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My tt and full back lipo is on July 24th. 2014...

My tt and full back lipo is on July 24th. 2014 with Dr Jeffrey Lagrasso. I'm anxious, nervous, and scared. I've did a breast reduction 19 years ago. I didn't feel nervous or scared I didn't even take any pain medications. But I have a feeling that I'm going to need them for this procedure. Has anyone one done these 2 procedures and what can I expect? I'm a petit per on 4 ft 11.5 inches tall 130 lbs I spin 4 times a week .
I have!! I had my reduction done a year and half ago and then lost 30 lbs and had my TT/Muscle Repair done just before Christmas. I am so much better for having it done. Having the TT done is definitely different in the recovery process versus the BR. You will want someone to help you up and down for the first week. It gets easier each day. I agree with Bubbah and using Arnica cream for the bruising. I also found using a heating pad helped with the back aches from being hunched over. Good luck to you!!
Hi anni I'm 1 week post op from a tt with lipo and muscle repair. You're worrying too much, take arnica now and after surgery, I've got arnica cream for bruises too which has helped. Bruising subsiding now. Look at my profile for tips. I'm only taking a mild pain killer at bed time now. Just stay on top of your meds for the first few days as that will help. You will be constipated! (Sorry) have something at hand for this. Lots of pillows and help with getting from lying to standing too. It's not as bad as you think more just uncomfortable/ soreness like bruises are. Good luck, message me if you have any questions x :)
Thank so much for your advise this really mean a lot. I'm glad you're doing so well. I'm hoping it will go the same for me. :)

New pre op photo

So I really don't have loose skin but a little bulge. I wonder if it's the hernia, but Dr knows best.
U look soooo good already! Ur results r going to be dynamite!
Thanks for your encouragement. My biggest worry is the scar and hoping it heals quickly. My heart is beating so fast tomorrow is the big day!
Good luck hun!!! I haven't even looked at my incision yet I'm so scared I'll hate it. My biggest concern that the scar is even and not all jagged. R u staying overnight or is it same day? Yesterday all I did was sleep probably because of anesthesia. But last night I barely slept n today I have a lot of burning sensation. I hate taking medication but morphine is now my friend lol

Tomorrow is the big day!

Feeling tons of butterflies in my stomach and nervous but I know i will make it though. Hopefully my recovery will not be so tuff. Oh yeah and the nausea after surgery. Although my Dr prescribed Zofran before going in. crossing g my fingers.
Good luck today Hun! Wishing you the best
I was so nervous I wasn't sure I was going to go through with it! Crazy, soo glad I did. I suffer with major sickness after surgery, speak to your Anethetist about it, mine have me a special cocktail of drugs and it worked great, only felt queezy and was never actually sick. You can do it, stay positive and think flat! Good luck will be thinking about you x
Thank you I will definitely ask.

The big has come it's 5:30am on my way

Didn't sleep much feeling a little nervous. I will update later wish me luck.
Hope it all went well today Ani, look forward to your flat side update! Bet you look awesome! :-)
Awwwh sore and uncomfortable. Can't take deep brearhs. But I know it will get better.
Sleeping off and on. Sore

As you all say : "l finally made it to the Flat side!"

It was nerve racking this morning but I made it. All I remember is lying in the operating table and that was it. Woke up sore a little pain and Thank God no nausea. I was fearing that. Getting up is a mission but it's getting g a little easier. My back is sore due to the lipo but bearable. My Husband and Daughter had been amazing. Over all not too bad. Thank you all for your encouraging words and reassuring me. I have my Dr appointment tomorrow at 10am will see the results so far. Will update tomorrow. Thanks again.
Congrats! Happy healing :)
Yah! Congrats! I had a breast reduction in 1998 and it was the best thing I ever did! I had no pain with it and recovered quickly, I'm set to have a TT and arm lift and lipo on Aug 12th. I really hope my high pain tolerance kicks in and your post gives me hope! Your before pics are great so your results are going to be beautiful! Keep us posted on your journey.

little more pain today but manageable.

So today I have a little bit more pain but I guess the anesthesia wore off. Had my Dr's appt today everything looks good. Sorry I haven't taken any pics because it hurts standing for a long time. But I will soon I promise.
Your on your way...at least the anxiety of surgery and waking up is over...now time for healing...happy for you...i have 20 days left...trying to stay sane....

Day 2 PO and walking better.

So today not really taking pain medication just Tylenol during the day. Last night took pain meds to sleep we'll see tonight. No BM yet but working on it. Feeling really tight Doc gave me the ok to take shower but not sure I'm ready as when I took the surgical wrap I felt extreme preasure oh boy. Sorry I haven't posted recent photo it's just too uncomfortable at the moment but will try later on today.
Whoop!! Congrats!!! I'm dying to see your results! I have the same sort of tummy - not much loose skin but my belly has a huge bulge (diastasis). Did your PS need to make a small critical incision due to lack of loose skin? Keep us posted!!
I haven't seen my incision yet as it was covered. I saw my BB and so far so good.

Time for a shower!!!

So afraid I just might have to take a pain medication?? I'm afraid to take my surgical wrap off. I felt so much pressure when I took it off at the doctor's office. Well here goes nothing will update.
Hurray!!  Take some pain meds and then plan for a nap after..LOL
Baby steps but it will feel amazing.
That's exactly what I did. Thank God it wasn't as bad as I thought. I just forgot to take pics sorry.

Today I'm alone at home.

All alone but getting g around pretty good with one of my Mom's walker. I slept pretty much the whole night. I only take the pain meds to sleep. Got up very slowly out of the recliner Made coffee and started taking laxative. I've been taking stool softener since day one. So will see what happens. Feeling pretty I'm hoping I can walk a little straighter by the end of this week. I'm still have some swelling in my back due to lipo but doesn't bother me as much as the drain literally on my but cracked lol. Can't wait for Thursday to take them out!
Oh no problem.

Doing much better

Yesterday had BM felt great afterwards thought it was going to take longer but good thing it happened sooner than later. Slept though the night pretty good. Got up made some coffee and toast and resting once again. I really don't want to over due it. I'm just thinking about walking a little normal. Can't wait to take these drains out already.
Congrats on your surgery. I had a tt and arm lift done the same day (24th). Pain pills have made this manageable. Glad you're doing well. Welcome to the flat side! I hope to start my post tomorrow. Take care!
Congratulations hope you're doing well! I'm looking forward to reading your journey. Happy healing!
Glad to hear you are doing well!!!!

Showered all on my own.

Well today moving around, did some laundry, made a quick breakfast. Tomorrow is my 7 day post op appointment hoping my drains will be gone. Still feeling super tight my back is killing me! I'm hoping it will get better by the weekend. I'm not sure I will be able to got back to work on Monday but I have some more PTO days so may have to use them. I bought a heating pad just didn't want to use it with my drains. So maybe after they are removed I can use it and will feel better. Fingers crossed.
Ohhh I have been alternating hot and cold packs and it's amazing;)
Will definitely try that. Thanks.

1 week post op Dr appt. and Drains are still in :(

Well the good news I may be able to take them out by the weekend (crossing my fingers). Got to eat out with my wonderful Hubby afterwards. Feeling really good. Still hoping I will be able to walk a little more straighter. Will finally post pics tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Finally Pictures

Feeling good. Took a shower and today it felt even better. Still have my drains hopefully I can take them off by Monday.
I'm not taking pain medication just Tylenol for my back pain along with a heat pad. Well here are my pics. Happy so far.
You look great! So glad your feeling better!
You are looking so good. One thing I've never been able to do is wear the cute little panties like you are wearing in the pics you posted today. I've only been able to wear granny panties. Once the swelling goes down...look out! I'm going panty shopping!!! You look great. I got my drains out today. I started calling them my 'twins'. Hoping you'll get yours out Monday. You'll feel SO much freer! I took some pics tonight and will post them have a good night!

11 days post op and feeling good

I've been sleeping in my bed for 3 days now and my back feels so much better. I was suppose to go back to work today but I still have my drains and I'm hoping to at least have one taken out. The one the least is draining is the side one but that one is not the most uncomfortable one its the one in my lower back. So I may have to go back to work with one drain in and I really don't know how am I going to deal with how to hide it. Although I still have 2 more days of PTO.
How do you sleep with a drain in your back? That must be challenging at best. Can't imagine going back to work with the drains in. Hopefully they will be ready to come out before you head back. Mine were taken out last Friday and I feel so free! We just need to get you there. Hang in there. =)
Well its up between my but cracked , sorry for the TMI but that's where here put it lol. I only got the one on the side taken out. Half relieved and will be going to work with a wide skirt dress and pining the drain in inside.
Oh my stars. That is quite the place to put a drain. I can understand why you'd like it out (let alone the fact that the drains are restricting). Here's hoping it will be gone very soon.

Back to work.

Feeling good came to work as I work at a College in the Admissions office so not so stressful. My co workers are wonderful being so helpful. Almost standing straight walking slowly when needed only. However I still have I drain in and I pinned it under my flared dress so it's not noticeable.
Looking great Ani, great that you are feeling so good to, glad your first day back at work went ok! :-)
Your pictures look great.
Congratulations on your first day of work. I thought you had a couple more days to go. So glad your coworkers are supportive. That will make a significant difference. Next hurdle is to get rid of your drain!

Well today makes 2 weeks post op.

I'm finally sleeping without pillows under my legs. I felt so good to sleep a little normal but still on my back tbough. I gave my Doc appt today to see if I finally take my drain out. Although I'm draining 25cc in 24 hours time. Still wearing my Surgical Binder as you can see. I'm not taking any pain medications only if my back hurts .
Hoping that today will be "the" day for you to bid farewell to your drain! Hope all goes well.
Thank you!

Still with that one drain :(

Well l kind of knew it wasn't going to be removed. I'm still draining a little over 25cc in 24hrs. I guess because of the full back and flanks lipo is a big area and the funny thing is I'm petit lol. Oh well I rather keep it until the right time ad I don't want to jeopardize my recovery. The good new is I got my new Garment. What a mission to put that on! I'm feeling tight all over. Well until my next appt next Thursday I will be drain free!
I'm wearing the same garment! Don't see many like these on here. I wear a soft sports bra under as I find it more comfy. Been in it for 4 weeks now :( it is looser now though and it's really helped with swelling x
The support is great and not cheap but I guess it really does its job. Going to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom is challenging since we can't remove it only to shower.
Does yours have an opening so that you can go to the lol without removing it? :)

weekend getaway

Feeling good considering that I still have 1 drain we drove down to the Key Largo only a 45 min drive. My 2nd oldest son came home last night from his internship at GE in Kentucky where he spent 3 months. He was so looking g forward to get back into the ocean. I however stayed in as I an not able to go and I really what my recovery to go as smooth as possible. My family's been so supportive that they deserve this mini getaway. I am able to walk 95 % straight and last night I slept on my side for the first time and it felt great. I can't believe it's been 17 days post op how fast time flew by and I'm not complain at all. Happy healing to all my real selfers!
Just read a post from day 12 when you went back to work- sounds like you were still walking somewhat hunched. Did others notice? I think today (POD11) I probably look like someone with really poor posture, rather than a 90 year old, but don't really want to go to work looking like this! Did your co-workers know about your sx? I am a teacher and will tell some colleagues, but not the whole school! Planning to claim back pain!
Well I also had a hernia repair with my tt. So I just told them that I had a hernia repair surgery and I was just a little hunched but wasn't as bad. I'm mostly sitting and my boss and Co worker were really supportive and very caring.
Congratulations. Had my procedure on June 21. Took my drain out three weeks later and kept getting fluid buildup until a week ago. Don't be in any rush. The garment is vital when it comes to recovery. I ware mines faithfully. Was 43 waist befor surgery. I had tt with side lipo. After surgery I was 39 waist. Now I'm 35 waist. Just keep getting smaller and smaller. Took my garment in two inches just last week. God speed in your recovery.

3 weeks tomorrow and some updated pics

Well 3 weeks tomorrow since surgery. Although after sitting for a while when I get up I'm still feeling alot of pressure and like unfolding only leather. Does anyone feel the same way? Still have that one drain (up my butt cracked like a tail) super uncomfortable when sitting and getting into clothes is a mission. So I'm REALLY PRAYING that it will be removed so I can feel free again. As far as my scars here are some pics. I just started applying Bio Oil this week. Happy healing everyone!
Well, we made it to 3 weeks. Can you believe it? Seems like it was just yesterday. Your appointment with your PS is today, right? Will pray that by day's end you will be stainless! I still have lots of swelling and so I have very little flatness. I'm trying to be patient. My PS said swelling may still be an issue for 3+ mths. Trust you have a good day!
indeed I cannot believe it has been 3 weeks. I look at my moms Walker and I say to myself I can't believe it's been two weeks ago that I was just using it and now I'm standing straight and so relieved. can you believe I haven't coughed sneeze maybe laughed a little but I have been avoiding them. As for swelling I really haven'tswells maybe just a little on the side where the stitching ends. Don't worry everyone heals differently just need to be patient and positive. Happy 3 weeks!
You look fantastic Ani, lovely flat tummy and scar is healing nicely. :-)

Finally Drain Free!

finally after 3 weeks I got my drain remove today! I'm so Happy and relived! Feeling normal again
Yeahh, that's awesome not to have anymore drains. Hopefully, real soon for me.
Yay :-) so pleased they removed your final drain or "tail" as you called it lol! Must feel free As a bird now!
YIIIPPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the "drain-free-side" :-) Very (VERY) happy for you. My prescription for you is to wear pants for the next 12-72 hours! Congratulations!!!

Lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks feeling Great!

Feeling real good wearing my jeans today. They fit even better and more comfortable. I'm feeling more normal but still taking it easy. Have my PS appt next week for my 4 week check up and hopefully I will get the ok to start light workout. Happy healing Real Selfiers!

Compression Garment too big?

How do I know when the very $$ CO is too big. I mean does it suppose to feel tight that you can't breathe? I bought 2 others that are sorter 1 I can wear outfits that reqiure to strapless and 1 full waist under wear so I can where with outfits that I can't wear the full body CG. I usually wear the full body CO because I had full back lipo and helps the swelling but my turbo feels comfortable but not too tight. Should I buy smaller full body CG?
Hi little ani, your story is so inspiring! I am 3 weeks and 1 day post op and still have my drain. I go to my doctor tomorrow and I am hoping to get it out. However, it is still draining about 32cc's so I am not sure what is going to happen. Reading that you still had your drain at 3 weeks made me feel better and not so alone. Thanks for sharing your story. :-)
Usually if your draining 25cc or less in a 24 hrs period your PS may decide to remove it. Good luck to you and thanks for your comments. I feel I have to pay it forward as I was inspired by others in this site. So grateful for them as I think I couldn't do it without them. .
I will let you know tomorrow if I get it removed, however I am still draining more then 26 cc. :-( I am so grateful for this site as well!

27 days post op

27 days post op.
The pros:
** I can sleep on my sides with no problem.
** I can walk perfectly straight.
**I have lost a total of 10 lbs since surgery without even doing any actives except for regular walking around work when needed and at home.
** My clothes fits me like it -PERFECTLY and some a little big.
** I can walk with heels just fine.
Not much swelling.
** I wear my CG 24/7 feel fine with it.

The Cons:
** I still feel tight when getting up from sitting.
** not too crazy of how my scar not being straight but I will be patient as this is not my first surgery, I had a breast reduction and you can't even see the scars at all. Hoping this will heal the same.
** Still feel sensitive on my BB when driving on bumpy road.
** Desparately wanting to get back to my Spinning.

My PSAppt is tomorrow will update.
You're doing great for 1 month out! When your surgeon tells you to ditch the compression, make sure you do. Let your body get used to NOT having it. Trust me. I did a whole post about it in my Review as well. Your 3 weeks pics are fantastic! :-)
Thanks. I had Full back lipo so that's why I'm wearing it 24/ 7. I'm still swollen from it but not too bad.
Congrats on your improvements. I won't see my PS until late October (I saw him at 2 wks post and then 3 mths post) and am eager to see what things will be like by then. Feeling better with each day. Isn't it great to have a PS that you have confidence in? I'm thankful for mine!

4 weeks today

4 weeks today and feeling better. So today I've posted pics. Still wearing my CG and will see my PS tomorrow for check up. Not much swelling just tight and happy so far.

pics at 4 weeks

Congrats!!! Your results are phenomenal! Such a trim, flat belly!!! We made it to 4 wks. Let the exercise begin!!!

4 week PS appointment

My 4 week PS appointment was on Friday. Everything is good. I asked if I should put anything on my scar and said no its healing good and I have minimal swelling. Just to keep my CG on for another month and no excercise for 4 weeks as well. Will see him again on Sept 19th. But still contemplating scar treatment.
Wow...smaller and smaller every time you post. "The incredible shrinking woman!" You are looking great! Keep plugging along. Never heard of a monkini before. Hmmmm....
Congrats you look good

Well its been 5 weeks

I'm feeling better as each day goes by. I'm still feeling a little tight when I sit for a long time, but much better than last week. I'm sleeping on my sides so this week I may try to sleep on my stomach. Gosh I miss that. My scar is healing very well. It's looking very thin happy with it so far. Still a little swollen and nomb on my back due to full back lipo but it's slowing coming back to normal. I purchased 2 Monkini for this long weekend as my BB and scar is still healing I don't want to mess up the good healing process I'm having so far. I have posted updated pics. Will update at 6 weeks.
Yay for you!!! Looking marvelous! Have a great weekend :) Your so smart with the monokini! I've been wearing a plain black one piece from Walmart lol
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wmac, I posted a picture of a Monkini style swimsuit.

This is what a Monkini looks like

It's this style of swimsuit.

I received my Monkini today here's the pic.

Still swollen but it's a small and fits!
Thank you. Got it at Target Google monkini and you will find lots of syles.
You won't be disappointed!

My 6 Week update

I'm feeling some normality again.
I'm feeling my back again.
My CG is to big now and I have ordered a smaller one as I'm still a little swollen in my back.
I can sneeze, cough, and laugh without too much pain just a tiny bit.
I went to the beach last weekend and it felt great.
My scar is healing well. I've been using Bio Oil 2 twice a day.
The tightness when I get up from sitting so long is not that bad.
I have posted pics of my scar. Happy healing Real Selfers!
Congrats on 6 wks! What a feeling, huh? I wondered if I'd ever feel normal again but, alas, normal snuck up on mee, Our bbs look very similar...which I was glad to see. Did you feel comfortable at the beach...strut your stuff? You are in a very "warm"part of the country! Take care. BTW you are looking great!!!
Thanks, I live in Miami, Florida. I it was ok I'm just used to wearing bikinis. But I did get complements on the Monkini. I'm not completely normal as I still am swollen and a little nomb mostly on my back. Over all feeling great. Hope you're doing well.
You are looking wonderful! So happy to hear the feeling of normal is coming back! I can't wait for that!

One more pic

Thought I should post a pic with clothes for a change lol
You look great!! Are walking straight? I'm almost 3 weeks PO and I still a little hunched over and it gets worse as the day progress...

Pic didn't upload sorry there it is

You look awesome love! I am in the process of researching two ps's in the miami area, since I will be traveling from western ny. I love your post because your body type and everyday activity is similar to mine. So I hope I get the results similar to yours! Wish you the very best in the healing process! :)
Thank you Mdporter1972, Glad to hear. My PS also has an office in NY I think. Good luck on search for PS. Mines is in Aventura, Florida. Pascual Med Spa MD. They are excellent but you must make that important decision. Looking forward to reading your journey.
You look great, your healing appears to be going very well! The nurse at my PS' office said the pleating is normal and basically a normal part of healing, right along with the swelling. My guess is that around the 3 month mark once the swelling really goes down, that the pleating will too...or if it could be sooner that would be nice too! Best wishes.

Finally got my booty back!

After 7 weeks I finally have my booty back! It's been a while with the swelling due to full back lipo (no regrets). I feel amazing and would do it all over if I had to. I'm still a little swollen in my lower back but its getting better every day. I can do almost anything except work out until I get the clear from my PS hopefully on Sept 26 when I go see him. I sometimes have a little swelling on my upper abdomen at the end of the day but as soon as I get home from work I take a shower and off to bed I go and it all goes away. I guess it comes with the territory still no complaints as I know this is a process and I'm very positive that this is only temporary. Happy healing all you Real Selfies! Here are my 7 weeks pics.
You look great
Congrats little Ani! Great pics...you are on your way!

8 weeks and 2 days Post Op

Feeling great as usual but at night I feel a little pressure on my side abdomen but once I am down for a bit it goes away. I guess it's my body telling me to rest. I haven't gain any weight as I've been eating lean and clean. I'm hoping I get the clear to get back to the gym. Here are my pre op and post op pic comparison. No Regrets! Happy healing all Real Selfies. :)
You look great!!! Flat as can be!!
Thank you! :)
Love the comparison pics. Amazing abs :0)

Back to gym!

Well went to my PS on Thursday and he finally gave me the ok to work out but NO AB WORKOUTS! That was fine by me i don't tonk my body is ready anyways and I would compromise my recovery . So Friday off to Spinning I went and it felt good. Started off slow plus my daughter made sure of it as she was Spinning next to me. My PS also said that i dont have to wear my CG to sleep just during the day. I slept without it for tbe first time on Thursday night felt pretty good. I also bought a cincher, talk about an hour glass figure! I wore on Saturday for about 6 hours I wasn't too tight I can breath just fine however yesterday I went out on our boat to test it as we just bought another one and I had it on all day. Not good when I took it off I was in a little pain and I think it's best to just start wearing it for a short period of time and work your why up to make just 4 to 6hrs a day. I didn't sleep that we'll last night so today I wore spandex I feel much better. I have posted my 9 weeks and 4 days post op pics. Still happy with results my scar is healing nicely and so is my bb. Doc says Bio oil is fine no need for other scar treaments. Happy healing all RS!

sorry was having trouble uploading pics.

Here they are.
So happy to see how great ur doing!!! You look awesome ;)
Thanks. Taking one day at a time.
You look fantastic! Congratulations on getting the green light to work out again!

10 l weeks and 5 days post op

well it's been already 10 weeks and 5 days I started to work out 2 weeks ago it feels great however I have gained some weight I am hoping that its muscle weight and not fat. however my clothes still fit in a much smaller size between two and four. I no longer wear my CG for bed I only wear it during the day. I feel a lot like myself.I have posted my 10 weeks and 5 days pictures. Happy healing everyone.
You look really good!! Did you start core training? Also, what compression garment are you wearing on the post of 9/29?
My PS says no abdominal work out for 6 weeks but ive been spinning. It's a cincher. I ordered it at sigter.com for 35.00. I ordered a Medium (36) and as you can see I'm wearing it on the first row for now until I get to the third. It's comfortable, I can breath in it ok just wear it for 4 to hrs a day.

missed some pics.

Some more photos that didn't upload.
You look Great! :) Keep up the workouts.
Looking good

11 weeks and 5 days post op update.

Well what can I say I'm feeling great. Went out yachting with fru ends and family and had an amazing time. Here are my updates: I sleep with no CG feels amazing but I wear it for work or when I go out since I had lipo and have some swelling on my back. I don't get the sensation to stretch my torso as much. I dont have that hardness feel like pressure on my upper torso. I started my T25 workout (modified for now) and boy did my body ache but the good kind no pain. My scar is healing good just wish the middle portion thins out soon. As for my bb it's doing just fine no complains and have to be patient. I can wait til the ring around it disappear. Well that all for now here are my pics.
You Look Great! :) Happy Monday!
You look fantastic! Great reading your updates and it's so good to see how you've progressed... I think you did a top-notch job with your recovery... taking it slowly, but always going forward one little step at a time. Great results!! Can't wait for it to be me - LOL. Best luck for continued good health and great looks!!
Thank you Layla_NS I try my best to stay healthy , stay positive , be patient and never go back. Best of luck to you.

Almost 14 weeks this Thursday.

What can I say I have been spinning now for almost a month now and it's feels pretty normal, with No swelling after. I've started weight train and it felt amazing to get back into it. Yesterday I worked out for 2 hours and no pain what so ever. I just listened to my body. Although I'm not suppose to do any about workout but I just did tried it gently and slow and it wasn't bad at all. I just need to work myself up. Here are my photo update for this week.
Congratulations, Little Ani!--my twin (surgery on the same day...same age :-) ...just wish I had your body shape!...but I am pleased with mine. Keep up the great work!
Lol thank you. I've been trying to do my best to keep my new shape. I haven't seen new pics from you. Hope to see some soon. :)

14 weeks pics

Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I had my Tummy Tuck and full back lipo with Lagrasso and very satisfied with my results so far. He's very professional and very easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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