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I have waited, so long for this mommy makeover. I...

I have waited, so long for this mommy makeover. I have 4 kids gained over 200 lbs('5 1") . I 'am currently scheduled to have surgery BA, BL, TT with Dr. Salama on 5/13/13. I can't waite for my surgery . I 'am currently at 145 lbs. I would like to be at 130 lbs for the surgery. I would like to know if anyone is willing to change their surgery date with me. I would like to have my surgery date sometime in march. Please let me know if you would like to change your surgery date. Has anyone had a mommy makeover with dr. Salama???


Welcome to RealSelf! Dr. Salama is known for his Brazilian Butt Lifts, but he definitely does Mommy Makeovers as well (obviously-haha). Here's a link to a tummy tuck review in which he's listed as surgeon. 

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yes, it is true, but I only see brazillian butt lift reviews/ only one mommy makeover review
I can't stop doing research/ that's why it is making me nervous not being able to find my Dr. review on this web site. Wish you the best on your surgery!!!!!

I 'am very excited to have my procedure done. It...

I 'am very excited to have my procedure done. It seems, so very far away? I was hoping to swap out dates with someone. I am looking for sometime in april to have surgery do to work. please let me know if anyone is willing to swap .



Were you able to get your mommy makeover?

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Anyone willing to switch may for a end of April surgery date?
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I have feb 14th with doc salama if u want to switch?
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Had my mommy makeover loving it!!
Now looking to have my bbl in oct. 25. Anyone want to switch dates looking for a Nov. , Dec. or possibly Jan. ( in box me)

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I chose Dr. Salama because of one review I saw.

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