14 weeks

Hi! Its official I am having a TT along with a...

Hi! Its official I am having a TT along with a mini BBL Jan 21! I have been wanting to get rid of this belly since I was 19, when I had my first child! Its gonna happen! I'm scared! Ladies tell me truthfully how painful is this!! I know it will be worth the pain But I am terrified! Any advice/help will be great appreciated

HI GIRLIES! I am having my TT on the 21st! Does...

HI GIRLIES! I am having my TT on the 21st! Does anyone have a list of things I will need and an advice to offer?

HI GIRLIES! I am having my TT on the 21st! Does...

HI GIRLIES! I am having my TT on the 21st! Does anyone have a list of things I will need and an advice to offer?

Ladies I am considering the TT with the mini BBL....

Ladies I am considering the TT with the mini BBL. Anyone have this done together? I need help I am worried any advice? how do you sleep? how was the recovery? they tell me I would have to sleep on my back but how will that effect my BBL? what supplies do you recommend? any input would really help Please 8 days to go! my screaming voice>>>>eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee8 days so much to do!!

Anyone know of any good after care nurses? I am...

Anyone know of any good after care nurses? I am thinking I may need one for the first 2-3 days? If someone has heard of or used someone good please?

I am here ladies in Miami! Its been a crazy day!...

I am here ladies in Miami! Its been a crazy day! Rushed this morning to get to the airport only to have our flight delayed 1 1/2 hours! Then they took my nephew juice and split my baby nephews formula! Finally make it to Miami get the rental care head over to the office. Went the wrong way finally made it after drive around Miami! Get to Condo Head out for Dinner and Here I am. Still haven't gotten my Perc's! Then refused to fill them back home because they are a class 2 drug and the script was written in Florida! So hopefully I will have the energy to get them tomorrow after surgery!
AAAHHHHHHH ladies tomorrow I get Salamified !! I am the first surgery of the day!! Please send positive vibes/Prayers! Tummy Tuck with a mini BBL in the am! (p.s. To the lady in the waiting room in the office Prayers and best wishes to you hunny your beautiful and gonna look more beautiful after tomorrow! Good Night Ladies i better get some rest big day ahead of me! I can't believe I am finally here!

Good morning!! Well i am here still recovering....

Good morning!! Well i am here still recovering. After speaking with Dr. Salama on monday I decided to take his advice and go with the TT only. Thank God!!! Yesterday was a bad day. The drain was pulling and pinching me all the way up my back!! I was throwing up and i couldn't walk. Today seems to be better so far. I took a shower had some breakfast. Now back to resting. I couldn't imagine what the pain would have been like had i had both. I can't imagine going threw this again but i am sure i will I still need a BUTT!! Lol. Dr. Salama has been wonderful! He has been taking good care of me, answering my calls, texts, laughing at my stupid jokes and making few jokes. I am will post a picture as soon as i figure out how to on my phone. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes!!

Ladies, how long do I have to keep the compression...

Ladies, how long do I have to keep the compression socks on?? These babies are to tight!!

Had a crazy day finally had a bm today first since...

Had a crazy day finally had a bm today first since saturday took colace milk of magnesia exlax 2 suppositories and an enima!! Geeessh. I think i did to much today i am pooped! Had a nice birthday dinner and beautiful/yummy cake!!! I am blessed thank you God!!!

Adios and vaya con dios Miami!!

adios and vaya con dios Miami!!

Thank You all for the birthday, prayers wishes!!! ...

Thank You all for the birthday, prayers wishes!!! To all you ladies recovering you are in my prayers! Its day 6 can't believe 1 week ago today i was landing in Miami right now!!! I finally did it and now i am home in my bed! my day started at 4am! Let me tell you ladies i am completely blown away with dr. Salama's professionalism!! Wonderful, amazing caring, accomadating, and to put it simple a gr8 Dr.!! As for me i am getting better trying to stand straight! He made my muscle tight!!! Still have alot of fluid! He helped me with putting my garment on! Lol he said I think you will need a large. Then we couldnt get the garment on!! Lol he says they run small! Lol brought me an xl! Lol that damn near took my stitches out!! So on we go to 2x nope to tight!! 3xl!! :( Funny though i no i am not a real 3x. In fact i put my size large pants on this morning and they are super lose already! Cant wait to be done with the garment and be me again! i had tp put the long sleeves and long pants back on ! I went from 82 degrees to 19 degrees in 2 1/2 hours! Sucks!!! My drain is still in my pcp is wonderful and he previously agreed to take over my care! I dont think this drain is coming out anytimes soon! Bummer!! Tommorrow puts me at 1 week!! As for meds i had 1/2 perc today and 2 tyelnol. Although i am not a big fan of pain pills so to be honest I still have half of them left! after my tubal I only used tyelnol! So I say now Let the healing begin!!

Today is day 8! It did go fast! I still have this...

Today is day 8! It did go fast! I still have this stinking drain! Gosh if it doesnt come out soon I dont think I will be doing a bbl! Its the only thinging borthering me! It yanks ant pulls feels like someone is trying to rip my insides out!. I am still pretty swollen, drains are still at 40! I am standing straighting and almost bending over. I posted some new photos! Dr. Salama did a great job with my scoliosis. I was worried my uneven hips would look worse with the lipo. I am thankfull Well that;s it not much to update at this

Good Morning Ladies! today is my 2 week post op!...

Good Morning Ladies! today is my 2 week post op! My drain is gone thanks to my lovely neighbor (retired nurse) she came over Friday evening and took that "bi*** out! I played it safe and kept it in an extra day. I was at 25cc for 2 days! I can say now that it is gone I feel so much better! I am very suprised how much my swelling has gone down. I am not quite back to the old me but I am cooking, cleaning, shopping, working, I even shoved the snow yesterday. Well more like pushed the snow it was very fluffy and light I used 1 hand and no pressure from my abs or back.I am blessed that I work for me so I will go for a few hours and then I am good until tuesday for a few. Today I am supposed to take the tape off my stitches, should be interesting! My body always spits stitches, (belly button already did). I will call Dr. Salama and ask him if I should keep the tape on a little longer. I am on the hunt for scar treatment. I am not interested in laser. If you ladies have used or know of anything good I would love to hear about it. My belly button looks like its getting darker on the inside anyone know of a good cream for this? So far I am loving my TT expect for the itching! hehheehehe Benedryl my new best friend I love you!

3 weeks today I was on the plane! wow can't...

3 weeks today I was on the plane! wow can't believe it went so fast! So here is my update..... After I removed my drains I started to swell up a bit. I noticed my garment was not as tight as it was when I got it so I took out the good old sewing machine, dusted it off and made that "garment from hell" smaller! Yesterday I noticed that most of my swelling is gone. I keep the garment on all day except for 1/2 hr a day, shower and then enough time for scar area to dry completely. The itching is making me crazy especially at night! As for pain The only pain I am feeling is around the belly button. All around the belly button is hard. I massage it as best as I can. I have 2 massages scheduled for this week. Lymphatic massages around here are $90 a half hr!! So do to this cost I am getting 1 free lymphatic massage (thanks to this Dr. I met). There is a school about a mile away that charges $25 an hr!! So I am schedule with them too! That's the cost of a manicure!! If all goes well I will be skipping 1 manicure a month and replacing it with a massage :D! lol I tried to sleep on my side last night! Ouchie! Not yet! I started the merderma last wenesday.I have an appointment set up with my pcp to get a script. I didm't buy the silicone stripes I got any ugly rash from the tape around the gauze so I worry the stripes will be a waste of money. I weighed my self yesterday 163. Pre op I was 170! Yippie!!!

Hey Ladies! I will be 4 weeks on monday! Can't...

Hey Ladies! I will be 4 weeks on monday! Can't believe how fast it went. As for my Tummy Tuck So far things are good. Taking things slow but I am so ready to go back to being me!! How long before we get our energy back? I am down 10lbs (160). I woke up on Wednsday in SWELL HELL! Everything was swollen my hands toes feet abs everywhere! I tried taking a water pill, nothing! Thursday I woke black and blue all around my scar! I put gauze over my scar to help cushion it a bit hope it works.I was so hard and swollen! So uncomfortable! It Lasted until the morning. I am still alittle swollen and black and blue but not like before! Can't wait for this to go away. I am starting to get alittle hard around the scar so I massaged it my self today. I am scheduled for a lymthpathic massage on Wednsday with Dr.. Fishman. Ladies If you are looking for a good place to go for a massage>>>> Dr. Fishman I already took my garment in twice and looks like I will be doing it a 3rd time. I put the marble in my belly today okay yup felt alittle weird!! Ladies do you use the round marble our the flat?

Hey guys 6 weeks on monday. I have taken my...

Hey guys 6 weeks on monday. I have taken my garment's in (i have 3) a good 3-4 inches. Its super tight! I also wear the binder over the garment at night helps when I get up at night to go to the bathroom. I swear that's when all this swelling feels like coming out!! I have been getting my massages 2 times a week. Spreading them out doing 1 on monday and the other on friday! Most of my swelling has gone down, but I was sitting on the bed and saw an ugly pouch! It Completly covered my Lady parts! :'( I had my first baby at 19 I gained 100lbs with him! Every since then I havn't been able to see my girly stuff! Even at my lowest (boney/skinny) weight I wasn't able to see these parts thanks to my mommy pouch! I was sure a TT would take care of it! :( I am not going to post any pictures of my belly because I am hopefull it will go away like a bad dream lol. Trying to stay positive. I had such a bad 2012 (year). It took alot $ and stress/planning to get down to florida and I am so ready to have a good year and a flat belly. This really brought me down. I was up all night feeling down about this! Well I guess we all have our ups and downs with plastic surgery so I am ready for this belly to go down and my spirits to go up! Well I will update at a later date when I know what this belly thing is doing.

I woke up last night in the middle of night like a...

I woke up last night in the middle of night like a balloon about to explode!!!! I have my garment and binder on! Its not loose, not sure why this happened. Has anyone used a water pill? does it help? the swelling is everywhere not just my abs?

I am getting so depressed. I am told give it time...

I am getting so depressed. I am told give it time and It will go down! I wear my garment faithfully! I even wear a binder over the garment at night! My sewing machine is sitting on my kitchen table because I have taken the garment in a few times but as of the past 2 weeks I have not taken it in because my size hasn't changed! There are spot that are hard and I do believe that is swelling but I do believe I have alot of fat :( because I can grab a good 2 inches! Boy this is getting depressing! 8 weeks and 4 days today! On the bright side my scar has faded so much its insane! Love it! I found a wonderful female masseuse! She works with a plastic surgeon so she is completly famailar with what to do and is not afraid to massage the area worked on. She does theraputic/lympthatic massage

To give you guys an idea if what is going on. Dr....

To give you guys an idea if what is going on. Dr. Salama did an amaxing job! My scar is amazing. I just feel fat.

Hello Ladies I am 14 weeks tomorrow! Can't believe...

Hello Ladies I am 14 weeks tomorrow! Can't believe it went so vent fast! I feel good. I still have bad swelling in the abs! uggghhh when does it go away!

5 months

Sorry i have been on my bbl review will update after june 13
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Hi Yassie how is your tummytuck? Are you satisfied? Please post more pics! thanks
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I like how your TT came out and love the scar!
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Hi Yassie, I am trying to see Dr. Salamas tummy tuck scars in detail. He told me today I need a tummy tuck. Would it be possible to post a full picture of your stomach? I would very much appreciate it :) hope you are healing well!
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Hope this helps
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It does thank you so much :)
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Hey! Can you post more pics of your tummmy! Im going to him for mine July 3rd!!!
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Hi Yassie :)! My swelling started improving at 4-5 months. Hang in there! Watch the salt intake too. You look great!!
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Your scar is absolutely pencil thin!True, the prettiest scar I have seen. If it is healing well,I have got to believe that everything else will too. I heard of arnica montana for swelling, bromelian and drinking tons of water or coconut water also helps. I have heard amazing things about Dr. Salama. Have you been able to get info from his office regarding your concerns?
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Not the office. I have been directly in contact with Dr. Salama his after care is amazing. I send texts and photos to his cell. He always responds, very quickly I may add. He has been taking very good care of me. He cares about his patients and wants them to be happy.
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Hello I am 7 weeks post op tummy tuck n I also feel fat n I never felt tight...I feel like me having a Tt just made it easier to suck in my belly
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I understand i can say when this healing is over i am going to be one happy chicka!
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He did a good job, waiting on my tt in July! That is the only thing Im not looking forward to is the darn swelling! uggh! But just be patient it will get better with time! Are those your recent pics?
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No the pictures are not recent i will post new ones in the am. Can't wait to see you TT! Thank you
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Hi surgery twin I too still have swelling only just stopped wearing binder. I suppose we have to be patient x
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Trying to be patient but i think i ran out of patients 20 years ago! Lol
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Hey girl!! Ur TT results look great! I saw u said u had scoliosis.... I found out i had bad scoliosis with a 42 degree curve when I was 16 so when I was 17 I had the spine fusion surgery to correct it and I'm so glad I did! If you ever have any questions about the surgery feel free to ask :)
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Thank You! No back surgery for me lol
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Thats the best TT scar i've seen. Wow it looks really good and neat.
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Go to inbox!
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Nothing there?
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Can i ask, how much you weight before surgery?...girl you are looking Wonderful OMG :)
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Thank u!! Day of I was 170. Now i am 165 went down but came back up
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I think your being to hard on yourself, you look good!!! I know more then one person that has had this done and have told me that they got their best result at 1 year. I know i think wow 1 year but look at it that you've already gone this far. We have so much swelling still and it's so hard to see our results. Chin up you look beautiful!!!
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I think you have an amazing result. You are very shapely and you look so nice. I hope you start to feel more uplifted soon!
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Thank you. I will post pictures soon
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