Breast Augmentation by Moises Salama - Aventura, FL

So I'm back I left this sight because of all the...

So I'm back I left this sight because of all the negativity that was going on. I had my breast aug done with the famous dr Salama and let me tell you he is the and very confident in himself my tatas came out better then I expected. I ran into a girl from Westchester Ny but don't remember her name she looks good but she was in so much pain I wanted to cry for her ( if you are reading this is the girl with the big butt that had the pink pants on and brown top. This may sound unheard of but I plan to come back to get my NATURALLY large but reduced, everybody loves my butt but I'm tired of the attention anyways Dr Salama doesn't have many reviews on breast augs so I'm gonna keep u guys posted pics coming as soon as I figure how to do it happy healing

So not sure why my reviews are not posting but...

So not sure why my reviews are not posting but here are some updated pics

Update on 25 Apr 2013:
Today marks 7 days post op and I love my results. Was nervous and almost backed out but so happy I did. All I can say is don't let people (haters) opinion interfere with your choice it's your body and you have to do what makes you happy!!!!!!!!!!!!. I had NO support from anyone and was getting so stressed out I was sick and sad all the time then it didn't help with the negativity on this website tryna put people down. We need to encourage each other on this site because if you are like me you had no one on your side. Btw all pics are of me they are not wish pics lol

Up and can't fall back to sleep so here's a pic...

Up and can't fall back to sleep so here's a pic with me before my B A with a push up

Okay I'm so obsessed with my tits lol I keep...

Okay I'm so obsessed with my tits lol I keep playing dress up and taking pics lol I promise this is the last pic for today that is

Okay so is it me but I had soda and 5 mins later I...

Okay so is it me but I had soda and 5 mins later I felt bubbles where my implants are idk lol anyways boobies are doing great

Not much to report except the burning and tingling...

Not much to report except the burning and tingling sensation in my nipple that are so annoying. Here are some pics

Hello sexy ladies let me tell you I went to...

Hello sexy ladies let me tell you I went to Marshalls and found post op bras (no wire) for 12.99 by maidenform it's so comfy. Forgot to mention it was 2 bras for that price.Ladies beware the bigger the boobs the uglier the bra lol. My scar around my nipples are heal very well I'm using the scar guard sheets and its doing wonders. I also wanted to take the time out and thank you ladies for being a support system before and after because this is certainly an emotional roller coaster I love you guys and thank you let's continue to support each other

Forgot to mention we decided last minute I needed...

Forgot to mention we decided last minute I needed a lift and it was $500 more making it $4,600 and that included everything

Attention ladies using Dr. Salama the...

Attention ladies using Dr. Salama the anesthesiologist for Salama is freaking sexy as hell . Omg he is like brazilian or something and he has a nice tight body. I'm like damn he's about to see all my stretch marks and I will probably be snoring lol

So I'm on 2 a new journey a tummy tuck ugggghhhh...

So I'm on 2 a new journey a tummy tuck ugggghhhh just when I thought I can fall back from RS lol. Any ways I was considering Yily and Robles because they now how to shape a sister but they got way to much drama going on I don't know if its the girls on R S being childish or the Drs in D R but I won't be finding out AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!!while I do find it very entertaining better then tv I rather read about it and not be about it. Shot outs to the ladies traveling abroad I wish I wasn't so damn scary because I love Yily and Robles work. I decided on going back to Salama but Elite Plastic Surgery y'all need to get it together and put other pics of different procedures not everyone wants there ass did he is very talented and I'm 100 % sure he is great in other areas I took a risk letting him do my breast and they came out perfect so I guess imma take a risk on my tummy tuck as well. Ladies I do my reviews on my iPhone so excuse the spelling and lack of commas I get annoyed switching keys to do all that so for now on I will just be typing shit this ain't no essay lol

Extremely bored at work so decided too take boobie...

Extremely bored at work so decided too take boobie picks . Nothing much has changed

3 1/2 months post op

Sorry ladies I've been gone for so long busy with work and baby but here are some updated pic. I had some type of infection on my left nipple and Dr. Salama went above and beyond to make sure I was okay. Very impressed with his concern for my well being!!!!!

Just another pic

Updated pic as of 8/27/12


Here are the girls as of 9/11/13

Ladies do your research

This can happen anywhere!!!!! I see a lot of chicas going to this guy.

7month update

Just quick pic since I've been mia
Miami Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great
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Did u get a breast lift with implants OR a breast lift only?
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U are beautiful. U look like a Wish Pic. Ur breast are lovely. U look like u had a BBL.
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I did my tummy tuck with Dr Salama on April 8th of this year and he did a great job. I will be letting him do my breast as well yours look perfect.
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You got a reduction and lift? The girls look AMAZING!
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hello what size implants do you have??
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I like your results
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Your boobs are beautiful!
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You look amazing! haha congrats :)
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Awesome results! Size is perfect for your body :) Im getting a tummy tuck with BL/BA with Salama summer 2014!!!
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Thank you for sharing your pics. I think the most important part of telling how great a surgeon is, is the real thing. Your pics and scars look fabulous and I love the way he shaped your areolas (I've seen some messed up ones...). I'm sending Dr. Salama an email with pics so I can get a quote. :)
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Wow girl! You look fantastic! You are so right about no BA reviews for Dr Salama. I appreciate your review. How much deposit did you put down to hold your date?
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I had my bbl done with salama and will probably get a BA too as well live ur results, btw you look just like brandy norwood.
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Lol I get that a lot but don't see it
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Your boobs look good.
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Its crazy how ur 5 mths has flown by so fast!! I'm 2 mths post op and it seems so unrealistic! I love my new boobs but I wish I had done a lil but bigger. And u were right when u said I'll look fierce after I got my implants! Everyone seems to think so! Have u been ok, how are u?
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I'm good thanks just working hard so I can get this tummy tuck in April
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Amazing. Good luck with that honey! Best wishes
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Wow! You look amazing! They turned out great!
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wow you look are beautiful you look awesome
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Going to salama on the 26 did u go back for the tummy tuck
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You look great what profile did you use high, or moderate

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Hey girl. How you doing? How are the scars? I actually booked my surgery for sep 12th! Super excited n scared at the same time lol. Im getting a nipple lift as well. :)
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You paid $4600 for a lift and silicone implants???
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