Evolence Ruined my Life !

I was injected with this product j drr my eyes...

I was injected with this product j drr my eyes give years ago. Dr. Said it was cheaper and good . It right away left two bumps under each eye. Dr tried everything. Finally he said we should do a mini eye lift as that should get rid of the marks. I used to model makeup with my eyes. I didn't want them changed but Unfortunatly it did . On one side the mark appeared less. On the other still there. Fast foward two and a half years from the surgery I tried a reversible filler with another Dr. (As mine was out if town), As too much volume was taken from my eyes. It looked funny and there were lumps under each eye he asked me if I had a filler there before and I said yes Evolence he said he thinks it is just scar tissue and he reversed it and it was back to the way it was before hollow from the surgery. Well I finally agreed to a pinch of skin being taken up and fat filled under my eyes to lesson the hollow look by my Dr. Well this opened a whole can of worms This was a week ago and there are hard rope feeling subtances under each eye that is very noticeable !! I told my Dr. and started crying all he said was I'm deoressed and its still swollen! The fat injections obviously raised the evolence that was still in there!! I've had medical issues that I see now are attributed to this It is do apparent!!! Igo back to him Monday and I pray he sees me through trying to resolve this, he has so far. I just don't want to hear that I'm depressed!! Of course I am because of this. I hope he pays for me to go to an occuloplastic surgeon or researches and talks to other Dr.'s as to how to do this. If anyone has done this can you please give me your Dr.'s name and number so mine can talk to him ?


Sorry about my typos , like I said my vision is really bad now because of this !

My doctor

My Dr. Is really nice and I know he is trying to see this through. I just pray that he can excise this very soon and with little scaring . I want this out of my eyes !!!!!


It was 300 not 450!!
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