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My procedure is scheduled for Monday May 6. I am...

My procedure is scheduled for Monday May 6. I am super excited. I have wanted this for years now. I had 3 kids and after my kids i have hated my stomach. I was reffered to Dr. Salama by a friend and really liked him and his office staff. They are super freindly and helpful. I am all ready for my procedure on monday. I am having a tummy tuck with lipo on the flanks, breast lift and breast implant. I am getting 421cc silicone. I am currently 127lbs, 5"3, small c (sangy). I am a little scared about the size but i am trusting Dr. Salama. I dont want to be to big or to little but we will see what happens. I" ll keep you guys posted and will post before and after pictures after my procedure.


Congrats your surgery date is around the corner! I cant wait to see your pics. I am going to Dr. Salama for a tt and ba May 24th. good luck!
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can we start our own facebook group and chat.. may 6th mm's...??? this reminds of the pregnancy blogs based on the due dates...he he...
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If you ladies haven't already, make sure to check in on the forum thread here:

Or feel free to start your own Monday May 6thers. :0)

I am 3 days post surgery, it has not been easy but...

I am 3 days post surgery, it has not been easy but I am feeling much better today. I love my results so far. I have a lot of swelling and bruises still but all worth it.


Glad to see you made it to the flat side! Have you seen your tummy line yet?
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Yes I have! It is a thin line! How did yours go?
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