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Hello All, I am in my early 30's with a slim...

Hello All,

I am in my early 30's with a slim build, 5ft 9 and no booty. I have always thought about getting surgery to enhance my booty. My husband started to research the procedure and we decided in January to start researching seriously. My husband came across Dr. Salama's work and eventually this site. We love, love, love his post work. I booked my surgery 3/13/12 and have been counting down the days since then. I am excited and nervous @ the same time. I havent decided on the cc's I want yet but I am thinking about 1000 to 1100cc's. I am getting a BBL and addt'l Lipo on my inner thighs The total amount for my surgery was $6,900.00 The staff has been so accomodating and someone is always available to answer questions

Im feeling extremely nervous today .. Bags are...

Im feeling extremely nervous today .. Bags are packed all my reservations and flight is confirmed 6 Days to go ***

After waiting all these months (4 long months) Im...

After waiting all these months (4 long months) Im finally done to 4days. Nervous and excited @the same time. Its weird

Btw still havent didnt on the cc's that i want...

Btw still havent didnt on the cc's that i want does any1 have any opinions on it? Please I am open to advice

Correction: btw still haven't decided on the cc's...

Correction: btw still haven't decided on the cc's that I want ! Does any1 have any opinions on it? Please I am open to advice

*****4 days***** until my surgery .. Im thinking...

*****4 days***** until my surgery .. Im thinking to myself this morning H@ly Sh$t im really doing this!!!!! Trying to picture my new body after syrgery. I have a high tolorance to pain i think lol i gave birth naturally and was in labor for 13 hrs so i hope i can stand this pain too. I am afraid of strong drugs hope i can take the pains med only for a short time and be able to get off sooner than later.

Ugh i have been reading alot of you guys...

Ugh i have been reading alot of you guys experiences that had the surgery and i think i should stop reading cause im scared to death right now (heavy sigh)

My nerves are getting to best of me today.. I have...

My nerves are getting to best of me today.. I have been waiting for this time for so long and now its here im wishing to buy a little more time.

Ok so today is not my day. I'm in a bad mood and I...

Ok so today is not my day. I'm in a bad mood and I dont know if my mood is affecting my day or my day is affecting my mood. Decided to get a cashiers check to pay for my surgery instead of worry about my daily bank limits or out of town banking Can you believe I got the wrong freaking amount? Smh 400 dollars too much. I went to get my nails done and didn't realize until I was in the chair. Went to correct it and it took 2 long @ss hours. Went to get a brazilian and the lady didn't know what she was doing and kept hurting me. I didn't even wanna get a Brazilian for this surgery cause I feel like I needed the "coverage" during surgery.. Anywho Im currently in pain from my botched waxing -_- o great.. And to top it off I have a headache cause I couldn't sleep last night cause my nerves are shot to sh%t. No a happy camper!!!!!

So today im calm and cool ..,, Go figure lol...

So today im calm and cool ..,, Go figure lol yesterday i was nervous as heck and today CaLm

Well guys i am here. Took my flight today. Got...

Well guys i am here. Took my flight today. Got here on time. Met my driver Larry (nice guy) went to the office. Met everyone except Dr. Salama. Nomi, jenny, Ruben and Nancy They are all beyond nice and accommodating. I also met my BBL surgery partner Prettygirlfla (so sweet). Glad i have met her in person.. Our surgeries are right behind each other so i think we will see each other and be able to be friendly supports for each other. I am calm today which is good cause reading all those papers today was unnerving i am still not decided on the cc's amount and im still not decided on my inner thighs . I will decide tomorrow after i speak with dr. Salama. I was told by girls on here that Dr. Salama doesnt like Wish pic but Nancy said he more then welcomes them so Ladies bring your wish pic's. I will update tomorrow or as soon as i can.

Btw after settling my bill today i recieved a boppy pillow and Arnika Pills. I have to take two today and two every day after until the pills are finished. Nancy said the pills help with swelling..

Im okay ladies.. changed my garment earlier i was...

Im okay ladies.. changed my garment earlier i was in tears. The worst part abt it as for now my nausea. Will post pics now

So i woke this morning good. Toke my first shower...

So i woke this morning good. Toke my first shower today it was ok , not as bad as i thought. I put my garment on right after and it wasnt as painful as i expected. I got my first massage today as well. It was painful as hell but i made her work all the fluid out. After the massage i actually felt better . I felt like i can stand straighter. I have alot of itching today but im taking benadryl and it is helping. I had a fever last night @ 100.7 but it broke this morning thank god. They said the fever is normal after lipo. I promise i had tons of post pics and will post as soon as i can. My next massage is Saturday . Will update soon

Btw i got 1200cc's in each cheeck. So happy with...

Btw i got 1200cc's in each cheeck. So happy with my results so far. I know once the swelling goes down i will love it

So i got my second massage today with Celia..and i...

So i got my second massage today with Celia..and i literally saw star!!!! It was just as painful if dont worse than yesterdays. I have alot of fluid on my right lower side/front and it burns like hell. I got my pads and cardboard today. I was in tears on the car ride back to the hotel.. Today overall i feel good but not looking foward to my thrid massage.. Will update soon

Hi All, Thank you for all the well wishes.. First...

Hi All, Thank you for all the well wishes.. First let me start by saying Dr. Salama, Ruben, Nancy, Jennefer, Nomi, Celia and Larry are all first class people. You will receive to best attention and care from this staff. I am 8 days post op and drain free woo hooo I feel renewed without those drains. I have had 4 post op massages so far all painful but worth it. Celia is the best and so sweet. With every massage more and more liquid is removed and i can see the magic that Dr. Salama worked on my body!!!. I have had alot of swelling in my face, hands and feet but with everything else gets better daily. I am no longer taking any pain meds of any kind i am only taking my vitamins. Yesterday i got my massage, got my drains removed and flew home all in the same day. The flight was uncomfortable but bearable. i am now in the process of setting up massages here in my home town.. Will update with pic's soon...

Hello Ladies, well i am back to work and got my...

Hello Ladies, well i am back to work and got my 1st massage in my home town thx Optimisticpalm for recommending your massage therapist she was great. Alot of my swelling is going down in my sides and stomach area i need a smaller garment yet again i will have to order 1 ASAP . The boards and foams works ladies so pls use them. I will post updated pics soon.

So its 18 days later and 6 massages down and...

So its 18 days later and 6 massages down and feeling better daily. I got my new smaller garment and my bruising is almost gone. I hate sleeping with this d$mn board but (wat r u wanna do?) You have to wear it so.... Gotta deal with it. Also, I was on the fence about doing my inner thighs because I saw so many negative comments on here about people experiences but I AM SO GLAD I DID MY INNER THIGHS!!!!!! They look great They are not cellulitish or jiggly They are perfect Dr. Salama is a GREAT GREAT surgeon...I was a fan of his work before (that's why I picked him) and I am a even bigger fan now that I am a reciprocant of his magic...Will update soon Ladies..

Good night All, I am 23 day into my recovery...

Good night All,

I am 23 day into my recovery and I would like to share some helpful info. I am happy with my choice and results and although I think Realself can be helpful I think sometimes people on here sugar coat things and are plain ole straight out liars... I am gonna tell you how it was for me and for other people that have taken this journey with me.

1) Don't take advice from people on RealSelf who haven't had the surgery/procedure . It's like the blind leading the blind( Listen to Dr. Salama)
2)You can/will get nauseous from the anesthesia (deep breathing will not help it okay) only medication (promethazine) will help
3)You can/will have fluid /blood leaking from your vagina and you don't have your period
4)You can/will bruise ( I don't care what medication/herbs that are out there) if you are the bruising type you will bruise.
5)Your eyes, face, feet, fingers can/will swell. Face/Eyes look like you got punched in the face.
6)You can/will get diarrhea from the antibiotics(after all 9 antibiotics a day for 7 days is harsh on your tummy) btw Diarrhea can last weeks after you stop taking antibiotics
7)You can/will get a yeast infection from taking all those antibiotics
8) THE MASSAGES HURT!!!!! ( not just the first one) THE FIRST FIVE HURT ok even with taking your oxycodone/acetaminophen/percocet Btw Celia said its suppose to hurt!!! That means it is working and get the damn 10 massages the Doctor told you!!!!!
9)Your vagina can/will swell and look abnormal lol don't panic it will get hard first and then go done..
10) You can/will get charlie Horses after the surgery ( happens when you are sleeping)
11) You can/will get night sweats or chills (bad ones) guess that is what menopause feel like
12)Having your period in the garment is a nightmare!!!!
13)You can/will feel like you can't breathe in that tight ass garment stuffed with the pads and board
14) You can/ will chafe on the sides of your vagina (like a baby)
15) You can/will feel sore and stiff ( bending can be difficult)
16) Your drains can/will start to burn/bother you around day 5-6
17) the itching that you will feel is not from dry skin ( I read someone on here saying that) it is from either your body healing or and the morphin in the pain killers your taking that will cause you to itch that is why you need the benadryl.. If it was just dry skin they would suggest lotion!!!
18) Things you will really care about when you are in the thick of things ( someone that cares about you taking care of you, flusable wipes and step tool if your hotel bed is really high and a thermometer ) that's it nothing else...

For all the women that have been through their journey already I know they will read and relate ... For all the women
About to go through this or one day will Do with this info what you want!!! It's call REALself so I am being real

So i am 4 days shy of a month and ugh i cannot...

So i am 4 days shy of a month and ugh i cannot wait to sit. Standing @ work all day is stressful and annoying at times . I know people stand all day @ work but im not use to standing. I called to check and see when i can sit and Jennefer said i can sit with my boppy @ 5 weeks (crying smiling face) thought she wld have said 4 weeks and i can sit without the boppy @ 8 weeks ...., sheesh now i am depressed 8 weeks just sounds like 2 years to me @ this point ugh!!! I will get over it .. STANDING IT IS THEN

Btw i lost an inch of my inch this weekend so its...

Btw i lost an inch of my inch this weekend so its and 26" now and a inch of my hips/booty so now i am @ 42" i guess its swelling going down cause i lost in my waist too :-( i hope my butt doesnt shrink anymore

Meant lost an inch off my waist

Meant lost an inch off my waist

I can believe it will be a month tomorrow!!!! Im...

I can believe it will be a month tomorrow!!!! Im still stiff but everyday i get better

Today i woke and noticed one of my sides is soft...

Today i woke and noticed one of my sides is soft and feels normal again and the other is kinda hard and numb still ugh i hope that #1 thats normal and #2 my other feels that way soon

Hi Ladies, So the Dr. said i can finally sit...

Hi Ladies,
So the Dr. said i can finally sit with a pillow i was so happy so i went to get my hair done (havent in a month) 1st thing lol . I brought my pillow and for the first time since the surgery i was confronted with the question " Did you have (that) surgery" the stylist asked me ugh.. She knew abt the pillow cause another customer she has did the surgery. Smh i didnt answer the way i said i was gonna answer which was to tell a big ole fat lie. She took me off guard and i told her the truth she was very curious i even showed her pic's go figure .. Anywho i told the ppl at my job i had back surgery and no1 has asked me anything since.

So this week i started feeling soreness/pain to...

So this week i started feeling soreness/pain to the right side of my belly button. I called the office and Jennefer said to email pictures of the area. I did even though it looks normal. They said it is probably inflamed (from what i dont know) and to take Motrin and keep using my heating pad. And i should keep them posted if the area gets red, swollen or and the pain gets worse.. Ugh we will see. Has any1 experience the same feeling?

Hey Everyone, So today is 8weeks exactly and...

Hey Everyone,

So today is 8weeks exactly and I am so sad. Ugh!!! I am still losing volume in my last pic you can see the difference. I am definitely going for a revision I want a little more projection. As my butt softens and drops I feel like my butt has less projection so Round 2 is a definite for me. I have all my feeling back in my skin, but if I stretch or move too quickly sometimes I get a burning feeling. I guess that is apart of the healing process. I still have a little pain by my belly button but its way better that before. I am done with my massages now too.

Sorry guys meant 7weeks later . This stupid thing...

Sorry guys meant 7weeks later . This stupid thing wont let u go back to correct stuff.

I usually don’t bicker with people on social...

I usually don’t bicker with people on social media..Ugh!! But I have to address something. I am NOT a SHARING kind of person. I am super private so when I say I am going out on a limb to share this experience with you guys it is not an exaggeration. I felt that I would be “safe” sharing my goods and bads, ups and downs but I guess not. There is a difference between constructive criticism and just being rude. I am addressing the person with no life that private messaged me recently . I had my surgery (not that I owe you an explanation) to improve on MY body, not to try and be anybody else. And with that said I will end this post

So its 8 weeks tomorrow and i woke up this morning...

So its 8 weeks tomorrow and i woke up this morning feeling great about doing this surgery. It has been a up and down roller coaster ride for me as far as doing the surgery but i have no regrets. I love my overall shape, i love Dr. Salama and i made a new friend in my bbl partner who btw looks AMAZING. A girl couldnt ask for a better outcome

So tomorrow is 9 weeks and o yes!!! I have great...

So tomorrow is 9 weeks and o yes!!! I have great news although i am for sure going for round 2 i did start to fluff (o what joy) cause friday i have added a half inch yay!!! and butt looks juicy it is noticable too.

I am for the most part 100 percent back to "normal" i guess . I still sat with a pillow at home and work and stand alot if i dont have to sit. I wear my garment pads and board still at night and wear garments i purchased in the daytime. I still have swelling so i dont like to b with out compression around my waist. I go out and do things like before my surgery but i notice i cant hang like before yet. I get tired . I love my stomach and thighs i still do the heating pad for an hour at night (i think thats why my stomach is so flat and smooth) i did get all ten massages done by a professional but i still have my hubby massage me once a week especially my sides and stomach. Btw my breast were always big but they look so big now i guess cause my tummy is so flat so thats a huge plus!!!

Things that are different Still since my surgery in a good way and in not so good ways

I am still swollen
My periods are heavier
My skin is crystal clear (hope that stays like that)
I have regular BM's daily (i think the garment probably squeeze's the shit outta you literally) lol
I get tired easier
I eat less

I have decided to take my pictures down and not...

I have decided to take my pictures down and not post anymore cause its too much confusion on this site.. I had a discussion with my hubby and i will probably delete this whole blog. I am not abt binkering on social site of any kind. After reading all the different things ppl have said to me and to others i know on here i looking at myself like where did i go wrong? So i know i will probably delete altogether. Its so funny i refuse to use this site for so many mths and only after my husband pushed me to post i did. My First instincts are always best. I even told Dr. Salama and Ruben this site is a double edged sword and they both said they know. Anywho take care every1

How do i get RS to stop sending me email updates?...

How do i get RS to stop sending me email updates? I hate this site and have to delete @ least 50 posts daily ( i dont never read them) ..I forgot my password and can only access from my Phone.. RS ppl pls feel free to deactive my account as i will NEVER participate in any convo's any more Thx...

One Year and two months later with Dr. Salama

Its a year and two months later and i am finally comfortable with my new look. i havent been on this site because the "community" can be rude and cruel but i have decided to share again FOR now. I am going to do round 2 probably next summer. I would like to have additional lipo. Added a recent pic of my booty now. The fluff is real ladies just hang in there.


One year two months later by Dr Salama

Miami Plastic Surgeon

After looking at Doctors in New York and not liking their post pictures. Dr Salama was my choice

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you doll for your story Waiting for my fluffing fairy. I think I will be going for round 2 myself. Lost a lot and feel so sad.
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Thank you for sharing your story As for everyone else- haters gonna hate
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Uv been a big help!
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Im glad your doing good. Im at three weeks today still in the early stages. The doc told me to send him updates with pics but he didn't tell me his email or whatever. Am I suppose to call him to ask when it's ok to sit. I didn't have much post-op info. I never met Mr Ruben so he prob doesn't know who I am. Also, where or what heating pad did you get, i'd like to get one to flatten my stomach. My stomach goes from flat to swollen all the time, it's weird.
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oh no I hope you are not gone... Ive looked at ur blog for InspIratIon. If u have decIded to go I wIsh u all the best & that u rIde off Into the sunset wIth that great booty :) U wIll be mIssed.
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u helped me with preparations pf what to expect. thanks ! and hope u dont go- i'm getting my surgery soon ! and i enjoy the advice. !

take care if u do depart
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Thanks for sharing your info & story with us! :)
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Wishing you nothing but the best
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Same here sorry you are having a bad experience but thank you for sharing your journey.
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Wishing you all the best dear
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Im sorry that you had a bad experience on the site :/ But i want to say thank you for hanging in there and telling us about your journey and sharing, you have help me a lot about getting to know what i will encounter and your honestly and straight forwardness was exactly what help me make my desion and to start mentally preparing myself.
Good Luck on the rest of your journey and God Bless :)
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Wishing you all the best sweetheart
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Awww don'go...:-(
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We will text sweetie
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I got ya - my surgeon does surgeries Monday- weds- Friday. So I will stay till the following week. Thanks for ur information !
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9 days is not bad - when did u start massage after ur procedure? And how long did u stay before your first follow up ? I live 1 hour from Miami
So I'll be staying down there for till I'm ok to go home
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I had my surgery on a tuesday and had my 1st on thrusday and the doctor follows up with you the nxt day after the surgery i had a massage almost everyday i was there till i got my drains out so u shld stay in MIA those 8 days
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Wow - I was hoping that it wouldn't be to long to recover - I have started my review of my journey but it hasn't posted on my profile yet - I'm hoping for other to keep posting so I can read what to expect. :)
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I went back to work 9 day post op so you will be fine . You can do everything normal expect sitting of course but you will not feel 100 percent at 4wks or at least i didnt. U have residual affects like stiffness and soreness
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Are u still sore by week 4/ 5?
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@sweetlady i was sore but its not debilitating sore. But every1 is different some ppl say they feel normal at 3 weeks
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P.S. Does the biotin really work? I am experiencing hair loss after sx
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It does work . I have been taking biotin for a while now (pre sx) my stylist told me abt it . U can buy it right out a cvs or a health food supermarket
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Your stomach and curves look really good!! I wish my waist was that small!!!
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Girl you look bootiful lol nah ur body is amazing and ur waist is coming along its pretty small now.
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