Currently Deployed. I want BBL as my coming home gift between Oct-Dec 2012. Help!!

I have a regular size bottom. I want it bigger...

I have a regular size bottom. I want it bigger with a smaller waist. I am a soldier so I am fit. I just want to be shaped with curves and a hefty bottom. I want to get my BBL done or the process started when I come home. In sept 2012. It will be my gift to myself for serving my country. I just would like to know the beginning process. Things like:
* Will I need someone close to me to be there?
*How often do I have to go back after the BBL is done to see the doctor?
* How many days will I need someone by my side?
*Are booking dates hard to get? Who picks them you or the Doctor?

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Searching the web for 2 years. I had another Doctor in mind but he charges $14,000. His results are good so I thought it was worth it. Then I found Dr. Salama. I quickly changed my mind. Dr. Salama has what it take to give me the EXACT results I want.

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Hey did you get the surgery yet? I'm currently deployed and scheduled for October
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Did you get a date for the procedure?
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@ sweet_yellow Your welcome, I love what I do. I will be home for 2 months after I get surgery. I will try to take some leave days. That sshould give me another 2 months. I will try to just stretch and walk more after the surgery.Thanks for the advice.
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Thank you for serving our country! Congrats, welcome, and best wishes!

You will def need someone to assist you the first few days! If you are coming home to get the surgery, make sure you are not getting deployed for the next few months! Liposuction will create scar tissues under your skin which takes from 2 to 6 months to heal. Excessive/harsh exercising immediately after will be painful and almost feel like a rip if you do not allow your body to heal. I know this from personal experience!
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welcome soldier glad your home and i also love this dr did you get the consultation yet ?
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Hey Ali2515, I am still deployed. I get home in Sept 2012. I will do my consultation then. I am so excited. I want this to be my coming home gift.
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