I have decided to start my blog regarding my...

I have decided to start my blog regarding my tummytuck and mini bbl with Dr. Salama. The time is coming real soon and I'm excited! I had a breast reduction and lipo and bbl in 2012. I thought that the lipo would get rid of the excess fat, but that was not the case. So, here I go again and I pray that every thing turns out well. I will keep in contact as I get closer to the date! That's all for now!


Welcome to the community.  You will love the results and turn out just beautiful.  Time to finish up the journey and enjoy the new you:)

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Hello ladies! I'm not too far away, but I was...

Hello ladies! I'm not too far away, but I was wondering what do you all feel that have had the tt already is the most important items to bring. I still need to buy pretty much everything. I just dont want to over due buying things that are not necessary. thanks in advance!!


Have you started getting your supplies?
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chunkychula to be honest with you , lol I have bought the very basics. I just simply cant afford like a lot of people to go out and buy a bunch of stuff. I have bought, t-shirts, big undies, I have maxi dresses and vitamin c and my iron. I also have the bromelain powder. I still need to get the soap that you wash with before surgery and a back scrubber to get off all germs. I honesty am brining a lot of clothes from home that I already had. I also need to get a robe and some gauze with the tape. I dont think Im getting anything else! lol What about you? Some peoples list are sooo long. I cant do it. I will bring laptop, phone, etc but I dont want to over do it.
Oh, yea and I will bring ensure to drink, pineapple juice and snacks to hold me over and a bunch of pillows to lay on and I think that will be good enough. I know when you are healing all that other stuff will not be used.

One month to go!!!!!

Wow, I can't believe that I updated in April and here it is June already!!! Well, I'm pretty much ready to get this over with at this point and start the healing process!!! Good luck to all and happy healing!


Hey my love I can't wait to meet u and I'm really excited for us, so glad I will have u as a roommate! Can't wait to see ur results
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good luck!!!
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How have u been?
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One Week left!!!!

Okay, so I have a list of things that I will take. I dont want to overdue this because I know it is very possible and easy to do.


I think that is all that I can think of for now.....there are other little things like food of course but I think those are the main things that I will need and actually use. I have one week, so I know it will fly by! Praying for a healthly, speedy recovery. Also, for all those to come and those healing now, good luck!


I can't wait to see your results. I am 3 days post op and uts probably my hardest day so far. My recliner has been my best friend and since day 1 I have tried to wear underpants but gave up lol. Much more comfortable without them. I am excited for you! Good luck its coming fast
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Thank you! Happy healing! Im in the process of making sure that I get a recliner for recovery. I want to be comfortable, I think that is important. I proably will not wear underpants either!! lol
Recliner is the best. I didnt get a lift recliner just a regular one. I sleep in it and put pillows under my knees and one behind my back. Really helps cause when you walk and your hunched over the lower back is being tortured lol. I read about alt of things to have and really the least amount of stuff the better. The most important that I am learning is Pain meds, recliner, pillows, blanket, CG hand sanitizer, chap stick, saltines and water cup with a straw. Nothing else I have really used lol. Look forward to your updates girl. your going to be so happy cause I know that I am! :)

standing over

here is what the belly looks like bent over!!! smh


Oh my.gosh girl its almost time... I cannot wait for you to join me on the flat side :) your gonna be absolutely beautiful!
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I know!!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I'm also kind of numb at times. I try not to focus so much on it because I know the pain is what I have to get ready for , lol I'm just want a healthy recovery more than anything! I cant wait to update you! Next wednesday is the day!!!!
That was my biggest issue to was thinking about the pain. After I read about people stories on here and how horrible they felt I scared myself. To comfort you the pain was not nearly what I was expecting. The lipo was the most sore and I know the exparell helped me tremendously but it was like a really intense workout. Just take your meds on time and don't wait till it hurtsto take them. Stay comfortable. Pillows and recliner cause girl your back will ache. All the hunching over. I can stand straight now but they don't want you to for several weeks so tissue can adhere where it was separated. Your gonna do great and you will so be in my thoughts the whole time!

Stil not too nervous

I have four days until surgery! I'm not too nervous because I'm not dwelling on it! I really get a lttle nervous when I go and get marked up! At that time it's too late to panic and the next thing I know it's over!!! I'm excited and just praying for myself and everyone a speedy and safe recovery!!! (with very little pain) lol


I'm praying for u girl ur in my prayers. Ur gonna love ir results!!
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I hope so girly! Praying for both of us see you on Tuesday!!! dun dun duuunnnn!!!! lol

Made it to the other side!

Hello- I made it and will update later! I'm in a lot of pain and was not so lucky like some people! ;( I wil post when I get a chance! Happy haeling all!


Hey sweetie, sending good vibes your way! you're in my hometown so I bet they get to you quick..lol...by the sound of your update you need sleep, rest andto quickly get past the first 48 hrs...feel better luv!
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Hi! I will post pics soon! This is the hardest recovery ever!!!
Good luck honey Waiting on pics :)
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Hanging in there!

I just wanted to update that I had a bowel movement which was not bad. I took myself a shower and cleaned my incisions well. I also, made some oatmeal to eat and bleed my drains which keep getting clogged. For the most part Im feeling okay and I LOVE MY RESULTS! Dr. Salama is truley great at what he does! He made sure to scupt and give me curves that all women desire! I get really stiff when I lay down and get up, it is day four and I was wondering if others experience this! Happy healing ladies. I have a pick from day one and will post more soon.


Hi, I have been waiting to see your results with Dr. Salama, he did a great job with how low your incision is, I have a consult with him on the 17th, and after seeing you I am ready to booked my sx providing he has availability! You look great!!!
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@cwddysweetie he is really great and I know he will make you look wonderful! He makes sure to lipo in areas to give you curves, so I'm very satisfied! I will recommend any to him! Good luck and keep me posted!


Vets, please let me know if you experienced extreme swelling! My belly fills like it is going to explode!!! ;( I understand that Im five days post op, so I have to be patient. I just want to know what can I do??? I feel like swelling is going to bust me open,.,,,Im sad I want to cry. Please any advice!


I know the swelling really stinks!!   You are going to feel tight, pressure, pain, pings and everything else in between for a while.  This is as bad as it will get so just hang on for a while.  

My best advice is to not fight it and try to relax.  Your body will heal at it's own pace and stress and worry will not help the situation.  Kick your feet up, use ice packs if needed, drink plenty of water, eat healthy and get lots of sleep.  Your body needs pampering right now.  

Chin up girlie and know we all feel your pain.  

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Thank you Kimmers25! I will try my best to relax, and I notice that when I do the swelling is not so bad. I also need to make a list of foods with low sodium to keep the swelling away.

The low sodium definitely helps!  Stay away from anything processed and stick with all fresh products.  

So far so good!

I just wanted to post a few updated pics of how Salama sculpted my body. I'm so happy because it's only going to get better once the swelling goes down!! yeeee!!!! I'm seven days post op! I feel good and just ready to get these drains out!! I also been standing kinda straight since day one so that has not really been a issue for me. The swelling I have to just deal with and watch what I eat. Overall, so far Im very pleased with my results and it can only get better from this point. Im just trying to hang in there. I posted a few more pics.


I love your results. He is my doctor of choice as well!! Happy healing!!
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Compression Garnments

Ladies please let me know a good garnment to wear after.....Im guessing three weeks?!?! When I switch from this garment I want to find something with compression and nice fitting, some garnments are so uncomfortable. Thanks in advance!


Beautiful results! He did a very nice job. Look how tiny your waist is!
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my PS told me I can switch to CG right after drain was removed. so 9 days after he switched me over. the tanks that come down to thighs are the most comfortable but if you had inner or outer thigh lipo which I didn't you will need spank which start just above knee and go to upper chest. I don't like them lol I feel suffocated. I hope you find something comfy soon! :)
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No, thigh lipo at all! I might try spanx. Its crazy trying to find something comfortable, but Im determined to do so, even if I have to buy a few garnments to get the right one because I need to wear it at least 6 to eight months for good results.

Drain removal

Hey ladies! I will have my drains removed at 12 days po.!!! I'm not draning much just the yellowish color now. Ladies will I still leak out a lot of fluid when the drains are out ans should I massage my tummy? Im scared of seromas. thanks


thank you munkysmama!!! i love it, im now in swell hell though. i ate the wrong thing yesterday and now im paying for it!! lol ughhh the swelling!!!!!

Pic laying down

Love my waist even though Im very bloated!


Did you have the drains removed ? How was your follow up?
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U look great boo I miss u !!!! Tearz u were really nice n helpful when we were both in pain
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Hey hunny! I miss you too hun! I will let you know how my appointment goes today. Im a little depressed today, I guess thats part of the tummytuck process. Im just tired of being swollen and uncomfortable when I walk. It also does not help reading other people who are the same and are doing great! ;( its just not fair that its taking me so long. I want to cry but that wont help. lol You look great and Im soooo happy for you! I love your new body!

Vedette I'm ordering

I'm two weeks po now and I need a better garment. I'm ordering this one today so I hope it fits well and comfy. I took the tape off today and my doctor told me to mircopore tape for the incision. I will look for that today. Still in swell hell....wish I was one of the lucky gals! Oh well, happy healing all!


good for you hun!! almost over the hump...btw your alive and looking fabulous your deff one of the lucky gals!!
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Thank you so much! Im hanging in there, this is not a easy recovery but its most def worth it in the end!
hi hun you look great im happy for you!!! im also going to dr salama in april 2014 for a tummy tuck if you dont mind me asking what was your weight b4 the tt and i would luv to speake to u i have a few questions and typing all of them can be very annoying i will leave my number in you in box plz call me
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Well I just came from my lymphatic massage and it felt great to me! I dont have pain like some people so its all good! The only weird thing is that you can possibly get a chest cold or head cold from the drainage in your body? I dont know that comcerns me!!! lol Other than that all went well. I have a couple updated pics. Im still swollen but hopefully that will resolve soon. The lady told me to use a ice pack on the swelling and wait about 10 minutes and then apply a heat pad to the same area because that will increase healthy blood flow to those areas and keep the swelling down. Im going to try that as Im willing to try anything for the swelling. Happy healling ladies!


Girl!!! You look amazing! Please believe me when I say this. Keep wearing your garments. I'm almost a year and I'm still wearing mines. The longer you wear the better results!
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Thank you so much! Im going to keep wearing them then for sure because I want my stomach flat as a board like you! lol We dont want anymore jelly rolls!! So, I will stick with the garments too, it will get cold soon so it should not be a problem to continue wearing them! I will shoot for at least a year! ;)
Lol bless you! Now you know we ain't never satisfied lol. Can you believe my tummy ain't flat enough for me! I know I'm crazy, paranoid and insane all rolled into one! I want that 6 pack. Don't really know why cause I won't show it. Lol

More pics three weeks and 2 days po!

Just want to add pics as I take them! Feeling pretty good, still swollen but I think its getting a lot better since my massage. I will set up another one next week and it good for the lipo areas as well! Happy healing ladies!

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Yep...I'm 8 months post op and I still wear CG or slimming belt around my stomach..not all day but I do wear them when going to the gym...but yes that will only help to increase your curves!
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Pics in dress

I just love to dress up now, when I feel in the mood! lol I'm still swelling in trying to heal. I was acrually just playing around trying on my dress this morning and felt a little sexy so I took some pics to share! lol We did this for US ladies, so have fun with it! Happy healing!


Looking good bby girl...the butt is poppin
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Thank you! I have lost a lot of volume to me :( lol But it will have to work!
I have one too and I;m going to most def wear that when I work out and hit the gym! I wore it actually around the house the other day and I was sweating in my waist, Im not sure if thats good or not because Im not completely healed, so I will wait another few weeks!

Garment with small Squeem over it

Here is a pic with the small squeem over my vedette garment. It is tight but I noticed that I feel a lot better when moving around and laying down with good pressure. The binder will not give you good support so the garments are definately better for support!


Lookin good missy lol
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thank you hun!


Love these shorts that I can only wear around the house. ;( too short but cute!


Wow ur looking amazin ur results are perfect hun!!!!
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Thank you feelin sexy, I'm happy now with the results! I cant wait to workout, so I can tone up

One Month P.O

I will be one month p.o in a couple days and took a few pics. My scar is healing nice which is great. I did get a little sore in the front that is also healing along. I still swell like crazy and those that dont at a month are verrryy lucky! I'm trying to just watch what I eat to get off these last 10-15 pounds so that I can really enjoy my results and maintain them. I cant wait to work out which is strange but true! I want my abs to show like yesterday! Kids really do ya body in, so its my time to get it fit and feel good about myself. Overall, Im pretty satisfied no complaints, just the typcial healing process that we all have to go through. I ordered a medium vedette and cant wait to see how I must squeeze into it! lol The more pressue the better though. Anyway ladies happy healing. I will continue to update my progress!


Love the shorts too!!! Looking good ma
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thank you qbancurves!

Pressure belt!

I wanted to share my homemade pressure belt that I will be tossing soon! This consist of the back board, two foams on the side and towel in the front. This helps with the swelling alot. Also, I had back and side lipo so I must have a lot of pressure. Im not waiting to get more foam, ab board and a smaller vedette. Once all comes this wll be tossed. However, for now it does the trick! hehehe pretty hilarious! I will never forget the drama of this procedure, like......seriously!!!!!!


Wow!! Looking good!!!! He did a wonderful job!!!!
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thank you tqueen!

Vedette 136

So, I ordered the vedette 136 size small! Im also waiting on my ab board to come for more pressure as well. Wearing the garments really helps to shape the body, it sucks but the results are worth it in the long run. Im still swollen in abs and lower, still trying to watch wat I eat. I hope this garment works good and I will let you ladies know how it fits! happy healing!


you look fab! Would love to know the brand of your CG. I like it.
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I have the vedette 110, if you type it up on google you should see that garment. It gives really good compression.
You really look good. I thinking about getting butt lift so how was the recovery.
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Six Weeks

Hello ladies, everything is okay! I may have revision on my dog ears next year and lipo the abs, other than that overall I'm happy. I'm trying to be patient and see what three months will bring. Happy healing!


My next CG is the lace one you have in black it is so cute. Does it have a lot of compression?
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The compression is good! Im wearing a small, I might order a x small in this garment because I need more pressure. Now, I have to send back the other garment (squeem salome for a bigger size because it had zero stretch, but I really like the squeem. I think I might need a large in that! I want it to still be tight though because that's important when you have lipo and waist training, I want my waist really small.
Ok , as my get lose I order a smaller size too. I want my to have compression in those area too had lipo as well. I don't like it when start to feel to lose.

7 weeks PO!

I was at the mall earlier and took some pics in a bikini, I wanted to share. My tummy and back area is still swollen, but its coming along okay! Still want ab lipo and arms! Anywho! Here is some progress!


Hey how long do you stay swollen i kinda feel bigger
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You look fab! Girl, if I have results like yours...it will be all over!! How are your peers reacting to the new you?
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Hey bossladee, thank you! My close people to me act jealous of course and it is sad! I have not really had a chance to really show off because of all the garment and stuff lol. Friends and some family will become distant, so get ready for that. Then there are the lucky people that have supportive people, so it just depends. I hope you are one of the lucky ones!

Two Month Review

Nothing too much! Still swell and feel super weird without my garment. I cant wait to get passed the garment stage but Im trying to wear it to maximize my results. That's the mistake that is made especially when lipo is done. It is important to stick with the garments for a while. I have this faja salomegarment from fajas usa and it is tigghht xl because no stretch but I think I can get a large already, funny how that works.


Hey hun!! You can swell 6 months to a year! I'm 2 months po and I still swell when I take off my garment!!! lol It really sucks so bad and I still feel weird without the garment and laying on my belly! So , this is just a long process. Did you get your back and sides lipoeed? That still burns as well


This is to remind myself when I get unhappy! lol

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Skin removed

I forgot to share!! Yuck!


Looking good . Still need to do lunch one day
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messing around


Very nice!
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Thank you Vee!
I know Tessa48, we have to set a date to hook up soon!

Salome Vest

Here is a pic of vest I could go a little smaller now, and why do I still feel weird without it at 2 months!!? I can see its going to take the full 6 months to a year for me~on top of that I want my abs and arms lipoed ;(


I still feel weird without the binder either..lol. dont know why...
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Morning Pics

Woke up and snapped a couple. I love my shape, just wish my tummy was flatter but only two months and I still feel swollen and sore. Do you ladies still swell up after certain foods?


You look great! I'm having a TT and breast lift in Jan and looking at this pics on this site really reassures me.
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He did the thang on you gurl...I have a tt sched for 10/22 and I was wondering if the garment you are wearing on the day of treatment pic was the one he supplied?
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You look fantastic!
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4 months po

Hello Ladies!! I will 4 months Po on the 3rd of November. I'm feeling pretty good about my results, I still want my abs lipoed but don't want another surgery now, so confused about that. I STILL SWELL and that's a bummer. I guess it takes awhile and depends on the person. Anywho, looking good and happy healing to all!


Thank you and good luck! You will be very happy!
He only supplied me with the white binder which sucked, then they switched me to a butt out garment, which made me feel 1000 times better. I would not recommend the binder , not enough pressure and stability
thank you
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