Rescheduled for November 5 (from May 22)

Round belly and flat butt, always self conscious...

Round belly and flat butt, always self conscious about it. I am 5'5 and between 145-150 lbs which would be fine if more was on the bottom instead of the tunny!

I'm in the same boat. Congrats and keep us posted.

Ok, I am waiting for my paperwork to come from Dr...

Ok, I am waiting for my paperwork to come from Dr Salama's office. I'm pretty nervous and hope that nothing bad happens. Besides my mom, noone knows that I am doing this. I have been wearing butt pads for years so most people have no idea how flat I am. I might have to hire a nurse, since I'm really not sure that I want my mom seeing me this way. I would rather just go do it, and then come back 10 days later and letting her see the "after" since she is trying to talk me out of it. Dr Salama feels that I should gain 15-20lbs, which surprises me since I am pretty overweight as it is. I am looking for a J.Lo look more than a Kim K look. I just like that round, full, feminine look. Definitely want to be known as a girl with a great booty, but not necessarily the only thing that people see when they look at me. I have had one surgery before in my life, and that was a breast augmentation. I actually got it more because I was VERY asymmetrical. One of my breasts got a 400cc implant, while the other only 150....which tells you how bad they were before. They came out perfect though, which made me realize that I can fix my body to be what I've always dreamed of!

Is anyone going to Salama around May 22? I plan on getting in the 21st, and leaving the 30th. Right now I am thinking of staying at the Best Western. If anyone is going around the same time, let me know! And if anyone went and got the surgery done alone, how was it? Is 2 days with a nurse enough?

Thank you everyone for posting all of the pictures and reviews of Dr Salama!
Laguardia Airport on a delta flight. I got my ticket last week and it was only 229.00 round trip. You should book your flight now while the prices are that low.
I am also flying from NYC but haven't booked my flight. Which airline are you using? Maybe we can take the same flight and Larry can pick us up together? I am thinking I will probably stay at Best Western, pretty good reviews and the prices seem reasonable. Are you going with anyone?
Whats the price at the best western?

Just got my packet fom Dr. Salama's office with my...

Just got my packet fom Dr. Salama's office with my prescriptions and all the info! This is starting to feel really real! I booked the Best Western in Aventura, currently browsing flights. So excited!! I just pray that the results are permanent....does anyone know anyone who is a year postop? What about 5 years? Its so hard to find this info! Thank you

Ok, just wondering if any of you out there are...

Ok, just wondering if any of you out there are RN's? I am really struggling between taking 2 weeks off or 3 weeks. If I take 3 weeks I basically will have to work through Christmas not taking a single day off again. However, I'm not sure working after only 2 weeks is feasible with such a physical job. Plus I work 13 hour shifts and it would be tough not sitting at all....I can't exactly go lay down anywhere throughout the day, lol

I am getting SO nervous about blood clots. I Was...

I am getting SO nervous about blood clots. I Was taking Yasmin for 10 years and just stopped in December, I hope that doesn't leave me at increased risk of clots. I work in an OR and in the last year we lost 2 patients due to blood clots of elective surgery. FREAKING out. Anyone who has had the procedure.....did they give you blood thinners afterwards?
Hey ladies! So RUben calmed my fears, he told me that the risk of blood clot from BBL is under 1% and that Dr Salama is not worried about me being on the pill for so many years. Made me feel MUCH better!
@ pink Lynn yes I had mine done on January 25 2012
But I've had different types if surgery like back surgery , I tore my acl on my right knee had surgery for that plus my breast Nd my tt so I know that Motrin should not be taken 2 was before Nd three wks After ..... Stay safe Nd good luck stay posted ....... Lol ..........
I will! I'm ready to stop taking it all together. I scheduled my appt. but I'm still currently stalkin Ruben for cancelled appt. to see if I can get in a little earlier...I just want to get down there and get this done...i'm soooo anxious!

Just over a month away....OMG!! This is becoming...

Just over a month away....OMG!! This is becoming real FAST. I'm getting a little nervous that Salama will make my butt toooooo big. I'm not in to the shelf look, I just want a nice round booty to fill in my jeans...hate that my pants sag in the back. I have a lot of fat to get sucked out but definitely don't want all of it injected back in to my butt. I'm honestly thinking that I'll be happy with like 500cc's per cheek. I hope I can make him see my vision! My question is, if I tell him I only want about 500 per cheek, does that mean he will only remove that much from me? Because I really don't want to come out of this still having a fat belly!
Hi: Good luck to you! I am interested to see what 500 cc's looks like on you! We are the same height and weight and I don't want a big butt, just more shape. I am scheduled with Salama in July! Again, good luck!
Thank you! I wish you luck as well, hope we get what works best for our bodies! It's so hard to know what to ask for with the 30% reabsorption that could happen. Do we ask for 30% more than we want to take that in to account? But then there's a risk of keeping a huge shelf booty. Ugh! Lol. I'm sure it will be fine once and we can tell him exactly what we want. Where are you staying?
Reabsorption is definitely a concern. I may email Ruben and ask him his thoughts. I rented a condo in Aventura. My sister is having surgery as well, so we are staying together.

Ok Its getting close! I started taking my iron and...

Ok Its getting close! I started taking my iron and vitamin c. I gained 11 pounds and I'm really uncomfortable leaving my house. My face got fat and I know people have noticed. I really want to lose this weight again...not sure what to do. I don't want the killer bod with a fat face! lol
You are only days away from your transformation. I hope you get the results you want & a speedy recovery!
Thank you so much! Getting super nervous! Eeeek! Can't wait for it to be over ;)
15 more days!!!! Are you ready?? Preop clearance scheduled for may 10th, then all thats left do do is wait. See you on the 22cnd.

I'm getting really scared that he will give me a...

I'm getting really scared that he will give me a huuuuuuuge booty. I know most of you want that, but I do not. I want a nice hourglass shape, and I want a nice round butt that compliments that shape....but not the shelf projection and not anything that just sticks out from my body. Its just not what I'm after. I lot of what I'm seeing him do lately is scaring me because he seems to just be focused on volume without giving much shape! I'm more concerned with having a defined waist, and a butt that looks natural when it hits my thighs. Ladies, do you feel like he listened to your concerns about this? I have a lot more fat than I really need for what I am looking for. I want him to lipo all of it out but I don't want all of it injected. I'm honestly thinking like 500cc's will be enough for me. I hate how dresses hang on me now, I need a nice round booty back there. But I don't want to be known for having a huge *ss or anything!. I'm really praying that he hears me when I tell him what I want....
Let us know how you're doing post op:) Happy Healing
I feel the same way..I don't want a hugh cray cray butt. I just want an hourglass shape but i do agree that you will need more than 500cc's . I think 1000 would be good also.
Hey sweety. You do have a nice shape. You are going to be the baddest thing walking lol
Good luck on your day :)

I went off the pill because of risk of blood clots...

I went off the pill because of risk of blood clots. Last week I had my medical clearance done and my pregnancy test was negative. Today I had cramping for a few hours but then very heavy bleeding with blood clots (definitely knew it wasn't my period). I went to the ER where I learned I was having a miscarriage. I had a d&c and it appeared I was about 3 weeks pregnant (since the pregnancy test was negative last week and my period was due just yesterday) I am feeling ok just cramping and light bleeding now. I am shocked as I'm 31 and have never been pregnant before so can't believe all of this has happened. And mothers day weekend :( Now I have to call Salamas office on Monday to see if I can still have surgery next Tuesday. Does anyone know of any reason why this would stop the surgery?
I'm so sorry for ur loss I hope everything return back 2 normal
So sorry for your loss. First and foremost, take care of yourself. I hope you can still have the surgery if it's safe for you to do so.
Sorry for your lost!!

I finally heard back from Dr Salamas office....

I finally heard back from Dr Salamas office. Legally, they cannot give general anesthesia on a patient with a positive pregnancy test. I have a note from my doctor and a negative sonogram, but legally they just can't do it. They said I have to wait at least 6 weeks to have a negative test, and as of right now the first available date is September 11 :( I am getting a full refund (besides my deposit money) and I have rebooked my surgery for that date, but plan to call every week to check for a sooner date! I have to go to work tomorrow and ask to have my vacation time back, I hope they don't have a problem with it. I just cancelled my flight and hotel.

Good luck to everyone, its going to drive me crazy seeing everyone who is getting their surgery done next week! Back to counting down! (4 months!) Thank you to everyone for your support and concern!
Thank you everyone for your support! Spoke to Naomi finally who told me that legally, even with a negative sonogram and doctors note, they cannot provide me with general anesthesia if I have a positive pregnancy test...legally they have to wait 6 weeks. Unfortunately for me, the only date available is not until September. I appreciate everyones support!
Aww, that really sucks. Sorry you have to wait, but like you said, maybe there will be some cancellations and you won't have to wait til September. Keeping fingers crossed for ya!
thank you!

I realized that my new date of September 11 wasn't...

i realized that my new date of September 11 wasn't going to work for me since I am in a wedding on September 30 and I don't think I would fit in to the dress, not to mention the bachelorette party I am throwing. Plus, I think the whole process may be easier when its cooler weather. I don't want too many people knowing that I had it done so healing in winter clothes will be easier. My mom says that maybe if I had this surgery tomorrow (the original date) something bad may have happened and my baby saved me from it. I'm choosing to think of it that way, its making it much easier to deal with :o) In the meantime I am going to lose the weight I gained and hit the gym hard!
I'm scheduled for November 5 too with Salama! Have you started preparing anything yet? Just curious, I'm sooooo impatient but I'm not preparing until September...
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