays mor than minimum wage but i may end up werkn somewher like tht not knocking minimum wage bur tymes are hard
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Awww... love u to Boo ! It is not going to be the same without you, we miss you!! Me and Superecstatic were just talkiing about u!!
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I feel you mama on that well i just started a job a couple months ago, just for this dream to come true, am not making much but i plan to save as much as possible and then i will use my tax money if i dont save enough to put together with it. I also plan to use some money from school. so i might not be able to get this down until early next year when tax time comes around, if i dont save enough this year. Try to get something, even if its department store or fast food, at least you can put a little to the side and get income tax.. just a suggestion. hope a job calls you soon.
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hey girl--whenever you get a chance please check your inbox and let me know ---please-really need your help :(
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hey got2love it---trust me if you keep positive and know in your heart that something else will come along---itll be there waiting for you! ad guess what? you may even get a better job....what i loved about you was that you were still able in your posts to not be too discouraged and you wished your girls on here well with their surgeries! That says so much about your character cause not too many people would do or feel that. Someone like you is bound to find another job soon and then you'll be able to get this done so dont worry...and remember karma isn't a bitch if your aren't ;).....i sent you a private message as well please please please check it and let me know girl
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Aaawwww got2loveit, I'm sorry about the job mama. Prayer works n keep your head up
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Aaawwww got2loveit, I'm sorry about the job mama. Prayer works n keep your head up
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Aaawwww got2loveit, I'm sorry about the job mama. Prayer works n keep your head up
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Hey bookie I'm praying for you & remember God never puts more on you than you can handle...we gon be there with you when its your time u much!!!
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Sorry to hear that hun
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Hi hate to hear that you lost your job...good luck with everything and there is another job out there for you just pray for it..
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Hey Got2loveit im so sorry to hear abt your double bad news...things happy for a reason now its time to get your hussle on so U can look foward to the near future bbl...keep the failth!!!
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@got2loveit sorry about you losing your job, but you know this work you can get anytime you are ready again. I hope you find something soon.
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I believe me and you have the same body type! How much do you weigh? and what is your height? Im 5'6 1/2 currently weighing 191, I normally vary between 183 to 189. I have to lose 15 to 20 bfr surgery (ive decided myself) cause I dont want to have fat arms and neck. I am soooo excited for you, I hope you have the body of your dreams:) Good luck sweetie
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Wow!! Im so excited for you!!!your goin to look amazing!!cant wait to see your pics!! Keep us updated!
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Good luck on your upcoming surgery....I am sure you will look GREAT!!
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thnx so much
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@ got2oveit why are you getting a thigh lift nd how us it done you think that will help my legs look better
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yes i pray that he does too
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thnx girl im super excited got like one month to go jus praying salama gets well
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good luck hun
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i requested it
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Hey girlie...quick did you get the Handicapped seating for the flight back?
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