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I am having a Mommy Makeover! I am nervous and...

I am having a Mommy Makeover! I am nervous and excited at the same time..I have never had any kind of surgery before, so you can imagine how I must feel (scared)! I am traveling from Louisiana to miami to have my MMO! My surgery Is paid In full (cash) already , so no turning back now! Let the count down begin!
Very exciting! You might want to read this post by JenBob about her experience. It's funny and insightful. Please keep us posted. :)
Please post before and after pics ;)
I am sure you will love your results. I had TT in Jan and I am going back in Dec for BBL. The results of the TT were far beyond what I imagined. You'll be in good hands.

Pre op Consultation with Dr. Salama

Hi RS! well I made it to Florida! And my pre op consult Is tomorrow! I am so nervous, This Is really happening! I have sooooooo many questions for Dr.S AND his staff team! I will keep you guys posted, and yes I am going to post before/after pics soon!
Hope all goes well hun ! Good luck !!!
Hi Angiemcc, I did read the post! Yes It was very funny!


Okay, so I am now 3 days post...and I am doing much better! Waiting to get back to my regular routines! Still waiting to pass a bowel...and these drains, ugh! The drains are simple, but irritating! I will post before/after pics as soon as I can stand straight! I meet with Dr. S on Monday...hopefully my drains can be removed, since I am not draining as much and the drainage is more clear than red! I'll keep you guys posted! And again, Thanks for all the support ladies! Good luck to you all!


Okay! So far So Good! I am so happy with my results so far! And I know Its only going to get better! Im posting a before/after pic, and I will post better ones later, when I get a chance...Meds have me sleepy!


I FORGOT TO MENTION...I AM STILL WAITING on my breast to drop and fall in place, but I am soooooooooo happy! Good luck you gals!
You look great, did you get breast implants as well?
Thanks hun jerseygirl0789! Yes I did get a BA (silicone 475cc)
That looks like the perfect size, I have been debating on what size to get till I seen yours. Look good hun !!


Well hello! Sorry so late, but realself has gave me trouble with updating! But anyway...Im a little over 2 weeks post...and Im doing much better! I did return to work on Thursday and It actually felt good to get that sense of reality back! My breast has soften, my belly still swells , especially over night while Im asleep...but isn't that sore anymore...I can actually cough, sneeze, and laugh now without feeling any pain lol....I am off my pain meds, and have been for a week now! I am going to post some pics to show off my new body lol! ttyl... hope you ladies love your bodies as much as Im loving mines! Good luck!
Loving your updates, how many days did you take from work

Finally Walking

Forgot to mention that I am walking straight! Yayyyyyyyyyy!
Hi jerseygirl0789! I returned on the 14th day after surgery (which put me right at 2 weeks)....but I listened to my body, got tired of laying around the house and I was walking straight, and just felt good, no pain, no soreness! So I gave It a shot and returned, and It felt good being at work, but when I got home, I was exhausted and swollen! And I work with 4 year olds..so just imagine lol...
That's good, I'm taking two weeks as well but I have a desk job just want to make sure I take my time. But thank you, you look great.

Starting to Feel Like The Old Me Again!!!

OMG!!! IM SOOOOOOO IN LOVE WITH MY NEW BODY! IM STARTING TO REALLY SEE MY CURVES...IM SO IN LOVE! STILL SWELL EVERY NOW AND THEN, BUT ALOT OF SWELLING WENT DOWN! im sleeping how I want now without a problem, walking like normal, my breast are so soft but still has to drop a little more! I just feel sooooooo good, and sexy!

Another Pic

Hello I go May 13 how many days did it take to walk straight again? How long did you wait to drive again?
Hi Colee305! Well I started standing straight up In a week (around day 8) but It gets better and better by the day! And Im now a little over 3weeks, and walk as If I never had surgery! You can't drive If you are still on your pain meds , but I waited until I was 2 weeks post , because thats when I returned to work! I hope I was helpful to you! Feel free to ask any other questions, and good luck to you!


A Closer Look! Didnt realize the other pic was that small!

Hello how are you doing? How's the healing going?
Hello sorry to bother you but how long did it take you to do a bowel movement? Today is going on day 4 and I haven't went yet.
Wow! Fan-freakin-tastic!

I have been M.I.A

Hi everyone! I am a little over 7weeks now! Sorry I been gone for a min. The struggle is real lol....I was starting to feel depressed, about my tt...I was not sure if I had fluid build up or just swelling, all around my belly and pubic area! I swear I looked as if I was 4 mths prego! Very depressing!!! But I gave it some time and found that it was just swelling yayyyyyy! So Im back to flat! Thank God, because That really had me down!

check out my incision!

waistline...loving it!!!

My swelling has been down for almost a week! Im happy again lol....now that I know its just swelling and its normal...next time Im swollen, I'll take pics and show you instead of freaking out lol
Im doing good! Everything is healing just fine, swell from time to time, but thats normal! Hope all Is well with you! Hang in there! Its 1000% worth it! Im happy for you!

happy healing

Btw....my right boob is being stubborn lol...its SLOWLY dropping in place! And my incision is healing so so so good! lol Im in love with my results! Shout out to my ps!
OMG!! you look so awesome!!
Awww...Thank You!!!!


Hey Everyone!!!! Its been a while, Been VERY busy, and also realself was tripping on me, I was locked out my account for a while, but Im back, and will be posting pics later, trying to respond to all my msg...and yes Im still in love with my results, it gets better everyday!!!
Beautiful results!!!!!!!
Thank You!!!



You look amazing!!!! Congrats!!! Can't wait for my turn!
Awww Thanks Sherine727!!! I'm In love with My Body Now!!! Good Luck With Everything...I'm happy for you!!!
How long did you have to stay in Fl? what was the approx costs?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am so happy with my decision on going with Dr. Salama! He has a wonderful staff! They are all so Informative, patient, polite, and very nice! I have a good feeling about everything! They helped me to relax, and assured that I was In good hands! From my experience so far, they are RIGHT! I Couldnt be happier with my decision! Now just Impatiently waiting to see what this NEW body looks like, In my NEW wardrobe! Im soooooooooo excited!

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