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I'm excited, nerves and scared all at the same...

I'm excited, nerves and scared all at the same time. I've been viewing this sight for months now and have been wanting a tummy tuck for the pass 19years. I'm 42 years old with 2 kids, 22 and 18years. Looking forward to having my surgery done, Dr Salama it is! TT sisters please help me through this process!!!!
If you don't have a weak stomach, youtube has a great 30 minute video by Miami plastic surgery and it really made me more comfortable about the whole thing.
@alli1965 thanks I've watched a few and I'm no stranger to surgery. I've had a hysterectomy, gall bladder removal, Breast reconstructive surgery and an hytopic pregnancy. I'm sure thats spell incorrectly. Lol!
There's lots of helpful info on this site. The procedure itself is really very simple, it's the recovery you've got to be prepared for. Are you having a full TT with muscle repair?

pos op photos

Great choice in doctors. I considered him but hubby didn't want me to travel.
Thanks. Praying all goes well.
@solesister our surgeries are a few days apart. I'm wishing you all the best. How long have you wanted this and are the nerves?

Moms support

Today I told my mom about my surgery, it felt like I was 16 and telling her I just lost my virginity LOL! Surprisingly she says she'll support me if this is what I really want but she's not a fan of the idea . I understand her concern, as she's 67YO and had a stroke 15years ago and I'm her sole provider. I'm so excited and ready for this but still have my fears. Thank God I have her support as she means the world to me.
Nervous? Thats understandable, but if you have wanted this procedure now for 19 years, theres no reason to be nervous. Just be happy, that your able to do this! I wanted this for the last three years, I wanted it soo bad i was not nervous at all, even when I laid on the operating table. I was so tired of people thinking I was pregnant, and everytime I go around certain people in my life them always saying something about my mid section. Anyways, this site is perfect for communicating about your feeling through this journey. If you take your pain meds around the clock the first week, and rest you will be just fine!!! Also I almost didnt tell my mom, but I did and i was surprised when she was supportive because in the past she has not wanted me to have the surgery. So anyways I am happy for you! You will be happy too and as my surgeon said before, your old tummy will fade in your mind!!!
Thanks. I absolutely love this site an the stories people share. Quickly realize I was not alone.
@ Solesister I can't wait either. I'm on a diet now, as I have to lose another 16lbs before surgery date. I presently weigh 190lbs and losing weight is though when it's being done naturally.

20 lbs to go

Trying to lose the 20lbs is tough. I've been hard at it but it's a battle. I dropped a few lbs but it seems nothing is going away from my waist. Hurrrrr!!!! I got 48 days to go before surgery and hope I lose some belly fat to limit the amount of lipo I will need.
Because I'm going to Miami for surgery from the Bahamas I made arrangements for the rental of a power recliner and some other items I would need to make my stay comfy being that I will be away from home for 2 weeks. Lawd I think being away from home will be the most difficult for me.
My TT is Wed & I'm right there with you with all those emotions!! I have wanted this TT for 8 yrs now. After losing weight , I was a saggy mess. I went with implants & a lift first after my 4 yr old. I have a one yr old now & he was a big boy! I just turned 40and now it's my time! My family ( that knows) is supportive. I have a couple of friends that have been treating me a little different since I told them, which is probably just jealousy! I think we all deserve to feel good about ourselves at any age!
I agree. I only have two very special friends and they're supportive . My few co workers on the other hand are skeptical I decided not to discuss with them anymore. And just let them see my results. I will be praying for a successful surgery for you.
It stinks when some Friends are negative. But we need to focus on us &stay positive! Prayers to you as well, it will be here before you know it! I also use my fitness pal to track calories , I used it to keep healthy during my pregnancy & lose the baby weight. Maybe try it out to help lose the 20?

24days and counting........ Excited!!!!!!!!

I am so freaking excited! I saw my physician today. He's been my doctor for the past 20years and surprisingly he gave me his blessing and actually feels good about me having the surgery done. Whooooo hooooo! All I need now if for my results to come back favorable. Wish me all the best TTSisters
We are scheduled on the same day! I too am trying to lose some weight before my surgery, but I'm too stressed to diet. Lol! Can't wait! Good luck to you!
The weight lose is The hardest part. Wishing you all the best!
Yay! That's great to hear. Not much longer now girl !

Did blood works today.

Did all the test requested by my PS. PT, EKG, preggers test! Huh??? Preggers test!?!? For a woman that had a hysterectomy? LOL! The lab technicians response was "you never know" I said I really wouldn't want to know. I'm so excited These 23 days will feel like a life sentence. Can you say let's get this byatch moving? Can't wait.
The time will fly! I know what u mean about telling ur parents. I td my dad last week and i felt like a little teenager too! U can do it! Good luck!
IKR! Wishing you all the best. Will send up a prayer for you.
Let's get this byatch rolling! Seems to crawl by. Can't wait. For you and mine.

My IBS is a BYATCH!!!

The time is drawing near and the stress level is going through the roof and my IBS is Byatch!!! Are there any TT sisters out there that have had a TT with IBS? What was it like for you afterwards when your IBS flare??? Curious to know what I'm to expect.

All Clear!!!!

I got word from my doctor today giving me clearance to have my TT done. All blood works and EKG good to go!!!! Flatside here I come.

tick tock

Times a ticking.....9 days away and my TT surgery is all I can think about. Flat side imma coming for ya.
Surgery paid. Check
Blood works completed. Check
Flight booked and tickets purchased. Check
Pass port valid. Check.
I still feel like I'm missing something.

8 days pre op

My tummy.
How excited are you?!! Have the nerves kicked in?
Kicked it?!?!? Its kicking my @$$ lol. I'm very excited thou.
Just think about it. In 8 days you will be a new person( sort of). I wish I was 8 days out. I don't know if you believe but I'll be praying for a speedy recovery for you and the most invisable scar!

Its getting real

This is getting real up in here! I Can't believe its night again. My every thought is about this surgery. So nerves!!
I'm happy for you..that belly will be a thing of the past. You lost weight first your results will be good, it helps with your recovery to. Your pillow will be your friend you will not be able to cough without it.
Thank you for the support. You all have been instrumental in this.
You will do fine!:-)

On my way to the sunshine state

Anxiety is a mudda! I'm at the airport waiting to board my flight to the sunshine state and stomach is feeling sick. The closer I get to the worst it gets. I've been wanting this for 19 years and can't believe I'm so close to having this surgery done. So filled with mixed emotions.

less than 12hours away!

I'm less than 12hours away from the flat side. God I pray all goes well! Everything has gone extremly smooth and as planned. The recliner was delivered and I've purchased everything I need for post op. I couldn't be more ready except my son and daughter are an emotional wreck. Maybe its because they're not here with me. We've never been apart during something like this. Any ho Im off to bed! Looking forward to a flatter tummy.
Good luck today :-)
Its our flatday! Praying for you today. We are going to look fabulous!

I made it!!! Thank God!!!

I don't ever like to say good bye because I feel it's too final. But me Cleare my throat and say BYE BYE big flap of a tummy!
Going to take a rest and update you'll later
Hope your tummy tuck went well! I wanted to follow up with because we have ours same day. Looking forward to hearing you say how much you love it! Ttyl

My Experience

@ mytummytime and mommycarbis we made it girls. Happy healing to all of us. Congrats to both of you!!!

My surgery day started with me going In for surgery at 9:45 for a 10:30 scheduled time. I was called to the back by Alex who asked me a few questions relating to the anesthetic and prepared me for surgery. Afterwards I met Dr Salama, who is much handsomer in person. He was sooooooo sweet and after talking to him took all my fears away.

I went into the operating room and was relaxed and asleep in no time. Before I knew it I was being awaken and told all went well. I was soooo very painful. Dont wish that on my worst enemy. But That anesthesia is a mofo!! I walk in the house we'll I got back home and falling asleep.

Last night was rough, the pain medication made me sickand vomit like crazy . I haven't taken any pain medication sense 3am this morning. My aunt is out getting me some tylenol 3 and muscle relaxers prescribed by Dr salama today. Today's visit was my first view and I love it!!!!!! IM FLAT!!!!
will post pictures soon.
So glad you are doing well :-)
Hey solesister thank you for all your encouragement through this process . So thankful for this site

first look

Yay! Glad to see you are happy with your results! :-)
You look good. I am glad you are happy with the results. Happy healing. You are definitely on the flat side.
Thanks CJD mom

Coming along

I'm coming along well. These drains hang in front of me like a pair of old mans Nuts!!! LOL!! I'm drinking lots of water and walking around but still very swollen, as expected. Still no BM yet!!!! Can't wait!! It seems the right drain is either clogged or stopped draining. The left one is doing so well. The drainage now as a light diluted color. Is this normal?
I'm loving my new waist and tummy.
You look AMAZING!!! And only 3 days out. Congratulations! Make sure you take it easy and rest. Keep us posted.. Woo Hoo sexy belly!
Thank you ladies! @tanyadre no I'm not standing up straight yet. But everyday it seems to be getting better.
You look like you're doing really well! Congrats on your new tummy!

I've died and gone to SWELL HELL!!!!!

OMG!!!! I'm not one to complain but Today is not going well at all. I'm swollen like a stuffed pig sitting on Caesars dinner table. What can I do??? It's day 4 and I still haven't had a BM ..,... I tried passing today and nothing happened, it feels like I wanna go but nothing's happening. I tried the colace dr. Salama prescribe but these are not working. Just got back in from the store, needed some fresh air and sun. I got some dulcolux and took 2 so hopefully they work.
I've not tried to sleep in bed yet, still sleeping in the recliner which works out great.
Thanks canadiandaisy!!! I'm really loving it, I can now see my kitty. Haven't seen her without a mirror In 20 years.

Swollen like a mofo

New photo

Dang girl, you look amazing already!! Congrats
Thanks! Blushing face ♡♡♡
You look great just continue to take it easy...drink plenty of water. The dulcolax should work soon. I am SUPER happy for you and it feels good to see your girly girly without assistance!!!! Lol

BM Finally!!!!

By far the lack of a BM was the worst part of this experience for me. I've read ladies stories about the drains being the worst but hell-to-no!!!!!
I was so excited that I finally felt like I need to make a pass but to my dismay the sh&@ was not going down without a fight. LOL!! To make a long gross story short I finally woke up with the worst stomach cramping ever. The Dulcolax was now at war with captain sh$@. After 3am the battle was over and Dulcolax won. SIGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The swelling is down a bit and I'm feeling great. Happy Sunday to all my TT sisters. May the lord God continue to heal our bodies.
The change in color for your drain is good if I recall correctly when it drain leases than 25 or 15 cc they will remove them..did the right start draining. Go to YouTube put jackson-pratt drains care and removal so your not surprised and read the reviews...don't forget that pillow!!!!
I know how you feel I'm 6 days out and swollen like I'm 4 months pregos. Think I was trying to do much! We'll on the couch with my legs up resting, letting the hubby do the rest cause I see my PS tomorrow
Yes please rest! I'm sure the swelling will soon stop for all of us.

After a shower

I won't forget and I'll check out the site. Thanks.

Headed home!!

Where do I start?!?!? I'm at the airport headed home. The last few days has been a roller coaster of emotions. My daughter came to spend some time with me, she has been here for the pass 4 days. I'm stilling missing my son, who I haven't seen for the pass 2 WEEKS!! My I miss him sooooooooooooo much!

Yesterday was day 10 but I think I would call yesterday CRY day! I cried so much I had a massive headache the whole day. I cried for more reasons than I know. I was mostly depressed over the drains, I'm so tired of these darn drains!!!! It's day 11 and I still have them, not only do I still have them but they're still draining 95 -100 in a 24hour period. And not to mention they're draining in a wine red color. I visited Dr. Salama yesterday, oh sorry correction. I visited Dr. Salama on cry day. When he walked through the door I could not hold back the tears anymore, I bust out crying. Poor thing, he was so sympathetic and told me not to cry, that I'm doing well and healing well. Not to stress over the drains, it's best the fluids drain. He's so sweet and caring.

I was also feeling overwhelmed with have to depend on someone 24-7. To pull the chair, to help me up from the chair, to assist me in the shower, to put on my garment, GRrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! I spent the entire 2 weeks at my aunts house and she took GREAT care of me but I guess I'm just use to doing for myself. Did I say my aunt look great care of me???? She has been so sweet this pass 2weeks, I couldn't have have asked for anyone better. We laughed, danced, shop and drive our asses off. I'm going to miss her.

Now I'm at the airport waiting to board my flight back home (drains and all) and can't wait to see my son. I think I traumatized the TSA agent when she saw these awful draining hanging from my garment. Hee hee. I kinda liked that. Thank God I informed the airline that I needed a wheelchair, don't know how I would have made it without. The line at 6am was hideous!!! Any hoe!! Boarding call, will update later. Hope my TT triplets mytummytime and mommycarbis are doing well. Ttyl,
Oh I feel for you, I didnt get my 2nd drain out till day 22...but remember better to have the drain than a seroma. You are looking good, happy healing!
Oh wow! That's a long time. But thanks so much its good to know someone else had the same issue and is doing well.
Thank you for your post and sharing your journey. Our stories are very similar. I too am 42 with 2 kids. Hell, our stomachs are (were) twins...LOL!! I have my surgery Monday and I am VERY excited and nervous. My emotions are all over the place and don't know what to expect.......which is what I think adds to the nervousness. Again thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you.

Quick update

Its been an eventful few days since I left Miami.
Day 11 - 13
After missing my son I decided to go to a family event (50th bday party) on the day of my return from mia. Throughout it all I was showing my family before after photos and surprising they were all very supportive and happy I had the TT surgery. I've been wanting this for 19 years and can't believe I finally had it done . Expecting to be awaken from this dream soon. While at the party one of the drains was irritating the heck out of me. Not knowing it was clogged but later figured it out when I bleed all over myself.

Day 14 - 15
came home and have been resting ever since.
On day 14 I removed the strips applied by the GREAT Dr. Salama. I was very excited to see the scar for the first time. Its very low and looks amazing. I had one tiny area that looks as if its opening, I was advised by Dr. S to apply antibiotic ointment and gauze to that area. It appears to be drying up but I still intend on keeping an eye on that area. The drains are coming down. I've gone from 95 -100 a day to 55-60 a day. Hopefully one of the drains come out tomorrow. Whooòo Hooooò!
Will post photos of my scar as soon as I can hide my va-jay-jay.

First look at scar

Your incision looks great. Nice results

One gone, one to go!

One drain gone and only one to go. Today I was finally able ti have one of my drains removed. Thank God for his mercies and blessing he has blessed me with through this whole experience. I prayer his continued blessing as I go through this healing process.

It is a true fact our bodies left and right sides heal and respond differently. My left thigh is numb and my right thigh isn't, my let drain was removed and my right drain is still after 17 days draining red wine in color and at 45cc. My left side is soft and taking shape while my right side is still hard and really swollen.

Father I ask you to heal my body in your son Jesus name. Amen.
Amen hun. Hope u heal great, I'll be thinking about u
Thank you.
Thank you. I will follow your story. You're going to look amazing

photo update

I'm happy with my results thus far. Still swelling, expecting greater results in the next few weeks.

sorry forgot to edit

U look amazing!!! I am really thinking about having Dr. Salamas do my surgery my problem is I do not live in Florida. Can you please tell me your accomodations since u were from out of town? Thanks!!!
As luck had it, my aunt lives in Miami only 10 minute drive from his office. If you contact Cynthia at Dr. Salama's office they can assist you with accommodation. Cynthia@epsmiami.com. Best of luck!
Thx so much!

itchy, itchy, I, I, I, I

I am itching like a mofo!
Salamafied!! I'm happy for you. You look fantastic. I'm happy with my Salama body too.
Girl you're looking amazing!!!!
Looking good love! I get itchy whenever I swell, which is most of the time...its awful, lotion is now my best friend. Happy healing!

Day 26

I'll be 4weeks PO on Tuesday and still I have one drain. I'm not complaining, it's best the fluid come out than stay in my body. My waistline is taking form and I'm loving my new curves. My closet is my new best friend and I'm loving the relationship we have. LOL!
I now place 3M micro tape over my scar. My BB is healing great and I absolutely love that it now looks like BB instead of a sad smiley face.
Back to work in a week and I'm not looking forward to it.
Will post 4week photos later.
Still looking fab boo!!!!! I am so happy to hear that you are healing well over all. I have a question who makes the decision about muscle tightening???? Do we have to ask about it or does Dr. Salama make the decision when he opens up???? I know that some lipo is included but do we get to pick where or how much????
Thank you. That was a package offered by my PS. When I did my consultation muscle repair was in the cost and I'm happy it was. I'm loving the tightness of my tummy muscles. Oh! Before surgery while marking me up he also mentioned that muscle tightening would have assisted in the bloating of my tummy because I have IBS.
You should review all information you have received from his office to see of its included. I'm sure he will never do anything not discussed prior to your surgery, unless its to save your life.

4 week PO photos

bikini hides scar

Looking amazing!!!:)
Thank you!
Wow! U look great hunny lol:) Def going with Dr. Salama!!! Im sure u will be FAB this summer!

Drain Free

Whoo hoooo I'm drain free!!!! Finally starting to feel back normal.
pics please!!! Congratulations!!!!!! :)
No pics?
Omg!!! Can we get pic updates please would love to see how you have healed:)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is simply the BEST!!! He must love the woman's body because he knows how to perfect and bring to form a woman's natural curves. He's talented, professional and caring. I was concerned about coming home and not being able to get proper follow up but Dr. Salama respons promptly to all my messages. I love him and would recommend him to anyone. Nomie and Cynthia are amazingly supportive and friendly too.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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