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I've always wanted liposuction but never had...

I've always wanted liposuction but never had the guts nor the money to do it. After finally getting approved financing I wanted to do the BBL but was to expensive and will be waiting until next year for that. I fnally chose Dr. Moises Salama because of how good his reviews were and he's the BBL God.

I'm a local to Miami so it won't be expensive as some other people getting it done. I'm 22 5'3 and weigh 160lbs I weighed initially 200 but lost some weight but was told not to loose anymore since my skin hasn't sagged and that helps. I will post some before pics and will post my after pics when I can.I wll be getting lipo off my arms, back, abdomen and flanks.


Smart lipo is usually local and lipo is usually general some doctors dont like using local since the patients are awake and its harder for the surgeon to do his job
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Sorry I haven't posted many updates. I will...

Sorry I haven't posted many updates. I will definetely post after pics but keep in mind I also added a brazilian butt lift so my results may differ in the back department. My surgery is in 6 days and I'm having lipo of my arms, back, abdomen, flanks and inner thighs with the addition of the BBL. Wish me luck, I will be posting my preop measurements the day before my surgery.


No that was the price for lipo only no fat transfer my final quote including inner thighs, arms, back, abdomen, flanks and fat transfer is 5900
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My surgery was rescheduled for Apr 27 but the plus...

My surgery was rescheduled for Apr 27 but the plus side is: Im the doctors first patient at 7:30 am.


Ariana, my surgery is scheduled on Friday too at 9 AM. I am positive about the outcomes. I went for my preop yesterday and I drop off my prescriptions at Walgreens. I will pick them up tomorrow. I will keep myself busy to avoid negative thoughts. We will be fine.
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The $5900 including BBL?
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That is correct

So im 2 days post op im pretty stiff but you have...

So im 2 days post op im pretty stiff but you have to walk. My waist looks so tiny im hoping to be able to post pics as soon as I can. The biggest pain are my arms but they do look thinner.


Well said! I am day 2 post op. No pain just body sores. How long did u wait to take a shower or your compression garment?
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My surgeon told me to wait 2 days to shower (without compression garment). i waited a full 48 hours and had my best girlfriend come over just in case i freaked out or needed help. i called my surgeon that day to review the process as well. He said its fine to get in the shower with everything on then take it off since you may have some stickiness due to leaking - the water will unstick everything. I washed my hands with antibacterial soap first before doing anything, got in warm not too hot shower, then removed garment, removed bandages per doctor order, left on sterry strips and patted down with antibacterial soap, rinsed. I washed compression garment in antibacterial soap and air dried, wore spanx while it dried (best friend helped to put them on since the waist is so tiny and i am swollen. it all worked out pretty well! i have taken daily showers (2) since then and it is now a breeze. just go slow!
I havent taken a shower i too want to wait 48 hours. Did you take a shower with ur garment on. Also what are the sterry strips and did u apply antibacterial soap on the wounds. Sorry if im bothering just really need to know this

OMG I never imagined how excruiating the pain is....

OMG I never imagined how excruiating the pain is. I'm so weak I only managed to take one pic. I'll be showering today and I will post some more pics maybe tonight.


You already look awesome J!!!!
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I will take a shower today, 48 hours as suggested by my PS. I will follow bondgirl1111 advices. I feel nauseated this morning and almost pass out after drinking some coffee. I have difficulty staying asleep at night. I can see a big difference in my waist. I will take some pictures today when I take the garment off.

I got 900 ccs on each butt cheek. I like the way...

I got 900 ccs on each butt cheek. I like the way the bottom and sides look just not the shelf look but the doctor says this all goes down in time. Ladies do not get lipo of your arms and a BBL it hurts so much. Im constantly taking off my arm sleeves. Its a roller coaster some times I feel good sometimes I cry and sometimes I even regret doing this cause of the pain. Im posting a pic its not that good but its a sneek peek. I prolly wont post until Im less bruised maybe in a week when they take my drains out.


you look good i got my lipo done on 4/17/12 10 days before you
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Thank you for sharing but I think you were stunning even pre op.
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Feeling so much better posting a pic best I could...

Feeling so much better posting a pic best I could do. Im so bruised still don't want to post those.


I'm 4 weeks post op from a TT, and seeing your pics makes me want to get a BBL!! I actually never heard of it and had to look it up-how do you feel 8 days post op? I wanted to do a roadtrip/move for 3 weeks a week following surgery, do you feel like your level of pain now would allow you to do something like that? Thanks! and you look great!
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ow are you doing post more pic
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Hi Ariana3170, I want all the areas that you had done..but Im 5'7 and 190 but I plan on losing weight. can you pls post pix of your arms and thighs or send them to my inbox, I can take the pain but I really wanted to see how it looks. Thank you in advance and congrats on your surgery.
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So after 13 days I switched to a medium garment...

So after 13 days I switched to a medium garment with boards and pads on. Haven't posted any pics yet since I'm still very swollen and i'm waiting for a burn mark to leave from my waist. Only cons to this surgery is that i'm anemic roght now so trying to eat lots of meats and iron and headaches that come and go. Will post pics when I buy new clothing seeing as none of my jeans fit over this huge butt lol.


pictures please i hope you feel better
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I don't have much pain but keep in mind you have to wait a month to sit down for long periods of time and if your going to be in a car your going to have to law down on your side or on your belly. I started working 8 days after my surgery and the only side effect that I got from the surgery is mild headaches as well as low hemoglobin count.

Im about 19 days post op and will finally be able...

Im about 19 days post op and will finally be able to sit next week. My body is still swollen and it gets swollen if I don't wear my garment all day so thats a must. Im currently a medium but its starting to fit me loose so i'll prolly switch to a smaller garment next week.


Hi axel2006 im not drinking the tea but I use the cream every now and then im gonna apply it to my stomach tonite. Im also not fitting in the medium anymore gonna switch to a small next week.
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Im 3 weeks today and it's getting better by each...

Im 3 weeks today and it's getting better by each day my wish measurements might become a reality. I'm going to need 2 extra massages because my doc says my stomach is very swollen.


:) you look so awesome :))))))
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hola como estas gue te has echo lol
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Aye mija eh estado tan ocupada que ni tiempo para sacarme fotos eh podido. Y tu como has estado como sigues?

Stomach is finally getting soft as well as lower...

Stomach is finally getting soft as well as lower back but still gets stiff now and then. Any Questions feel free to ask. :)


you look great mama! congrats =]
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You look really, really great!
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Sorry Guys hubby wanted me to take pics down.

Sorry Guys hubby wanted me to take pics down.


post some pics please im interesting in going to DR salma
Miami Plastic Surgeon

This doctor is amazing you wont regret it. I can finally say I have a waist and as far as my arms they look good but cant really tell.

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