Much Needed Mommy Makeover.. Deposit is Paid - Aventura, FL

I am scheduled for a Mommy Makeover in December. ...

I am scheduled for a Mommy Makeover in December. My expectations are a smaller waist line, flat stomach, and fuller breasts
I will be going alone, therefore I will utilize the Serenity recovery house for ten days
I just started dieting and exercising.. I don't have a desired weight, but being a voluptuous woman, I know loosing a few pounds wouldn't hurt :-)

I am so excited

Let the weight lost journey begin.. even though I don't look or feel it my current weight is 235.. I'm thinking "realistically" so my goal is a pound a week, that will put me around 200 pounds by surgery date


Good luck on your weight loss! My surgery is the same day as yours with Salama. ONLY 70 days left!!! :)
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70 days left!! Music to my ears lol, what are you having done? Are you staying at the recovery house?
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I hadn't had a chance to actually speak to Dr Salama, but then again, I am 259 days pre op :-) But I have talked to the Patient Consultant, Cynthia, and she is very helpful in answering my questions as they come up, I've called her and she is quick to reply to emails.. so two thumbs up to her

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