I am scheduled for a Tummy Tuck and BBL in Feb...

I am scheduled for a Tummy Tuck and BBL in Feb 2012 and am looking forward to a tiny waistline with a big bottom

Dr. Salama is a very talented surgeon and it...

Dr. Salama is a very talented surgeon and it really shows with all the posted before and afters in this site. You can tell he takes pride in his work with all the excellent outcomes and wonderful reviews. Ruben is very thorough and answers emails quickly and efficiently and you can ask him anything and he takes time from his busy schedule to talk to you about any questions or concerns you may have. The whole staff is great!

I'm scheduled for april 9th with salama! I'm getting lipo to my abdomen,flanks,l/u back, inner thighs with FG. I'm sooooo nervous about getting the results i want bc i am a bigger girl, i do no want anymore rolls what so ever on my back lol, i want flat a smooth. then i also worry about sagging if i get alot removed. I do have good skin though no stretchmarks so maybe i won't have an issue. He didn't suggest a TT so i guess that a good thing but at the same time i'm really trying to lose maybe 20 lbs before surgery, difficult but possible. my measuresents are 43(around my chest)-34-46 so i'm praying he can take my waist to a 28/29. Like you i was slimmer, about 40lbs slimmer 2 years ago and kinda let me self go. altho i was slimmer then i like my curvier shape, i just want my curvier shape smaller lol but still curvier....i can't imagine measureing my botty at a 50inch...smh
OH did you mention what areas you are getting lipo'ed?
Hi Myladylumps...I believe I will have my back, flanks, stomach,inner thighs and sides lipo'd as well...hopefully that can eliminate some of my rolls and back fat and make my waist pencil thin which I think will be a possibility since dr salama is such a specialist in achieving these results...I'm sure he will exceed your expectations since he has many happy customers who are all very satisfied with his work and that's why I chose him because of all the wonder ful feedback from his clients...although I am very nervous I must admit I am also looking forward to my outcome. I will definitely be posting after pics when I feel better after sx since so many women on this site helped me I would like to do the same for others. :-) Please keep me posted

Only 2 days left until my big day...wish me luck...

Only 2 days left until my big day...wish me luck girls because I am really nervous. I want to thank you ladies for all your positive comments and to all of you who have posted before and after pics so that we can see the beautiful transformations! I will definitely be posting post op pics once I feel better
Hi! I need the same procedures done and I am considering Dr. Salama so I need to see alot before and afters so can you please post pictures? I would really appreciate it so much. Get well soon!

Hope ur recovering ok

Hope u r ok

Hi Ladies...I had my BBL and Tummy tuck and so far...

Hi Ladies...I had my BBL and Tummy tuck and so far I am very pleased with my results..I still have aalot of post op swelling as I am only 9 days post op...so far so good I really hope to keep most of my volume although I know it will probably decrease more...thanks to all the ladies who wished me well and prayed for me

I have added 2 pics only so far since I still do...

I have added 2 pics only so far since I still do not feel 100%...recuperation is hard and I could barely do anything by myself I needed my mom even to go potty but now I am finally on my feet doing everything independently. Dr said he got at least 1100 cc each cheek...I am sooo happy but I dont want it to get any smaller.
Hello Blondie, hope all is well with you. Can you send me some pics of your bbl & tt. I'm going for the same procedure just want to know what your experience was like too....Thanks!
Hey Blondie, hope youre doing well!
Hello Blondie can u email me or private message me because I want to know a lot abt bbl n tt at the sametime

Hi everyone, sorry I havent been on in a while...I...

Hi everyone, sorry I havent been on in a while...I wanted you guys to see my six week update for the bbl...i lost my phone and thats where my tummy tuck pics were so I will post them when i get my phone monday....I AM SO HAPPY with my results!!! I would like to have gone a bit bigger but maybe down the road

Sorry guys I dont know why my photos came out that...

sorry guys I dont know why my photos came out that color...I will try and post better ones on monday :) I still feel some discomfort when i sit around my lower back and I know im allowed to sit now but im so scared my butt will loose volume

Okay guys I think I can get one tummy tuck pic on...

okay guys I think I can get one tummy tuck pic on here...not the best pic but i promise to add more
Amazing results! Congrats!!
Blondie I'm doing the same in aug.how many days did u stay before u flew back?? Any advice?? I'm very nervous yet so excited. U look awesome!!
@ blonde , your quite welcome hun ,I will be having sx in sept in Mx wth Dr. Cardenas,, Im so ooo scared and excited at the same time.

Hi everyone...I have added a couple of pics for my...

Hi everyone...I have added a couple of pics for my 2 month review ( 3 days short of 2 months)...I am very happy so far with my results however I do think I will be going back next year for round 2 BBL, I feel as if I have lost alot of volume from absorption and from swelling going down. my measurements as of today are 34- 29- 45 1/2...I am super happy with my overall results just feel as if I need a little more booty :-)
How are your inner thighs? are they smooth from the lipo and free from lump and bumps? are they much smaller, like how many inches did u loose in ur thighs?
Kim...I dont know how many inches I lost in my thighs unfortunately didnt measure before but i have more of a gap between them which I didnt have before and also they dont rub as much...they have cellulite on them still...:-( but i dont think lipo can fix that not sure what can I guess theyd have to lipo the whole thigh im not sure it does feel kind of lumpy inside but i guess that is scar tissue and will disappear eventually when it softens with time...hope this helps
your awesome. im soo very appreciative of all the information you give us freely. you and others alike are the reason this site is amazing. I hope you know how much you help ;)

Okay guys i am going to post my latest pics with...

okay guys i am going to post my latest pics with clothes on...I still want to go bigger cause I feel as if I have to hold my dress to see the silhouette of the butt, again I am EXTREMELY happy with my results just want some more booty to fill in my clothes a little better... I am demonstrating different clothes so that you can see it looks different depending on what I am wearing
Hi Blondie. By any chance do you think you can post an updated pic of your TT and scar in the near future? How is it coming along? Is the scar diminishing? Hope to hear from you soon.
My surgery date is almost here, I spoke to clinic staff and they did mention that when 2 procedures are done at the same time they can only inject 1000cc so im guessing per cheek?? ...not cool, was this your case blondie please clear this up, I guess i need to call them back and clarify....what a downwer!;(
Yea I'm woundering the same thing, I also read on the forum that's they use the section that is cut out from the belly plus the 1ltr that they suction out. When is your date and if possible you can post before and after pic. I really don't knw if I should just do the bbl first the wait till next year for tt.

Ok my BBL friends here are my 3 month post op pics...

Ok my BBL friends here are my 3 month post op pics...i added some with some new clothes i bought and love my new booty with jeans and jumpsuits but still am going for round 2 BBL feb/march of 2013 because i must wait a year still...very content with my outcome just need a little more back since i feel it keeps shrinking....It might be in my mind as I probably got used to the size
love your body. I am having a bbl and TT next week can any of you ladies that had both procedures give me some tips on sleeping
Girl you look AMAZING!! I've been following you for a while now. We have pretty much the same body type. Your results make happy because I can get an idea of what my shape may turn out to look like.I also have chosen Dr. S. My surgery is in October. Was very nervous but after seeing you,I CAN"T WAIT.. You dont look like you need any more projection to me (girl you got a DONK!!:) But it's your body and your money. You are the one who has to live it so I say do what makes you happy.
I am 9 days post op and very swollen. I know everyone's different but about how long did it take for the swelling to go down in your tummy?

Hello ladies, sorry I havent posted in a while...

Hello ladies, sorry I havent posted in a while been a little busy...Well just a brief update, I feel like I am accepting my body although I will definitely go back for round 2 on Feb 19th...I have already scheduled my date. My current measurements are 34-28-45...I would love to get more lipo of my back since I still have some rolls there lol although I am much improved from my before pics tremendous difference I still have some improvements to achieve in order to be completely happy....I have been working out (not consistently) but within reasonable limits because I dont want the fat to be completely gone either since I will be needing round 2....Salama did a great job and explained there is a legal limit to the fat that could be lipod and that it is 4 liters( i think that's what ruben said) and I guess I had more than that obviously....I totally love my tt scar it is easily hidden by underwear
you, my very beautiful dear, have convinced me to stay with dr salama, you have very similar thighs to mine and you look gorgeous! Thank you
You look phenomenal!
Hello blondie you look fantastic, how many cc's did u get on your first round and how much more for tummy tuck did u pai? Thank u your scar looks great.

Hello my BBL friends it has been almost 9 months...

Hello my BBL friends it has been almost 9 months since my procedure and I am very happy with my outcome but as you already know I will be going back in Feb for round 2 just some touch ups (lipo) and a bigger booty of course ;-) But I am very happy with my outcome. The results are all in the comments and the stares I get I even have people ask me if I got work done cause my waist is so small. Salama is excellent and provides superior results I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Well girls good luck to all that have had their procedure and hopefully are enjoying their new body and good luck to those that are going to get the procedure done you are in great hands...measurements at 9 months are 34-27-43. my butt has pretty much stabilized at 43 inches
you were curvy before but a goddess now oh my I'm definitely going to him i want you bod lol
Can I ask what your hight/weight pre op?
You look amazing!! What was your height and weight post op???
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