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Hi RS ladies!!!! I am 23 y.o RN mother of 2. Ive...

Hi RS ladies!!!! I am 23 y.o RN mother of 2. Ive been with my fireman bf since we were teenagers. Needless to say my body has taken a beating. Im 5'2 155lbs. Pre-preg i was 130lbs. I love my hips butt n thighs 43" hips, in my culture thick is better i jus hate my boobs n tummy!! I had a consultation at Pascual MD with Dr. Mcadoo. Im sooo excited borderline obsessed!!! I unfortunately tried to finance but my credit took a beating while i was uninsured in nursing school and was hospitalized for ruptured ovarian cysts. Now im making good money and able to get rid of my flab my credit is killing me. Im down bc my bf says he will cosign if i save $6000 on my own ???? ive made a 1200 payment to the office n by the end of summer will be dwn to a balance if $8k but i want to hv it done in september to be bikini ready for my bday in november (i live in miami) n i want to tk him on a vacay to jamaica for his bday n i MUST be sexy by then!!!! I live on RS DAY AMS NIGHT looking at profiles n mommy makeover posts waiting to get mine. Its very depressing bc i hv a small petite frame n with my faja on im like ridiculously sexy bt that comes off n the flab wins. Thank god i wear forgiving scrubs to work but im tired of looking 43 at 23. Oh yea my consultation was for a mommy makeover TT, BL, BA with 600cc HP silicone and lipo of upper/lower back. Im a 34 droopy C 32" waist and 43"hips which i love but im not happy with the upper part and i needed to vent!!!
Hey. Thays an average price for mommy makeover. Unless if you decide to l8ok into other surgeons. That can be an option
Thanks. I havent moved forward yet still saving. Thanks for the support
Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! I hope you're able to get your financing in order so you can do this. Please keep us posted!

Change of Plans

Hello RS fam! Okay so for the last 2 months or so, Ive been having reservations. I was scheduled to have mommy makeover, started paying. Made payment of 1200 and stopped. Fo whatever reason, gut said, uhhhhh put it in savings instead. Anyway, I am completely obsessed with this site, and started comparing and thinking. I say all of that to say, Im not sold on going to my original Dr. I made a consultation with Dr. Freiman for tomorrow. I have 2000 saved up so far in my savings, and on the site they have silicone implants for 3500, TT 3500. I figured for that price and a lift upwards of 8500 possibly, I could have my surgery for sure by the end of January beginning of Feb. And, hopefully I could receive a "professional" discount for being a RN (I pray) anything helps. The other Dr. was 13000.... which was a hell of a lot more. Besides, I can see work that the Dr's have done. Which brings me to my next question.... should I go to Ortega or Frieman. I want to change my consult to Dr. Ortega now, I'm a mess. His results look pretty nice as well. Oh My!! I just want to get super sexy, super quick!!! LOL any suggestions?

Tummy pics...

Results I want

The skies have opened up!!!!!

Okay ladies, So I posted yesterday about my reservations about Pascual MD etc etc. so, I had a consultation with Dr. Friedman today that went AMAZING!!!!!!! I love him. Very straight forward, knowledgable and actually gives a crap about your wellbeing post check! Unlike the jerk heads over at Pascual Office in Aventura. I will still get a TT, BL, BA w/silicone and side lipo. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! He advised with a lift 600cc will pretty much "fall out in my cereal one morning" so he puts it lol so his max will be 421cc not exactly what I wanted, but I'm sure ill love them all the same.... I feel completely blind sided, like those mo-foes over at Pascual office in Aventura where in it for $$$$$$$ and alot of it $1400 to be exact. So needless to say Im sold. My wonderful lovely BF financed the procedure for me and I paid the difference... ???????????????????? i love him!!! Okay so this is where it gets truly F***ed up!!! Their mommy makeover special ran me $7500!!! I feel guilty for even mentioning that price it feels like a steal. I mean i feel like i should be arrested. Thats half the price of Pasual and so many beautiful ladies can vouch for Dr. Freidman on Real Self. So, I of course had no surgery at Pascual office but I left a $500 deposit day one to lock in $13500 from that sales woman Irivette. Man am i stupid. And oh i get even stupider!! I started making payments in which they will NOT refund me saying non refundable up to $1000 in deposits. But my thing is ny deposit was only $500 $700 was my payments... Like really??? Im so glad i found Real Self that saved me upwards of 6500!!!! I emailed their HR guy to get the truth about the deposit because I feel like I just gave $1200 away... But I wont trip because im Coordinating with my BF so that I can take time off for my surgery and hell be able to stay home and help me with the kids and stuff. September looks in the making from my view point... Im so excited I feel numb.
you will lose your money paid to dr. salama. I know this for fact, they keep some fees. you will not lose it all, but some.
The doctor was Mcadoo... I atleast want my payment of $700 n jus charge the $500 to being stupid


Im fuming!! Im not only mad at myself for being so silly! But im also pretty pissed that I gave these people $1200 of my hard earned money! The sales people are Just that SALES PEOPLE!!! They dont care about you and only want your money!! I basically lost $1000. I guess you live and learn and so im getting my procedure with a Dr that actually has customers that you can see and is not like McDonalds of plastic surgery!

The Date is Set!

September 22!!!! Im so excited, Im nervous all at the same time. Im jus hoping everything works out with my job and getting the right time off. Im also nervous about my 15 month old daughter who loves herself a good "picky up" 2 weeks of no snuggles is gonna be hard. What are some things ill need to get prepped for surgery??? I forgot the preop package I was so excited I walked out without it lol
Oh also we have fairly similar tummy is worse...i will post pics soon. Waiting for my laptop to be repaired.
Im happy you found me on here! Im excited and nervous as my date is quickly approaching. Im still trying to figure out who will be with me post op. My surgery is an 11 hr drive so I have to stay in a hotel for a week until my post op apt. I will (if all goes well) will be in the depth of my pain when youre going in for surgery so I might be a lame buddy for a few days but Ill do my best to cheer you on!

The countdown is ON!!!!!

Hey ladies!!! So, the countdown is on. Im super excited still dealing with the Pascual MD situation. I have receipts and everything supporting my situation and they still will not refund my money minus the deposit. They feel as if they should keep it ALL. I hadnt even set a surgery date or anything .
Anyway.... Ill refocus because it makes me angry every time I talk about it. I wish i found you guys first, n ill be $1200 richer and a lot happier.
Im less than a month away from the flat n sexy side but I don't know what to buy??? I know I need colace and coconut water LOL but whatelse do I need???!!!! Lol HELP ME!!!! I don't know what else to expect...
Good luck and can't wait to see your results!!
Good luck, hun!

Less than 3 weeks away!!

So i bumped my surgery up to 9/18 because my job did not approve my vacation for the entire two weeks I requested. Which bothered me a bit but healthcare is all about politics and 2 senior nurses requested October 2 -6 so i had to revise mine. But whatever, im going to be sexier sooner lol. Flat side here I come. Ive made a list of things I think ill need. Im ready
**posted. Lol
Good luck. Keep us poster!

Family BeachDay!!! Aaaarrrrggghhh

17 days before my surgery and my family wants to go to the beach!!! I look horrendous in my bikini but im wearing it to remember how disgusting i look and to celebrate my last beach day as a fat mama!!! Lol the only person next beach day with a fat belly will be my little turkey lol my 16 month old daughter n by far hers is the absolute cutest tummy ever!! So im going to try and have fun. Wish me luck
Can't wait to see your results...


I'm excited for you. Sorry you had to deal with that crap at the other doctors office. I can't believe they won't atleast give your 700. payment back. Ugh Good luck to you. Keep us posted. I'm sure you'll look awesome.
I totally understand what youre going through. I just went to a water park with just my son.That is the last day of me looking that tragic in a swimsuit and I had a blast! I hope you are able to enjoy the day and know its the last of its kind

My nerves are kicking in

Morning ladies!!! Im a nervous wreck! Im so excited to have that perfect tummy n set of jewels but my nerves are out of control. Im anxious for no reason almost. I started buying my supplies, bought a bra compression stockings, gauze Neosporin arnica tabs colace milk of mag band aids my pist op meds a grocery list now what?
Tomorrows your day! Im cheering you on as promised :) Just a day from now you will be on the flat side. You're going to look amazing!! Hang on tight and keep up with your pain meds!
Thanks my love!! I will lol i hv all my meds labeled n ready to go!! Im a nurse so im obsessive lmbo

Less than 24 hours!!

Hey guys!! Ive been working like a mad woman to secure my days off. Im filed with so much anxiety and im gettn cold feet lol but im going to stay prayed up and look forward to the flat side. Im not gonna b able to snuggle my baby or the big one lol make love to my sexy hunny for two weeks im gonna die lol im gttn waxed right now i have evrything packd up for happy healing groceries and seasoned meAt im jus looking forward to the results. I hope my results look natural i like them and so does he. We shall c i guess lol thank you all for the support and well wishes!!! Ill see you guys on the FLAT SIDE LOL
Wishing you all the best. God be with you!

Im here!!! and freaking out!!!!

Ok so todays the day, im here im nervous and Imscared! But Amy is the CRNA and she made me feel so wonderful. I hv my mommy by my side n my hunny otw!!! Keep me lifted in prayers!! See u on the flat side

I made it to the flat side

Im finally coherent lol! I nade it but the nausea is a beyotch!!! It intensified my pain 3 notches! Finally kept food dowh so far thanks for the support pics tonorro!
YaY! So happy for you. Hope youre nausea subsides quickly :)


Hi Rs family! So im 3 days post op and im sore and swollen all over!! Theres this sharp pain in my right hip wen ever i move my right leg. The top of my tummyvs really swollen n my breast are hard n high he gave me 397 cc silicone n they are nice size for me . I hate sitting around helplessly. Sitting down day n nite is hard work. I jus want to heal. I was kinda dowbln bc my bf said he doesn't like my breast. He's supportive n helpful tho but he likes me before which is nice but i cant hv long saggy breast and lumpy fat belly. So im doin ths for me to feel hot about myself . Im gonna take a bath today n ill post pics.
I cant wait to see your pictures. and your boyfriend will enjoy them once everything settles im sure ;)
Does your bf understand the drop & fluff part of your recovery? Even if he doesnt like them its really not helpful to say it to you while you are in so much pain. Im glad youve done this for you because youre the one who has to wake up and live in your body. Try not to let him get you down. I am getting a pinched feeling when I move my leg too...I think it is in the stitches for me. Im at day 6 and have already noticeable d&f but I went over the muscle so it may be faster. Did you go over or under? You sound like a very strong woman, you are going to come out of this even more awesome than you went into it. (((hugs)))

Feeling better

Hi everyone, my incredible mommy came over and i got a bath today she took the kids n im much more active. Walked upstairs n down basically straight up. Not much pain jus super sore!!! Drains are minimally draining n gttn lighter. I peeked at my tummy super swollen no idea wat my belly button looks like i jus wanted to gt changed up lol thanks for the love happy healing!!!

2 days Post Op pics

Aww g
Glad to see u doing well!!

10 days post op... Not all good news

Hey ladies! Well I'm 10 days post op, n my tummy is healing beautifully, wish I could say the same for my breasts. I developed a hematoma on the right side, and I'm going to my PS tomorrow to see what I have to do about it. The left is awesome size and everything but my right has been bothering me for days and at my one week post op my doctor was not there for religious holiday and the nurse obviously is not able to identify complications because she kept assuring me it was fine and just do massages. But I'm s nurse and I know my body. So that's where I'm at now.

I'm Having trouvé uploading pics

I keep trying to post pics idk what's the problem new iPhone 6 not cooperating
Good luck Hun and wishing you a speedy recovery
So sorry about the hematoma =(
Thanks guys



No HEMATOMA!!! Went to Dr Freiman today and he said I have no hematoma to massage be patient and praise his feet in a month post op lol I have to say my Breast feel better today. I iced them yesterday and stressed about them for four days straight!!! I'm super swollen and I'm worried of course because I'm not "flat" like some ladies are post op.... Idk I'm gonna work out like a dog as soon as im able to. Happy healing ladies...
Yay! So glad to hear it's not a hematoma. Whew! Happy healing.
Thanks doll
Awesome news! Keep healing well.

Need honest feedback

Here's my results and I want to know exactly how Im healing. I feel like I'm too puffy and that it may not be swelling but instead more like he didn't make me really flat....
love your results ...i have my surgery scheduled with him soon! My nerves are BAD :( but i need to stay POSITIVE you ladies help me stay calm :) im getting ready to order my compression socks we really need them?
Hey lpve. Remember it takes time. But you are looking good and the swelling takes at least 3months to go away. Love your results. Boobs are perky and firm! :)

New Pics

Pics didn't post - not sure why. Repost when you can. Hope you're loving your transformation and healing smoothly :)
Dr. Jacob Freiman

Dr. Freiman does really nice work. Aside from my complication I'm satisfied overall. HOWEVER the office staff is not up to par. The patient coordinator is full of it. She does not follow through or follow up with anything . In your presence she's absolutely amazingly sweet but once you leave the office you're on your own. Their supposedly 24 hr on call process is Bologna. You don't get call backs. If your doctor is unavailable they apparently don't cover each other's patients. So therefore if you have a problem you're on your own. For the price and work he's worth going to but if you are looking for a professional atmosphere and reliable follow up care with clear concise answers then probably not for you if you develop complications like me

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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