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I'm gonna get back to this later when in more...

I'm gonna get back to this later when in more comfortable. Just had Vaser done on full abs and flanks. 30 yr old 152.pds but stubborn fat I coukdnt do anything about. Dr lagrasso I avert aggressive and took out 4000cc somehow. Pain is extreme. I'm on day 3 and started my Lymphatic massages. They feel amazing but I swell up horribly after which sux. Bottom line look at my results at 2 days. I'll update with more pics and details when I'm more comfortable but here for now. FYI we did it under general an did can't imagine you could do local cause pain is still extreme in day 3. If you want results use dr lagrasso! Also the anesthesist was great and made me comfortable and there for any questions even afyer the procedure. Again ill update with more pics and details next week
You are looking great! I had lipo a week ago under IV sedation and could not have gone through it awake. Also, I had two drains and was so happy when they took them out. I am surprised that they took that much fat out because they only took half that out of me and I swear I had MUCH more than you to begin with. Of course, I am only 5'2" so that may be why. LOL

day 15 and finally starting to feel normal

Hi everyone,

So I'm finally feeling well enough to give an update on my experience.Ive been to hell and back as the first 7 days were the hardest in my life. I dont know if im a wuss or I just had it bad but it was really hard. I didnt sleep for 8 nights and it was very depressing once the swelling started up. I'm on day 15 and still have swelling. My biggest issue was I was so uncomfortable in the garment but catch 22 because if you dont wear it you swell up which is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. I'm only about 5'5 so all the garments had extra slack in crotch area so I could never really be compressed there which cause all my swelling on the lower stomach and back. I finally found a company called Marina which is the most comfortable material in the world and they custom make your exact size (take 7 different measurements) finally just received my custom garment and i feel amazing. also on day 7 they removed my drains and I think somethign was wrong with one of them. I dont know if it was a nerve but it hurt so bad and had such a relief when they took them out. at like day 5 i had panic attack that i would never be the same or be comfortable again so just be patient and know its temporary. My results are starting to show now that I'm wearing the garment more and swelling is down and im 15 days out. hardest part was the skin moving and underneath the pain of everything re-attaching when not wearing the garment. The one they gave me was so bad so i could only wear as much as I could. also the swelling was like a warm feeling of liquid filling up your body and i hated it so much. Its a very emotional and painful time and i probably would not do it again but at the same time I know I will be happy with the results. Pascual MD is a med spa factory that doesn't really care how you feel or how you are doing and you only get to see the doc for a minute. The only reason why I went there is Dr Lagrasso was known to be good, thorough and extremely aggressive which he was so I cant complain about him or the results but only the facility and their care. all i can say is if your reading this and just had or about to have surgery get measurement pre for marina garment stage 1 and once your swelling goes down get measurements again for stage 2 (without zipper) because it'll change ur life and had i had it my pain wouldve been 90% less. it all had to do with garments that just didnt compress me and the drains that must have hit a nerve. Get the massages. I'm on my 7th and its really helping the healing and they feel great until about # 6 when she really goes so hard but she said its necessary but after last night it hurt so bad but now i look better and feel better.I'm still swell at night which I hate but I cant do anything about it so I have to chill. Let me know if you have any questions! I'm posting a ton of before and after up to today day 15. i'm not going to post what day each pic is but just know they start from 1 day post until yesterday day 14
wow your results look great, happy healing.
Yes, it's a velcro binder. It's more comfortable than the compression garment. If it doesn't bother you to sleep without it, then it's definitely not worth it. My surgery was on the 23rd. I'm still so swollen that I can't say how happy I will be with the final results, but I definitely like the change in my shape.
Hey carsonisMe Thanks for your comment. What do you mean by compression wrap? Dobbin mean the velcro Binder? I'm still not reallyssleeping in anything because I just don't sleep and I'm at a point where while I sleep I don't swell up and it's not worth it because I need to function for work. I'm wearing it full time otherwise. The lymphatic massages have really helped with the swelling. When was ur surgery? Are u happy with results? Same thing snout shower it feels so good but I feel myself blowing up so I don't take my time. Today was the best day for me :)

finally down to about 10% pain and swelling has come down dramatically at 3 weeks.

Were the compression garment and lymphatic massage included in the price of the surgery????
no. lol and ive spent about a g finding the right garment because you change and not all compress you the right way, etc. but not everyone is as bad as me. and the massages are $75 each and they say to get at least 10. ive gotten 15 so im in for close to 7k but most ppl get away with a few garments at 1-150 EACH
....just saw your question from yesterday- form all the plastic surgeons I talked to in shopping around they all said to me the first two months theres too much shifting in swelling to see how the final result will be, and that it gets worse before it gets better in terms of definition. Since they have all said that, it must be the way it is, so Id say give it time.

slowly getting there

wed is 5 weeks and swelling is slowly starting to go down on a normal basis. Still comes out late at night. at this point im in the garment except for when i sleep because I'm not waking up any more swollen and i cant sleep with it on. im using a marina garment plus a binder. otherwise i dont compress enough. id say im 70% comfortable and at least functioning somewhat. Its been a very hard 5 weeks. Here is a pic i just took. i was too depressed to take any because of how I felt and the swelling. My issue is im not comfortable in the garment(ive tried over 10) and im not comfortable and scared to be out of it because of docs orders and the swelling. I also had a small seroma on my right side that the doc removed that week with a syringe. I think its gone but I'm going back on wed to check. Im still not really working out because the few times ive tried it hurts and i swell more so its not worth it at this point. each week does get better but its been very slow as im at 5 weeks already. i had no idea the recovery would be this bad but i'll be there soon.
You look good! I too seem to be having a slow recovery. I had a busy weekend and didn't wear any sort of compression one night while I slept and another afternoon/evening. Last night I noticed that I had a weird patch of swelling on my lower abdomen so today I'm back in my compression garment and may not take it off for a couple days. Also, when I don't have something compress me my lower back hurts. Definitely a slower process than I had anticipated.

New Pics at 6.5 weeks

swelling thank god has gone down big time and im more comfortable. Tom is 7 weeks and the only swelling i get is at night in my lower stomach. Ive been wearing garment 12 hours a day and will see what happens if I start lowering the hours. I'm still getting lymphatic massages because it has helped with the swelling and keeping everything smooth and soft.

Updated pics

Here is a pic flexing and natural at 5 months. I'm working out every day but not eating super clean. I still have some swelling on my right lower oblique area. It's either swelling or a slight revision needs to be done according to the doctor. Either way I'm pretty happy and can't complain
Looking good mister
How much did it cost you all total
How much did cost you total

5.5 months post

Back at crossfit strong better then ever. Haven't missed a day at the gym mon-fri in over 3 months. Put on about 15 pds since surgery but I'm pretty sure it's all muscle
Wow!!!!!!!!!! Insane results. How long after did you start training again. That's the one thing I'm gonna struggle waiting to get back into. My vaser on the 24th but I train 7 days a week so don't know what I'll do!! Xx
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Amazing results only at days 1-3. a lot of pain but results will be great

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