Pre-0p Madness - Aventura, FL

Just talk to Evelyn yesterday very friendly ....

Just talk to Evelyn yesterday very friendly . Called me to see if I'm taking pre-op vitamins etc.,. Also comforting my nerves... So far everyone has been nice kind. Love Nancy . I'm really nervous but everyone's done their best to make sure I'm as comfortable as possible. Counting down ill update soon


Hey! I'm going to Dr. Salama in April...what exactly are you getting done? I'm getting butt implants and fat grafting to my hips :-) I'll check for updates you'll be having surgery very soon according to your timeline Feb 25th!!
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I'm nervous n excited ... I bet implants are better then bbl? N u want that hour glass ?
I know the feeling, I think we all feel nervous and excited all at once! I don't think one procedure is better than the other but it depends on what you want and start with. I don't have enough fat for only a BBL so to be sure I get my desired booty I'm opting for implant and bbl on top. Yes I want an hourglass!!! Very important for me to get the hourglass from the front/back view and more projection from the side view!!


Okay ladies had my procedure yesterday . I made it through the antibiotics made me throw up but I felt better afterwards. I couldn't walk yesterday every time I stood up I was dizzy but today I'm walking around fine .

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I also feel kinda lost I had a lot of questions that didn't get answered today ...kinda scary... Didn't get to ask Dr. salama maybe I'll call him later. I can so this I'm very sore but I'm feeling stronger today for sure


Happy healing!
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Thank you ...
Thank you


Eating is the key I ate lots of fruit.... N veggies n fish baked cabbage n carrots I didn't even have to make a stool softener . Dread my first massage on Monday I can't stand to touch myself let alone let someone apply pressure ...

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Determined can't wait to get drains . I truly believe eating walking n drinking is the key....I haven't stopped doing it n will continue when I get home... Hydration is very important... Eating clean ... Going in for another massage tomorrow didn't scream the first time although on those sides I had to Grint my teeth well back to sleep

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Dr.Salama is very thrall when you see him you can ask all the questions you want and you don't feel rushed...

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