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BBL with Dr.Ghurani DONE!! New pics posted!!

I am a mother of two with two prior C-sections.......

I am a mother of two with two prior C-sections.....I ve lost weight during the past couple of years but can't get rid of the loose skin...just scheduled my tummy tuck for July 16, 2013 and Brazlian Butt lift for October 15, 2013.... Should love to do it sooner... Does anyone wanna swap??? Please help!!!

Mommy makeover DONE!! I'm so glad it's over!! I'm...

Mommy makeover DONE!! I'm so glad it's over!! I'm 7 days post op and feeling good.... I'm saying it was easy, but it tolerable....I'm so glad I switched doctors!! Dr Rami is THE best!! Such a perfectionist who dedicates time to you!! Next step is BBL on May 1st....! Will write more later....

9 days post OP and I'm stressing because I return...

9 days post OP and I'm stressing because I return to work tomorrow.. I haven't driven since day of Surgery and I don't really know how I'm gonna do this.... I'm a law enforcement officer and will be on light duty for a couple of more weeks.... I still cannot stand up straight and take FOREVER moving around.... I will post pics soon.. I promise!!! Wish me good luck...I will let you know how it goes....

Well, the day has come. surgery at 7:30am... Who...

Well, the day has come. surgery at 7:30am... Who would think I'm only 12 weeks post op of my mommy makeover.. You probably think I enjoy pain!! Lol. Wish me luck!! Please pray for me!!

Well, the day has come!! I'm super nervous!! Last...

Well, the day has come!! I'm super nervous!! Last time when I got Mommy Makeover on February 6th, I was super calm!! Guess I'm nervous because I know the recuperation I'm gonna be facing, AGAIN!! God help me!! Ttyl!!

I survived!! I'm so happy... Obviously feeling...

I survived!! I'm so happy... Obviously feeling groggy!! Dr. Ghurani is AMAZING!! I cant stress that enough.. As for pain? It's nothing we can't handle.. Walking around is ok..but just know this is a VERY, VERY bloody procedure.. I will tell u more later.. My mom looked at results and was like "WOW"!! If moms happy, then I'm happy. I have post-op tomorrow morning.. TTYL

My first post op today, and it was a piece of...

My first post op today, and it was a piece of cake!! Nothing compared to mommy makeover recuperation!! Off painkillers just taking liquid Advil and the rest off antibiotics.. Sleeping hasn't been bad at all... Went to the office and they didn't have foam... Same thing happened last time!! It's bull!! I had to buy my own which is expensive..supposedly Nomi is gonna call me tomorrow.. First massage scheduled for Tuesday...ttyl

Forgot to say 1,200 Cc on each cheek!! :-)

Forgot to say 1,200 Cc on each cheek!! :-)

Last night was terrible!! Could barely sleep!!...

Last night was terrible!! Could barely sleep!! Lots of pain in my stomach and neck.. Girls, PLEASE make sure they give you foam for your belly and sides.. I didn't get any and it's PAINFUL!! Purchase your own if need be.. Waddle around is not bad.. I also had lipo of inner thighs....lots of antibiotics and fluids my Girls...as for food, so so.. Don't reall have much appetite.. Ooh well TTYL...

These pics were taken with my phone!! Lets see if...

These pics were taken with my phone!! Lets see if I can download camera pics!! I also have mommy makeover pics I need to upload!!

I've typed this in 2 times already!! 3rd one is...

I've typed this in 2 times already!! 3rd one is the charm...
Ok..so at 9am this morning, I called the office and asked receptionist if foam had arrived and she said YES!! So my Mom and I RUSHED over ((turtle pace of course lol)) to the office...when I got inside my Moms car I was in Soooooo much pain!! I couldn't lay on my stomach!! My mom quickly got me a Gatorade and a Percocet..I guess anesthesia is wearing off so that why when I lay on my tummy pain is unbearable!! I kneeled in the back seat with like a MILLION pillows and off we went....when we got to the office I finally met Celia, which By the way is a Sweetheart... She complimented my on my tiny waist ((which I've always had)) but its more noticeable now I guess!! Lol she also said that my drain wasn't "draining" a lot of fluid and that she recommended me to get massage on Monday at 1pm instead of Tuesday.. I agreed!! She helped me put on foams and off we went, my Mom and I.. We stopped off at Bed, Bath and Beyond because I needed a memory foam for my tummy!! When we got home I noticed I actually needed TWO pillows, luckily they were on sale so my Moms went to buy it "Yeah me"!! I tried to lay down a bit but it was IMPOSSIBLE!! When my mom got back from purchasing pillow she prepared the most AMAZING meal EVAAAA!!! Grilled ground turkey with salad ((no salt of course)) but it was soooooooo yummy! I am so lucky to have my mommy by my side.. Without my mommies care, I don't know where I would be...first mommy makeover and now this!! Luckily she lives like 15 minutes away from Dr.ghurani's office...if any of ya gals need a place to stay and someone to care for you, she's YOUR GAL!! If you need her services PLEASE don't hesitate to ask.. She has a duplex where she rents out rooms and knows what were going thru and the care we need...BASICALLY she knows the care we need and Dr. Ghurani ADORES her!! Lol.. If any of you are interested. Please inbox me for details!! Anywho, I haven't had my first BM yet!! I'm dreading that!! I've been taking colace but its not helping... Around 3pm I layed down to sleep a bit and woke up around 4:15 pm with the worst headache and tummy ache ever!! Not because of food but because I sore all over..so I got up and took 1 Percocet and 3 Advil liquid caps (that's what Dr. Ghurani told me to do)) hope I'm not boring you, just want to give you the ups and downs of procedure... I know many people criticize those who get plastic surgery but I feel that if you have the money and the support from your family then WHY NOT??? It doesn't matter what others think... DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY!! Until later my Ladies... :-)

Let me tell you.. I had the worst night!! Felt...

Let me tell you.. I had the worst night!! Felt Sooooooo much pain in my tummy... But after crying a bit, I fell asleep!! Today is post op day 3... I am feeling very lazy, drowsy and extremely swollen..this sleeping on your "face" is no joke.. Got up took all my pills and started feeling soooooo nauseas!!! Had to take a pill for nausea.. My mom has been forcing me to eat due to my lack of appetite.. I asked her for chicken soup.. It was so good!! I Even ate chicken on side with some lemon and saltines lol.. Now I'm resting again..my neck pain is horrible..gonna ask moms to massage it a bit.. Ttyl

Post day 4 was no joke.. Felt weak and nauseous...

Post day 4 was no joke.. Felt weak and nauseous ALL day!! Haven't been able to have a bowl movement so took some magnesium Citrate and waited and waited and waited!! Then I couldn't figure out how I was going to go, how I was going to "sit"!! Finally I sat on my thighs and pushed.. I went very little. I actually didn't go fully until this morning... Thank God for my mom... I don't know how some girls do this on their own!! U need the support of your lived ones because you feel soooo sensitive to everything... I have asked myself "why did I do this"?? I had NO need?? But that's when my mom comes in and comforts me and says "You look beautiful and one this is over your gonna be soooo happy and were gonna go shopping"!! Lol we also called office this morning to talk to nurse regarding pills making me nauseous... They said they would contact Dr. Ghurani and let me know... I also have my first massage today with Celia...lets see how that goes... They are running late as usual!! Ugggg and I'm getting hungry.. :-(. Anywho, TTYL!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Researching LOTS AND LOTS of researching!!!

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Hi Lady, how are you feeling so far? What has been the thing you've freaked out the most? I keep seeing ladies on real self with the garment covered in blood. Which definitely freaks me out. Why does that happen? Is it through the drain where that blood comes from? I will be having my surgery with Dr. Ghurani in December, so is always good to hear what you went through and any suggestions to better prepare. Anyways, you look great and please update us soon with your current new booty!
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You look awesome!!! Any updates??? I'm have the same procedure with Dr. Ghurani
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You look great. Where did you stay during your stay? Was it affordable
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Hey lady! How are u. I know life takes over and recovery is a proccess. Just wondering if u are well.
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Thats so cool abour your mom!! DR.G is also my PS but for BA on 5/31, I love hearing great things about him, I live a few blocks away from a new Miami office hes at and I just popped in there and he was the surgeon to see me, didnt feel I needed to see anyone else If i ever get the $$ and guts for a BBL I know hes the main man!! Good healing!!
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Happy healing hun!
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Hi there hunnie hope u have a speedy recovery! Don't worry just take ur arnica pulls n put the Arnica gel n bruising will go away soon!:) ur gonna look amazing!! Xo
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Thank u for your good wishes again... We must love pain!! Lol
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you look great!!! Following in your path! Salama gave me a TT in Jan and now Ghurani is gonna give me a bbl in June. I hear the bbl is more painful than the TT, Is this true? get well soon
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Hi, thanks for your good wishes... It's not that TT is less painful, it's just that with BBL you can't rest well... I'm always nauseous, headache, neck pain ect... But pain wise, it's not bad!! With TT we has to basically learn to walk again!! This is a "different" type of recuperation TOTALLY!! Good luck Hun
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*had not has sorry!! Lol
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lookin great hun im next soon happy healin
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Thanks Hun... Can't wait to be healed!! Baby steps!!
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How long does the body stay bruiseD?
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After mommy makeover no bruising.. But with BBL, ha!! Girl, it's no joke!! Worst part are legs.. Butt is not looking bad..
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I don't know how long bruising lasts.
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you look great hun
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Thanks!! It's painful but worth it!!
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Wheeww! You made it looking good! Well....when you heal it will be bomb! Happy healing!
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I cant see any pics! IDK if it is realself or my computer...smh! Happy Healing!
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Congrats! Happy healing!
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Thanks ALOT Hun!!
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Good luck sweetheart! I was just talking to Rami and he was telling me about his procedures for tmrw. You're going to look amazing!!! Congrats and happy healing!!
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Thanks hun.... Hope you feel better!! I will let you know how it goes!!
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