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I. Have not had the procedure done yet but after...

I. Have not had the procedure done yet but after my bbl i will! I have a decent size i just want a fuller look after breast feeding they completely changed ! Even the color changed! Pregnancy is crazy. So i will be going to Dr.Salama hopefully if everything turns out as planned. Any Salama breast ladies out in RS?
You're right! Pregnancy can take a huge toll on breasts. Glad you're able to gradually get your body back. (Just saw you're headed for a bbl in a few exciting!) We'd love to see some wish boob photos for your new, ideal breasts. What is your current cup size? Any idea on types of implants or sizing? Looking forward to following your journey(ies!) Keep us posted on your research!
No ? I wear size dd but im tall and they really dont look that big more like deflated balloons lol! I look more like a C but if i try to wear a C the hang out. Im really clueless on this subject i talked to Nancy from dr Salama's office and im getting the implant behind muscle,Silicone

Im am going with a Silicone implant

Behind muscle

(I am)

I hate that we cannot edit our spelling lol
OMG, girl keep me post, inbox me and ler me know when you are comeback maybe we hang out before the surgery
I had my breast aug with Dr. Salama on 1.9.14. So far its almost four weeks since and I love my results! The only problem is that my right breast has dropped and fluffed while the left one is still slightly swollen and higher. Ive been wearing my binder and massaging religiously! But his results are so natural. All my friends love it!
Oh im glad to know that! I don't see many breast implant patients from him hes more popular with bbls! I cant wait to see the pictures! I wonder if its because you use your right hand more?
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